Seed Moon Ceremony | Connect to the Fae

Happy Full Moon in Virgo!

Equinox season is almost here, and the land begins to shift into balance once again. Depending on where you are on Gaia, we are moving from the extremes of hot and cold into the rejuvenating breezes of Autumn or Spring. This is a wonderful time to connect with the land and the Fae realm!

The Fae, or Faeries, are the spirits of nature and the elements. In many of their myths and lore, their pure energies of the earth help bring the turning of the seasons, protect the flora and fauna, and keep the earth balanced. They are wild and are known to be tricksters to humans! But when approached with childlike wonder, respect, and sincerity, they can be wonderful allies to work with!

This Full Seed Moon spend some time on the land connecting to Mother's Earth's energy, let her cleanse you and rejuvenate you for the new season ahead. Connect with the Fae realm and you will add more magick to your Equinox whether you celebrate Ostara or Mabon!

Ways to connect with the Fae!

Take a Nature Walk in their Realm


Go out into nature, whether it is a forest, beach, hiking trail, or park. Faeries are everywhere! But they especially love hidden places, so those who truly wish to make contact must take a quest. If you can be barefoot, even better! Making direct contact to the Earth is so healing and grounds our spirit to Gaia. 

Seek out your place to connect.

Set an intention to meet a Faerie.

Be barefoot, if you can.

Bring an offering: seasonal fruit, crystals, seeds, a lock of hair (something eco friendly)

Before you begin your walk, feel Gaia's energy move through the bottoms of your feet, opening the chakras at the bottom of your soles. We have eyes at the bottom of our feet! Imagine these chakras opening like you are opening your eyes, and you will activate your primal spiritual body helping you to connect with the Fae more. Now begin to walk slowly and intentionally. Let the eyes of your feet see for you. They will guide you to the Fae. Listen to your body and enjoy your surroundings. Stay in the present moment and look for signs of the next season... (Spring: new life, blossoms, green! Autumn: changing colors from green to orange to red, falling leaves).

Let your actual gaze soften so you begin to see a slight blur and be on the look out for the Faeries. Not all are visible, but can be felt energetically if you feel immersed in nature and Gaia's energy. If you feel you have found one, observe and give your offering. And let your interaction go from there. Connect with them in the imaginal realm! They vibrate in a higher vibrational realm, so using your imagination is a portal! This is why children can see them a lot easier than adults can! If you feel like you did not make contact this time, don't be discouraged! Leave an offering for them and try again another time. Mostly likely they are shy or busy doing Fae things :)

Create a Faerie Garden!

Welcome the Fae into your own garden and home by creating a space for them! Creating a sacred space for them will show you are eager and wanting to make a connection. This is thoughtful and fun to create!

You can place miniature furniture, or crystals, have fun and make it yours! It can be in a terrarium or planter inside your home, or outside in your actual garden space. Let your inner child create this and infuse it with your pure, playful energy!

If you are planning to plant seeds, or pot plants, before you begin your project, place the seeds in the Faerie garden or surround the garden with your plants and ask the Fae to bless your plants and seeds.

>> The hearts to the right have wildflower seeds in them! >>



Make sure to place an offering bowl or plate in your Faerie garden and give them presents every New or Full Moon! It can be food, crystals, dried herbs, or you can light incense, pick some fresh flowers for them, ask them what they would like! I left green heart chakra crystals for them! 

Virgo Full Moon Water

If you read our previous post about Moon Signs, you know that a Virgo Moon is a wonderful moon to connect with the earthy Fae realm and sacred plants of Gaia! Virgo Full Moon water is potent to water to use in your garden and on your house plants!

Create a batch of Moon Water for your Fae garden and plants and leave it out under the Full Moon tonight! You can add crystals like Moss Agate, Green Aventurine, and Prehnite for new growth, and plant care. 

Create as big of a batch as you need or want to have with or without crystals. The Virgo Healer energy of the Moon will still charge the water. The next morning water your plants and give thanks to the Fae for their magick and blessings!

Not sure when to water your plants?

Let the Moon Signs and Fae help you! Water your plants every New and Full Moon and when the Moon is in water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) and earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn)!

Be sure to lay any other crystals out under the Full Moon!

Also, place your oracle cards out under the Moon in your Fae garden and ask them to bless your readings!

Updates and Giveaways!


We are hosting an amazing Spring giveaway on Instagram with other magickal beings! 


Show us your Moon Sign selfie and you could win a free art print!

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New Seed Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces: Moon Charting for Your Moon Sign

Happy New Moon Solar Eclipse, Moon Tribe!

We are shaking things up over here on the Moon Blog and we wanted to offer you something different this New Moon!

The Solar Eclipse in Pisces expands your dreams and may gift you a vision of new possibilities and opportunities to expand creatively. It is up to you to follow your intuition through this new threshold and dive in. So that is what we did!

Today we want to share more about Moon Signs and how to connect with them through this Seed Moon Cycle.  

So grab a cup of tea and sit for a spell and learn more about your Moon Sign!

What is a Moon Sign?

Most people know their Sun Sign, but the Moon Sign is just as equally as important. Just as the Sun was in a zodiac sign the day of your birth, the Moon was also traveling through a zodiac sign adding another layer to your cosmic makeup. The Moon travels quickly through all 12 zodiac signs every moon cycle, so in order to know which Moon Sign is yours, you need to know the exact time of your birth. You can find your birth time on your birth certificate, or hopefully one of your parents may know.

The Moon filters the zodiac signs differently than the Sun. The Sun radiates light, so your Sun Sign is usually the sign that makes a big chunk of your personality and how you let others see you, or how you shine your light outwardly into the world. However, the Moon Sign reveals our inner world, and reflects to us how we perceive the world and relate to others. The Moon rules the emotions, so your Moon Sign will reveal how you control your emotions (or how your emotions control you) and what you need to feel safe to be your best self and shine. Your Moon Sign also reveals your subconscious motives, so if your Moon sign does not resonate with you, you may need to look deeper and confront your subconscious fears. Don't worry though, the Moon sign is not meant to be scary, but helps reveal deeper layers of our psyche, so we can learn more about ourselves and ture desires. Plus it's really fun to read about!

