About The Deck

How does Spirit de la Lune Work?

Spirit de la Lune Set

The Moon is a cosmic  filter for the cosmic energy that surrounds our Earth at all times. As she dances through the sky, she reflects back to us various energies and lessons.

This oracle set allows you to tap in to your own personal cycles and patterns on any given day using Lady Luna as your guide.

There are 56 cards of Lunar guidance including Full Moondalas, Zodiac Moondalas, and Moon phase cards to help you connect with the energies of the Luna! 



The Cards

Super Moon

The Moondalas

There are 16 mandalas, or moondalas, that serve as the Major Arcana of the deck. These are the potent archetypal energies of each cycle throughout the different seasons that can also come up for us at any given time.

Each of these cards represent an important theme and the influence of the Moondalas in a reading is deep, strong and longlasting. 

Waxing Crescent

The   Phases

There are 28 cards for each of the moon phases and the everyday energies they hold within them. These cards align with the elements, air, fire, water, and earth and act as the minor arcana within this deck.

While the Moondalas express large scale themes, the Phase Cards of the deck represent the ever moving energies we encounter during daily life.


Aries Spirit de la Lune card

The  Zodiac

There are 12 Zodiac Cards that hold major energy and lessons for us. These cards serve as important emotional indicators for us. As the moon moves through the zodiac signs, she reflects powerful lessons back to us. 

These cards are used to pinpoint personal patterns, seasons, timing and even identify people. The Zodiac Cards can be seen as the Court Cards and even timing in this deck.

Using The Deck

Using the deck is simple and very intuitive!

The symbols, colors and archetypes are easily seen in each of the mandala cards making this a very intuitive and powerful deck. Each card includes a quick reference word at the bottom to help spark your intuition while reading with this deck.

The guidebook is included in your purchase! 

The guidebook is 200 pages jam packed with Lunar Wisdom and includes a full page summary of each card, as well as unique spreads just for this deck! 

This deck is incredibly easy to read as it is broken into 4 suits much like the tarot. The suits represent both the 4 turnings of the moon, as well as the elements those energies hold.

The suits are indicated by the color of each card, as well as a small symbol for each element.




The Four Turnings and the Four Elements

Each deck includes 2 quick reference cards for easy reading as well as a Moon Blessing card to invoke the energies of Lady Luna. These cards are not part of the Oracle deck, but are for your altar, use or reference.

The Four Turnings
The Four Elements
Moon Blessing