Creating A Corn Dolly for Lammas Under This Powerful Eclipse!

Happy Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse! 

Lunar Eclipse | Spirit de la Lune Full Moon Ritual

This Full Moon has had a lot of buzz around it for a while now... And we can all certainly feel why. Things have been emotional and intense for a lot of us! There is a major rebirth under way on many levels.

While New Moons are usually all about new beginnings and fresh starts, Full Moons tend to illuminate what was once hidden from us in order to show us the way to our dreams. This ebb and flow helps us achieve the intentions and goals we set when we use it to our advantage...

Full Moon Eclipses, also known as Lunar Eclipses, usually mean that a BIG revelation is on it's way. Eclipses mean shock, big news, and secrets coming to light. Expect the dissolving of any illusions and a new chapter to begin. 

This particular eclipse may be even more tumultuous than we are preparing for...

Expect the unexpected!

  Lunar Eclipse By Rachael Caringella |   Tree Talker Art

Lunar Eclipse By Rachael Caringella | Tree Talker Art

This lunar eclipse is the longest eclipse of the 21st century. The eclipse is expected to last almost 4 hours- 2-3 hours longer than a typical eclipse!

A total lunar eclipse happens when the Earth comes between the Moon and the Sun, blocking the Sun's light from the Moon's surface causing it to turn a deep blood red.

The sun represents our ego and all we can see easily about ourselves... while the Moon represents our hidden subconscious, or our "shadow" selves. An eclipse causes us to shed our egos. We are vulnerable, as our true nature can no longer be hidden. Our masks must come down, and we are forced to face our deepest selves. 

Look for the lessons that are meant to be learned at this time. Be aware of your reactions and reflect instead! Don't forget to back up your computers and hard-drives, because Mercury is going retrograde today!

In our New Moon Energy Report we had mentioned these intense waters and how to best handle them.

For the Full Moon cycle, we pulled the Envision card. "With so many planets retrograde right now, surrender and allow yourself to slow down and reflect. There may not be much that you can physically do at this time, but you can spend a lot of time visualizing how you want the outcome to be. Focus your emotions and visualize the end results if you begin to feel frustrated or doubtful at your progress."

Tonight we are tapping into that visualization energy for tonight's Full Moon Ritual.

This Full Moon is also the Corn Moon

Corn Moon | Spirit de la Lune Full Corn Moon Ritual

The Corn Moon is the first Full Moon of the harvest season.

We have had a few people ask why we are celebrating the Corn Moon in July this year... so before we begin our ritual, we wanted to explain what's up!

Some of the Full Moon's seem a little "early" because Spirit de la Lune follows the traditional Lunar calendar, instead of the Gregorian calendar.

Remember when we had  2 Full moon's in January, and 2 Full Moon's in March? That meant there was no Full Moon for February. This makes the names of the Full Moon's feel early to those who follow only the Gregorian12 month calendar. Spirit de la Lune honors the 13 Full Moons of the year.

Using this intense Lunar Eclipse, and the energy from the Envision card from our New Moon Reading, we thought a Corn Dolly would make the perfect ritual for the Corn Moon!

Corn Moon Spirit de la lune | Full Moon Corn Husk Ritual

Lammas, or Lughnasadh is the Pagan sabbat that marks the beginning of the harvest festival on August 1st.

Corn Dolls have long been used as altar pieces for Lammas since ancient times. They are a recognized figure from many cultures!

In ancient times, the word "corn" stood for the English equivalent of "grain," while the word "doll or dolly" is attributed to the word "idol" stemming from the Greek word eidolon, which means "apparition" or "spirit." This means that Corn Doll translates to "Spirit of the Grain." (Read more history here!)

Our Corn Doll Tutorial have a special extra step that we added in just for this ritual!

Corn Moon Spirit de la lune | Full Moon Corn Husk Ritual

Corn Moon Eclipse Corn Husk Dolly

Corn Doll are traditional pagan magickal charms/figures thought to protect the home or personal wellness of the maker and their household. We are putting a special twist in our dolls by adding some herbs, intentions and crystals into the heart of the doll. 

Corn Moon Spirit de la lune | Full Moon Corn Husk Doll Ritual

You will need: 


I found my corn husks at the grocery store. They are typically used to make tamales, so you'll have extra husks to try out a new recipe. Or you can get some corn on the cob for your Lammas dinner and use the left over husks from that! 

Spirit de la Lune Full Corn Moon Eclipse | Corn Husk Doll Ritual

1. Soak your corn husks in water for about 30-40 minutes until they are malleable.

Strain and allow the husks to dry out just a bit. You'll want to work with the husks while they are still pretty wet or they will begin to crack.

2.Take one husk and cut it so that you have a rectangle/square of about 5-6 inches. 



3. Add your herbs, crystals and intentions to the middle of this square. You can use two husks here for extra support if you need to. 

4. Roll up the husk tightly.

5. Secure the ends with a string on each end. This is the "heart" and arms of our dolly!

6. For the head and body, tie two larger husks together. (Shown above.)

Spirit de la Lune Full Corn Moon Eclipse Corn Husk Doll Ritual

7. Separate those two husks and then pull them over your first knot and tie another knot. This creates the head of your doll. (You can put some paper or spare corn husk parts in there before you tie it off to make the head of your doll more round and full.)

