New Moon in Virgo 2017 Energy Report for the Blood Moon Cycle

Happy New Moon! 

New Moon in Virgo | Spirit de la Lune Energy Report 2017

Happy New Moon in Virgo!

The seasons are changing, and we are preparing for fall and winter here on the Northern Hemisphere. As the seasons change, we too may be feeling drawn inward towards our own personal shifts and transformation.

This New Moon in Virgo supports both introspection and healing that can take place on many levels and be felt throughout the entire month. You are taking a healing journey to become the best version of yourself.  

Healing seems to be a major theme right now and should be a top priority as this Moon Cycle progresses. We begin this cycle in the earthy sign of Virgo, the Healer, and wind it back down during the Last Quarter moon taking place in the watery sign of Cancer, the Nurturer.

Grab a cup of warm tea and read on to see what this New Moon Cycle holds for you!

New Moon Energy Reading September: Cold Moon |Spirit de la Lune

The New Moon takes place in Virgo on September 19th

Like mentioned above, this New Moon is very supportive of healing. There may be something that has been bothering you for quite some time now, and the answers you are seeking in regards to healing will soon be shown to you, but you must first quiet the mind to be open to these answers. 

One influence of Virgo is the need to find order and detail. When the moon is in Virgo we tend to analyze our surroundings or situation; which can be very helpful for our healing and growth, but this New moon you may need to slow down and sit in silence first in order for these answers to be shown to you.

The Healer within is waiting to speak to you, but you must first stop over-thinking your situation and be open to its message. Listen to what your body may be telling you. If you have had a physical ailment that has been on your mind, begin to look for whatever emotional connection could be related to it.

New Moon Energy Reading September: Cold Moon |Spirit de la Lune

Give your body nourishing food at this time. When the Moon is in Virgo, your body may become more sensitive to low-grade, processed food or harmful substances.

The card pulled for this phase is the Support card. Ask yourself what it is that you really need right now to support your healing journey.

Remember that you are supported in your healing by those around you, but ultimately you must be supportive of yourself right now.

You have shown up for yourself more times than anyone else has. Show yourself some love and gratitude this week. It is important to treat yourself with love during this time.

New Moon Energy Reading September: Cold Moon | Spirit de la Lune

The First quarter Moon takes place in Sagittarius and Capricorn on September 27th.

This first quarter moon takes place in Capricorn just as the seasons change.

You may be feeling the need to put things in order or prepare for the changes.

There is no need to feel rushed or stressed during this time, even though you may feel presented with that energy from others or circumstances in your life.  

Stay focused on your current goals and remember to act with grace under any pressure that you are experiencing. It will not last, and with patience you will be able to achieve everything that you are needing.

The card pulled for this cycle is the Surrender Card. Try to relax and go with the flow during this time. Do what you can do, but relax about whatever it is that feels is out of your control right now. If you are feeling stuck or in a place where you can't act, allow yourself to just be still. Sometimes we truly win, when we surrender for the moment.


Full Blood Moon

New Moon Energy Reading September: Cold Moon | Spirit de la Lune

This Full Moon takes place on October 5th, and is known as the Blood Moon, marking the darker months ahead. This Full Moon takes place in the fiery sign of Aries.

The Full Moon brings heightened emotions and deeper feelings, while the influence of Aries likes action and spontaneity. The Moon is opposite of Mercury during this time, making this a bit of a challenging time, as conflicts could arise with others if we are not watchful.

New Moon Energy Reading September: Cold Moon | Spirit de la Lune

There may be a sense of restlessness in the air, as we have so much energy going on, and no where to put it. There is something that needs to be expressed and energy needs to get flowing. Be careful it doesn't explode out of you.

The card pulled for this cycles is the Play card, which is very fitting for the astrological dynamics right now! You may have be feeling quite expressive, with a good eye for detail during this time, making this a great time for anything artistic. So open up and play a little bit to express this energy in a physical way.

Check back October 5th for our Full Moon Ceremony! We will be creating our very own Moondalas together on the blog for this Full Moon in Aries.

New Moon Energy Reading September: Cold Moon | Spirit de la Lune

New Moon Energy Reading September: Cold Moon | Spirit de la Lune

The Last Quarter Moon in Cancer takes place on October 12th. 

The Last Quarter Moon takes place in Cancer and it feels almost like coming full circle with the journey that the Virgo Moon has brought us on. 

As the moon winds back down to New, we are called in once again towards our healing process, this time supported by the nurturing sign of Cancer. 

Indulge in your self care once again, and look back on the lessons you have learned this past month. 

You may be feeling vulnerable during this time or notice increased emotions due to the Cancer influence. So tend to yourself and your needs right now. Focus on your home and family and nurture that which needs to be nurtured. 

The card pulled for this phase is the Focus Card. Be aware of where you are putting your energy and focus right now. Prepare for this coming new moon by being mindful of where you put your attention and adjust accordingly. There is something that needs to be nurtured, pour your focus inward to find what it is that needs your attention.

New Moon Energy Reading September: Cold Moon | Spirit de la Lune

Tonight is the perfect time to set some intentions towards your healing journey as well as cleanse your crystals and your decks.

