October Blood Moon Ceremony: Invoking Ancestors

Happy Full Moon!

Full Moon

This Full Blood Moon in Aries reminds us that winter is right around the corner. The nights are growing colder and crisper. We are beginning to prepare for our rebirth.

Samhain is coming up, reminding us of the coming changes in the air. This full moon also marks the time of the year when the veil is the thinnest. 

The Blood Moon is also known as the Hunter's Moon, and Shedding Moon. This marks a turning point in the year, when the Earth begins to experience the transformation powers of the darkness.

Blood Moon

We don't have to navigate the darkness alone.

Many believe that our loved ones do not actually die or disappear; but instead ascend to another realm.

They gain a new perspective and from there, they are able to help and assist us on our path.

As the veil thins this month, a gateway between realms is opened. Though our ancestors and guides walk with us daily, they are easily felt this time of year. 

It's important to create a safe and sacred place for your guides to dwell in order to work with you. Creating a sacred space for ancestry and spirit guide work allows you to make a stronger and safer connection to the other side. 

Inviting your loved ones in also creates protection around you and your home during this time, and allows you to better know those in your blood line.

This Blood Moon Ceremony allows us to open that safe and sacred space.

Blood Moon | Spirit de la Lune

Invoking Ancestors Altar

Ancestor altars help call in, and ground spirits. This acts as a safe anchor to our realm. Much like a Spirit Vessel in Root Work, this Ancestor Altar and Spirit Guide ritual can help you work with spirits in a safe, positive and grounded way.

SweetGrass | Spirit de la lune

You will need:

A white or black altar cloth to provide protection and purity.

A chalice or bottle of blessed or spring water, coffee or other liquid your ancestor may like, and to represent the element of water.

Ritual Items

A bowl of sand, salt or graveyard dirt to help ground your Spirit guides and Ancestors, and to represent the element of Earth.

Red, black and/or white candles to light the way to your home, and to represent the element of Fire. You use as many candles as you'd like for this ritual. 

Spirit de la Lune Ancestor Altar Supplies

Sweet Grass or incense to cleanse and purify your space and evoke Goddess energy of protection, and to represent the elements of Air.

Quartz Crystal to amplify and act as a vessel and safe container for the energy and wisdom your Spirit Guides and Ancestors can offer.

Pictures, photographs, sentimental items, or intuitive items you feel called to. If you don't have any items from your loved ones, you can simply write their name on a piece of paper. If you have ancestors from a certain culture you'd like to call in, you may use a cultural, symbolic items as well. If you feel drawn to a past life you, you can use items and symbols to help build a stronger connection. 


Begin setting up your altar

On a flat surface, begin setting up your altar. You can use your intuition to set up the altar in any way that is pleasing to you, or you can honor the elements by placing them in their directions. The directions and elements may vary depending on location, culture and different studies. For this altar, we followed: East- Air, South-Fire, West- Water,  North - Earth

Altar | Spirit de la Lune

An altar cloth as a back drop, or as a table cloth for your altar can help set sacred space, while protecting your surface from candle wax. For this ritual, we used the Wild Unknown Spirit Cloth as a back drop to our altar to set sacred space.

Choose a placement that is meaningful and beautiful to you, but try to keep the photos and ancestor items in the middle of the altar along with the quartz crystal(s). 

If you'd like, you can place a ring of white candles around your ancestor items for extra protection. (It's not necessary to light the candles quite yet.)

Once your altar is set up, dim some lights, turn on some soft music and set the mood.

Relax and ground yourself. Get into a meditative and mindful space to open the circle.

Facing your altar, and preferably east, repeat,

 "I open and consecrate this altar to the power of the ancient ones, my ancestors and Spirit Guides, here they may manifest and bless this home. May the ancient ones help protect us on this journey." Envision a warm circle of light drawn on the floor surrounding you and your altar, getting bright and stronger as you evoke each element.

Burning Sweetgrass | Spirit de la lune


Light your sweet grass or incense, "Great Spirit of the East, bless this swirling smoke, the power of air and wisdom; that I may always listen to the winds that carry the voices of the ancient ones." 


Element of fire


Light your candles, "Great Spirit of the South, bless this burning flame, that it may light the way for my ancestors and guides, and show me clarity on my path. May I always remember the eternal fire that burns within every being."




Element of Water



Hold or pour your liquid into the chalice, "Great Mother Spirit of the West, bless this cleansing water, provide me clarity on my path, that I may remember the waters of rebirth."


Graveyard Dirt | Spirit de la Lune






Running your hands through the sand/dirt/salt say, "Great Mother of the North, bless this Earth, to ground, protect and nourish, may I remember and honor Mother Earth in her many forms."

altar items

Envision the circle of light surrounding you, growing larger, brighter and warmer.

 Place your hands over the altar, and call in your ancestors by name if you know them.  Allow yourself  a moment to feel into Spirit. 

"From East to South, and North to West, I call in my ancestors, to protect and bless.

Between worlds I stand, with protection at hand. 

With hands steadfast, my circle is cast."


Your Quartz crystal can act as a vessel for your guides to anchor to as well. You can take this crystal with you throughout your day, returning the crystal at night to be recharged on the altar if you'd like.  

Allowing and welcoming spirit

You may not feel anyone or anything at first, allow your altar to stay up and open to their visits throughout the coming months.

Working with Spirit Guides and Ancestors can require the practice of listening to your own intuition and developing your inner voice first. This ceremony can help you tune into Spirit the longer it stays up.

You can relight or replace the candle at any time. Practice safety, and don't allow candles to burn unsupervised. 

Welcoming ancestors Spirit de la Lune

When you are ready to take the altar down, remember to thank your ancestors and guides for the visit. Be mindful and thankful to each element that worked in building their safe space. 

To close the circle, take down the elements in reverse order, giving proper thanks for the help they provided. 

Closing your circle and saging/smudging your home after taking down the altar can help clear and cleanse your energy.

There are many ways to officially close the circle, when your items are taken down you can repeat this powerful closing.



"May the circle be open, yet remain unbroken, May the love of the Goddess be ever in your heart. Merry meet and merry part, and merry meet again." 




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