8. Part the husks again, and slide the arms up between them, as close to the head as possible. Tie off again with a strong knot, creating the waist. Your herb and crystal bundle should be right in the heart of your doll.

9. Trim the arms to the length you want them and cut any loose ties.

You could be done with your Corn Dolly at this point, but there should be sone left over husks for additional decoration if you want.

Spirit de la Lune Full Corn Moon Eclipse Corn Husk Doll Ritual

10. Cut and fold the last corn husk over the dolls shoulders  and an additional layer of skirting and secure the waist with a knot creating a shawl and a fuller skirt.

Trim the skirt in the way you want it and you are done! 

You now have a traditional pagan Corn Dolly in time for your Lammas altar that was created under a very powerful Eclipse and infused with your intention.

Leave your doll out under the Full Moon and let it charge with the Lunar Eclipse and Corn Moon energy. Don't forget to thank your doll each time you see it!

Spirit de la Lune Full Corn Moon Eclipse Corn Husk Doll Ritual

Happy Full Moon!

We would love to see any pictures of your corn dolls if you choose to make one! 

Please tag us on instagram #spiritdelalune so we can see your doll and feature it on our feed!


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Spirit de la Lune Marissa and Rachael

2018 Blessing Moon Chakra Alignment Ritual

Happy Full Blessing Moon!

Let's Align with Our Bliss!

chakra stones.jpeg

In order to truly follow our bliss, we must align to our centers once again. Our energy centers, or Chakras, run along our spine and are located along the center of our body. When we align back to our center we can truly connect to our purpose, find clarity, and our bliss will be easy to follow! 

So let's do a simple Chakra alignment meditation under the Full Blessing Moon! Gather 7-8 stones, one for each Chakra, your Blessing Moon card from the deck, and a glass jar of spring water. That's it!

The stones shown here from bottom to top: Red Jasper, Carnelian, Citrine, Green Jade, Turquoise, Blue Apatite, Amethyst, and  Clear Quartz.

Let's get started!

Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed (under the moonlight is best!), and create a space to lay down or sit comfortable. Take your stones and if you are laying down place them along  the center of your body: your red stone by your pubic bone or groin area; orange stone about 2 inches below your belly button; your yellow stone on your belly button; the green (or pink) stone resting on your heart; the blue stone on your throat; the purple stone between your eyes (your third-eye); clear stone at the top of your forehead, or on the ground next to the top of your head.

If you decide to sit down surround yourself with your stones in the same order, or hold them within your palms. And now relax and enjoy the energy of the Full Moon and your crystals. Notice the energy of each stone interacting with your energy... notice any emotions or thoughts that surface and allow them to rise. Are there any messages coming through? Visualize the beautiful Full Moon ray's coming down through your Crown chakra and move down through your Root chakra... cleansing and recharging each of your energy centers.

Stay in this beautiful meditation until you feel revitalized and realigned with your mind, body, and spirit. Feel  free to journal about your experience afterward. 

With the same stones you used during your meditation, now it is time to make Chakra Blessing Moon Water!

Depending on the the type of crystals you use, you can either place the crystals in the glass jar with spring water or surround the jar with the stones. Always research which stones are safe to use in water prior to use... or when in doubt, leave it out! 

Place the Blessing Moon card underneath the jar and let your Chakra water charge under the Full Blessing Moon in Capricorn! Let is charge all night under the moonlight! You can make a big pitcher or small bottle, whatever you prefer!

In the morning bring your water inside and take the gemstones out. Feel free to drink the whole glass to really help integrate the alignment, or make smaller bottles of this water, or even just water your plants with it. I would at least drink a couple of sips to get the benefits for your chakras!

We hope this simple realignment ritual recharges you and brings you back to center. Feel free to do this whenever  you need a pick-me-up.

Chakra Blessings!


Full Planting Moon- Besom Blessing Spell and Ritual

Happy Full Planting Moon! 

Full Planting Moon

Spring is sprouting all around for those of us on the Northern Hemisphere, and there is sense of newness in the air.

You may be feeling this new energy stirring within you.

The seeds and intentions that we have planted are gaining momentum and you could be seeing some progress happening or at least feeling internal shifts happening.

The Full Planting Moon is a reminder that the garden needs constant tending.

One of the most important parts of gardening is the weeding process.

When we weed a garden, we remove unwelcome plants that may be creeping in, while churning up and exposing new soil and nutrients from the Earth. Essentially, clearing out the old, to make way for the new growth. 

This Full Planting Moon holds potent  clearing and weeding energy. With the lunar energies taking place in Libra and Scorpio; you are asked to take a look deep within yourself and find what needs to be weeded or swept out. This will help you make room for the new growth you've been cultivating.

We have put together a Besom Cleansing Ritual tonight to help you energetically and literally cleanse your home of old unwanted energy to make way for new growth.

