Full Honey Moon: Embracing the Wisdom of the Honey Bee

By Lauren Williams
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The Full Honey Moon, a name deriving from the abundance of nectar during the early summer months, is not just a poetic term; it’s deeply rooted in our symbiotic relationship with one of the most industrious creatures on Earth – the honey bee. These diligent insects, beyond producing honey, play a critical role in the ecosystem and have been revered across cultures for millennia. By aligning ourselves with the energy of the honey bee during the Full Honey Moon, we can tap into its rich animal medicine, gaining insights and lessons from its behavior and essence.

The Symbolism of the Honey Bee

The honey bee is more than a nectar-collecting insect. It stands as a powerful symbol of community, diligence, and resurrection. Its societal structure, comprising worker bees, drones, and the queen bee, functions as a cohesive unit, each performing its role for the greater good. This harmonious collaboration can teach us about the importance of community and working collectively towards shared objectives.

Moreover, the bee’s journey from flower to flower serves as a lesson in devotion and hard work. They remind us of the reward in perseverance and staying true to one’s path, even amidst challenges. As they flit tirelessly, they exemplify the saying that ‘hard work is its own reward,’ although in their case, the reward is the sweet nectar of life.

Honey Bee in Mythology and Spirituality

Various cultures and traditions have held the honey bee in high regard, weaving it into their mythological tales and spiritual practices. For instance:

  • Ancient Egypt: Bees were believed to be born from the tears of the Sun God, Ra. They were seen as divine messengers, and honey was often used in rituals and as offerings to the gods.
  • Celtic Traditions: Bees were considered to possess knowledge from the Otherworld, and encountering one was believed to be a sign from the spirit realm. They were also seen as symbols of wisdom and were associated with poets and prophecies.

By connecting with the honey bee’s mythological and spiritual significance, we can deepen our understanding of this creature’s rich tapestry of symbolism and its relevance to our own lives.

The Honey Bee as a Totem or Spirit Animal

Those drawn to the honey bee as a spirit or totem animal may find attributes of communication, productivity, and collaboration emerging more prominently in their lives. It’s about recognizing that each individual’s contribution, no matter how small, holds immense value in the broader scheme of things. The bee spirit also urges us to find our sweetness in life, to seek out the nectar of our desires, and to remember the importance of stopping and savoring the fruits of our labor.

Meditative Practices for Connecting with Honey Bee Energy

To truly connect with the medicine of the honey bee during the Full Honey Moon, one can integrate meditative practices into their routine.

  1. Guided Meditation: Visualize yourself in a lush, abundant garden filled with flowers, watching bees go about their tasks. Allow the sensations – the buzz of their wings, the warmth of the sun, and the scent of blossoms – to envelope you. As you do so, invite the energy of the bee to merge with yours, asking it to share its wisdom.
  2. Nature Walks: Spend time outdoors, especially in areas where bees are active. Observe their behavior, watch their flight patterns, and let their rhythmic movements bring you into a state of present-moment awareness.
  3. Journaling: After your meditation or walk, journal about your experience. What insights did the honey bee offer? How did its energy resonate with you?

As we approach the peak of the Full Honey Moon, the opportune time to immerse ourselves in the teachings of the honey bee draws near.

Full Honey Moon Ritual: Honoring the Honey Bee

To deepen our connection to the honey bee during the Full Honey Moon, consider performing a ritual that incorporates elements reminiscent of these wondrous creatures. By doing so, we not only honor the honey bee but also align ourselves with their vibrational energy, bringing forth the qualities of dedication, community, and sweetness into our lives.


  1. Gather Your Supplies:
    • Honey (preferably raw and locally sourced)
    • A small beeswax candle
    • Essential oils (like lavender or chamomile) that attract bees
    • A bowl of fresh water
    • Fresh flowers, particularly those that bees are fond of
    • A piece of paper and a pen
  2. Find a Quiet Space: Set up a space outdoors, preferably in a garden or near flowering plants where bees are present. If you’re indoors, create an altar space adorned with fresh flowers, your bowl of water, and the beeswax candle.