The Moon Signs

Once you know your Moon Sign, now you can learn more about it and how you can work with the archetypal energy through the moon cycle! Read about your Moon Sign below!




Moon Sign in Aries

The Inspirer

Aries Moon Sign - Spirit de la Lune

Energetic, Enthusiastic, Wears Heart on Sleeve

If you are an Aries Moon, you bring the fire and passion into everything you do. Your emotions boil and bubble over and that can be so refreshing, but also intense! It is important for the Aries Moon  to channel their zealous energy into healthy hobbies and activities. Hotheadedness can be an issue if you let your emotions and energy scatter. You may be impulsive, but that is also a part of your charm. Just try not to offend someone in the process. To balance an Aries Moon, bring more calm and watery energies into your surroundings. Moon Charting: Track how much water you should be drinking to add more cooling soothing vibes. You can also track when you feel the most positive and vibrant, and when you feel your anger rise. Colors to use: Soothing blues and vibrant shades of red and orange.

Moon Sign in Taurus

A Taurus Moon sign loves affection, adoration, and gives love with their whole heart and soul. Taurus Moon's shine and feel the most confident in a loving relationship. You are also very intuitively connected with your body and senses, so make sure you truly listen to your bodies needs! Taurean Moon signs are known to eat their emotions, especially when stressed, so when you feel you begin to over indulge that is the time to check in with the source of your emotions. Whether or not you are in a relationship, the best relationship you can love and nurture is the one with yourself! Moon Charting: Track how you nurture and love yourself through the moon cycle, adding pampering and beautify rituals will spark your inner Venus (Venus is the ruler of Taurus)! You can also track your other relationships, or when your heart chakra is most open or closed. Color suggestions: Reds and pinks for love and sensuality, and shades of green for your Heart chakra!

The Lover

Taurus Moon Sign - Spirit de la Lune

Affectionate, Confident, Gives Love Wholeheartedly

Moon Sign in Gemini

The Twins:

Curious, Analytical, Loves a great debate or conversation

As a Gemini Moon, you may feel pulled by all your emotions all at once.  The duality of Gemini brings forth many voices and perspectives from within. You have a talent to articulate what you are feeling or what you think you "should" be feeling, but may forget to actually feel it! When you feel overwhelmed, remember to come back to your breath and  breathe Gemini! Your natural element is air, so focusing on your breath will ground you back into your body and the present moment (allowing your emotions to move through you too). You may feel anxious most days, but it is usually because your mind is creating or replaying multiple scenarios simultaneously! Gemini Moons are a breath of fresh air, but don't burn yourself out. Moon Charting: Focus on staying in the present moment and observe your surroundings more. Track and see if you are a listener or talker or a balance of both. Create a daily grounding or calming meditation ritual, so you can stay present and in your body. Colors to use: Aqua blues and soothing purple tones bring calm and stillness.

Moon Sign in Cancer

The Moon is the ruler of Cancer, so if you are a Cancer Moon, you are a true Moon Child! You are so connected to your emotions in every minute, you may already notice a pattern in the ebb and flow of your own emotions and energy. You may be quiet or shy, at least at first, but still waters run deep and once someone gains your trust you are completely devoted.You prefer small intimate parties and you love the comfort of your own home. Creating your sanctuary is so important for you to feel safe, supported, and to grow creatively. You need your sanctuary space to have time to feel your emotions and let them move through you. Remember to stay active and social Cancer Moon to keep your fire ignited, too much water can make you feel like a heavy wet blanket! Moon charting: Track the days you exercise so you can find your active windows and keep your fire ignited! A cleaning routine will keep you grounded and help you create and maintain your sanctuary. Color suggestions: Choose oranges to raise your energy, and choose other colors intuitively that match your mood.

The Nurturer:

Compassionate, Sentimental, Family is everything

Moon Sign in Leo


The Hero:

Charming, Generous, Loves to make people laugh

You are a charmer, Leo Moon! Always the life of the party, Leo Moons love to shine and want people to bask and enjoy the warmth their light creates.  As a Leo Moon, you love to feel needed and want to further a cause you are passionate about. Though some people may see it as selfish, you put your needs and priorities first, and there is no shame in that! People can learn a lot from you! And since you glow like the full moon, you can be a very inspirational leader because people are magnetically drawn to you. Do not let this get to your head, Leo. The downfall for a lot of Leo Moon's is that they let their ego lead rather than their spirit. This can lead to abuse of power or manipulation. As long as you stay true and faithful to your cause, the Hero within you can rise and you will light the way for others after you. Moon Chart: Track the days you feel inspired and creative and the days you don't feel so connected. Stay connected to your spirituality so you can stay humble and centered in your values. Colors: Use tones or yellow and gold to keep your light shining. Royal purple for spirituality.

Moon Sign in Virgo

If you find yourself frequently getting lost in a forest and have frequent encounters with faeries, then you are probably a Virgo Moon. You are drawn to nature and commune with Mother Earth and Her animals and almost prefer their company more than other human's. You may feel like an outsider, and some may feel you are unapproachable or aloof, but once someone knows you, you let them in to your wild untamed forests within and they can't help but feel like they have found a chest after a wild treasure hunt. You captivate them. Virgo Moons need room to grow and stretch, and you prefer tidy surroundings to do so as well. When Virgo Moons have the structure they need, it brings  absolute freedom. With this freedom your roots will grow deep and strong. It can be hard for you to let go or people and things because you take a lot of time and effort to nurture your surroundings, like a beautiful wild garden. As a Virgo Moon, you need the wilderness and open skies to feel rejuvenated or you will get too stuffy and bitter. Moon Charting: Make getting out into nature a priority! Learn the local herbs and flora and forage to make a healing brew! Try a vegan or plant based diet this month and see how you feel. Track when you feel the most grounded and when you feel too restricted. Colors: Browns and greens bring out your earthy vibes and connect you to nature.