You can make any mundane daily chore into an intention infused ritual! Tonight, we are using our brooms to help us sweep away any old energies that may be inhibiting our growth.

Besom Magick

The Pagan Broom, or Besom is used for cleansing and protection. It's  traditionally made from hawthorn, birch twigs and willow wood. 

Besoms are often hung above entry ways to offer protection, and they are used in hand-fasting ceremonies, as they represent both the masculine and the feminine. 

Besoms can sweep out negative energy and help banish it. 

Some people don't allow the bristles to actually touch the ground, while many do. 

(You can even make your own besom for sacred use right here!)

There is no need to have an expensive besom for tonight's ritual, you can use any broom! Pair tonight's Full Planting Moon with your intention to help you cleanse away the dust from both your soul and your home!

Besom Cleansing Blessing

You will need: 

A Broom (Any type of broom will do, even if it's just your typical household broom!)

Sage to burn

Planting Moon

Mindfully clean your home. Clear our any junk and clutter that is physically or emotionally obstructing your growth, saving sweeping for last.

When you are ready to begin sweeping, set a clear intention within yourself of what you would like to remove and sweep away. 

Smudge your broom three times. Cleansing away all the past energies and stories your broom holds.

Sweep your house from east to west keeping your intention in mind.You will likely be feeling lighter and more energetic as you do this process. Repeat the spell as you finish your sweeping. 


"With my sacred broom, 

I remove all doom and gloom. 

I sweep from the deep, 

that I wish to no longer keep.

With a freshly swept grown, 

Negativity be bound,

I make room for positivity,

So Mote it be."


Cleanse yourself and your broom one more time before putting it away.

Full Moon in Libra/Scorpio

Now that you have cleared your home's energy, what will you allow in to fill up this space?

Use tonight's Full Moon to set a powerful intention of what you want to allow in. You aren't making a goal that you have to strive for, instead,plant a seed of an emotion you want to bring in more of! 

Emotions like security, joy, passion, love and gratitude would be wonderful ones to plant right now. 

The card pulled for this phase was Taurus, aka the Lover. The sun enters into the Earthy sign of Taurus this month, reminding us to plant only high vibrational seeds of love and joy.

Happy Full Moon! 

Tonight is a great night to cleanse and charge your crystals and decks under the Full Moon!




Seed Moon Ceremony | Connect to the Fae

Happy Full Moon in Virgo!

Equinox season is almost here, and the land begins to shift into balance once again. Depending on where you are on Gaia, we are moving from the extremes of hot and cold into the rejuvenating breezes of Autumn or Spring. This is a wonderful time to connect with the land and the Fae realm!

The Fae, or Faeries, are the spirits of nature and the elements. In many of their myths and lore, their pure energies of the earth help bring the turning of the seasons, protect the flora and fauna, and keep the earth balanced. They are wild and are known to be tricksters to humans! But when approached with childlike wonder, respect, and sincerity, they can be wonderful allies to work with!

This Full Seed Moon spend some time on the land connecting to Mother's Earth's energy, let her cleanse you and rejuvenate you for the new season ahead. Connect with the Fae realm and you will add more magick to your Equinox whether you celebrate Ostara or Mabon!

Ways to connect with the Fae!

Take a Nature Walk in their Realm


Go out into nature, whether it is a forest, beach, hiking trail, or park. Faeries are everywhere! But they especially love hidden places, so those who truly wish to make contact must take a quest. If you can be barefoot, even better! Making direct contact to the Earth is so healing and grounds our spirit to Gaia. 

Seek out your place to connect.

Set an intention to meet a Faerie.

Be barefoot, if you can.

Bring an offering: seasonal fruit, crystals, seeds, a lock of hair (something eco friendly)

Before you begin your walk, feel Gaia's energy move through the bottoms of your feet, opening the chakras at the bottom of your soles. We have eyes at the bottom of our feet! Imagine these chakras opening like you are opening your eyes, and you will activate your primal spiritual body helping you to connect with the Fae more. Now begin to walk slowly and intentionally. Let the eyes of your feet see for you. They will guide you to the Fae. Listen to your body and enjoy your surroundings. Stay in the present moment and look for signs of the next season... (Spring: new life, blossoms, green! Autumn: changing colors from green to orange to red, falling leaves).

Let your actual gaze soften so you begin to see a slight blur and be on the look out for the Faeries. Not all are visible, but can be felt energetically if you feel immersed in nature and Gaia's energy. If you feel you have found one, observe and give your offering. And let your interaction go from there. Connect with them in the imaginal realm! They vibrate in a higher vibrational realm, so using your imagination is a portal! This is why children can see them a lot easier than adults can! If you feel like you did not make contact this time, don't be discouraged! Leave an offering for them and try again another time. Mostly likely they are shy or busy doing Fae things :)

Create a Faerie Garden!

Welcome the Fae into your own garden and home by creating a space for them! Creating a sacred space for them will show you are eager and wanting to make a connection. This is thoughtful and fun to create!

You can place miniature furniture, or crystals, have fun and make it yours! It can be in a terrarium or planter inside your home, or outside in your actual garden space. Let your inner child create this and infuse it with your pure, playful energy!