Don't forget to check back here for the 1st and last quarter moon updates for a more in depth astrological report! 



Lunar Blessings

Harvest Moon Elemental Balance Ceremony

Happy Harvest Moon!

harvest picnic.jpg

Today marks the closest Full Moon to the Autumn Equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere) and is known as the Harvest Moon. This is a time to honor the fading bloom of Summer, and keep gratitude in our hearts as we move into the darker months ahead.

In this ceremony we will be honoring the elements of creation; air, fire, water, and earth, and create a reading with your Spirit de la Lune deck for elemental balance preparing for the Equinox ahead. We will also connect to the magick and wisdom of the apple! 

Elemental Reading

First, separate the moon phase cards into their respective elements... you will be able to tell by the colored galaxy on each card.

Air is the New Moon and Waxing crescent cards with the Air signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. The galaxy color is indigo/purple.

Fire is the First Quarter Moon and the Waxing Gibbous cards, along with the Fire signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. The galaxy color is red/orange.

Water is the Full Moon and Waning Gibbous cards with the Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. The galaxy color is shades of blue.

Earth is the the Last Quarter moon and the Waning Crescent along with the Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. The galaxy colors is shades of green.


After you separate them into their own piles, focus on the the elements and remain open to receiving messages from each. It is the same question for each element:


What do I need to do or embody to bring balance to this elemental realm within me?

Place the Harvest Moon card in the center to represent the Full Moon and the energy of this moon cycle.

  1. Air placement & message
  2. Fire placement & message
  3. Water placement & message
  4. Earth placement & message


elemental reading.jpg

Take your time with the reading a journal about each message you receive. Write down ways you can actively bring this energy into your life. Which element do you really connect with? Which element intimidates you?

In my personal reading my Air realm, or third-eye, wants me to keep creating; the fire within me wants me to explore and follow my curiosities (it is also my sun sign Sagittarius); Water wants me to listen to my intuition more; and Earth wants me to bring more support into my realm... everyday rituals that support my thriving, and also I need to support Gaia more.

What do the elements have in store for you?

Before you continue forward with the ceremony, create an affirmation, statement, or  vow to yourself and each element. These are important for your Elemental offerings.

Elemental Offerings

Offering is at the heart of ceremony and ritual. It represents the cycle of giving and receiving and that all energy is borrowed. A heartfelt offering, filled with gratitude, is a deep surrender and devotion to the Divine and to Gaia. 

Now that we know what we must do for the elemental realms, and have consciously crafted our intentions and vows for each element, we offer our devotion and invoke the realms around us. 

For these offerings you need:

  • 4 apple slices - showing the pentacle
  • Air offering: incense and your intention or vow
  • Fire offering: oil and your intnetion or vow
  • Water offering: spray (or a chalice filled with moonwater or wine) and your intention
  • Earth offering: crystal and your intention or vow
  • 3 whole apples (used later)

The Apple is a sacred fruit to the elements. When we cut an apple from the middle, the seeds reveal their magick - the five pointed star, also known as a pentacle or pentagram. Each point represents an element: Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit. 

Cut each slice so the seeds show their star. When you are ready call on each element starting with Air....

Light the incense and waft it around your apples, altar and your body. Stick it in the apple slice and call on Air and state your vow or intention aloud. Let the smoke carry your prayers upwards.

Take your oil and anoint each chakra point on your body. Call in Fire and state you vow and prayers to Fire aloud. Place 5 drops of oil on you apple slice and light a candle if safety permits.

Call in the element of Water with your intentions and vows... spray your apple slice and yourself with the water spritz, or alternatively drop the slice into your wine or moonwater and pour and offering out to the land and then take a sip yourself.

Hold your crystal in your hands at heart level and call in Earth with your prayers and intentions out loud. When you feel ready, place the stone on your apple slice.

The Three Apples



The Fruits of Your Labor

The Lessons You Have Learned

Your Blessings and Gratitudes


Apples are one of the sacred fruits of Autumn along with the Pomegranate. The Apple's wisdom of Elemental Magick, along with her potent energy of the Great Mystery and cycles of Gaia, make her the perfect fruit to use in this ceremony.

After you create your Elemental offerings, take the remaining 3 apples and the offerings and place them out on the land somewhere. This is how they become an offering... it must be someplace other than your backyard or altar space. Offer up the elemental offerings first.

You should now have your three apples left.

  1. The first apple represents the Fruits of Your labor. Meditate on your harvest this year so far. What have you accomplished? What are you proud of? What new projects are you excited about? Infuse all of this into your apple and offer it out to the land to your higher self and Spirit.
  2. The second apple represents all the lessons you have learned thus far. What lessons and obstacles helped you make it this far? Infuse this apple with your sacred lessons and this time, eat it! Eat it,, and integrate these lessons into your cells.
  3. The third apple represents your blessings and gratitudes. What are you thankful for? What makes you pinch yourself with awe and amazement? Who are you grateful for in your life? What makes your life better? What and who do you love? Infuse this apple with this beautiful energy and take it with you. Keep it on your altar as a daily reminder of your blessings. When it is ready top be disposed of... bury it in the earth.

gratitude harvest.jpg

Feel free to split this ceremony up into parts... you could even do the elemental offerings on the actual day of the equinox, September 22nd, and the Three Apples on the Full Moon. Follow your intuition and remember to offer with a grateful and joyful heart!