The Healer:

Reliant, Strong, Feels best in Untamed Nature

Moon Sign in Libra

The Peacemaker:

Kind, Thoughtful, Loves to keep the peace

Libra Moon signs tend to put everyone first before themselves. Though your sign is all about balance, you like to make sure others feel balanced rather than yourself! Libra Moons make the best counselors and therapists because they are so intuitively connected to others' needs and emotions. However this can leave little to no room for balance in their own lives! You need to make sure you are very clear with your needs and desires are and make sure you tend to them daily. Scheduling in 'me time' is essential for your well being. The more balanced you are, the more you can be there to serve and help others, which is a passion of yours. It's a win win! You are ruled by Venus too, so keep your surroundings peaceful and beautiful to you. This will keep you relaxed and rejuvenate you. Moon Charting: Track when you feel most balanced in fulfilled and when you neglected your own needs. Colors to use: Use pinks for self love, and any colors that are soothing to you.

Moon Sign in Scorpio

You are one of the most intense Moon Signs if you are a Scorpio Moon. As a Scorpion you are the masters of emotions and need an intense emotional connection to everyone you meet. You can scare people with this intensity, but also you intrigue them and they want to learn more. You like to keep people guessing and the mystery is palpable with you. Be aware, Scorpio Moon, of how your actions and emotions control others. Yes, I said control, because you love to toy with others emotions and think of it as a game. But karma usually keeps you in check. If you feel you are out of control, jealousy and possessiveness can take over. You need to feel that deep, soulful, connection, so one-on-one convos are best when connecting with others, and your spiritual life will be a big passion and focus for you. Moon Charting: It would be a great idea for you to track all the emotions you feel in a moon cycle and see what you feel the most! Choose the colors for your emotions intuitively!

The Shaman:

Intriguing, Mysterious, Loves deep passionate affairs

Moon Sign in Sagittarius

The Explorer: 

Optimistic, Fun-loving, Loves to go on adventures

When you meet a Sagittarius Moon, you feel like you are being reunited with an old friend! You are a optimist at heart, Sagittarius Moon and you love to be the friend who knows how to give a good pep talk. You are carefree and see the best in people and situations. You are great with children, because you are not afraid to be playful or childlike. You also love to flirt! It may be hard for you to commit to a relationship because when things get too serious, that's when you like to back away. You do love companionship though, so don't be afraid to open your heart to love! Think of it as a new adventure you can embark on! When you do settle down, you are loyal, warm and generous with your love. Moon Charting: Track when you feel the most optimistic and pessimistic in your moon cycle. You can also track when you prefer to be more social and outgoing and when you need to space. Color suggestions: Use bring colors like yellows, reds, and greens!

Moon Sign in Capricorn

If you are a Capricorn Moon, you know what it is like to be disciplined and know the meaning of hard work. You are deeply connected to your family and show your love through your actions. You show your love by providing and taking care of your loved ones. If you feel like you cannot provide, you can feel unworthy. Don't be so hard on yourself Capricorn Moon! You work so hard, you deserve to be proud of your accomplishments! There is nothing wrong with asking for help once in a while, or letting your emotions show through. You can be so inspiring, but also intimidating. Showing your soft side once in a while can deepen you connections and you may actually like it! Capricorn Moons need to feel they are needed and are driven by their love for their family. You are the rock and the reliable one. Moon Charting: Track when you feel the most driven and motivated and when you feel the most sluggish. Also track when you feel you can express your emotions easily and when they feel restricted. Colors: Use brown tones and greens!

The Achiever:

Hardworking, Cautious, Loves to provide security

Moon Sign in Aquarius


The Visionary:

Cool, Quirky, Needs freedom to soar

Aquarius Moons need the most freedom of all the Moon signs. You need your space to experience new ways of being and thinking. The company you choose loves how care free you can be and you bring out the best in people! You have a knack for understanding how others' minds work. Because of this, you also know you can bring out the worst in people and which buttons to press, especially your close relations. However, it is always a reflection of whats going on in your mind. You are an Air sign, so you like to stay in control of your emotions, but when it gets to be too much to bear, the Water Bearer spills the cup and your emotions runneth over. You need to learn to surrender to your emotions and let them move through you, your head will feel more clear after! Don't be afraid of your own emotions! You also need to keep your brain active and challenged, so make sure your hobbies are fun and challenge you to be a better person. Moon Charting: Track when you feel your ego taking over, or your spirit takes over. You can also track when you feel very inspired and motivated, and when you begin to feel apathetic. Colors to use: Bright blues for creativity and expression and gray tones for when you feel clouded or subdued. 

Moon Sign in Pisces

Dear Pisces Moon you are the Moon in her most sensitive sign. You feel it all and soak in everyone else's emotions like a sponge.  Empathy is a powerful gift and can open very clear, channeled, psychic visions and pathways. You feel where the energy is going before most people understand what they are actually feeling, but it is easy for the Pisces Moon to feel overwhelmed and paralyzed from all this energy and stimulation. It is so important Pisces, for you to set healthy boundaries and cleanse your energy daily. You actually may have a hard time deciphering your own emotions because you carry so many from others. The more you ground and cleanse the more you will tune in to your true emotions. Because you empathy is so strong, you need to make time and create space you can drift off into. You are a fish and you need space to swim deeply and away from others; times of solitude are very rejuvenating for your spirit. Moon Charting: Track when you feel most empathetic and intuitive, and when you feel the most pessimistic or overwhelmed. Focusing on grounding and cleansing is important daily. Colors to use: Black for grounding and protection, orange to keep your energy up, purple tones for intuition.


The Psychic:

Imaginative, Intuitive, Deeply Empathetic

The Art of Moon Charting

Now it is time to Tune to the Moon and let the moon be your guide.

We created free printable Zodiac Moondala Compasses so you can learn to track your inner moon tides!

The moon compass will guide you through each moon phase and help you observe your unique energy flow or intentions. Please keep in mind that the Moon phases do not follow our calendar system. There are 28 spaces, but the moon cycle is approximately 28 -29 days long. Dates will not always be accurate so just go with the flow ;)

To begin, figure out your moon sign (you must know your time of birth) and choose the moon compass with your Moon Sign Zodiac Moondala. Fill out the dates for this current moon cycle starting on the New Moon. We kept them blank so you could use these for any future moon cycles! And don't worry Southern Hemisphere babes, there are charts for you too!