If you are planning to plant seeds, or pot plants, before you begin your project, place the seeds in the Faerie garden or surround the garden with your plants and ask the Fae to bless your plants and seeds.

>> The hearts to the right have wildflower seeds in them! >>



Make sure to place an offering bowl or plate in your Faerie garden and give them presents every New or Full Moon! It can be food, crystals, dried herbs, or you can light incense, pick some fresh flowers for them, ask them what they would like! I left green heart chakra crystals for them! 

Virgo Full Moon Water

If you read our previous post about Moon Signs, you know that a Virgo Moon is a wonderful moon to connect with the earthy Fae realm and sacred plants of Gaia! Virgo Full Moon water is potent to water to use in your garden and on your house plants!

Create a batch of Moon Water for your Fae garden and plants and leave it out under the Full Moon tonight! You can add crystals like Moss Agate, Green Aventurine, and Prehnite for new growth, and plant care. 

Create as big of a batch as you need or want to have with or without crystals. The Virgo Healer energy of the Moon will still charge the water. The next morning water your plants and give thanks to the Fae for their magick and blessings!

Not sure when to water your plants?

Let the Moon Signs and Fae help you! Water your plants every New and Full Moon and when the Moon is in water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) and earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn)!

Be sure to lay any other crystals out under the Full Moon!

Also, place your oracle cards out under the Moon in your Fae garden and ask them to bless your readings!

Updates and Giveaways!


We are hosting an amazing Spring giveaway on Instagram with other magickal beings! 


Show us your Moon Sign selfie and you could win a free art print!

FINALLY! We are excited to get these babies into our hands and out to the world again! We will always update our newsletter and instagram with deck updates, so be sure to follow!

Full Cold Moon Word of The Year Ritual

Happy Full Cold Moon!

This Full Moon in Gemini is a quiet time of inner reflection and hibernation. Our instincts are sharpening, and our inner knowing may feel louder than ever. The Full Cold Moon is the perfect to ponder and envision our seeds and intentions for the year to come.

The Winter season is well on it's way for us in the Northern Hemisphere. A blanket of snow keeps the earth still, protecting the new life that will soon grow. Now is not the season of growth, but the season of death, reflection and ebb.

Like the moon, the Earth has her ebbs and flows. Our minds and bodies want to honor these cycles. We sometimes find ourselves experiencing discomfort and stress when we don't take time to honor these cycles.

Full Cold Moon

This Full Moon signifies that we are soon approaching Yule, another turning point in the Wheel of the Year. In fact, the word Yule means Wheel. 

We are at the beginning of the wheel once again. This Winter season aids us in our own natural process of rebirth by giving us the opportunity to reflect, and nourish the new seeds and intentions for the coming year.

It's always been very popular to make resolutions and choose goals to help us improve in the coming New Year.

A new and current tradition we love has been choosing a "Word of the Year." 


A word of the year allows you to choose something that is a guide or inspiration, a reminder rather than a rigid goal. A Word of the Year acts as an anchor that can bring you back to your center and core goals. 


After struggling for a bit to come up with a word of our own, we thought it would be perfect to use this Full Moon in Gemini as well as our intuition and divination tools to help us come up with one.

Even if you've already chosen a word for this year, This Moon Ceremony can help sharpen your intuition and assist in opening and activating the hand charkas.

When drawing a card, you may feel very drawn to the word on the card that you chose, or you may find that particular card inspires another word for you. It's important to be in tune with your intuition!

Full Moon Ceremony:

Choosing a Word of the Year


This simple but powerful ceremony combines the moon's reflective energies with our own innate intuitive powers. We each have"bud" chakras on the palms of our hands. These chakras can be opened and closed at will to aid in divination, healing, and directing energy. The colors of this chakra vary from white to silver, to goldish white. 

For This Ritual You Will Need:


Candles (You can match the candle color to your general intention, or choose white.)

Spirit de la Lune Deck (Or any Tarot or Oracle deck) 

Peppermint oil, Ceder wood oil, bay, or any oil blend used for activation and awakening.


Begin by washing your hands with water. Natural water always works best, but it's alright to use tap water. As you wash your hands visualize golden light pouring and cleansing your hands. Gather water into the palms of your hands, scrub your hands in small circles,  paying your palms special attention.

When your hands are clean dry, light your candles in a clockwise direction and prepare yourself as you would for a reading. Dim some lights and turn on your favorite music.

Prepare your cards the way you would for a reading. You can shuffle the cards any way you'd like, do what feels natural to you. While you shuffle try to put some intention into the new year. 

How do you want this year to unfold? What do you want to bring into manifestation?

Lay all of the cards out in front of you so you can see every card. You can choose to have the cards facing you, or you can keep them face down.

1allthecards (1).jpg

Next take your oil and add a drop or two to your hand charkas. Be careful to not use too much, as it could damage cards. 

Take some big deep breaths and rub the oil into your hands quickly to generate heat and activate the chakras. As your palms warm up, image a golden white flower in the palms of your hands open and bloom.

After generating some heat in your hands, envision an energy ball form between your palms. Allow it to grow bigger and smaller with your hands. Shape it, stretch it, and feel it.