This is a wonderful time to create moon water and charge your crystals and cards out under the Full Moon!

Please share your elemental readings and ceremony with us by tagging @spiritdelalune in your photos! We would love to see your magick!


We hope you have a beautiful Harvest Moon filled with joy and blessings!


Quarter Moon + Astro Transit Report!


For this lunar report the moon begins her journey in the optimistic and exploring sign of Sagittarius but then quickly becomes challenged by Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, and Uranus.

Moon in Sagittarius gives us all a friendly composition. We want to reach out to others, we are full of ideas, and we are ready to explore and start the week strong! We can still do this, however, there are a few things that we need to be aware of:

Mood Killer- Moon Conjunct Saturn- August 28th


On the 28th the Moon meets with Saturn which can feel like a little bit of a "Debbie Downer". This transit sobers our minds and feelings... something that dampens the spirit of moon's original move through light-hearted Sagittarius. For some, we can feel depressed or alone even in a room full of happy people that we love... something just doesn't feel right. Those feelings are valid and very real but also temporary and brought on by the moon's struggle with serious minded Saturn. This is the best day of self-care or laying low- staying focused on what you need to do while making frequent breaks to feed your spirit and give to yourself in ways that surround you in a bubble of positivity. Journaling is also a wonderful way to channel these feelings that may come up constructively.

I suggest that you work with this energy by focusing on what needs your attention most now especially if that means work, school work (as some are starting classes now!), or being serious about long-term goals and making moves on them.

Power Shift! Pluto Empowers Our Feelings- Pluto Conjunct Moon- September 1st

Quickly after that, the moon conjoins with Pluto (the planet of transformation) which funnels our focused & serious minds to open to the idea of powerful changes & transformation!

When moon met with Saturn a few days before the universe tested us through our feelings to be realistic about our current state in life and now here on the first we are being tested again through our feelings to reevaluate what we have seen and learned and make a positive change based upon that. This can be as simple as shifting the way that you normally perceive things, having an honest and heartfelt conversation, or connecting with someone on a deeper level. The sky is the limit with this and you won't need too much cosmic redirection to find yourself exactly where you need to be the moment you need to be there.

Power Shift! Pluto Empowers Our Feelings- Pluto Conjunct Moon- September 1st

Quickly after that, the moon conjoins with Pluto (the planet of transformation) which funnels our focused & serious minds to open to the idea of powerful changes & transformation! When moon met with Saturn a few days before the universe tested us through our feelings to be realistic about our current state in life and now here on the first we are being tested again through our feelings to reevaluate what we have seen and learned and make a positive change based upon that. This can be as simple as shifting the way that you normally perceive things, having an honest and heartfelt conversation, or connecting with someone on a deeper level. The sky is the limit with this and you won't need too much cosmic redirection to find yourself exactly where you need to be the moment you need to be there.

Doing the Shuffle with Mercury's Influence- Mercury enters Leo- August 31st


Mercury is still currently retrograde and just recently entered into the sign of Leo on the 31st. This has a lot of us taking steps backward in order to later make moves forward so we're finding ourselves doing an earth dance- shuffling from side to side all while re-evaluating, restructuring and rebuilding – all for our highest and greatest good! If you work with this energy you'll benefit from it but if you work against it you'll feel frustrated and annoyed by all the delays but really what they're doing is slowing you down to build a stronger foundation before you can charge ahead towards the future! Mercury's move into Leo makes you verbally want to shine bright like a diamond! We are allowed (and even encouraged!) to be expressive, dramatic, and over the top with our ideas and expressions! Leo vibes want you to stand out and make an impression to allow others to see your light and al that you have to offer! There is nothing wrong with standing out from the pack, even the shyest moonchildren benefit from a little cosmic stardusting of well-deserved attention!

Rockets Firing- Mars trine Uranus- September 2nd


On the 2nd, Mars trines Uranus the planet of innovation, surprise, and independence. Energy will be exceptionally high this day but you will want to steer clear of impulsive or forceful action which will be hard to do as Mars rules drive and the push needed to power through most obstacles.

Remember, Mercury is still retrograde and we don't want to make important decisions during this time, however, Mars connecting with Uranus makes it difficult to resist. Shortly after on the 3rd, Mars and Mercury conjoin and again this is a day of making plans, striving to move forward, and action! The best way to channel this energy is by using your brilliant mind to visualize and conceptualize the ultimate vision of what it is you want to manifest in your life, to talk about plans and brainstorm with others, and to keep an open mind for brilliant ideas to pop in and out as Uranus still has a strong influence on us during this time.

You Spin Me Right Round, Baby- Sun Opposes Neptune- September 4th

One day to be wary of is the 4th where the sun is fighting with Neptune- the planet of illusion and deception.

This makes us hazy, foggy, and unfocused and with this I also feel the need to warn people of food poisoning or side effects from medications or drugs.

This is not a day to start new prescriptions, try new diets, or make long-term decisions.

