Planting Moon : A Nourish and Release Ceremony

Happy Full Moon!

The seed has sprouted!

New life is growing & flowing wild as we welcome in the Planting Moon!

Planting Moon Mandala | Spirit de la Lune

The Planting Moon brings us back to Mamma Earth's energy and heralds in the nurturing cycle of Taurus. It's time to reconnect with Gia and nourish the seeds that have been planted.  

Now is the time to harness your creative energy and nurture the seeds you planted from last month's Seed Moon Ceremony.

Planting Moon Mandala Card | Spirit de la Lune

Full Planting Moon :

Nourish & Release Ceremony 

This ceremony will help you nurture your intentions from the New Moon Phase by releasing that which is holding you back from blooming. We will be weeding out, releasing and transmuting that energy into something more beneficial! 

Just as soon as the seeds sprout and grow in the garden, weeds tend to pop up as well! The Full Planting Moon is the perfect opportunity to pull out any weeds that are keeping you from growing.

Before you begin this ceremony, meditate and journal about your intentions, allow all that you wish to weed out and release to be written out. Remember to dive deeper than just the physical realm, what do you need to release so that your spirit and mind may grow as well? 

For extra guidance try pulling the Planting Moon Spread from the guide book! This spread was specially designed for this full moon, so it is extra potent at this time and may show you the hidden answers you've been looking for!

Planting Moon | Spirit de la Lune

what needs to be cleared out at this time in order for you to grow and bloom? 

What needs to be nurtured and cultivated?

What kind of things are holding you down? 

For This Ritual:

Fire Ceremony

You will need:

  • Paper and a pencil


  • Clear Intentions


  • Safe place or container for a fire


  • A house plant or space in nature


The Full Planting Moon can assist you in releasing any stagnant energy, habits or thoughts that no longer serve you.

Open your circle and set your sacred space any way you'd like. Set your intention to release and renew. 

Review your journal and the results from your reading and make a clear list of all that you want to release. This is a weeding process, a time to release all that is holding you back. Be clear in your intention.

Write anything and everything that is no longer serving you. This can be anything from attitudes, emotions, pain, relationships, thoughts, or illness. Pretty much anything that isn't working in your life can go onto this sheet of paper. 

Become aware of where you are putting your energy and your focus over this last lunar cycle. If it does not support your passions, allow it to be weeded out. 

Once your list is complete, take it under the Full Moon's light and burn it in a safe container for fire. Watch the flames engulf your list of weeds and watch the smoke dissipate into the night sky. 

When the fire has gone out, gather the ashes to use as food for Pacha Mamma, Gaia, our Mother Earth.

Pour the ashes into your garden, out in nature, or into a houseplant. The Earth has the powerful ability to transmute energy into something beneficial for us, or others.

As you sprinkle your ashes, repeat a prayer, mantra or state your intentions aloud. Tell Mother Earth of your intentions for releasing and transformation.

Mother Earth, under this full moon's light, take that which no longer serves me, turn it into food for another.

Transmute this energy into something beneficial for my highest good and the highest good of all.

And so it is. 

Planting Moon Ceremony | Spirit de la Lune

Close your circle and take some time to nurture yourself now. Purify and ground your energy with a salt bath. Spend time in nature under your favorite tree or with your toes buried in some soil. 

If you have the Spirit de la Lune deck, be sure to charge it under tonight's Full Moon with your favorite crystals and divination tools! The Spirit de la Lune deck loves charging under the Moon's light and doing so under a full moon will make the deck in tune with the moon.

If you used the Planting Moon Spread, be sure to tag #SpiritdelaLune on instagram so we can see and feature your deck! We absolutely love seeing these cards in action!