If needed you can rub your palms together again to create more heat. Soon you should be able to have a sense that these chakras are active. Some say when active, their palms feel itchy, warm, or tingly.

With practice you may begin to feel these chakras open more on their own. Everyone experiences the sensation differently.

One you feel your hand chakras are open, place your dominant hand over the cards, palm facing down as if feeling a warm fire. What sensation does your hand have as you move your hand over the cards?

It may be pulled or pushed. Are some cards warmer than others? Guide your hand  over the cards and see what energy readings your hands give you. 

Choosing A card

You may feel warmth, or a pull downward on a card that wants to be looked at. You may be drawn to several cards. Narrow it down further it you'd like.

You can keep the cards face up if you'd like, or try it out with the backs of the cards. This is how many readers choose cards, and often how we choose the Moonday Oracle for Instagram.

Choosing A Card Spirit de la Lune
Choosing A Word Of The Year


Narrow it down to as many cards as you'd like, and then make your final decision. You could even choose to focus on more than one word!

This final card doesn't have to be the  word that you choose. It can instead inspire you, or spark something within you to come up with another word.

Winter Altar | Spirit de la Lune

Check out the guidebook, read up on the card that you drew for yourself. See if anything sparks or inspires you! 

You can place your card, (or get an art print made with your Word of the Year) on your Winter Altar to reflect upon during this season. 

Add some quartz crystals and other clear and white stones to help bring clarity and power to your intention.

While your hand chakras are open and active, pour some golden light onto your altar before blowing our your candles.

To close your hand chakras, simply wash your hands and allow the water to pour and cleanse over your chakras, visualizing a flower in each palm closing up.

Happy Full Moon! Don't forget to charge your deck and crystals under tonight's Full Moon!


Spirit de la Lune Order Deadline 2016

We can't believe we are already half way through December! We can no longer guarantee holiday delivery for international orders!

Our cut off for US orders is this Friday December 16th in order to make it in time for the holiday season. 

We hope you have a Happy Full Moon and a wonderful holiday season! We would love to see your Word of the Year! Please tag us in any images so that we can see and share your ceremony as well! 


November Crone Ceremony: Cauldron of Wisdom

Blessings to you on this Super Crone Moon!

This has been an intense moon cycle. We are deep in the cauldron bubbling and brewing and stewing. Many are feeling grief, anger, fear, and confusion. Allow yourself to feel this emotions move through you. Be gentle and compassionate with yourself and others. 

This is an amazingly potent Super Moon for healing, intuition, and activation. It is the closest it has been to the Earth and brightest Full Moon since 1948. She will not be this big again until 2034! A Super Moon activates all the elements; Air, Fire, Water, Earth on Gaia and within our bodies. You may feel these primal forces moving through you so let them be expressed in healthy ways: 

Air, sing your heart out, howl at the moon or cry or scream
Fire, build heat and sweat it out though exercise or dancing
Water, use your emotions to fuel your creativity
Earth, dive into the wisdom of your plant allies, crystal companions, and animal guides

The Full Moon in Taurus is a moon of sensuality and presence. Stay present in your body and senses. Tend to the nourishment of your five senses: sight, sound, taste, touch, smell. The more those are balanced, the more you will be able to connect with your 6th sense: intuition.

Super Moon - Spirit de la Lune

This Full Super Moon marks the peak of the Crone Moon cycle of intuition, deep inner knowing, and wisdom. The ceremony below activates your Crone and cauldron within you while honoring the elements. For this ceremony we will be moon scrying, a form of water divination to see what your Crone and the deep layers wisdom within you want to reveal to you at this time. Please feel free to modify the ceremony to fit your needs and the items you have.

Moon Scrying: Your Cauldron of Wisdom 

What you need:

  • A large silver bowl or cauldron
  • A pitcher of spring water 
  • Incense or sage
  • Your favorite anointing perfume oil
  • An amethyst stone and salt
  • Your journal and pen

Gather these items and set out sacred space under the moonlight. If you cannot view the moon from where you are you will also need a tall candle (for later).

Do not poor the water into your cauldron yet. 

Open the circle and begin with the Air element: the sage or incense. Smudge the sacred space and yourself and say:

I invoke the element of air with this sacred smudge and welcome in the messages I need to receive right now.

Now take the Fire element, the anointing oil, and anoint the rim of your cauldron with the oil and anoint each of your chakra points saying:

I invoke the element of Fire with this sacred oil as I align my mind body and spirit with this Super Moon above me and Gaia below supporting me.

Take your pitcher of spring water and offer it up to the Moon before taking a sip and pouring it in the cauldron:

I invoke the element of Water beneath the Moon's light, as I pour these sacred waters into the cauldron of the Crone.

Once the water is in the cauldron, position it so you can see the Full Moon's reflection in the water. If you cannot see the moon, now is the time to use the candle and position it so you can see the flame in the water's reflection. Now take the salt and throw a pinch of salt into the water:

I invoke the element of Earth with this sacred mineral, as I activate the vessel of the Crone and the Divine Feminine within me.

