Super Moon Affirmations

By Lauren Williams
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The super moon, a celestial event where the moon appears particularly large and luminous due to its close proximity to Earth, is a time of amplified energy. Harnessing this enhanced lunar pull, super moon affirmations are potent tools for manifesting desires and setting powerful intentions.

Examples of Super Moon Affirmations

The gravitational pull of the super moon amplifies our intentions, making it an ideal time to affirm our deepest desires. Here are some sample affirmations designed to align with the heightened energy of the super moon:

For Amplifying Personal Power:

  • “Under this super moon, I recognize and embrace the boundless power within me.”
  • “Every challenge becomes an opportunity as I harness the super moon’s strength.”
  • “With the brilliance of the super moon, I shine my light fearlessly.”

For Relationships:

  • “I open my heart to deep connections, letting the super moon illuminate my relationships.”
  • “Love and understanding flow effortlessly between me and my loved ones tonight.”
  • “The radiant energy of the super moon guides me towards harmonious relationships.”

For Career and Ambitions:

  • “The super moon’s magnified energy propels me towards my career goals.”
  • “Each step I take under this moon’s glow brings me closer to my professional aspirations.”
  • “Opportunities are drawn to me effortlessly in this super moon phase.”

For Spiritual Growth:

  • “The super moon lights my path to spiritual awakening.”
  • “I am connected to the universe, feeling its pulse and rhythm under this luminous moon.”
  • “My spirit soars, guided and protected by the super moon’s brilliance.”

As you recite these affirmations, visualize your intentions coming to life under the radiant light of the super moon, amplifying their potency manifold.

Incorporating Affirmations into Super Moon Rituals

During the super moon, the universe’s energetic frequency is exceptionally high, making it a prime time to set intentions and utilize affirmations. When combined with specific rituals, these affirmations gain added potency. Here’s how you can seamlessly incorporate them:

  • Moonlight Meditation: Begin by finding a quiet space where you can see the super moon, whether it’s by a window or outdoors. Sit comfortably, taking a few deep breaths to center yourself. As you meditate, silently or aloud, repeat your chosen affirmation, letting the moon’s glow amplify its energy.
  • Crystal Charging: Many believe that crystals absorb the moon’s energy. Choose a crystal that aligns with your intention, hold it and say your affirmation. Then, place the crystal under the moonlight to charge overnight. The next day, carry the crystal with you as a tangible reminder of your super moon intentions.
  • Moonlit Journaling: Under the super moon’s light, write your affirmations in a journal. Detailing how you’d like them to manifest can provide clarity and reinforce your intention. This act of putting pen to paper under the super moon can be a powerful way of solidifying your goals.
  • Visualization: While reciting your super moon affirmation, close your eyes and vividly imagine the realization of your intention. Feel the emotions associated with its fruition. The combination of visualization and the super moon’s energy can be transformative.

Why the Super Moon is the Ideal Time for Powerful Affirmations

But why is the super moon so special for affirmations? Here’s the science and spirituality behind it:

  • Heightened Gravitational Pull: The super moon is closer to the Earth than usual, leading to a stronger gravitational influence. Just as this affects the tides, many believe it also impacts our personal energies, making manifestations more potent.
  • Increased Luminosity: The super moon shines up to 30% brighter than a typical full moon. This increased brightness symbolizes clarity, illumination, and enlightenment, creating an ideal environment for clear and focused intentions.
  • Symbolism of Wholeness and Completion: A full moon, especially a super moon, represents the completion of a cycle. This sense of culmination can give an added boost to intentions set during this phase, ushering in fulfillment and realization.

By understanding the unique power of the super moon, one can better harness its energy, making every affirmation resonate deeper and manifest more effectively.

Crafting Personalized Super Moon Affirmations

While the sample affirmations provided are potent starting points, creating personalized affirmations based on your unique desires and circumstances can be even more powerful. Here’s how you can craft your own:

  • Clarity is Key: Begin by determining exactly what you want to manifest. The more specific you are, the better. Instead of “I want happiness,” you might say, “I find joy in my daily interactions and passions.”
  • Present Tense Power: Phrase your affirmations in the present tense as if they’re already happening. This instills a belief that your desires are within reach. For instance, instead of “I will find love,” say, “I am open to love and it surrounds me now.”
  • Emotional Resonance: Infuse your affirmations with emotion. Feel the joy, gratitude, or peace associated with your desire as you create and recite the affirmation. This emotional connection amplifies its power.
  • Keep it Positive: Focus on what you want to attract, not what you want to avoid. Instead of “I am no longer stressed,” opt for “I am enveloped in peace and calm.”