Start on the New Moon and clarify your intentions for the cycle. Each Moon sign has a different energy to track (read about your Moon Sign to learn what to track). Now choose the colors you will use to fill in each moon slice that compliment your intentions and moon sign. I always recommend two colors to begin with and to keep it simple if you are new to moon charting. For example, if I wish to track my physical energy I could choose orange for when I feel energetic, productive and vibrant, and blue for when I feel tired, lethargic, or lazy. Or if I am tracking my intuition, I could use purple when I feel intuitive and connected and the color gray for when I feel disconnected or cloudy. Or if I am tracking a general feel of my energy, I would choose a color intuitively each time. The choice is up to you and there is no wrong way to do this! DO NOT overthink this step, just have fun with it and let your intuition and creativity guide you!

Once you choose your colors, begin tracking daily! This means checking in with yourself daily throughout the moon cycle. The best time to do this is before you go to bed, or in the evening when your day is winding down. If weather permits, and even if it is only for 5 minutes, step outside into the night and connect with the moon (even if she is not visible). Ground yourself, connect to your intuition, and reflect on your day from that space. Check in with your intentions and what you are tracking, and then afterwards, color in your moon slice accordingly. There is room around the moon compass to write any keywords or emotions that felt potent to you.  If you do this daily and commit to checking in with yourself, by the end of the moon cycle you will have a moon map that is a unique energetic flow of you! The more you fill these out, you may begin to see patterns and your connection to your intuition, your Moon sign, and Lady Luna will deepen! 

More Ways to Connect

If you want to do a reading for this potent New Moon make sure to try one of the reading in the Spirit de la Lune Guidebook! We suggest the Solar Eclipse or Seed Moon reading, or both!

Create some moon water, charge your crystals and decks under the Solar Eclipse on Sunday!

We would love to see your charts filled out with colors throughout the cycle! Take a picture and use the hashtag #tunetothemoon and tag @spiritdelalune in your photos!

Show us your Selfies!


We want to see your faces, Moon Tribe! Take a picture with your Moon Sign card from Spirit de la Lune and tag #moonsignselfie! Tell us something that you learned about your moon sign or something you really love about yourself! We may feature you in a future blog post!


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Sage Moon Ceremony | Purifying the Aura with Lunar Infused Sage Spray

Happy Sage Moon!

This Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Leo is packed full of powerful magical potential! 

 Tonight's Full Moon gives you the chance to step fully into your powerful magic.

Six months ago you planted a seed or held a vision of your future. Today is the day to check in and see how far you have come. 

Lunar eclipses occur every six months, giving us all an opportunity to re-evaluate our personal progress with fresh eyes and new clarity.

In order to step into our full power and realize our true potential, we must release old emotional baggage from the past six months.

There is no room for that which doesn't serve you, when entering a new phase in life. 

The Sage Moon reminds us to keep our thoughts and energy clear of negativity. Purify your energy often, cleanse your space and aura in order to make room for new growth!! 

For tonight's Full Moon, we wanted to make an aura and space cleansing spray, infused with the Full Moon Eclipse Energy. 

This powerful little bottle will clear your aura from negativity in only a few sprays. Because it is smokeless, it can be used to cleanse the energy of cars, the work place and offices. 

Aura Cleansing Spray | Spirit de la Lune

Lunar Eclipse Infused Aura & Space Cleansing Spray

Sage Spray For Cleansing Auras | Spirit de la Lune

This spray can be used in place of smudging with smoke. This little bottle will be both powerful and easy to make using essential oils, salt, and other ingredients you may already have!

Gather Your Ingredients | Spirit de la Lune

Aura & Space Cleansing Spray:

  • 1 oz Glass spray bottles
  •  Warm water (natural, distilled, or moon water works best.)
  • 1 Teaspoon Witch Hazel, (Or unflavored vodka) to preserve
  • 1 pinch of natural pink Hymalain salt or sea salt
  • 8 drops of Sage essential oil
  • 4-6 drops of essential oils of choice
  • Crystals for charging the spray

On the night of the full moon gather your ingredients.. 

Add a pinch of salt to your bottle. Salt is a natural energy purifier and helps ground the energetic body. It brings our energy back to a 0 and creates a fresh clean slate for us. 

Add your drops of oil. For tonight's spray, we used Sage essential Oil for purity, clarity and ease of thought, with Fir needle for . 

You can use this guide here to decide which oils you want to use. We recommend definitely using at least some sage for this spray!, as it's the perfect purifier for this energy.

Add the witch hazel, a natural preservative with soothing calming properties.This will help your spray from going stale. (but it's still recommended to use the bottle within a month or two.)

Add the water. Water is a powerful conductor and transfers and shifts energy quickly. It's best to use warm water to fully dissolve the salt and mix the oil together. 

You can add small crystals to your bottle, or set up a grid around your spray tonight and charge it under the Full Moon Eclipse.


Sage Aura Spray | Spirit de la Lune

Give it a good shake before each use. Spray all around your body to cleanse the aura. 

The healing spray will clear negative energy in the home as well. Be sure to spray into doorways and windows and other high traffic ares, as well as your own aura! 

Create a cute label, or download and print ours here!

Create a label for your bottle, or download and print off our idea by clicking here!  

You can make several different blends to help shift the energy of your home and space. 

This cleansing spray can act as a natural perfume while keeping your aura and energy field purified and fresh.


Sage Spray | Aura Cleansing Spray | Spirit de la Lune

Happy Full Sage Moon!

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New Moon Energy Report Sage Moon Cycle 2017

New Moon in Aquarius Energy Reading | Spirit de la Lune

Happy New Moon in Aquarius!!


This imaginative New Moon marks the beginning of a fresh Lunar Cycle. A blank slate sits before you. Aquarius opens the doorway to your your most powerful tool of creation. Your imagination. 