Take your amethyst and raise it up to the moon. Feel the energy of the Super Moon pouring into your crystal companion and flowing through your chakras. Allow this energy to clear your aura so you are a vessel for the Crone, the Moon, and the elements to move through. Invoke your guides and your Crone to be with you during this ceremony:

I ask my guides to be present, and call all parts of myself into this sacred space. Sacred Crone, Wise Woman, Grandmother Moon, I ask for your strength, wisdom, and power to move through me. May whatever messages I receive through this cauldron be for the highest good of all. Blessed be.

Now it is time to peer into your cauldron.


Form any specific questions you may have for your life, for your role to play in the times ahead, any concerns for Gaia, or your tribe.  Allow your eyes to soften and your sight to lose focus as you peer into the cauldron. Stir (clockwise) your crystal into the water and let it settle on the bottom, and ask your first question. Allow the ripples to form images and symbols within the water and your third-eye. What do you see? Take your time and remain receptive.

When you feel the images to subside, let your eyes come back to focus and write any impressions you have in your journal. Listen to the Crone and your intuition to let you know when one question is done and it is time to move on to the next.

Continue this process for all your questions. Soften your eyes so you begin to see with your second sight, ask your question, and blow into the water to create a slight ripple in the water, or you can stir the water clockwise with your finger or a wand or crystal point (keep the amethyst in the water).

When you are completely done with your questions, stir the water counter clockwise to end the session. Thank your Crone, your guides, and the elements for their presence. 

Leave the water out under the Super Moon and bring it back in before the sun rises. You can bottle the water and keep it to activate your third-eye and intuition or future rituals. You can drink the water throughout the day or the rest of the moon cycle to integrate all that you saw. Bathe in it. Or use it as offerings to nature. Listen to your intuition and your Crone will guide you while working with this sacred water.

Remember to charge your new Spirit de la Lune deck and crystals out under this potent Full Moon and try the Crone Moon or Super Moon spreads in the guidebook! We are also now offering 2017 Lunar calendars! We are so excited to expand Spirit de la Lune and we cannot wait to see where 2017 will take us!

Shipping updates: We are update to date with all deck orders! They have all been shipped! We are still waiting for more shipping supplies for the calendars and shipping will resume as soon as we get them!

Happy Full Moon, Moon Tribe! 

October Blood Moon Ceremony: Invoking Ancestors

Happy Full Moon!

Full Moon

This Full Blood Moon in Aries reminds us that winter is right around the corner. The nights are growing colder and crisper. We are beginning to prepare for our rebirth.

Samhain is coming up, reminding us of the coming changes in the air. This full moon also marks the time of the year when the veil is the thinnest. 

The Blood Moon is also known as the Hunter's Moon, and Shedding Moon. This marks a turning point in the year, when the Earth begins to experience the transformation powers of the darkness.

Blood Moon

We don't have to navigate the darkness alone.

Many believe that our loved ones do not actually die or disappear; but instead ascend to another realm.

They gain a new perspective and from there, they are able to help and assist us on our path.

As the veil thins this month, a gateway between realms is opened. Though our ancestors and guides walk with us daily, they are easily felt this time of year. 

It's important to create a safe and sacred place for your guides to dwell in order to work with you. Creating a sacred space for ancestry and spirit guide work allows you to make a stronger and safer connection to the other side. 

Inviting your loved ones in also creates protection around you and your home during this time, and allows you to better know those in your blood line.

This Blood Moon Ceremony allows us to open that safe and sacred space.

Blood Moon | Spirit de la Lune

Invoking Ancestors Altar

Ancestor altars help call in, and ground spirits. This acts as a safe anchor to our realm. Much like a Spirit Vessel in Root Work, this Ancestor Altar and Spirit Guide ritual can help you work with spirits in a safe, positive and grounded way.

SweetGrass | Spirit de la lune

You will need:

A white or black altar cloth to provide protection and purity.

A chalice or bottle of blessed or spring water, coffee or other liquid your ancestor may like, and to represent the element of water.

Ritual Items

A bowl of sand, salt or graveyard dirt to help ground your Spirit guides and Ancestors, and to represent the element of Earth.

Red, black and/or white candles to light the way to your home, and to represent the element of Fire. You use as many candles as you'd like for this ritual. 

Spirit de la Lune Ancestor Altar Supplies

Sweet Grass or incense to cleanse and purify your space and evoke Goddess energy of protection, and to represent the elements of Air.

Quartz Crystal to amplify and act as a vessel and safe container for the energy and wisdom your Spirit Guides and Ancestors can offer.

Pictures, photographs, sentimental items, or intuitive items you feel called to. If you don't have any items from your loved ones, you can simply write their name on a piece of paper. If you have ancestors from a certain culture you'd like to call in, you may use a cultural, symbolic items as well. If you feel drawn to a past life you, you can use items and symbols to help build a stronger connection. 


