New Moon Energy Report: 2016 Crone Moon Cycle

New Moon Blessings!

In the Northern hemisphere the days are growing darker and the realm of the Crone is upon us. The Crone is the Wise Woman, Shaman, Elder; she has danced as the maiden is Spring; she has bloomed as the fertile mother in Summer; she is the weaver of magick in Autumn. The November moon cycle honors her magic and presence. She reminds us that everything has a season, we can rest in the stillness of our wisdom, and her mystery and magic lives within each of us regardless of age.


Invoke the Wise One Within

The cycle before us is potent with the elements of water, air, and earth. It is time to connect your body, emotions, and mind to the deep stirrings of the wisdom within you. Give voice to your truth, feel your truth deep in your bones, and move forward from this space.

10/29/16 is considered Lunar Samhain with the Dark Moon is Scorpio. The Dark Moon is the lowest energy of the Moon cycle before the New Moon and a new cycle begins. What can you lay to rest before moving forward? Ask your Crone.

Renew Your Mind, Body, and Spirit with the Crone as your guide

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The card chosen for the overall energetic signature of the Crone moon cycle is the Blue Moon card Renewal. The hardest part is over. now it is time to turn inward and reflect on the lessons you moved through. During the Blood Moon cycle, your soul experienced a rebirth on some level and as you move into this moon cycle your soul needs to experience deep rejuvenation, inspiration, and renewal to integrate these new layers. You can do this by turning within. Integration requires stillness and your willingness to listen and receive.

Listen for your inner truth. What values have shifted within you?

Listen for the wisdom you have gained in this process. What seeds of wisdom have you received?

Listen to your ancestors and your guides. How can they support you right now? 

Listen to the Crone, wise woman, within you. What does she want to say to you?

In many cultures the wise woman is the keeper of the cauldron. The cauldron represents womb wisdom and the deep mysteries of the Divine feminine. The Crone invites you to stir the waters of your cauldron and peer within. During this cycle, focus on dropping into your womb regularly - breathe deeply into this space where your intuition resides. What mysteries do you hold in your womb? What desires lay hidden there? Soften into this space this cycle. Allow rejuvenation to enter into this space. Dive deeper into your yearnings and into your magic and remain open to what will be revealed to you.

10/30/16: New Moon in Scorpio

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The New Moon in Scorpio is a moon of potent emotions and the waters within you are churning. Imagine your womb as a cauldron right now. How are the waters moving within it? Imagine the waters in your cauldron becoming still so you can see the reflection within. What would you see? The card pulled for this moon phase is the Waning Crescent: Rejuvenate. Again we dance with the themes of renewal, stillness, and rest. Set an intention this cycle to truly give your body, mind, and spirit the rest they need. This is so important to do before the holiday bustle. Peer into your cauldron and see how this would play out during the cycle. What do you see? What do you need to add to these waters to bring in peace and stillness. You may feel a resistance at first, as the moon in Scorpio brings up our fears, doubts, and our insecurities. There is so much shadow work within a Scorpio Moon so be gentle with yourself find compassion for your shadow. How does your shadow need to be acknowledged and supported this cycle? When you can look within the reflection of your cauldron without fear, but softness, you can then be still and slow down and let the rejuvenation begin. The gemstone, Ocean Jasper can help you soften into you womb space.

11/7/16: First Quarter in Aquarius

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As the moon begins to grow and we move toward the First Quarter moon on 11/7 in Aquarius. If you have been practicing rejuvenation and tapping into your womb space, you may begin to feel an expansion and your cauldron may be bubbling over with inspiration. The card pulled for this phase is the Honey Moon: Productivity. Reaching out to your tribe and moon sistars will keep you in the flow of your creativity and rejuvenation by directing your energy into collaboration and support through your community. You may feel a massive download of messages and wisdom coming in at this point so let it flow through you. Automatic writing will help you tap into this well of inspiration and find those seeds of wisdom you are seeking. Just know, the more you resist seeking support, the more taxing it will be on your mind body and spirit. Allow the Aquarian energy to pique your curiosity and shift your perspective. The cauldron has been ignited and the waters are heating up within you creating momentum and guidance in your new direction. An alchemy is beginning to brew so move with this current and see where this takes you! Carnelian will help you to deepen into your womb and your creative flow.

11/14/16: Full Moon in Gemini

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As we reach the full moon we meet the twins in Gemini. They hold the wisdom of your truth and help you to listen and to speak from this sacred place within you. The card pulled for this full moon is Sagittarius: the Explorer. When a zodiac sign is pulled in a Spirit de la Lune reading it can represent a person you know or the archetype within you that needs to be activated at this time. Sometimes it can be really hard to express your truth or your creativity, so ignite the explorer within you and see this as a new adventure to embark on. Have fun exploring your words and expressing your creativity and don't let insecurities or fear keep you from this experience. Imagine the crone within you stirring the cauldron of wisdom reciting incantations over this magical brew you are creating. Create a spell or blessing or affirmation for this Full moon using your voice, your words, and your magic. Speak them aloud creating the vibrations with your voice. These vibrations bring your desires and truth closer to manifesting in the physical realm and integrates them into your body. Speaking your truth and listening to others express theirs, keeps your vitality flowing and brings peace to your spirit. Wear Turquoise around your neck to aid the actualization of your authentic voice and wisdom.

11/21/16: Last Quarter in Virgo

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As the moon begins her descent, the last quarter moon settles you into the realm of Virgo: the Healer. The Crone feels at home here. This is a very grounding and earthy moon phase and is a wonderful time to work with the earth energies of plants and stones to aid your rejuvenation. Remember to adapt and move with the currents - not everything can be controlled. The card chosen for this phase is Pisces: the Psychic. Take the time to ground yourself and listen to your intuition from a place of deep stability and stillness. Allow the wisdom from your cauldron to wash over you and help you reflect on all that you have learned this cycle. The Pisces realm is a deep ocean of dreams, the subconsciousness, empathy and intuition. Let yourself float into these waters and allow the Piscean energy to bring in a deeper level of renewal. The brew you have made within your cauldron is ready to be taken in. During the waning phase, you can literally make a healing brew of herbs in a cauldron or create your own Piscean cauldron in your bathtub mixing any herbs and salts and your affirmations into the water and soak this magic into your cells. Be intentional with the energy you put into the water, the brew, your words. Place Amethyst in your tea or bathtub and drink in the wisdom.

We hope you enjoyed this reading and that your Crone Moon cycle brings you closer to your magick and wisdom.

Trust in your wisdom


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