This New Moon can really set the tone for the cycle ahead. As the moon grows in the sky, you may notice the energy shifting and revving up as well. Be sure to set some positive intentions tonight, and hold your focus towards what you intend to grow. It's important to keep yourself open minded and as light-hearted as you can be.

Each month we take a look at the energy around each of the 4 turnings of the moon. We report here once a month with an energy guide, taking into consideration where the moon is at in the zodiac houses, as well as other astrological influences that may be happening. For each turning, we also choose a card from the Spirit de la Lune deck for further guidance and insight.

New Moon Energy Reading | Spirit de la Lune

So grab a cup of tea..

and see what this new moon cycle has in store for you. 

New Moon in Aquarius

New Moon In Aquarius | Spirit de la lune

This New Moon takes place in the visionary sign of Aquarius. (Partially in Capricorn depending on your place and time zone.) The card pulled for this phase is Rebirth. This phase is setting us up for an opportunity of rebirth, a chance to create the future of our dreams.

This New Moon stimulates the mind and imaginations; emotions may be feeling very raw right now

This may have us feeling lonely, feeling left out, or a bit like an outcast. 

Aquarius is teaching you the value of being alone. Being alone is sometimes the only way to value the company of others.

You are also being called to get to know yourself deeper.. You are asking what it is that you want to create for your future.

Aquarius holds the key to your imagination, one of your most powerful tools for creating your path here on Earth.

Our imagination can be used to create miracles or disasters. Using our imagination for worry only causes unhealthy habits of thought to form while also drawing to us that which we worry most about. Universal law states "That which is like unto itself is drawn."

New Moon in Aquarius Energy Reading | Spirit de la Lune

Use your imagination!

Use your imagination to visualize a future that feels good to you, and pour all of your focus into that.

Now is the time to dream up the life that you want and this New Moon energy paired with the rebirth card show that this is the perfect blank slate for you.

First Quarter Moon in Taurus

File Jan 24, 4 24 51 PM.jpeg

The First Quarter Moon takes place on Feb 3rd in the sign of Taurus, and the card pulled for this phase is Strength.

It's no secret that people are fired up in the world right now.. but we are about to see it ignited even more.

In February, we have Venus, Mars, and Uranus all in the fiery sign of Aries. This is going to make everyone's passion rev up. 

It's easy to be illogical and even explosive right now, especially as we empaths pick up on the energy of the collective.

There is a need to pick sides here. But not in the way one might think. You are being asked to choose Love or Fear.

Take your days slowly and stay in the moment. Utilize the powerful but peaceful energy of Taurus as the lunar energy begins to rev up.. The Strength card was pulled for this phase; truly highlighting the strength and power in choosing LOVE when faced with hatred. Embrace this month with grace and dignity and you will notice your own sense of self progress.

Full Sage Moon in Leo

Sage Full Moon | Spirit de la Lune

The Full Sage Moon on the 10th of February takes place in the fiery sign of Leo, and the card chosen for this phase was the Expansion card. This is also a Lunar Eclipse, amping up the lunar energy even more.

Use this New Moon in Aquarius tonight to set forth your powerful intentions, because this Full Moon is all about clearing space to allow your intentions to grow and manifest! 


You must make room for your expansion!

Full Moon in Leo | Spirit de la Lune Oracle Reading

This Full Moon, you may notice a major shift in that lonely Aquarius' energy from the New Moon. The Full Moon is giving you the chance to take your power back in a very positive way.

Sometimes we need to realize that we are our own hero. We can not give our power away waiting for others to make us happy. This Full Moon in Leo is here to remind you of your innate strength and power. 

Full Sage Moon | Spirit de la Lune

Make room for something new!

The Full Sage Moon Eclipse can bring about some very pleasant surprises as well as solutions to the questions you've been asking.

There is a huge need to purify your mind and space at this time. Clear our the old energy to make way for the new growth.

Let go of any limiting beliefs you may have. Make room in your mind and heart for something new, and watch out for the sudden insights that will be available to you! 


Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

Last Quarter Moon | Spirit de la Lune Oracle Reading | New Moon Energy Report

The Last Quarter Moon takes place on the 18th of February in Sagittarius, and partially in Scorpio depending on what time zone. The card pulled for this phase is the Envision card.

It's likely you are going to be feeling pumped up after the Full Moon Eclipse, especially with the Moon in Sagittarius. 

We have another opportunity to combine our imagination with our vision to create and manifest the life that we are wanting. 

As we relax into the waning lunar energy, your mind and imagination will still be very active. Sagittarius, the Explorer is always on the hunt for a new discovery or new way of doing things. 

Paired with the Envision card, this can be another powerful opportunity to put your imagination to good use. There is a lot of exciting potential you can tap into with the coming Solar Eclipse on the New Moon. 


Sage Moon Moondala | Spirit de la Lune

Have a Happy New Moon!

We are excited for the coming months.. We are currently sold out of the deck! We will be getting more decks this coming March. Please sign up for our newsletter so you can be informed the moment  it's back! Be sure to tune into our Instagram for updates and the Moonday Oracle. 

Lunar Blessings

Don't forget to cleanse your deck and crystals under tonight's New Moon! 

Are you setting any intentions for the month ahead?

Full Wolf Moon Ceremony: Create Your Own Wolf Den

Happy Full Wolf Moon, Moon Tribe!

Today the Moon is Full in the watery Realm of Cancer (or Leo depending on your time zone), however the watery energy of Cancer is strong because she is ruled by the Moon. With all planets direct and no retrogrades we are feeling the currents strongly.

With Winter in full swing in the Northern Hemisphere, Cancer may be pulling you to stay home and seek nourishment (or gravitate towards the ocean in the Southern Hemisphere heat of Summer). The Wolf Moon encourages you to listen to your body. Listen to your primal instincts and what you need right now.

Even a wolf needs to find shelter and create a den in Winter, so create your own sanctuary.

Wolf Moon Den - Spirit de la Lune

Do you have a corner or nook you can make your own?

Is your bed calling to you?

Does your altar space need sprucing up?