Begin setting up your altar

On a flat surface, begin setting up your altar. You can use your intuition to set up the altar in any way that is pleasing to you, or you can honor the elements by placing them in their directions. The directions and elements may vary depending on location, culture and different studies. For this altar, we followed: East- Air, South-Fire, West- Water,  North - Earth

Altar | Spirit de la Lune

An altar cloth as a back drop, or as a table cloth for your altar can help set sacred space, while protecting your surface from candle wax. For this ritual, we used the Wild Unknown Spirit Cloth as a back drop to our altar to set sacred space.

Choose a placement that is meaningful and beautiful to you, but try to keep the photos and ancestor items in the middle of the altar along with the quartz crystal(s). 

If you'd like, you can place a ring of white candles around your ancestor items for extra protection. (It's not necessary to light the candles quite yet.)

Once your altar is set up, dim some lights, turn on some soft music and set the mood.

Relax and ground yourself. Get into a meditative and mindful space to open the circle.

Facing your altar, and preferably east, repeat,

 "I open and consecrate this altar to the power of the ancient ones, my ancestors and Spirit Guides, here they may manifest and bless this home. May the ancient ones help protect us on this journey." Envision a warm circle of light drawn on the floor surrounding you and your altar, getting bright and stronger as you evoke each element.

Burning Sweetgrass | Spirit de la lune


Light your sweet grass or incense, "Great Spirit of the East, bless this swirling smoke, the power of air and wisdom; that I may always listen to the winds that carry the voices of the ancient ones." 


Element of fire


Light your candles, "Great Spirit of the South, bless this burning flame, that it may light the way for my ancestors and guides, and show me clarity on my path. May I always remember the eternal fire that burns within every being."




Element of Water



Hold or pour your liquid into the chalice, "Great Mother Spirit of the West, bless this cleansing water, provide me clarity on my path, that I may remember the waters of rebirth."


Graveyard Dirt | Spirit de la Lune






Running your hands through the sand/dirt/salt say, "Great Mother of the North, bless this Earth, to ground, protect and nourish, may I remember and honor Mother Earth in her many forms."

altar items

Envision the circle of light surrounding you, growing larger, brighter and warmer.

 Place your hands over the altar, and call in your ancestors by name if you know them.  Allow yourself  a moment to feel into Spirit. 

"From East to South, and North to West, I call in my ancestors, to protect and bless.

Between worlds I stand, with protection at hand. 

With hands steadfast, my circle is cast."


Your Quartz crystal can act as a vessel for your guides to anchor to as well. You can take this crystal with you throughout your day, returning the crystal at night to be recharged on the altar if you'd like.  

Allowing and welcoming spirit

You may not feel anyone or anything at first, allow your altar to stay up and open to their visits throughout the coming months.

Working with Spirit Guides and Ancestors can require the practice of listening to your own intuition and developing your inner voice first. This ceremony can help you tune into Spirit the longer it stays up.

You can relight or replace the candle at any time. Practice safety, and don't allow candles to burn unsupervised. 

Welcoming ancestors Spirit de la Lune

When you are ready to take the altar down, remember to thank your ancestors and guides for the visit. Be mindful and thankful to each element that worked in building their safe space. 

To close the circle, take down the elements in reverse order, giving proper thanks for the help they provided. 

Closing your circle and saging/smudging your home after taking down the altar can help clear and cleanse your energy.

There are many ways to officially close the circle, when your items are taken down you can repeat this powerful closing.



"May the circle be open, yet remain unbroken, May the love of the Goddess be ever in your heart. Merry meet and merry part, and merry meet again." 




Spirit de la lune second edition

Don't forget to charge your crystals and your decks under this Full Blood Moon in Aries! 

We are still taking pre-orders for the Second Edition of the Spirit de la Lune Deck!

We have been working out the final details and getting very excited to ship the decks!

Lunar Blessings



Harvest Moon Ceremony : Gathering Gratitude

Happy Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!

It is time to gather your harvest & cultivate gratitude 

The Harvest Moon appears in the night sky closest to the Autumn Equinox and Mabon. With an equal amount of day and night, the Equinox acts as a turning point; from here on out, we will experience longer nights than day. 

Tonight's Full Moon is also a Lunar Eclipse. Eclipses act as gateways to change. Deep transition is occurring on many levels and there is a new You on the other end. 

Subconscious emotions, wounds and habits may be coming to the surface right now. With the Full Moon taking place in the watery sign of Pisces, we are sure to experience some heightened emotions as well as deeper intuition.

This Full Moon is known as The Harvest Moon. A time of harvest, cultivating abundance and expressing gratitude. The perfect mindset to set the tone as we enter the colder months ahead. 

Fall and Winter are the seasons of death before rebirth. As with any transformation, it's important to set some intentions.  What do you want this rebirth to look like for you? What new chapter are you stepping into?

As fall's chill creeps in, we turn to the comfort and warmth of the indoors and prepare the harvest for the coming Winter. We will be doing some Kitchen Witchery today using the element of Fire.

This Ritual can be done outdoors, or indoors in the kitchen. Just be sure you have a fire safe container or a fire pit.

Harvest Moon Ceremony | Spirit de la Lune

 Full Harvest Moon Ceremony

What did your harvest look like this season?