Virgo Vibes! Mars Moves Into Virgo, Mercury Goes Direct- September 5th

On the 5th, Mars (the action planet) moves into sign of Virgo and Mercury finally goes direct! Mercury naturally rules Virgo so Virgo energy is at an all time high! This is an excellent week to focus on your productivity, getting organized, and making changes to become your highest and best self as Virgo rules perfection!

These planets do not expect you to be perfect but they do want you to strive to implement the things that will make you most efficient and will make you feel the best that you possibly can feel so that you can be of service to others. This means making healthier lifestyle changes, pruning out things that are clogging your growth, or simply taking some time out to organize or clean! A fresh space helps the mind feel free and less stressed out!

Dream a Little Dream!- Full Moon in Pisces- September 6th


On the 6th we have the full moon in Pisces which lights the sky up with an ethereal glow! You'll definitely want to check to see where Pisces rules in your chart because this is where you will see  cosmic shifting! Pisces asks you to be idealistic and for this full moon Mercury contacts Uranus and say, "Think big! Think outside of the box! Don't hold yourself back"!

Use your imagination when setting intentions and realize that anything is possible and can happen... especially with Uranus here holding surprises for you in his hands!

About Jessica


Jessica is a healer, herbalist, and intuitive reader based in Philadelphia, PA. She has 15 years experience in reading and teaching tarot as well as 9 years experience in the study of astrology. She is best known for her insightful and powerful readings while delivering channeled messages in an honest and uplifting way as well as creating magical monthly lunar blends for her clients every new and full moon cycles charged with love, light, and specific intent for her shop and apothecary BehatiLife. Her mission is to be in service to others and the Divine and to spread love, healing, and light to all.                       @BehatiLife


2017 Harvest Moon Cycle Energy Report

Happy Total Solar Eclipse in Leo!

The total solar eclipse initiates the Harvest Moon Cycle. This cycle is all about finding the moments of gratitude and awe in our lives. With the retrogrades and the intense, chaotic energies at play right now, it can be hard to find those fleeting moments.

But the Solar Eclipse is shining light on all our heaviness so we can choose to transmute these heavy energies into something else. Something supportive, something light, and something new. The retrogrades (Uranus, Mercury, and Chiron the Wounded Healer) are bringing the collective burdens of humanity to the surface, so we can do our part to shed some light and awaken peace.

It feels like a lot to take in, I know. But the cards pulled for this cycle bring all the elements to the forefront (fire, earth, water, and air) showing balance is possible. We are also approaching the equinox which brings in balance and alignment as well. We have universal and elemental support to do our work!

We will stay grounded, centered and strong if we keep gratitude the main priority this cycle.

Grab a cup of tea and continue reading about the Harvest Moon cycle!

Monday, Aug 21st is the Total Solar eclipse in Leo (and possibly Virgo depending on your time zone)...

There is an intensity that is palpable now. The sun (collective ego) is in alignment with the New Moon (the collective subconscious emotions, fears, and desires) and creating a portal on the earth across the United States. Most places around the world will see the eclipse partially, but the energy is still infusing the earth. The card pulled for this eclipse is Courage... Telling us we have a choice. We can choose courage. We can choose to stand up collectively as humans and own our shit. Take a stand, take responsibility, and do our part to work together. It takes courage to see the best in ourselves and know that we can do better and be better. The more we find the courage to do our part for humanity within our own communities, the stronger we will be together. This will look and feel different for everyone, so take some time to really evaluate what you can do for yuourself and others right now.

The First Quarter moon is Tuesday, August 29th in Sagittarius, the Explorer.

The optimism of the Archer can lift our spirits and affirm the courageous actions we are taking. Interestingly enough, the card pulled is Boundaries. How can you push your boundaries a little further? How can you find that edge if discomfort and embrace it? This is the only way towards growth and finding new pathways. They are called growing pains for a reason? It takes friction to create a spark, which can lead to a blazing fire. What is the friction you need to create that spark in you? Allow the explorer within you guide you on this adventure.

The Full Moon in Pisces is the Harvest Moon, on Wednesday, September 6th

so expect emotions to rise like the sea at high tide.

The Pisces energy will open you to new levels of compassion, empathy, and your intuition will be buzzing. You will most likely have a new perspective of humanity and your part in this interconnected web of life. The card pulled is Cancer the Nurturer. Tend to your emotional body right now. Nurture these new gifts you are coming into. Tend to your Third-eye chakra and it will open in amazing ways. Find the gratitude and awe you have for humanity and the Earth. We need to remember and tend to these currents  so they can keep flowing through our lives and the collective. You may feel not only your emotions, the emotions of the collective on your shoulders. Do not let them become a burden. Know you are not alone and with each act of compassion, love, and kindness, the collective will soften.

The last Quarter Moon falls in airy Gemini on Wednesday, September 13th.


You may feel your thoughts are more scattered and you may be tapping into the collective thoughts and patterns that keep you distracted and  unfocused. The card pulled is Refine. In order to refine anything, one needs more clarity and focus. You need to hush your ego right now and tune in to your higher self. The part of you that keeps you centered and focused on your true path. Ground yourself and remember your purpose and passion. Reflect on this cycle and find those moments of absolute clarity. How can you refine your actions and thoughts so they can align with your path? Reflect and get ultra clear for the next moon cycle and the next new moon.

