DIY Moon Board Creation: Harnessing Lunar Energies

By Lauren Williams
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In an age where digital planners dominate, there’s a unique magic to be found in creating tangible tools that resonate with our innate connection to the cosmos. A Moon Board is a perfect example of such a tool. It’s not just a planner; it’s a reflection of the moon’s cycles, a guide to align our intentions, actions, and reflections with the lunar energies. If you’ve ever wanted to create a DIY Moon Board, here’s your step-by-step guide to get started.

What is a Moon Board?

Before we dive into the creation process, it’s important to understand the purpose of a Moon Board. Rooted in ancient traditions that observed the moon’s cycles, a Moon Board helps us to manifest our intentions by aligning them with the specific phases of the moon – New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon, and Waning Moon.

  • New Moon: A time for setting new intentions, planting seeds, and starting fresh.
  • Waxing Moon: A phase to focus on growth, take action, and put efforts into our intentions.
  • Full Moon: A period of realization, gratitude, and celebrating achievements.
  • Waning Moon: A time for reflection, release, and letting go of what no longer serves.

Materials You’ll Need

To create a Moon Board, gather the following materials:

  1. A Large Board or Canvas: This will be the base of your Moon Board. A corkboard can also be an excellent choice for a more tactile experience.
  2. Images: Pictures of the different moon phases. You can either print these out or cut them from magazines.
  3. Markers & Paints: For adding dates, intentions, or any personal touch you’d like.
  4. Stickers or Embellishments: Optional, but these can add a decorative touch.
  5. Pins or Tacks: If you’re using a corkboard, these will come in handy to attach your images and notes.
  6. Notepads or Sticky Notes: For writing down your intentions, actions, and reflections.

Creating Your Moon Board

Now that we have all our materials in place, let’s get to the fun part – creating the Moon Board.

  1. Positioning the Moon Phases: Start by positioning the images of the moon phases across the board or canvas. Make sure to leave space beneath each image to add your notes or intentions relevant to that phase.
  2. Labeling: Use markers or paints to label each moon phase. Add dates if you’re working with a specific lunar cycle.
  3. Intention Setting Area: Designate an area, perhaps near the New Moon phase, where you can write or pin your new intentions. You can decorate this area with stickers or other embellishments to make it stand out.
  4. Action and Reflection Notes: Beneath the Waxing and Waning Moon images, leave space to add notes about the actions you’re taking towards your intentions and reflections on what’s working or what needs adjustment.

This initial process will set the foundation for your Moon Board, helping you align your actions and intentions with the universe’s natural rhythms. Remember, this is a personal tool; customize it in a way that feels right for you.

Enhancing Your Moon Board Experience

Once the basic structure of your Moon Board is set, you can amplify its potency and personalize it further with the following additions:

  1. Crystals & Stones: Moonstones, clear quartz, and selenite are all lunar-aligned crystals. Place them on your board or nearby to enhance the energy. Each crystal can be associated with a specific moon phase to magnify its corresponding energy.
  2. Affirmations: Words are powerful. Writing lunar-inspired affirmations and placing them next to each moon phase can serve as daily reminders of your intentions and the energy you’re channeling.
  3. Visual Aids: Add images or symbols that resonate with your goals. This could be a picture of a place you want to visit, symbols of projects you’re working on, or even abstract images that evoke certain emotions or states of being.
  4. Interactive Elements: Consider adding pockets or envelopes to store personal letters written during the New Moon or gratitude notes from the Full Moon. This tactile element adds an interactive component to your board, making the experience even more immersive.

Using Your Moon Board

Your Moon Board isn’t just a decorative piece; it’s a functional tool that can guide you through each lunar cycle.

  • New Moon Ritual: When the New Moon graces the sky, sit with your board, light a candle, and write down your intentions for the coming cycle. Pin these to the designated area.
  • Waxing Moon Check-In: As the moon grows, check your progress. What steps have you taken towards your intentions? Celebrate small milestones and adjust your actions if needed.
  • Full Moon Celebration: Recognize your achievements, even if they’re small. Write down moments of gratitude and any insights you’ve gained.
  • Waning Moon Reflection: As the moon diminishes, reflect on challenges and things you’d like to release. Write them down and consider burning or safely disposing of these notes as a symbolic gesture of letting go.


Your DIY Moon Board serves as a bridge between your earthly aspirations and the celestial energies of the moon. It’s a visual and interactive guide to help manifest your intentions, aligning with the ebb and flow of lunar cycles. Remember, the key to any ritual or tool is the intention behind it. Use your Moon Board as a sacred space to dream, plan, act, and reflect, and watch how the lunar energies support your journey.

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