Can you create your own den with blankets? If you have little pups they would love this!

Photo Jan 11, 4 55 09 PM.jpg

I created a teepee with lots of blankets to put my altar within. I will also be starting my moon time soon, so this will also be my Red Tent when it begins.

In my den, I included my SDLL deck, Artemis statue, my large salt lamp, and crystals I am working with. Allow yourself to drift into the space to dream, journal, rest, and be receptive to your primal body and intuition. What are you receiving right now?

If you are feeling more social, you can also invite your Moon Sistars over for a cozy retreat in, and don't forget to howl at the Moon together ;)

 "The psyches and souls of women also have their own cycles and seasons of doing and solitude, running and staying, being involved and being removed, questing and resting, creating and incubating, being of the world and returning to the soul-place."

Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Women Who Run with the Wolves

What season is your soul in? What do your instincts tell you?

Other Ways to Connect with the Full Moon Tonight:

  • Take a bath with lots of sea salt to invoke the Cancer energy
  • Attend a Full Moon gathering or drum circle
  • Use the Wolf Moon Spread in the SPirit de la Lune Guidebook!
  • Swim in the Ocean under the moonlight
  • Light candles to invoke the Leo energy
  • Clean your space: Cancer loves to stay home, so make this a meditation
  • Put on some music and dance your heart out: feel the rhythms in your body and move they way your body wants to move

Charge your crystals and decks under this potent Full Moon tonight!

Share your sacred space and sanctuary with us! Tag @spiritdelalune in your photos!

New Moon Energy Report: 2016 Wolf Moon Cycle

Happy New Moon, Moon babes!

It is time to release and let go of 2016 so 2017 can flow! 2016 was I.N.T.E.N.S.E. to say the least. There is hope though if you look at the years in numerology:

2+0+1+6 = 9. In numerology, 9 is the number of destruction and completion. It is the energy of releasing in order for the new possibilities to surface. There was a lot of destruction and chaos this past year, but it means we can rebuild again and start from scratch.

2+0+1+7 = 10. 1+0 = 1. 1 is the number of new beginnings, new opportunities, and a new awareness to begin. You do not need the old paradigm and the old habits of 2016 to start your new journey. In the scraps and rubble of 2016 we can begin to build a new foundation in a way we haven't perceived before. Number 1 in tarot is the Magician. The Magician uses the resources and energy around them to create magick and manifest their true path.

In 2017 be the Magician in your life.

Create the magick you want to see in the world and you will cause ripples of energy that will move and weave through the universe.

The Wolf Moon encourages you to trust your instincts. You have the magick and power within you already. Do not look to others or books for the wisdom you seek. The wisdom resides in you; in your cells; in your heart; in your third-eye. Connect with your inner wisdom and your spirit guides to help you create the magick you desire in 2017.

In this awareness, grab your wand and stir your tea and sit a spell to read the 2016-2017 Wolf Moon energy report below!

12.28.2016: New Moon in Capricorn

New Moon in Capricorn is a time to prepare and get things in order. This is very fitting for the end of the year and tying up any loose ends. However, the card chosen is Waning Gibbous: Be. A time of stillness and low energy. This is definitely not a time to act upon anything big. The Mercury retrograde is in a full swing and one of the best things you can do right now is to remain still, plan and be prepared for the year ahead. Direct your focus to your word of the year and let that be your guiding compass into 2017. How will you invoke this energy into your life?

Do you not know your Word of the year yet? Click here to begin the Word of the year ceremony, perfect for a full or new moon! Especially the last New moon of 2016! Whatever is moving through you right now remember to just BE in it. Your intuition will flow through this current and guide you.

1.5.2017: First Quarter in Aries

First Quarter in Aries ignites movement and expansion, propelling the moon cycle forward. With Mercury going direct on 1/8/17 and the card Pisces chosen, there is a energy of coming full circle (Pisces is the end of the zodiac and Aries is the beginning) and an emotional completion is happening. There have been huge currents of Karma completing towards the end of the year which allow emotions to expand and free up. This new found freedom will set the foundation for your Word of the year to integrate into your daily rhythm. Now is the time to be bold and allow your emotions to guide you. Pisces is dreamy and intuitive while Aries is instinctive and enthusiastic, let these energies carry you through the First Quarter moon and begin to invoke the energies you want to surround yourself with in 2017.

Explore, create, dream, and play! What would your inner Magician do?!

1.12.2017: Full Moon in Cancer/Leo

The first Full Moon in 2017 is on the cusp of Cancer and  Leo. Depending on where you live and in what time zone, you may feel one sign more than the other. Or you may feel a blend or alchemy of the two. These energies will lead the moon cycles to follow. The Blessing Moon: Contentment card was chosen and will set the energies of illumination, creativity, and joy in motion.

You have a choice everyday; you can choose joy, love, and peace every damn day.

Allow your Higher Self, the Queen/King, the heroine within you to choose. The choice is always yours because you are the Magician of your life. You set the boundaries and you choose what energies, people, and situations come into your realm. Once you accept this responsibility, empowerment and content will flow through and help you out of the helplessness you may be trapped in. With this Full Moon, begin to weave your word of the year in everything you do.

1.19.2017: Last Quarter in Libra/Scorpio

The Last Quarter in on the cusp of Libra and Scorpio. Depending on where you live and in what time zone, you may feel one sign more than the other. Or you may feel a blend or alchemy of the two. Scorpio can bring insecurities to the surface that need to be laid to rest. The energy of Taurus, the Lover, was chosen for this phase. Do you allow yourself to give? Do you allow yourself to receive? In what ways do you over indulge? In which ways do you restrict yourself too much? What insecurities keep you small? Find YOUR balance. Again connect to your inner wisdom and do not rely on someone else's opinion of what "balance" should be. Scorpio can bring intense emotions that ripple through your skin and the only way is through. When you allow these emotions to move through bringing tears, grief, laughter, or rage, you can fully release them and let them out of your body. This will free up energy in your body and bring this cycle full circle. Just BE in it. Feel it all. Express yourself. And get ready for your biggest year yet.