Once you’ve crafted your personalized affirmations, repeat them under the super moon, trusting in their potency and the universe’s ability to bring them to fruition.

Embracing the Super Moon’s Energy Beyond Affirmations

The super moon’s power extends beyond the realm of affirmations. Here are additional ways you can harness its energy:

  • Release and Let Go: Just as the super moon is about magnification, it’s also a time to magnify and release what no longer serves you. Reflect on habits, relationships, or thoughts that hold you back and commit to letting them go.
  • Charge Other Tools: Aside from crystals, consider charging tools like tarot cards, runes, or amulets under the super moon. This can enhance their spiritual potency.
  • Moonlit Bath: Create a ritual bath infused with herbs or essential oils aligned with your intentions. As you soak, visualize the super moon’s energy cleansing and renewing you.
  • Nature Connection: Spend time outdoors during the super moon. Feel its luminosity, absorb its energy, and let it revitalize your being.

By integrating these practices, you can make the most of the super moon phase, ensuring you not only set strong intentions but also embrace the holistic benefits of this celestial event.

Overcoming Common Obstacles in Super Moon Affirmation Practice

While harnessing the super moon’s energy can be transformative, some practitioners may face challenges in their affirmation journey. Addressing these obstacles can elevate the experience:

  • Doubt and Skepticism: Doubt can dilute the power of affirmations. Trust in the process, even if it seems abstract. Remember, the act of affirmation is as much about building inner conviction as it is about external manifestation.
  • Impatience: The universe operates on its own timeline. While the super moon can accelerate manifestations, it’s essential to practice patience and trust that your affirmations will bear fruit when the time is right.
  • Overwhelm with Choices: With so many potential affirmations and practices, some may feel overwhelmed. Start simple. Choose one or two affirmations that resonate deeply and focus on those.
  • Environmental Distractions: If you find it challenging to concentrate due to external noises or disturbances, consider creating a sacred space in your home for your rituals or using noise-cancelling headphones to aid focus.

By acknowledging and addressing these hurdles, you can ensure a smoother, more effective super moon affirmation practice.

Incorporating Super Moon Affirmations into Daily Life

After the super moon has passed, its energy still lingers. Integrating these affirmations into your daily routine can provide sustained benefits:

  • Morning Routine: Begin your day by reciting your chosen affirmations. This sets a positive tone and intention for the day ahead.
  • Meditative Practice: Combine affirmations with meditation. As you meditate, mentally or vocally repeat the affirmations, allowing their energy to sink deep into your subconscious.
  • Visual Reminders: Write down your super moon affirmations on sticky notes or in your journal. Place them where you’ll see them regularly, like on your bathroom mirror or computer monitor.
  • Affirmation Jewelry: Wear bracelets or necklaces inscribed with your affirmations or symbols that remind you of them. Each time you touch or see the jewelry, silently repeat the affirmation to yourself.

By making super moon affirmations a consistent part of your day, you fortify their impact and create a continuous loop of positive energy.

Super Moon Affirmations: Fostering Community and Sharing

The power of the super moon and its affirmations can be amplified when shared:

  • Group Rituals: Organize or join group rituals during the super moon. Collective energy can magnify the potency of each affirmation.
  • Affirmation Exchange: Share your personal affirmations with friends or family. Sometimes, an affirmation that resonates with one person can also resonate with another, creating shared positive energy.
  • Online Communities: Join online forums or social media groups dedicated to moon rituals and affirmations. Here, you can learn, share, and find support in your affirmation journey.
  • Workshops: Attend or host workshops that delve deeper into the art of crafting and harnessing super moon affirmations. This allows for both learning and community building.

When individuals come together, united by the power of intention and the super moon’s energy, it creates a synergy that can lead to profound transformations.


Super moons are celestial events that amplify the energies around us, offering a unique opportunity to harness this magnified power for personal growth, healing, and transformation. Through the focused use of affirmations during the super moon phase, we can channel this potent energy to manifest our desires, intentions, and dreams. By understanding the significance of the super moon, crafting personalized affirmations, and integrating them into our daily routines, we pave the way for profound shifts in our lives. As we share and resonate with others in this practice, we further enrich our experiences, fostering both individual and collective evolution. Embrace the super moon’s energy, speak your truth, and watch as the universe responds in kind.

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