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Gorgeous Moon Tribe!

This is our new series where we will highlight Intuitive Readers! We are so ecstatic to see readers using our cards in their spread for themselves and their clients! We hope you enjoy this new series and if you are interested in being featured keep scrolling down and meet our first intuitive reader Kari!

Intuitive reader Kari

What is your name? 
My name is Kari

What is your Sun and Moon sign?
My Sun is in Virgo and my moon is in Gemini.

Describe yourself in 3 words: 
Charismatic, Caring, Inspiring

How long have you been reading tarot and/or oracle cards? 
I have been reading tarot and oracle cards for the last 12 years. I began to read for the public when I lived in Los Angeles and worked out of a little metaphysical bookstore. Now I have my own private business which I started in 2009. I love what I do. 

What drew to you Spirit de la Lune? 
The moon has always been incredibly important to me. I have relied on Her to console me and teach me things ever since I can remember. The images I saw of the Spirit De La Lune deck drew me in, because I knew instinctively that Rachael and Marissa were harnessing Her energies within the deck in the way I have always felt her speak to me. The colors, the symbols… they are exactly the kind of cards I would imagine when connecting with the moon.

What is your relationship with the Moon? 

She is like a mother, a sister, a guardian, and a guide for me.

She is this great romantic spirit embodied in this little planet and is the main mirror of messages for other planets to reach us. She has always guided me in life. 

What Spirit de la Lune card are you drawn to right now and why? 
I have been drawn to the New Moon oracle card right now. I actually tend to have a harder time with the dark moon. I seem to thrive during the light moon. However, recently, I have been saying goodbye to my past more than I ever have before... and with the rebirth energy, the New Moon has been teaching me how to truly let go and proceed with my present and future in focus… she is fiercely showing me how to become a new and better person. Many moons ago I was sensing from my guides that I would one day become “unreachable” to certain aspects and people of my past. I believe that time is coming. There will be so many new people and experiences that I will need to have room for to focus on. My life is changing and the energy of the New Moon is at the forefront of it, pushing me through it…breaking me through some powerful cycles that extend beyond this lifetime.

Kari's New Moon grid - Spirit de la Lune

Have you learned anything new since working with Spirit de la Lune? 
Spirit De La Lune has helped me to be even more tuned in with the flows of the moon’s patterns. I have already been aware of the waning and waxing cycles, but the other cycles within them are being shown to me through this deck. I am constantly being blown away by the combination of the energies of the zodiac signs along with the moon phases. I am expanding and learning even more, which is very exciting.

What is your go to spread for readings? Please describe this spread.
I use a few different spreads, but this spread is my favorite one. I can use this spread to look at any situation for any client. I draw two cards to the left to represent the recent past, two cards in the center to represent the present, and two cards to the right to represent the near future. It allows me to see all the energies surrounding my client’s mentality regarding any topic of question. I think it’s important to get a feel for where their mind has been and currently is when looking at their past, present, and future. This process is important to me, because I can see what they are co-creating and manifesting for their reality by doing this. Within this spread I can also see the development of the situation in question unfold. I can see where it stood in the past, where it stands now, and where it’s currently going. It allows me to help navigate them and figure out a way to shift the outcome, if the outcome isn’t something they desire to happen. Or, if the outcome is inevitable in some cases, then we can talk about how they can move forward/shift their mindset and prepare for the new change.

Kari's spread - Spirit de la Lune

Do you have any advice, tricks, or tips for reading cards? 
I always tell anyone and everyone I meet that it’s so important to connect to yourself and learn who you are on the internal level. Develop a relationship with your spirit. Make sure you develop your own sense of inward connection. As examples, you can spend time in nature or practice meditation to do this. Some people can also create art or music and find themselves connecting to the Universe. If you can deepen your internal connection, you will expand your intuition and begin to be even more powerful in your readings or just everyday life. For readers of tarot or oracle - or other methods - try not to force another person’s technique to do readings upon yourself. If it doesn’t resonate, it’s not meant for you. Sometimes you will figure out that developing your own method for receiving information, will be the best way to do it. Sometimes, using an already structured way to do it will work better for others. Just do what feels right and don’t force anything. When you start to feel information just flow through you, then you’ve found the correct way to be a channel.

Describe Spirit de la Lune in 3 words:

Insightful, Healing, Magical

What are your offerings? How can people connect more with your magic?

I offer intuitive readings and spiritual guidance through my website (Kari’s Readings). I also have makeup looks, product reviews, inspirational quotes, philosophy, and mystical lifestyle content through BeautyMindSpirit. I am also a musician where I put a little magic within the songs that I write so that they may help others who resonate with it. Connect with me! I’d love to meet you.

Connect with Kari

Intuitive Readings - http://www.karisreadings.com
Beauty and Mystical Lifestyle Blog: http://www.beautymindspirit.com
Beauty and Mystical Lifestyle YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/beautymindspirit
Music: http://www.karitribble.com
Instagram & Facebook Accounts: BeautyMindSpirit and KarisReadings
Snapchat: BeautyMSpirit

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