Book a Reading with Spirit de la Lune

We are now offering readings with our Spirit de la Lune oracle deck! Our oracle deck embodies the moon phases and can help you embrace your natural ebb and flow, connecting and aligning you to the moon, your body, and with the Cosmos.

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Choose Your Reader

Both Marissa and Rachael are seasoned tarot and oracle readers. Each of them bring different spreads and insights to your readings. Follow your intuition and choose the reader you are drawn to.

Marissa Moondaughter

Marissa is an intuitive Priestess, Crystal healer, and Crystal Reiki Master. She combines her love for the Moon and Earth through her readings, always giving crystal suggestions to really help you align and embody the energy you need to obtain your desires. For an extra fee she can send you Crystal Reiki energy through your reading and crystals for a truly healing and transformative experience.

Rachael Caringella

Rachael is an experienced psychic reader & certified reiki healer & metaphysical practitioner. She is professional reader of Tarot & Oracle cards for 8+ years. Being an artist & the illustrator of 2 decks, she has deep understanding of the cards and their meanings. She offers a variety of readings as well as crystal reiki and custom mandalas. Her readings focus on cartomancy, astrology, lunar magick & universal laws.

Readings with Marissa Moondaughter

Align with the Moon, Earth, and Stars to moonifest your intentions and desires!


Lunar Wisdom

I have been working with Lunar energy for over 10 years and have taught hundreds of women how to connect with the moon. This is why we created the SPirit de la Lune Oracle deck after all! I am passionate about people learning to dance with her rhythms and celebrate their unique relationship with the Moon and their ebb and flow. In all my offerings, I always add a lunar twist because I completely believe if we align with her potent energies we can call in our desires and intentions with more ease and flow.

Crystal Reiki Healing

I am a walking crystal encyclopedia! I am so passionate about working with crystals, aka healing, high vibe essences of Mother Earth! Each reading, I will suggest gems and crystals to work with the energy that is coming up for you, but you can elevate your healing and energy with Crystal Reiki. Reiki is universal healing energy which I will channel through the stones and cards to you in a distance session. I will place Crystal Reiki symbols into the stones and cards that fit your intentions and whatever I am feeling intuitively for you.


How your reading is delivered

I perform my readings at night when the moon is out shining. I call in my guides and your guides to be present during your reading and will channel any messages they have for you that come through to me.

Each reading comes with pictures of your cards and spread and the crystals I suggest. I will email you your pictures and an audio recording of your reading in full detail.

You will also be sent PDF bonuses depending you which spread you choose. If you choose to have Crystal Reiki as well, you will be sent a PDF with Crystal Reiki information on how to prepare to receive Crystal Reiki and what to do afterward.

Please allow 24-48 hours for me to preform and send your reading to you. This may change depending on how booked I become, but please know I will send you your reading as soon as I can.

Choose Your Spread


Crystal Moon Reading

5 Card Spread

Drawing upon the current and upcoming Moon cycle.

I begin your reading with the current moon phase we are in and tap into your intentions or certain question to see what you need to do (or not do) to bring your desires into reality. I will use the Moon phase cards as (New, First, Full, and Last) as place holders and pull cards for each phase. I will also suggest a stone for each phase. Receive via email:

  • Audio Track of your reading

  • Pictures of your spread and crystals

  • Bonus: Custom Moon journal

After you book this reading, you will be directed to a form to fill out so I can better understand and work with your energy during your session.


$44 USD

Add Crystal Reiki Healing energy to your reading at checkout. You will also receive a Bonus Audio track of your Reiki session and PDF.

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Moonifest Crystal Healing Grid

1 Card aligned with your desires

Crystal Grid Activation with Crystal Reiki Healing Energy

After you fill out the form to book this crystal activation, I will choose a card from our deck that matches the enrgy you need to align with your desires and use it to create your crystal grid. It will be placed under the center stone. Your grid will be up for 3 days, and each night I will send you Crystal Reiki energy. You will recieve via email":

  • A picture of your grid

  • An audio track of your crystal healing session with my notes and messages

  • A PDF of all the crystals I used in your grid

  • A PDF about Crystal Reiki

Depending on your intention, I may suggest a certain moon phase or moon sign to activate your grid. I will contact you before I create and activate your grid via email with how to prepare for your crystal grid healing session.

$99 USD


Sun, Moon, and Rising Reading

6 Card Spread.

Must know your birth time and location!

I will look up your birth chart and give you information on each of your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs (you may have less than 6 cards if your signs are the same!). I will also pull a card for each sign and how you can embody each sign to its fullest potential. Stone suggestions for each sign and the cards I pull will be mentioned as well! Receive via email:

  • Audio track of your reading

  • Pictures of your spread and crystals

  • Bonus: Moon Sign PDF

After you book this reading, you will be directed to a form to fill out so I can better understand and work with your energy during your session.


$55 USD

Add Crystal Reiki Healing energy to your reading at checkout. You will also receive a Bonus Audio track of your Reiki session and PDF.

