Seed Moon: Dream Seed Ceremony

Spring beckons forth with new life!

We welcome in the Lunar Eclipse in Libra, a new season, a new chapter. The Seed Moon has reached her peak in the sky. It is time to set free your Dream seeds - any desires that have been brewing in your heart since Autumn  and Winter.

Lunar Eclipse Dream Seed Ceremony

This ceremony will help you set your dreams and intentions free for the coming season and next chapter of your life. It invokes gratitude and love and spreads joy! 

Seeds are the container for new life, new growth, and the spark of vitality. In order for seeds to grow, they need be in an environment that nourishes their flowering and bloom. Before you begin this ceremony, meditate and journal about your personal environments: the physical environment where you live; your emotional container; the realm of your thoughts and dreams.

Do they all support your soul for growth and thriving?

What do you need to weed out in order to create the environment that supports your bloom?

Become clear in this. Take responsibility for the environment that surrounds you and energy will begin to shift in the direction you want it to go.

For this ritual you will need: 

Flowers petals and/or herbs (dried of fresh)

Seeds local to your land

Little crystals or other little offerings (these are the dream seeds)

Clear intentions for your season ahead



With your intentions are clear, gather your herbs and flowers and your dream seeds. You dream seeds are little offerings you will be sending out into the world infused with your intentions. They can be seeds of wildflowers local to your area, crystals you want to offer to nature, little bundles you create... whatever your dream seeds are, let them be safe for the environment, and let them be the container for your intentions.

Infuse your items by holding your offerings close to your heart and imagine pouring your intention, love, and joy into the dream seeds... what color do you see? What kind of light is it? Once you have all your gear go out into nature, a park, ocean, a trail... and take your time to offer the herbs and flowers and seeds to the land.

Sprinkle them here and there, bury some dream seeds, make a mandala, or even leave them out in the open so some other person may happen across them and make their day! When you spread out your offerings bless them, the land, and your intentions.

You are offering your heart when you sprinkle each dream seed! You are keeping the flow of love, joy, and abundance moving!

New growth! Thrive where you are rooted!

New growth! Thrive where you are rooted!

If you have the Spirit de La Lune deck, do not for get to do the Seed Moon spread or the Lunar Eclipse spread in the guidebook! I literally drew the cards Lunar Eclipse and Seed Moon not intentionally! These cards are so intuned! Be sure to use the hashtag #spiritdelalune so we can see your readings!

Leave out you deck to charge under the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse... this is a potent portal flowing through so infusing your deck, gems, and other sacred items would be wonderful!