Full Planting Moon Ceremony

By Lauren Williams
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The cycle of the moon has been a source of wonder and inspiration for humanity across ages and cultures. Its phases guide the tides, affect the growth of plants, and resonate with the rhythms of our own lives. Each phase carries its unique energy and purpose, and the Full Planting Moon is especially significant for those attuned to the Earth’s natural rhythms.

The Significance of the Full Planting Moon

The Full Planting Moon is a call to action, an invitation to plant not only seeds in the earth but also intentions in our hearts. As the nights grow shorter and the days longer, this moon phase shines brightly in the sky, urging us to connect with the soil and commence the act of cultivation.

Nature is in a state of renewal. Everywhere you look, life is burgeoning. Trees are lush with new leaves, flowers are beginning to bloom, and the animal kingdom is abuzz with activity. The Full Planting Moon aligns perfectly with this period of growth, making it the optimal time to plant both literal and metaphorical seeds.

Preparation for the Ceremony

Gathering Your Supplies

Before commencing the ceremony, it’s essential to gather the following items:

  1. Seeds: Choose seeds that resonate with your intentions. This could be flowers that align with your goals, herbs that you’d like to use in future ceremonies, or even vegetables that will nourish you in the coming months.
  2. A Small Pot or Planting Area: This will serve as the physical space where your seeds (and intentions) will grow.
  3. Fresh Soil: Symbolic of the nurturing environment your intentions will need.
  4. A Clear Quartz Crystal: Known for its amplifying properties, it will enhance the energy of your intentions.
  5. Journal and Pen: To jot down your reflections and intentions.

Creating a Sacred Space

Find a quiet spot in your garden or indoor space where you feel at ease. This could be a dedicated altar space, a cozy corner of your home, or even a serene spot in your backyard. Cleanse this area with sage, palo santo, or simply with your intention, setting the stage for a sacred interaction with the Earth.

Setting Your Intention

With your supplies at the ready, take a moment to center yourself. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let the world around you fade. Envision the life you desire, the goals you want to achieve, and the personal growth you aim for. Let these visions transform into clear intentions, like seeds ready to be planted in the fertile soil of your mind and heart.

The Planting Ritual

Now that you’re centered and your intentions are clear, it’s time to delve into the heart of the ceremony.

Sowing the Seeds

  1. Physical Planting: Begin by taking the pot or planting area you’ve chosen. Fill it about three-quarters full with the fresh soil. Hold the seeds in your hand and whisper your intentions to them. Feel the weight of the seeds, and as you do, imagine they are absorbing your dreams, hopes, and aspirations.
  2. Infusing with Crystal Energy: Place the clear quartz crystal atop the soil in the center of the pot. Visualize its energy merging with that of the seeds, amplifying and strengthening your intentions. After a few moments, remove the crystal and set it aside.
  3. Final Planting: Push the seeds gently into the soil, covering them adequately but not too deeply. As you cover the seeds, visualize your intentions taking root, preparing to sprout and flourish in the coming days.

Watering with Love

Using water (preferably moon-charged or spring water), gently water the freshly planted seeds. As the water seeps into the soil, imagine it nourishing your intentions, providing them with the sustenance they need to grow. See this act as a metaphor for the actions and support you’ll give your goals in the days to come.

Meditative Reflection

Sit comfortably in front of your planted pot. Close your eyes and visualize the seeds germinating, pushing through the soil, reaching towards the sky, and flourishing into full-grown plants. These plants symbolize your intentions coming to life, growing, and thriving.

Feel the joy of witnessing your dreams manifest and let this feeling radiate throughout your being. This moment is a powerful reminder that just like these seeds, with the right conditions and care, your intentions too can sprout, grow, and eventually bear fruit.

Closing the Ceremony

To conclude, pick up your journal and pen. Write down any insights, feelings, or messages you received during the ceremony. This will serve as a tangible reminder of the promises you’ve made to yourself and the universe.

Express gratitude to the Full Planting Moon, the Earth, and any guiding spirits or energies you resonate with. Know that they’re supporting you in your journey.

Finally, place the potted seeds in a location where they will receive ample sunlight. As they grow, they’ll serve as a living testament to your commitment to nurturing your dreams and aspirations.


With the completion of the Full Planting Moon Ceremony, you’ve embarked on a journey of growth and manifestation. As the days pass and your seeds grow, remember to tend to your intentions just as you would these plants, ensuring they receive all they need to thrive.

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Lauren Williams
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