Full Wolf Moon: Embracing the Call of the Wild Within

By Lauren Williams
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A wolf howling at the full wolf moon.

TLDR: The Full Wolf Moon will happen on Thursday, January 25, 2024 at 12:54PM EST.

As the winter cold embraces the land and the night sky takes on a crystalline clarity, we welcome the Full Wolf Moon.

The very name evokes images of wolves howling in the vast wilderness, a haunting yet captivating scene, mirroring the untamed essence of our inner spirit.

The Full Wolf Moon presents an opportune time to explore the deeper layers of our instincts and embrace the wild, primal energy that lies dormant within.

Why is it Called the Full Wolf Moon?

The name ‘Wolf Moon’ is believed to have originated with the Native American tribes and early Colonial Americans.

During the heart of winter, when the nights were long and the earth covered in a blanket of snow, the howls of hungry wolves would pierce the quiet, reverberating across villages and forests.

The wolves, often desperate for food during this scarce time, would come closer to human habitats, leading to many legends and tales woven around this mysterious and majestic creature.

Symbolism of the Wolf in Spirituality

Wolves have held a special place in many cultures’ mythologies and spiritual beliefs.

Known for their sharp instincts, strong sense of community, and deep emotional connections, they embody qualities of leadership, intuition, and freedom.

They teach us the importance of communication, trust, and reliance on our inner circle or ‘pack’.

What to do during the Full Wolf Moon?

The Full Wolf Moon is an invitation to awaken the wolf spirit within us.

It is a time to honor our instincts, trust our intuition, and let our true nature shine without restraint.

Just as the wolf trusts its pack, we’re reminded to lean on our support systems — be it family, friends, or spiritual guides.

  1. Inner Reflection: Begin by setting aside a quiet moment for introspection. Delve into your feelings, passions, dreams, and fears. What drives you? What holds you back? What primal energies have you suppressed or overlooked?
  2. Connect with Nature: Take a walk in the woods or any natural setting. As you tread, try to tap into the primal senses — listen to the rustling leaves, feel the chill of the wind, and let the environment speak to your soul. If possible, do this at night under the luminous glow of the Full Wolf Moon.
  3. Moonlit Howling Meditation: As whimsical as it might sound, find a secluded space outdoors and allow yourself to howl at the moon. This act, symbolic in nature, can be an incredibly liberating experience. It’s a release of pent-up emotions, an assertion of freedom, and a deep connection with your primal self. If you’re not comfortable with an actual howl, a deep, resonant chant can have a similar effect.
  4. Gather Your Pack: Invite close friends or family members for a night of sharing and bonding. The wolf emphasizes the importance of community, and there’s power in gathering your ‘pack’ together. Share stories, dreams, or even fears. Feel the collective energy rise and relish in the supportive atmosphere that your close circle provides.
  5. Dream Journaling: Wolves are often seen as creatures of mystery, closely linked to the moon and nocturnal energies. Harness this connection by keeping a dream journal during the Full Wolf Moon phase. Note down any vivid dreams, recurring themes, or symbols. You’d be surprised at the insights and intuitive messages that can emerge from your subconscious during this time.
  6. Embrace Leadership and Loyalty: This is the perfect time to reflect on your roles in personal and professional life. Are you leading your ‘pack’ effectively? Are you loyal to your responsibilities and the people who rely on you? Use the energy of the wolf to inspire leadership qualities and deepen your commitment to your chosen path.

Crafting a Wolf Totem

For those inclined towards more tangible acts of spirituality, consider crafting a wolf totem or charm.

Using materials that resonate with you — perhaps a small carved figure, a piece of fur, or even a painted stone — infuse this totem with your intentions.

Let it serve as a reminder of the lessons and energies of the Full Wolf Moon, carrying its powerful essence with you throughout the lunar cycle.

Closing Thoughts

The Full Wolf Moon is not just about the celestial body illuminating the night sky or the haunting cries of wolves; it’s about recognizing and honoring the wild, untamed spirit that resides in each of us.

As the winter continues and we move further into the year, let the lessons of the wolf guide your journey — reminding you to trust your instincts, cherish your pack, and always heed the call of the wild that beckons from within.

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