You are ready.

Full Cold Moon Word of The Year Ritual

Happy Full Cold Moon!

This Full Moon in Gemini is a quiet time of inner reflection and hibernation. Our instincts are sharpening, and our inner knowing may feel louder than ever. The Full Cold Moon is the perfect to ponder and envision our seeds and intentions for the year to come.

The Winter season is well on it's way for us in the Northern Hemisphere. A blanket of snow keeps the earth still, protecting the new life that will soon grow. Now is not the season of growth, but the season of death, reflection and ebb.

Like the moon, the Earth has her ebbs and flows. Our minds and bodies want to honor these cycles. We sometimes find ourselves experiencing discomfort and stress when we don't take time to honor these cycles.

Full Cold Moon

This Full Moon signifies that we are soon approaching Yule, another turning point in the Wheel of the Year. In fact, the word Yule means Wheel. 

We are at the beginning of the wheel once again. This Winter season aids us in our own natural process of rebirth by giving us the opportunity to reflect, and nourish the new seeds and intentions for the coming year.

It's always been very popular to make resolutions and choose goals to help us improve in the coming New Year.

A new and current tradition we love has been choosing a "Word of the Year." 


A word of the year allows you to choose something that is a guide or inspiration, a reminder rather than a rigid goal. A Word of the Year acts as an anchor that can bring you back to your center and core goals. 


After struggling for a bit to come up with a word of our own, we thought it would be perfect to use this Full Moon in Gemini as well as our intuition and divination tools to help us come up with one.

Even if you've already chosen a word for this year, This Moon Ceremony can help sharpen your intuition and assist in opening and activating the hand charkas.

When drawing a card, you may feel very drawn to the word on the card that you chose, or you may find that particular card inspires another word for you. It's important to be in tune with your intuition!

Full Moon Ceremony:

Choosing a Word of the Year


This simple but powerful ceremony combines the moon's reflective energies with our own innate intuitive powers. We each have"bud" chakras on the palms of our hands. These chakras can be opened and closed at will to aid in divination, healing, and directing energy. The colors of this chakra vary from white to silver, to goldish white. 

For This Ritual You Will Need:


Candles (You can match the candle color to your general intention, or choose white.)

Spirit de la Lune Deck (Or any Tarot or Oracle deck) 

Peppermint oil, Ceder wood oil, bay, or any oil blend used for activation and awakening.


Begin by washing your hands with water. Natural water always works best, but it's alright to use tap water. As you wash your hands visualize golden light pouring and cleansing your hands. Gather water into the palms of your hands, scrub your hands in small circles,  paying your palms special attention.

When your hands are clean dry, light your candles in a clockwise direction and prepare yourself as you would for a reading. Dim some lights and turn on your favorite music.

Prepare your cards the way you would for a reading. You can shuffle the cards any way you'd like, do what feels natural to you. While you shuffle try to put some intention into the new year. 

How do you want this year to unfold? What do you want to bring into manifestation?

Lay all of the cards out in front of you so you can see every card. You can choose to have the cards facing you, or you can keep them face down.

1allthecards (1).jpg

Next take your oil and add a drop or two to your hand charkas. Be careful to not use too much, as it could damage cards. 

Take some big deep breaths and rub the oil into your hands quickly to generate heat and activate the chakras. As your palms warm up, image a golden white flower in the palms of your hands open and bloom.

After generating some heat in your hands, envision an energy ball form between your palms. Allow it to grow bigger and smaller with your hands. Shape it, stretch it, and feel it.

If needed you can rub your palms together again to create more heat. Soon you should be able to have a sense that these chakras are active. Some say when active, their palms feel itchy, warm, or tingly.

With practice you may begin to feel these chakras open more on their own. Everyone experiences the sensation differently.

One you feel your hand chakras are open, place your dominant hand over the cards, palm facing down as if feeling a warm fire. What sensation does your hand have as you move your hand over the cards?

It may be pulled or pushed. Are some cards warmer than others? Guide your hand  over the cards and see what energy readings your hands give you. 

Choosing A card

You may feel warmth, or a pull downward on a card that wants to be looked at. You may be drawn to several cards. Narrow it down further it you'd like.

You can keep the cards face up if you'd like, or try it out with the backs of the cards. This is how many readers choose cards, and often how we choose the Moonday Oracle for Instagram.

Choosing A Card Spirit de la Lune
Choosing A Word Of The Year


Narrow it down to as many cards as you'd like, and then make your final decision. You could even choose to focus on more than one word!

This final card doesn't have to be the  word that you choose. It can instead inspire you, or spark something within you to come up with another word.

Winter Altar | Spirit de la Lune

Check out the guidebook, read up on the card that you drew for yourself. See if anything sparks or inspires you! 

You can place your card, (or get an art print made with your Word of the Year) on your Winter Altar to reflect upon during this season. 

Add some quartz crystals and other clear and white stones to help bring clarity and power to your intention.

While your hand chakras are open and active, pour some golden light onto your altar before blowing our your candles.

To close your hand chakras, simply wash your hands and allow the water to pour and cleanse over your chakras, visualizing a flower in each palm closing up.

Happy Full Moon! Don't forget to charge your deck and crystals under tonight's Full Moon!


Spirit de la Lune Order Deadline 2016

We can't believe we are already half way through December! We can no longer guarantee holiday delivery for international orders!

Our cut off for US orders is this Friday December 16th in order to make it in time for the holiday season. 

We hope you have a Happy Full Moon and a wonderful holiday season! We would love to see your Word of the Year! Please tag us in any images so that we can see and share your ceremony as well! 


New Moon Energy Report: 2016 Cold Moon Cycle

Happy New Moon in Sagittarius!

New Moon in Sagittarius
New Moon Spirit de la Lune Card

Embrace this new beginning with a new outlook!

 Last month's chaotic energy is beginning to wind down. We are finally starting to feel a moment of ease as Earth enters into a new season.

Last month had some intense energies that shook core foundations for everyone. 

We have been surrounded in swirling confusion and chaos for too long.. 