You may not be a literal gardener, but you are still a creator. What did you cultivate this season?  What growth did you notice. Take time to reflect on the growth that occurred for you. What are you wanting to plant for the following spring?

Try pulling the Harvest Moon spread from the guidebook to help aid with this Full Harvest Moon Ceremony.

This Full Moon ceremony is focused both on gratitude and setting solid intentions for the months ahead;  while enjoying a delicious and magical treat in honor of Mother Earth's Blessings.

Full Harvest Moon Ceremony | Spirit de la Lune

Apples are a common symbol of the fall harvest, but they also have many magickal properties.

When cut horizontally, a pentagram can be seen in the center. Apples are a symbol of the goddess, and gateways to hidden knowledge. 

They have long been used in love spells, protection rituals, and are used for medicinal and many other magical purposes.

We are also using some other simple spices you may already have in your cupboards that also hold magickal properties.

Cinnamon is commonly used for purification, prosperity, good luck, love, and wisdom.

Nutmeg is used for good health, protection, divination, love and luck. 

We will also use dash of honey or other sweeteners to add sweetness and love to your intent.

Spirit de la Lune Harvest Ritual
Protection and Intention Full Moon Ceremony | Spirit de la Lune

You will need: 


1 teaspoon Cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon Nutmeg

Sugar or honey to taste

1 tbs coconut oil (or other oil)

almond meal (optional) 

Tinfoil (If cooking outdoors.) 

The measurements here are just estimates, you can add as much or as little of the spices and sweetener as your taste prefers. Some apples may call for more honey.

Slice or cut your apples any way you'd like. For this ritual we sliced ours horizontally down the center to show the pentagram. After seeded and cooked, the core of the apple is tender enough to eat!

Place your apples in the tin foil. (Or oven safe container if cooking indoors) 

Chop up or pour some coconut oil in with your apples. 

Add cinnamon and nutmeg, and sweeten to your liking. 

You can add some almond meal to help give the roasted apples a crunchy feel to them. 

Be mindful as you add  youringredients.  Kitchen magick evokes ritual in the every day act of cooking. Remember the meanings and intentions of the ingredients you use. You can chant the inaction below as add your ingredients.

"As summer fades to rays of red,

We ready the harvest for the months ahead."


We give our thanks to Mother Earth,

And prepare for Winter Soul's Rebirth."



Fold your apples into the tinfoil leaving some air and tucking and folding the corners to make sure the juices won't leak. You can even wrap it in another sheet of tinfoil.

Shake your apples to coat them with all the spices and sweeteners. You could also stir it all up before hand if you'd prefer. 

Folded Tin Foil
Bonfire Spirit de la Lune

You can place your apples in a Full Moon bonfire's hot coals for 20 minutes, or simply place the tinfoil in the oven at 350 for 20 minutes until the apples are soft and golden brown.

If you are cooking indoors, you can just place your ingredients on a baking sheet and roast them that way to not waste aluminum foil.

If you are cooking in a fire, be sure to rotate the apples with some long tongs every few minutes so they don't burn!

While your apples are cooking and sweetening in the fire, it is a good time for gratitude and intention setting.

Writing your intention

Take a few moments to reflect on the summer months. What have you learned? How have you progressed? What kind of blessings and gifts came into your life that you can be thankful for? Journaling on a full moon eclipse can help you really dig deep into your subconscious.

Because we are focused around gratitude, be sure to start your intention with "I am so thankful I..." instead of anything focused around "I want" or "I need."

The universe loves action and writing is a very powerful tool when it comes to manifesting your desires and achieving your goals. Be sure to state your intentions clearly and from a space of gratitude.

Because the season is turning into the colder months, we are going to activate our intentions with the transformational power of fire. 

Burning the intention
Burning the intention

In a safe fire-proof container, or your bonfire safely set your intention on fire. 

Watch the flame engulf your words, and allow your intention to burn up and drift away into the cosmos. 

Action has been taken, have faith that the next steps will be revealed to you. Trust in the unfolding.

After about 20 minutes, your apples should be nice and golden and ready to be enjoyed under the Full Moon. 

Roasted Apple Ceremony | Spirit de la Lune
Full Harvest Moon

Don't forget to charge your deck and your crystals tonight under the powerful Full Moon Eclipse! 

We are particularly excited about this Full Harvest Moon! We have submitted all of our final design work to our printers and are very excited that the deck is in production! 



We are hoping to have the Spirit de la Lune deck for sale again by this next New Moon! (Sep 30th)

The deck's main design has stayed the same, though we made a few minor adjustments to the font size so the cards are easier to read. We also tweaked the backs of the cards a bit since we found a printer who could help us follow our initial idea of the deck. 

We also added a bit to the guidebook. There is a further explanation of the Zodiac cards, and a new and improved glossary. The guidebook is also square and will fit into the new packaging. 

We decided to design an entirely new box for Spirit de la Lune. Something that can fit both the deck and the box. We are sad to see the tins and bags go, (and may offer them as an add on later.) but we are in love with the new box design! We can't wait to show you what everything looks like!


Spirit de la lune

Thank you again for your patience and support, &  have a Happy Full Moon!