The Ritual

  1. Light the Beeswax Candle: As you light the candle, visualize its flame as the glowing essence of countless bees that have contributed to its creation.
  2. Honey Meditation: Hold the honey jar in your hands, feeling its weight and warmth. Take a moment to send gratitude to the bees that have labored for this nectar. Gently taste a small amount of the honey, savoring its sweetness, and reflecting on the dedication and diligence it represents.
  3. Water Blessing: Pour a few drops of the essential oil into the bowl of water, stirring it in a clockwise direction. As you do this, recite, “Like the bees dance in harmonious patterns, may my life be filled with sweet rhythms and balanced endeavors.”
  4. Floral Dedication: Place the fresh flowers around your bowl of water, arranging them in a circular pattern, reminiscent of the cyclic nature of the moon and the seasons. Reflect on the symbiotic relationship between flowers and bees.
  5. Intention Setting: On your piece of paper, write down the qualities of the honey bee that you wish to embody, such as resilience, collaboration, or dedication. Fold the paper and place it beside the beeswax candle.
  6. Closing: Spend a few moments in quiet meditation, visualizing yourself enveloped in a golden aura, much like the golden hue of honey. Feel this energy strengthening your connection to the honey bee’s spirit. Once you feel complete, thank the honey bee for its wisdom, blow out the beeswax candle, and keep the paper with your intentions in a sacred space.

Post-Ritual Practices

After the ritual, it’s beneficial to keep the energy of the honey bee close. Consider taking actions such as:

  • Support Local Beekeepers: Purchasing locally sourced honey ensures the sustenance of healthy bee populations in your region.
  • Plant Bee-Friendly Flora: Cultivate plants like lavender, sunflower, and rosemary, which are known to attract bees.
  • Educate & Advocate: Share your newfound appreciation for honey bees with others, emphasizing their essential role in our ecosystem.

Remember, every Full Honey Moon and every interaction with the honey bee is an opportunity to reflect on the balance between work and reward, individual and community, and the small wonders that collectively create the beautiful tapestry of life.

Embodying the Honey Bee’s Wisdom

As we connect more deeply with the honey bee, we find that their wisdom is not just about hard work or sweetness, but also about navigating complexities with grace. Here are some practices and reflections to help you embody the wisdom of the honey bee in your daily life:

  1. Daily Meditation with Bee Visualization: Each morning, spend 5-10 minutes in quiet meditation. Visualize yourself surrounded by a swarm of gentle honey bees, each one contributing to the whole, just as you contribute to the greater web of life around you. Let this visualization serve as a reminder that you’re never truly alone in your endeavors.
  2. Journaling Prompt: At the end of each day, take a moment to journal about how you’ve embodied the qualities of the honey bee. Have you collaborated effectively? Did you find moments of sweetness in your day? Where could you apply more dedication or resilience?
  3. Crafting a Honey Elixir: Combine honey with warming herbs such as ginger, turmeric, or cinnamon. As you consume this elixir, reflect on the healing properties of nature and how the honey bee plays a role in this interconnected web of wellness.
  4. Community Engagement: Much like bees thrive in a hive, humans flourish in communities. Consider joining or starting a community garden, attending local workshops, or volunteering. By immersing yourself in collective endeavors, you mirror the honey bee’s commitment to communal well-being.
  5. Dream Work: Before sleeping, set an intention to receive messages or insights from the spirit of the honey bee. Upon waking, jot down any bee-related symbols, feelings, or scenes you recall from your dreams. These nocturnal messages can provide guidance and deepen your connection to the bee’s medicine.


The Full Honey Moon provides a unique opportunity to connect with the honey bee’s powerful animal medicine. The honey bee, representing collaboration, dedication, and the pursuit of life’s sweetness, offers lessons on resilience, collective contribution, and the importance of balance in nature. By embracing meditation practices, journal reflections, and mindful daily actions, we can embody the bee’s wisdom and establish a profound bond with this remarkable creature.

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