Over the Moon

Thank you for sharing your deck with us!

We really are just over the moon with love and gratitude.

Spirit de la Lune Photos

Searching #SpiritdelaLune has easily become one of our favorite hobbies. We just love seeing happy customers working with their decks! 

Spirit de la Lune Shares

We share what we can on instagram, but sometimes we can't keep up! 

All of the pictures have been so great!

We are currently in the middle of our #Tunetothemoon Instagram challenge, where we are seeing daily card readings.

It's been fun to connect with our decks on a new level by drawing a card each day with the prompt in mind.

We've had some pretty powerful messages, and it's been exciting to watch others draw such meaningful readings too! 

(Want to be a part of the challenge? Check it out on instagram! )

We've loved seeing your images so much, that it sparked an idea that we just can't wait to tell you about!

 We want to start a new series on the blog, featuring intuitive readers just like you! 

Being an intuitive reader is a complex calling and every reader has their own story, techniques and specialties... and we want to learn more about you! 

Are you an intuitive reader? Would you like to be featured on Spirit de la Lune? Click the link below to submit!

Don't forget to choose your card for this week's Moonday oracle reading! Take a deep breath, set an intentions and choose the card that draws you in. The answer is revealed late Moonday night to help guide you through the week ahead.