Readings with Rachael

My readings can give clarity to the past, insight to the future, and more importantly power to the present.

Spirit de la Lune Rachael Caringella Reading Tarot and Untamed Truth Cards

I have been a professional psychic and tarot reader for 8+ years and am so excited to offer readings here too! At this time I offer 3 types of card readings as well as a few specialty offerings. I read with both Tarot and Oracle cards and am happy to offer both combo readings as well as cater to your request.

I perform my readings in nature with reiki infused crystals. Upon beginning your reading, I will light a candle and connect with my guides and yours to channel the messages I recieve. Oracle Cards are powerful tools that can show us a map of your subconscious. and conscious. My readings are a way of reading that map so that you can take the wheel and create the future of your dreams.

Readings I offer:

Soul Compass: Tarot & Oracle Reading

An indepth reading just for you using a spread catered to your general future or a unique situation.

True Love: Relationship Reading

An indepth look into your relationship. A spread catered to you and your partner & a forecast of where things are heading.

Quick Consult: One to Three Card Reading

For when you need a quick 1 or 3 card reading about a certain question, or just the week ahead.

I also offer:

  • Birth Chart Readings

  • Custom Reiki infused Intention Mandalas

  • Crystal Reiki Healing Sessions

How your reading is delivered

You will receive a file containing a PDF of your personalized reading, a photo of the cards, the spread used and any additional intuitive information I may receive such as messages from your guides, crystal suggestions or even extra cards I feel called to pull. I will email you 24 hours after your reading and let you know when your reading will be delivered. My current turnaround time is 3 business days.

I read with my favorite decks, Spirit de la Lune, Rider-Waite-Smith & Untamed Truth Oracle. You can choose which deck you’d like me to read from, I can combine them, or I can surprise you! After you book your reading you will be sent a form to help us choose decks, and create the most unique reading for you and your situation.

Choose Your Reading

After you book your reading, you will be sent a form that you can fill out to help make your reading unique to you.


Soul Compass Tarot & Oracle Reading

6-8 Card Spread

Custom reading with a spread created just for you and your situation. This spread will include 6-8 cards, but could include more. Using the cards and crystals I will read where the current energy is heading, what may be blocking you and what you can do to achieve your goals and attain your desires.

You will receive:

  • Picture of your spread and crystals

  • PDF of your typed reading

  • Crystal Suggestions



Personalized Birth Chart Reading

You probably already know your Sun Sign, but this reading will also reveal your Moon sign, Rising sign, Mercury sign, and so much more!

This is a detailed reading about where the stars and planets were when you were born and what makes up your personality.

You will receive:

  • PDF of your birth chart image

  • PDF of your birth chart reading and report


You will be sent a form after booking this reading for some more information. I will need your birth date, time, and location. If you don’t have this, we can still figure out a reading!

Your reading will be delivered in 5-7 business days!


True Love Relationship Reading

6-8 Card Spread

Astrological compatibility combined with oracle cards can be a powerful way to see a relationship and guide your love life in the direction of your dreams. I will consult both astrology and the cards in this Relationship Reading. We will read for the past, present and future as well as cards for both you and your partner.

You will receive:

  • Picture of your spread and crystals.

  • PDF of your typed reading

  • Crystal Suggestions


Bonus Offerings


Reiki-Infused unique Colorable Mandala

Mandalas have a way of helping us focus our mind as well as our intentions! Just looking at a mandala is said to unlock unconscious messages from within.

I will create a unique mandala just for you to color in and infuse with your intentions, energy, crystals and more! Your mandala will be infused with Reiki

You will receive:

  • A high quality black and white mandala created just for you, for you to download, and print!


After payment you will be sent a form to help us create the perfect mandala for you! Coloring your mandala will help focus your intention, but when it’s done you can use it as a crystal grid placemat on your altar to help amplify your intention further!

Your mandala will be sent to you within 3-5 business days!


Quick Consult One to Three Card Reading

Your choice : 1 or 3 card Spread

Ever need a quick card reading? I will pull a few quick cards just for you! I can pull a 1 or 3 card spread for a unique question, or just some general guidance for the week or month ahead! I will also offer crystal guidance if it comes up. You can choose between a one or three card reading below.

You will receive:

  • Picture of your spread or cards.

  • PDF of your typed reading

  • Crystal Suggestions




Crystal Reiki distant Healing Session

Reiki is a form of energy healing that can be sent over great distances but felt in real time. I am a certified Reiki healer and practitioner.

With this Crystal Reiki Healing Session I will meditate and perform reiki healing for you and your unique situation.

You will receive:

  • Photo of Crystals Used

  • PDF of any intuitive insights I may receive about chakras & crystals.


Crystal reiki will be energetically sent to you. After booking this session, I will reach out to you to let you know how the process works and how to best utilize the reiki healing.

You will receive an email from me within 24 hours!