2018 Tune to the Moon printable planner!

We are excited to introduce the 2018 Tune to the Moon printable planner!

We have created a Moon planner with the moonth beginning on the New Moon of each lunar cycle!  

Each Moonthly planner includes:

  • A calendar beginning on the New moon with astrology and cosmic insight
  • Marissa Moondaughter's Moon Compass to track your intentions and energy
  • Moonthly Goals and intentions
  • Weekly check in pages that include astrology, lunar magick rituals and activities you can do for each of the moon phases
  • Weekly meal planners and to-do lists for the Practical Magick in your life!
  • Full Moon colorable moondalas created by Rachael
  • Daily planner sheets with Moon signs and moon phases
  • The Tune to the Moon Planner compliments the Spirit de la Lune oracle deck!

Tune to the Moon with us!

Each Moonthly Tune to the Moon planner is created with the season and moon cycle in mind. We begin with Wolf Moon and flow through each season.

You do not need the Spirit de la Lune oracle deck to sign up!

But it definitely compliments everything we do here! And it is at the heart of Spirit de la Lune and tuning to the moon!


Would you like to join a community of sistars and tune to the moon together?


For a moonthly or annual membership you can receive the planner and join a magick circle of mystics, healers, srtists, and dreamers.

Your Lunar Guides



Marissa is the author and creatrix of Spirit de la Lune. She has been devoted to the Moon for almost a decade, and has been teaching Lunar magick for years. She is the magickal headmistress of the Moondaughter Mystic School.



Rachael is the artist of the Spirit de la Lune oracle deck and created the Untamed Truth Oracle deck as well. She is a mystic, medium, and tarot reader and she sprinkles pixie dust on whatever she creates. She creates magick over at Tree Talker Art.



Jessica is an astrologer, herbalist, and head witch of BehatiLIFE.  She has 15 years experience in reading and teaching tarot as well as 9 years experience in the study of astrology. She wrote all the astrology for the Tune to the Moon planners!

Order the Spirit de la Lune Oracle deck!

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