Aries: Gems for the Inspirer

Welcome to the first post of the Zodiac Gems series! In this monthly series we will explore crystal companions for your Sun or Moon sign. If you do not know your Moon sign you can find out here, just be sure to know your time of birth! That is very important because the Moon shifts so quickly from one sign to the next! If you have  moon app (We love Deluxe Moon) you can go back all the way to your birthday and see what Moon sign and the Moon phase you were born under!

Sun vs. Moon Sign?

In astrology the central sign is our Sun Sign. All the planets revolve around the Sun, so this is the most influencing sign in the birth chart - that is why almost everyone knows their sun sign by heart. The Sun shines light, it is active, it influences and affects its surroundings, so the Sun sign is the outward expression of our lives. It is what we show people. The more aligned we are to our Sun sign and are actively pursuing our gifts and natural talents, the more we will truly shine and inspire others! Our Sun signs illuminate our path and destiny.

The Moon sign is equally important and is less known. The Moon is the closes celestial being to the planet and affects all the waters of Gaia. We are made of 50-75% water, much like the ocean, so the Moon controls our inner tides as well. Water is linked to the emotional realm, so our Moon sign reveals how we express and internalize our emotions - what feels safe for us, how we express our emotions to others and ourselves, and where we go to hide when life gets a little rough. The Moon reflects light, so our Moon sign shows us how we integrate and reflect upon the energies that move through us daily. The Moon sign is our inner-world and the Sun sign is our outer-world. Both are needed and equal to live as a full-dimensional being. 

Let's begin with Aries! 

"Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and initiates the Spring season. The ram is ruled by Mars and this fiery sign inspires and ignites life all around them."
Spirit de la Lune Guidebook

It takes fire to burn away debris and blaze a new path. That is the powerful energy Aries carries with them. Aries-born are courageous, daring, energizing, and inspiring! They are not afraid to butt heads when needed or when their ego gets in the way. 

If Aries is your...

Sun sign: An Aries Sun is always on the go. They have 10 projects going at once and luckily with their willpower they will complete them all if it is the last thing they do! They are naturally motivated individuals and make wonderful entrepreneurs forging new paths. Since Aries is the first sign, it is related to the infancy years of development, so they are very concerned about themselves and their immediate surroundings - they may forget to collaborate and work with others simply because they naturally want to do everything themselves!  

Moon sign: An Aries Moon is impulsive, creative, and enthusiastic. It is hard for an Aries Moon to hide their emotions - everything is always out on the table! There is a genuine honesty and sincerity with an Aries Moon. There are no hidden agendas, just pure in-the-moment emotion. There is an endearing innocence about them. The inner-child really comes out to play in an Aries Moon, but can also be prone to tantrums, selfishness, and become volatile if something is not going their way! Luckily they burn through these emotions quickly, holding no grudges, and move on in the blink-of-an-eye! 

Crystal Companions for Aries

Aries energy resonates with the first three chakras: Root, Sacral, and Solar because those are closely linked to the body and the natural primal instincts we have for surviving, creating, moving, and thriving - Aries feel most comfortable in these chakras! Working with the stones below can help Aries navigate the powerful energy always moving through them. Carry or wear these stones with you while the Moon is in Aries or anytime you need more energy, motivation, or courage!

Fire Opal: This gem blazes new paths and sparks joy and enthusiasm. A sense of adventure is awakened when you wear this stone.

Tiger's Eye: This stone activates courage and willpower - a perfect pick me up for when you are losing momentum or feeling disheartened.

Garnet: This gem really connects you to your physical body and vitality. Messages from your body will be more clear and you will be able to maintain your energy more consistently throughout the day.

Carnelian: This Sacral stone connects you to the powerful creative forces within. Inspiration, energy, and movement are bound to happen when you carry this stone with you. 

Hematite: In the Roman days, warriors would rub hematite on them to invoke Mars (the God and ruling planet of Aries) to protect them in battle. This is a very protective and grounding stone for Aries individuals.

Septarian: This stone is also known as the Dragon stone, and the energy of Dragons connects you to the passions of your heart and how you spread your warmth and fire through the land.

Brecciated Jasper: This grounding Root stone looks like lava or burning embers! This stone can help ignite your desires and help build a foundation for your soul desires to thrive!

Star cluster Aragonite: This gem is like a warm campfire. It can soothe anger and help dissolve resentment in your heart so your light can shine brighter! 

Gems to balance out Aries

Most Aries gems relate to the lower chakras, so think higher: Heart, Throat, Third-eye. Higher and lower have nothing to do with the power or quality of the chakras, just so you know. The Heart, Throat, and Third-eye chakras incorporate relations with others more than the lower chakras, which focus more on the self. Ocean colors, blue tones, and pastels will soothe and cool the fiery ram off:

Amethyst, Angelite, Aquamarine, Blue Lace Agate, Celestite, Larimar, Lepidolite, Moonstone, Ocean Jasper, Prehnite, Rose Quartz, Turquoise

We hope you enjoy this new series on the blog and next month we will focus on the energies of Taurus!

Stay tuned for a New Moon Energy reading with the Spirit de la Lune deck and the new Art Shop opening up on the New Moon April 7th!