It's time to pick up the pieces, move forward and build a new foundation.

This New Moon is coming at what feels like perfect timing; Sagittarius is what feels like the ideal guide as we navigate out of the murky waters.

Sagittarius energy is very dominant on our planet right now. The archer is lending us a hand to pull us out of the depths of the dark Scorpio energy we have been swimming through. 

Much has been brought to the surface over these fall months, but it's time to move forward into the light. 

December 2016 Energy Reading Spirit de la Lune


So grab a cup of tea, cozy up by the fire and take a look at what this New Moon energy holds for you.

New Moon in Sagittarius

New Moon in Sagittarius | Spirit de la Lune

Today's New Moon takes place in the mutable fiery sign of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is shining a spotlight into the shadows right now. A lot was brought to the surface over these last months, and we are being asked to take a closer look and decide what it is that needs to move forward with us into this new chapter.

It's time to embrace our fears and confusion, and move forward into what it is that we want for ourselves. The Archer archetype is on a quest for Truth and Faith. Let go of what it is that is holding you back from seeing the Truth, and step forward with a new sense of faith.  

The New Moon indicates some new fresh energy coming into your life, and a brand new chapter unfolding for you. Now is the time to make up your mind, set your intentions and hold fast to your faith. Have faith, even if you don't believe fully just yet.

Practice holding your faith, and allow it to become a dominant part of your life and watch your intention come to full fruition. 

The card pulled for this phase is the Manifest card. A reminder that our life is always unfolding, and we are always manifesting what we are matched with. You have all that is needed within you to manifest your desires.. Now is the time to focus your energy, attention and emotions on what it is that you want to manifest. Know that you are worthy of your desires and they are always within reach. Reach for the emotional manifestation first, and allow the rest to unfold into the physical.


First Quarter Moon in Pisces

First Quarter Moon December 2016 Spirit de la Lune Energy Reading

The First Quarter Moon takes place in Pisces on December 7th. 

As the moon grows in the sky, energy and emotion is ignited. We tend to feel impassioned and more motivated around this time.

You will be finding new opportunities and avenues to help you fulfill your New Moon intentions.

This moon phase is a time of growth and is ruled by the element of fire. 


However, this First Quarter Moon takes place in the watery sign of Pisces. You may be feeling extra sensitive at this time, especially as the moon . Your intuition may feel sharper, or you may notice more synchronicities this week. 

Utilize this fluid energy, and combine it with the creative fire energy of the First Quarter Moon. Go back to your New Moon intention and see what more you can do to help bring it to fruition. Make a vision board, or meditate on your intention. Use your heightened sensitivity to your advantage. 

The Card Pulled for this Phase is the Sage Moon Card. There may be something in your life that you need to purify yourself of. This card reflects cleansing your self; mind, body and spirit.

There may be a need for physical cleansing of your space. You may be calling for a good soak in a salt bath to cleanse your energy. When working with intention and energy, it's important to keep all channels open and cleansed for energy to flow freely.

What can you do to open and cleanse the channels of energy in your life?

Full Cold Moon Spirit de la Lune

Full Cold Moon in Gemini

Full Cold Moon Spirit de la Lune Full Moon report

The Cold Full Moon Occurs on December 13th in the sign of Gemini. 

This Full Moon harks the beginning of the winter season for those in the Northern Hemisphere. Much of the earth is still and sleeping under a blanket of thick snow. We are reminded that we, too need rest and hibernation.

A seed can not bloom over night, it needs to experience the depth a darkness in order to fully develop. One must experience darkness, before they will recognize the light. 



The Full Moon is a time of fulfillment celebration and contentment. The lunar energy is at it's peak and tonight's Full Moon takes place in the expansive sign of Gemini. 

Happy Full Cold Moon December 2016 Spirit de la Lune Energy Reading

The Full Cold Moon in Gemini may have you wanting to stay indoors socializing with those closest to you. 

Remember to stay focused this week in order to see definite and tangible results.

There is a tendency of scattered energy under a Gemini Full Moon with the increase of sociability and the desire for expansion. 


Spirit de la Lune Full Cold Moon 2016

The Card pulled for this phase is the Expansion Card. This card is quite fitting with the Gemini energy of the Full Moon. Take a look at what is growing in your life. Where is your focus? Where focus goes, energy flows, and expansion is inevitable. 

This energy is potent right now, and your intentions and thoughts are very powerful under this full moon. Take time to meditate under this Full Moon and focus on your Third Eye chakra to focus your vision, and create expansion.


Last Quarter Moon in Virgo/Libra

Last Quarter Moon Energy Reading | Spirit de la Lune


Last Quarter Moon takes place on December 20th in both Virgo and Libra.The energy begins to wind down again as we prepare for the New Moon. The days are short, and the nights are cold and long as Yule takes place on the 21st of December, marking the Winter Solstice.

This lunar energy holds the same quiet air as the Cold Moon Archetype of the week before. You are asked to listen to what your body and soul needs for your own nourishment and hibernation. 

Take some time on Yule, the day after the First Quarter Moon, and release the old energy in your life. Make new goals and plans for the future, and set some intentions for the year ahead. Yule marks the beginning of the year and is a good time for long term goals. The Waning Moon energy can help you see clearly what it is that needs to be released.

The Card Pulled for this phase is Awareness. We are being asked to be conscious and aware as much as possible. The need to be awake and attentive is now. Major spotlights are popping up all over the world, showing us what is and what isn't working. This is happening in many ways on planet earth, and within us and our personal lives.

 Focus and awareness seem to be major themes for this month. We are always manifesting, and our lives unfold according to our emotions and intentions. Remember your awareness and focus are your greatest tools for expansion! 


Spirit de la Lune Stands with Standing Rock


This week we are donating 20% of our sales to Standing Rock! 

We honor the courageous people fighting for Gaia and clean water. This week 20% of all sales from prints, decks and calendars will be donated to Standing Rock.


Lunar Blessings, Rachael and Marissa

Don't forget to charge your decks and crystals tonight under the New Moon, and check back here before the Full Moon, for a Full Cold Moon ceremony!