Sage Moon : A Purification Ritual For Spring

Winter nights are thawing into crisp cool dawns... and the spring is beckoning you towards the light.

Sage Moon Mandala Spirit de la Lune

Happy Full Moon!

It is time to let your Spirit rise and expand outward. What lessons have you learned from within? What messages and lessons do you bring back from your underworld?

This full moon is ushering in the coming spring, and with it, the need for purification. 

With every new beginning, there is a need to clear out old, residual, negative and stagnant energy. As you prepare for the new chapter of spring, take time to really release what no longer serves your spirit. 

Full Moon Sage Ritual

This ritual will help you strip away the deep layers of your heavy soul, clean up stagnant energy from your body and home, and help release energy that no longer serves. 

Sage has been used throughout history by many cultures. From healing wounds and headaches, to purifying energy and opening intuition, it's no wonder wise ones and healers are referred to as "Sages."

One of the most common methods of purifying with sage is burning it, or "smudging." Smudging has been practiced for thousands of years and has many benefits. It not only uplifts and clears energy, but it can also purify and improve air quality according to this study by GreenMedInfo.

There are several varieties of sage, and many different ways to burn it. For this ritual it is recommended to burn White Sage.

Smudging With Sage Ritual

For this ritual you will need: 

A Sage Wand

Abalone shell or bowl to catch ashes

Feather Fan

Music/ Drum (something with a good beat!) 


If your home is cluttered or messy, take some extra time to clean it and nourish your space. This ritual works best when the home is clean and the energy is able to flow and move about. Move some furniture around to shake up the energy.

Open up the windows and doors and allow some fresh air to enter. (And smoke to exit!) 

Take a moment to center yourself. Take some deep breaths and allow yourself to become weightless in the present moment. State your intention out loud and hold it in your heart space.

Light some sage and allow the smoke to rise, letting your troubles float away into the infinite abyss. 

Now is a good time to turn on some music or beat a drum. Stagnant energy needs lots of movement, and the vibrations of a good beat are a great way to shake up energy up and get things moving.

A good shake of the hips and some dancing is also great way to clear out old energy in the body and the lower chakras. Get things moving, loosen up and have some fun! 

Use the abalone shell to catch ashes as your sage burns, and the feather fan to direct the smoke into the nooks and crannies of your home.

You can chant, drum and dance as you clear each room. Shake things up! Beat on your pillows and shake out your rugs. Stomp in the corners, clap your hands and wake up the energy in your home.

As you dance from room to room, directing the sacred healing smoke upwards, remember to hold your intention in your heart. 

Spend extra time in any areas that feel heavy or confined. 

As you finish each room, sprinkle a bit of the cooled ash over the door frames and windowsills, and leave each room with a sense of reverence and gratitude.

When your house feels cleansed and pure, take some time to purify yourself. Spend extra time bathing your hands and feet in the smoke.

Breath in to your heart space new possibilities. A purified spirit crafts a purified intent.

Once your energy, spirit and space is feeling clear to you turn on some calmer music and allow the smoke to clear. Allow the sage to burn out on it's own or put the sage out using your shell.