Throughout this moon cycle, keep a gratitude journal and write your blessings and gratitudes daily. This will invoke the energy of awe, beauty, and peace. It will also change they way you see the world and humanity.

During the time of the Solar Eclipse, set out your crystals and tarot and oracle decks, for some powerful charging and cleansing. Between 8:30 am and 3pm (pacific standard time) is when the journey of the solar eclipse unfolds. Remeber not to stare at it directly!


harvest moon cycle reading.jpg
Lunar Blessings | Spirit de la Lune

Quarter Moon + Astro Transit Report!

Cosmic Chaos- Global and Govenmental Shifts!

"It's all about find the CALM in the chaos!"- Donna Karen

"It's all about find the CALM in the chaos!"- Donna Karen

We start this Lunar report with most of the planets in a tailspin!

Mercury just recently went retrograde, Uranus also is retrograde, Neptune, Saturn, and Pluto have been retrograde for a while.

We can witness the energy of the turned around planets easily by just clicking on the news and watching the global chaos spark outrage and tension. Also, issues of the past rise up to the surface in present day time pushing for resolution, balance, and equality. This is what happens when you have Jupiter in balance and equaliy loving Libra, Saturn in Sagittarius highlighting people and cultures globally along with acceptance and education, Pluto in Capricorn creation transformation of the 'old ways' and goverment, and Uranus in Aries leading the fire for innovation and change!

In our personal lives we are being comforted and protected and have little to worry about – stay in space of love and light, remain flexible and open and you'll be just fine!

Mercury Retrograde- Gift in Disguise?

Even Mercury retrograde in the sign of Virgo (the sign that it rules!) can act as a blessing! This is because for the last few months the the majority of us have been required to make some heavy decisions based upon what is for our highest and greatest good. At the time you make the decisions based upon what you envision for your future and what you think will be best but as you grow in the upcoming months you'll see that you may need to revisit past recent decisions and make some changes. Mercury retrograde gives you that opportunity!

You have until Sept 5th to capitalize on this energy- when Mercury turns direct again.

Luna Thrives- Solar Eclipse in Leo, Among other Beautiful Things!

Also working on all our behalves is the moon falling comfortably within the sign of Taurus! The planets pick favorites and choose sides and moon simply adores the energy of Taurus and she thrills as she saunters her way through the sign! The last few weeks she (the moon!) has been the center of our attention as she has been the lead player in the recent passing Full Moon eclipse and she will also be an important piece of the upcoming solar eclipse in the sign of leo!

With this combination a few important words come to me- decadence, self love, and especially 'recognition'- a word that has held special meaning for all of us for the past couple of months!

Why? Well, because Leo rules extravagance! It is a sign that knows that it worthy of beautiful experiences, people, and things. This solar eclipse connects you back to your VALUE and also the things & people you value. Surround yourself in all that makes you radiant! Remove from your aura and space anything that dims or threatens your shine!

This eclipse also brings in the vibration of creation! This is perfect for those with small businesses, artists, or those who have children or want to focus on adding to their families. With this new moon solar eclipse you have the opportunity to capitalize on this energy and build even further!

Of course, Mercury being retrograde warns you not to rush or dive into commitments without double- no, TRIPLE- checking details first AND Uranus' current switch to retrograde motion is notorious for shocking revelations and surprising twists and turns in life! These are the things that make life interesting and fun... again, only if you remember to remain flexible, open... and a good sense of humor doesn't hurt!

Important Dates:

  • 12th: Mercury is retrograde- be aware of miscommunications, label your items with your name on them in case they go missing, back your phone up, and triple check details of you absolutely must sign agreements or important documents!
  • 13th- Sun trine Saturn- excellent day for planning/visualizing the future! Also wonderful for health check ups, meetings & discussions, organizing, and restructuring plans!
  • 15th- Venus Opposes Pluto- control issues can surface in relationships of ALL kinds. Problems can surface with partners, easily.
  • 16th- Venus square Saturn- relationships tested even further! Commitments feel heavy or relationship burdens/woes are highlighted.
  • 21st- Solar Eclipse in Leo! Set your intentions and remember the keywords- recognition, self love/value, and decadence!

About Jessica

Jessica is a healer, herbalist, and intuitive reader based in Philadelphia, PA. She has 15 years experience in reading and teaching tarot as well as 9 years experience in the study of astrology. She is best known for her insightful and powerful readings while delivering channeled messages in an honest and uplifting way as well as creating magical monthly lunar blends for her clients every new and full moon cycles charged with love, light, and specific intent for her shop and apothecary BehatiLife. Her mission is to be in service to others and the Divine and to spread love, healing, and light to all.                       @BehatiLife


Eclipse Sigil-Making Magick Corn Moon: Abundance

Happy Full Corn Moon & Lunar Eclipse! 

This month we are tapping into this powerful lunar event and creating sigils for abundance! Keep on reading to learn how to utilize this energy for your prosperity!

