New Moon Energy Reading: Seed Moon

Happy New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse!

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2016 Seed Moon Energy Cycle

This New Moon calls in the Seed Moon cycle.... new growth, expansion, and a reawakening takes place on the land and in our bodies. We are open to a new season, a new chapter, a new path. In the Northern hemisphere, the Seed cycle is also when the Sun moves into Aries, the initiator of Spring and the fire and the warmth that moves through Gaia during this time.

New possibilities are abound!

This is the Moon energy reading for this new cycle. Starting to the right, in the East, and moving clockwise along the elemental wheel: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces; First Quarter in Gemini; Full Moon Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse in Virgo; Last Quarter in Capricorn.

There is potent energies of Earth and Water in this cycle as they align with the eclipses. Eclipses happen during the equinox seasons, while everything is aligning and coming into balance. If something is not aligning with your big dreams and visions of new growth and expansion, allow them to fall away. The Earth element asks us to come into alignment with what feels stable to us and the structures within our lives. There is new territory for you to explore! What outdated beliefs of stability do you need to let go of? Water is the realm of the emotions and the connections we weave through our lives. Do you relationship support you? Do you feel emotionally supported at this time?

When you are ready, grab a cup of tea and dive into the beautiful moon wisdom below...

Tune to the Moon

New Moon: 3/8/16

Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces: Support

This New Moon is a big energy portal. Not only is it a Total Solar Eclipse, but also a Super Moon! A threshold is waiting to be crossed deep in your subconscious. Pisces is the fish that can swim in the deep ocean of your subconscious to unlock your dreams and desires. Dive into this vortex. Carve out time in your day to daydream, take a sacred pause, and allow Pisces to move through you. Pisces is empathetic to a fault so your emotional body will be expanded exponentially. If emotions rise like high tides, breathe into them and ask yourself if they are truly yours or from others around you. If they are not yours, send them back to the earth. Imagine an amazing waterfall of turquoise light cascading down on you and cleansing the energies that are attached to you. Let them soak into the earth. With the Super Moon the waters in your body will be stirring - so drink plenty of water, take mineral baths, and stay hydrated. 

The card pulled for this phase is the Waning Crescent: Support. The Super moon charges this already amplified New Moon, so your intentions will have deeper impact on your life than you can fully imagine right now. Pisces wants you to dream BIG! Do not allow helplessness to overcome you and keep you small minded. Stay grounded in your truth and in your body to fully support your visions. Seek support from your tribe of kindred spirits - together you can fully support each other and allow abundance and love to flow through your whole community. Neptune rules Pisces and the realm of the Mystic Heart and universal love. The intentions you create now can affect your community and ripple through the world. Allow love to guide you, stay grounded to Gaia, and swan dive into deeper dimensions of your heart! 

Crystal allies: Lapis Lazuli to connect deeply to your intuition and your Higher Self; Lemurian Crystal Seed to manifest your vast visions and support your light body; Moonstone to embrace these new beginnings and to flow with your emotions.

Waxing Moon: 3/15/16

First Quarter in Gemini: Dream

The twins come out to dance under the Waxing Moon. The First Quarter Moon is the initiator of fire in the moon cycle... Ignite your dreams and move forward with passion. Gemini can help you discern the dreams and desires of your ego and your higher self. The ego will always be here to help us navigate the daily in's and out's of life, but we can also call upon the ego to help support the dreams of our souls. Ask the twins within you, "What is the motivation behind my desires?" The New Moon has asked you to ficus on the love of the world, your community and how you can spread your dreams far and wild. If your ego is trying to contain this out of self-preservation let your mind open to bigger possibilities. Dream BIG and respond to the calling.

Full Moon: 3/23/16

Lunar Eclipse in Virgo: Devotion

Lunar Eclipses always happen during the Full Moon phase. A Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse is partial, but nonetheless the shadow of Gaia caresses the terrain of the Moon. Divine Feminine energy is potent and embodied during these times. Embody your magick. Embody your sacred creative power. The Full Moon is in the earth priestess sign of Virgo. She is a practical mystic and knows how to create a sound structure for which spirit can thrive. Your body is a vessel for the Divine Feminine energy to flow through you. Nourish your body with Gaia's abundance, befriend plant allies and learn from their wisdom. Eat the rainbow. Holistic healing filters through all levels.

The card drawn for this phase is Waning Gibbous: Devotion. Stay devoted to your spirit. Allow Virgo to guide you to create nourishing daily rituals for your body, mind, and spirit. Virgo is ruled by Mercury and logically oriented, so put your mind to good use! During the Full Moon write out what your spirit needs and what stable structures can help you feed your soul.

Crystal allies: Fluorite to unite your Heart and Mind into one; Goddess Stone to honor the Divine Feminine moving through you; Lapis Lazuli to connect you the the Queen within you as you define your realm; Malachite to clear your heart and body of negative attachments. 

Waning Moon: 3/31/16

Last Quarter in Capricorn: Expansion

This cycle has taken us on a journey, but it is not over yet. As the Moon wanes the Last Quarter Moon falls into the earthy Capricorn sign. Saturn rules this sign with order, traditions, and stability. A big theme in this cycle, yeah? What outdated fears and perceptions of traditions and order need to be released? Are you accountable for your words and actions - do you walk your talk? Saturn can straighten you out! Expansion is yours if you can remain grounded but curious, and not rigid in your thought patterns. Be aware of tunnel-vision and you if you need to rest, listen to your body and relax. Open spaces are waiting for you to step into new growth.

Crystal Companions for New Growth

Here are other crystal companions to work with through the Seed Moon Cycle to enhance energy, abundance, and spark new growth within:

  • Bloodstone: Clears and detoxes the body of impurities.

  • Citrine: Opens you to abundance and positivity.

  • Clear Quartz: Magnifies intentions and manifestation.

  • Green Aventurine: Sparks adventure and new possibilities.

  • Sunstone: Enhances motivation and energy.

If you have the deck, charge it under this powerful New Moon tonight and try the Seed Moon reading in the guidebook! Please share any of your pictures with the hashtag: #spiritdelalune

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