Visionaries behind Spirit de la Lune


Rachael Caringella

Artist :: Mystic :: Oracle

Rachael Tree Talker Caringella is a mixed media artist, illustrator and intuitive oracle. Her favorite mediums are pen and ink, watercolor, pastels, acrylic and oils. Rachael has been an artist for as long as she could hold a pencil. She loves to create mystical and mysterious art that bridges together light and dark, magic and "reality." Rachael is a born illustrator who loves to capture scenes and themes through the use of symbology. Rachael has a passion for intuitive readings, numerology and astrology. She specializes in the divination of Tarot cards and is delighted to be illustrating both a Tarot deck and the Spirit De La Lune Oracle deck. Rachael's greatest goal is to combine the worlds of mysticism and her creative passions. 

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Marissa Moondaughter

Writer :: Lunar Priestess :: Intuitive

Marissa has been dreaming up an oracle deck that channels the moon's wisdom and energy as long as she has read cards. She knew she waited for the right artist when she met Rachael. She hopes this deck can help guide men and women on their path to live more intuitively, consciously, and bring the moon closer to their lives. Marissa strives to find the sacred in everyday living, live consciously through each season, and honor each moon cycle. She loves to create rituals and to teach others to live with magic in their lives. She is currently finishing her Yoga Teacher Certification training and cannot wait to bring Lunar, crystal, and oracle wisdom into her local community with retreats and yoga workshops.


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