Lunar Eclipse
Corn Moon | Abundance Ceremony | Spirit de la Lune

This is a very powerful Lunar Eclipse with many astrological aspects influencing the energy around us. This Lunar Eclipse takes place in the sign of Aquarius and is paired with Jupiter Square Pluto, which are connected very closely to the sun and the moon.

A Lunar Eclipse happens when the Earth is between the Sun and the Full Moon. The Sun which represents our ego, logic and action, will challenge our emotions, intuition and insight which are ruled by the Moon. 

These aspects will be influencing and impacting relationships on many levels. Be prepared for some heightened energy and emotions during this time! Big changes can happen during this time! So be careful what you do and say during these days, as actions have lasting results this week.

Not all of this energy has to be heavy or dark, so don't be afraid of this transit! This time is important for clearing away old residual emotions. The Eclipse can offer us a bit of a rebirth, allowing us to release some of the heavier emotions we have been holding onto since the last Lunar Eclipse 6 months ago.

Corn Moon Ritual | Spirit de la Lune

This Full Moon is also the Corn Moon! A time of abundance, fulfillment and the first harvest. 

This is the time to step into your abundance. Many of the goals and intentions you've set forth are beginning to come to fruition. 

Take notice of the growth around you, especially during this Eclipse Season! 

Practice gratitude and appreciation in order to step into your full stream of abundance. 


Last month, we set up an Abundance Grid and this month we are ramping up that magick and pairing it with the powerful Eclipse energy by working with Sigils.

A Sigil is a symbol infused with great intention.

A Sigil is a symbol created to represent a specific goal, intention, or desire, and to aid in it's manifestations.

They are very powerful tools of magick, and are perfect to work with on such a big Lunar Event. 

Sigils speak to our subconscious, and help break down barriers towards what we desire.

The process of creating a sigil is very fun, creative and quite simple! 


Making a Sigil

You will need:





Create a quiet sacred space to do your magick. Lower the lights, remove distractions, or light some candles to help prepare the mood.

First define your desire. It is important to know clearly what it is you want. The universe can not help you, until you make a decision. This Full Moon is focused on abundance and prosperity, so now is a good time to open yourself up the surrounding energy.

You can either write our an entire sentence, or just use one word. I chose just one word for my sigil, but you can choose several. We will be removing some of the letters and changing it up soon. Choose a word of phrase that feels comfortable and suited to your desire. 

If you choose to work with an entire sentence, remember to keep it in the present tense. ( "I am prosperous, I have great abundance. etc.. not "I will have great abundance.)

Next, remove any repeated letters you have keeping only one of each.

(Optional) Remove the vowels. Vowels are what helps us recognize that something is a word and we are trying to take that aspect out! But, if your sigil looks better with the vowels, keep them in!

Arrange your remaining letters into a symbol or a shape.

Or, you can simplify the letters to marks or basic shapes and use those to create your symbol. Remember to make it yours by adding any embellishments you'd like!

Play around with the remaining letters to create a sigil. The can be upside down, backwards, small, big.. whatever you feel called to!

Combine lines of one letter into another. Try to think abstract. Take time to doodle and arrange the letters into a symbol you like! It took me several tries to find out that resonated with me.

I used the C and part of the D to create a moon like symbol in the Abundance one. And combined the S, R, T, P into one flowy symbol for the Prosperity one. (And you can see a few of my other ideas and doodles on the other pages! Have fun creating your sigil, and don't think too much on it. 

It is a good thing that your symbol no longer looks like your word or sentence. In fact, it is meant to be forgotten! 

Activating Your Sigil

The Activation of your sigil is just as important as the creation part. You have just built up a lot of creative and emotional energy making this sigil. In order for it to work, you must do something to release it and send it into the universe.

There are many methods to activating a sigil. Many practitioners recommend meditation/staring at the sigil, orgasm, or pain, all paired with visualization.. with the point of a build and release process.

There isn't a right or wrong way, so choose whatever feels right to you. Here are three ideas for activating your sigil:

You can stare at your sigil intently for several minutes, allowing your mind and subconscious to absorb it. In a quiet place, where you are undisturbed, meditate on your Sigil. Stare at it with wide eyes, fixate on your symbol. After several minutes, you may see colors or lines around your sigil. Almost like lightning flashes. This will let your know that your sigil has been activated and sent out. Then destroy your sigil.

Another simple method is burning your sigil and allowing the flame to get very close to your fingers. Take caution if you decide to do this one! Allow the flames to get a little too close to your fingers, and at the moment of heat, picture your sigil intensely in your mind's eye and then move your hand away. Do not think of the word, or the sentence, instead just focus on the sigil and let your subconscious absorb it to do the rest of the work. 

If you do not want to use pain or flame, you do not have to! There are more enjoyable ways of activating your sigil. 

Another method is to use your sexual energy to activate it. 

You can tape it to your wall or ceiling on the night of the Eclipse. Pleasure yourself  or engage in sex with your partner. At the moment of sexual climax look at and stare at your sigil. Do not think of the word, or the sentence or even the outcome, instead  focus on the sigil and let your subconscious absorb it and send it out.

When you are finished, destroy the sigil in some way that feels right to you. Some practitioners reuse and reactivate their sigils, while others burn it quickly after activation.

The point is to build up your desire, then release it and let it go, so when you are done with this ceremony. go do something to take your mind off of it. Return back to the real world, knowing that the magic is on it's way. 

We would love to see pictures of your sigil or your ceremony tonight on instagram! Be sure to tag us! Don't forget to charge your deck and crystals under the full moon eclipse tonight. 

Quarter Moon + Astro Transit Update!

Deep, Dark, & Brooding- Moon's Move through Scorpio!

We start our bi weekly lunar report with the moon currently in the sign of Scorpio. Here she is brooding, feeling dark, and probing for information and to understand the depths of all that is around her. Relationships, life purpose, work and ways to give back to society, sex and intimacy, as well as self-reflection and growth are all areas that I see bubbling to the surface!

The lunar pull make emotions intense and the need to dive deep is strong and something we can't ignore or suppress.

For some, this is a welcomed feeling- especially if you are using this energy to connect deeply with others or your own healing. For others, you can feel downright exhausted, sensitive, or guarded because you are not open or willing to walk across coals and fire this hot.

Both feelings are okay and I recommend that each of us take every day one step at a time, reminding ourselves that every transit- both good or bad- is never permanent and always changing things for the better!

Energy Lifts- Sagittarius Vibes!

Next, in the first week of August the vibe will lighten as the moon moves into the sign of light and airy Sagittarius!

We feel the energy of expansion & exploration all because we were forced to examine our relationships and selves when the moon was moving through Scorpio!
What was revealed to us during that time now enlightens us and lifts us as we move forward!

You want to think outside of the box, have fun, think BIG, and plan idealistically towards your future... especially as we're moving into eclipse season this month!
Your vision now will help you to build the foundation of what you can create and manifest for the future! For this, we welcome with open arms these transits happening globally!

Dare to Be Different- Uranus goes Retrograde!


On the 2nd of August, Uranus will go retrograde until early next year (yes, 2018!). This planet rules innovation and surprise so with this our whole way of doing things can change in a flash! Our belief systems may be tested, our normal routines are forced to change, our relationship dynamics switch! It all depends where Uranus falls within your chart but either way you'll be nudged to be open minded and flexible as routine pieces of life you've grown to expect are stripped or blown away. Again, stay flexible and open and you have nothing to worry about!

Total Eclipse in Aquarius!

On the 7th, we have a huge eclipse in the sign of Aquarius... who just happens to be ruled by Uranus! This full moon is supported well by Jupiter (the planet of blessings and gifts!) and Mars (the action planet!) so this is another moon to welcome with arms wide open!

This moon brings change, transformation, and works to further reveal any areas that need to be refreshed or switched up! Also, I see so many focusing less on themselves and more on the external world and their role and connection to the "One" and consciousness. The feeling of "we are all connected" comes to mind with this full moon!

The Chance to Return... Mercury Retrograde

Don't worry or stress too heavily about changes or shake-ups that happen during this time! Remember, there are no such thing as mistakes and if you ever feel the need to "redo" or go back to something that you wish you would have done differently or had a second chance at you will have the opportunity to when Mercury goes retrograde the 12th until September 5th. This gives us all a chance to go back to square one and revisit any areas that need additional attention, time, or focus! I always say that Mercury retrograde's reputation is worse than its bite and there is opportunity in all phases of the moon and each transit no matter how much social media wants to make them seem much scarier than they actually are!  If you work with the energy of the planets they will in turn work for you!

About Jessica

Jessica is a healer, herbalist, and intuitive reader based in Philadelphia, PA. She has 15 years experience in reading and teaching tarot as well as 9 years experience in the study of astrology. She is best known for her insightful and powerful readings while delivering channeled messages in an honest and uplifting way as well as creating magical monthly lunar blends for her clients every new and full moon cycles charged with love, light, and specific intent for her shop and apothecary BehatiLife. Her mission is to be in service to others and the Divine and to spread love, healing, and light to all.                       @BehatiLife

2017 Corn Moon Cycle Energy Report

Happy New Moon! 

New Moon in Leo | Spirit de la Lune
Corn Moon Energy Reading 2017 | Spirit de la Lune

This New Moon takes place in the energetic and courageous sign of Leo.

This New Moon Cycle is heavily influenced by the sign of Mars and Uranus which could cause some tense moments this month.

The New Moon and Mars square Uranus, making this a potentially unpredictable and erratic time. Mars pulls us towards energy, action, sex, and even anger, while Uranus has us wanting to rebel and break free.

Be aware of the dynamic energy at play, and practice temperance. There are creative breakthroughs and new awareness available to you during this cycle if you are open to see it.

Each month we put together a special Energy Report using the zodiac of the  Moon Cycle ahead. We also pull one card for each turning to help give us deeper insight to Lady Luna's message for the weeks ahead.

Grab a cup of coffee and see what this New Moon Cycle has in store for you!

New Moon in Leo

Corn Moon Energy Reading 2017 | Spirit de la Lune

This New Moon is preparing us for the upcoming Eclipse season that will take place throughout the month of August. Action taking during this time has lasting potential- so use this time to your advantage!

Whatever this New Moon may stir up, will only increase and build until the Eclipse on August 7th. The New Moon in Leo is typically a straight forward aspect, but this one holds surprises up it's sleeve. Stay aware and in tune with yourself, as much will be revealed during this Eclipse season. Things may come up for you that will beg for your action, but you are asked to wait for the reveal.

There is a temptation to judge others and to act quickly, as Leo is a sign of fire and action. However, try to stay playful and open minded. You are asked to lighten up and stay optimistic during these heavy times. These are important and potent times for creation and intention. 

The card pulled for this turning is Connect. Try to look at this week and what you are creating from a third person point of view. Connect the dots that you can see, and trust in divine timing- more will be shown to you as this cycle progresses. There is a bigger picture that needs to be looked at. Release your judgment of the situation, and try to see it from a new perspective. 


The First Quarter Moon takes place in Scorpio.

Corn Moon Energy Reading 2017 | Spirit de la Lune

The First Quarter Moon takes place in the sign of Scorpio.

This could prove to be an emotionally difficult time for many.

August is going to be a month of big changes, and we may be feeling that change beginning from deep within.

Take this turning slow and continue to recharge your batteries during for the rest of July. The 1st Quarter Moon is a moon of increased energy and gaining momentum, however paired with the coming eclipses and this cycle beginning in Scorpio, much of the changes and actions you are wanting to see will be taking place within. 

The card pulled for this turning is Expansion. Are you aware of how much you have grown? Take a look back to the last eclipse season which began in February 2017, and you will see just how far you have come! You are expanding in more ways than you ever dreamed of, and will be experiencing even more expansion in this next week. All changes begin from within, and Scorpio's energy paired with this card will have you itching towards the expansion of your soul. Listen to what your soul is wanting to expand upon.

Full Corn Moon 

Corn Moon Energy Reading 2017 | Spirit de la Lune

The Full Corn Moon takes place in the sign of Aquarius on the 7th of August . This Full Moon is also a partial eclipse, leading up to a greater eclipse next New Moon. Your focus may be on partnerships, relationships and striving towards all kinds of success as Jupiter squares Pluto. Be careful to not let your drive to succeed cost you your personal life or partnerships at this time.

There are actually many different astrological aspects at play at this time. The Sun is opposite the Moon (Eclipse), Jupiter square Pluto, Sun conjunct Mars, Moon opposite Mars, Moon trine Jupiter... these are all showing us a push and pull pattern. There is a lot of energy geared towards success, but we are faced with tension and impatience. This Eclipse and Full Moon takes place in the sign of Aquarius, lending vision and motivation as you push towards your goals. 

These are strong aspects that can be felt for days before and after this eclipse. You will feel your drive return to you, but don't allow the need to succeed to get in your own way.

Corn Moon Energy Reading 2017 | Spirit de la Lune

The Full Corn Moon 

This Full Moon is the Corn Moon, also known as the Sturgeon Moon, or the Green Corn Moon.

This Full Moon marks the time of the first harvest and a time of fruition. The results of our  efforts will finally be made visible in some way or another. 

This is also a time of abundance and accepting the successes that you have been working towards.

Take some time to allow yourself to feel the abundance that is around you!

Stay tuned for the Full Moon Ceremony for just that purpose!

The Card pulled for this turning is Create, which feels like a very fitting card given all of the creative forces at play here. 

Aquarius, the Visionary is asking you what you want to create right now. You are always creating something, either through thought or action; this card is reminding you to be aligned to your vision.

Without meaning to, you may be creating parts of your life that you are not wanting, simply by giving them too much of your thoughts and awareness. 

Be mindful of your thoughts and visions at this time, as they are playing a key role in the creation of your future!

Corn Moon Energy Reading 2017 | Spirit de la Lune

Last  Quarter Moon

Corn Moon Energy Reading 2017 | Spirit de la Lune

The Last Quarter Moon takes place in the sign of Taurus on August 14th. You may feel like your patience and endurance is being tested. The lunar energy is winding back to new, but we are still in the thralls of the Eclipse season and can feel the constant swirl of emotions around us. 

You aren't going to be the only one feeling tired and a little bit fed up right now. The sign of Taurus is a practical and diligent one, and you will be asked to embody the nature of this sign in order to keep the peace. 

The card pulled for this turning is Boundaries. You might be faced with a situation where your boundaries will be pushed, or you may have to decide what your boundaries even are. It may be healthy for you to draw out your boundaries at this time, and don't budge them for anyone. Boundaries are created in order to help us feel safe enough to grow. Don't be afraid to stick to your guns.


This new Lunar Cycle holds powerful and potent energy. The Moon is the ruler of our emotions and our feelings, and she is going through some major aspects this month. This is to prepare US emotionally. Our emotions are more important than we may realize, so it is very important to keep track of this celestial body. 

Corn Moon Energy Reading 2017 | Spirit de la Lune

Have a wonderful moonth ahead! Don't forget to check back on the Last Quarter Moon for Jessica's Quarter Moon Astrology Readings; where she gets even more in depth on the zodiac signs and the roles the planets play as they dance in the sky together.

Be sure to charge your crystals and your decks under the New Moon tonight! 


Lunar Blessings | Spirit de la Lune