New Moon Energy Reading for June 2016 | The Honey Moon Cycle

Happy New Moon!

2016: Honey Moon Cycle

6.4.16 thru 7.3.16

We are easing into the sweet months of Summer and the Honey Moon is your guide. Life is buzzing all around! This Honey Moon is an active and productive cycle that is sure to help push your toward achieving your goals. The New Moon enters Gemini on June 4th allowing your curiosity will bloom and blossom. 

Pollinate your soul seeds and watch them grow! 

New Moon In Gemini | Energy Reading | Spirit de la lune

Keep an open heart and stay fluid. 

We still have several planets retrograde right now, with Neptune joining the party on the 13th of June, giving your intuition a newer and louder voice. Neptune retrograde can really give us a heavy sense of illusion and confusion, so trust in your intuition and remember your initial gut instinct is usually right. The lunar cycle ahead is a dynamic one, full of change. Many will experience a break down of mental barriers. This is both exciting and a bit scary. Expect this cycle to be a delicate dance on the brink of the unknown.

Keep your spirit light, your heart open, and your mind fluid like honey to peacefully guide yourself to the other side of the unknown. 

Grab a cup of tea and read up on the details that are in store for this new Honey Moon cycle!

Tune to the Moon

New Moon in Gemini Energy Reading | Spirit de la lune

New Moon: 6/4/16

New Moon in Gemini: Productivity

The New Moon in Gemini gives us a chance for a mental rebirth. Gemini is a mutable air sign, ruled by the planet Mercury. With Mercury finally going direct, we are given both clarity and a new beginning! 

Gemini is the ruler of the twins, a symbol of duality, male and female, intuition and logic, spiritual and material, etc. The New Moon in Gemini may have you focused on finding the balance between your own duality, giving you a chance to find harmony once again.

This Moon plays right into the T-square that we've got going on in the skies, creating a mutable Grand Cross. The moon (our emotions), the Sun (our identity) and Venus (love and trust) are all united under the social sign of Gemini. 

This energy will have you wanting to spend time with those nearest and dearest to you, sharing ideas, learning new things and gaining new understanding for yourself and others.

The card pulled for this cycle was actually the Honey Moon card! The Honey Moon energy is very strong and sweet, directing you along the path of your goals. 

What can you do now to bring more sweetness into your life? The Honey Moon is all about connections, friendships and enjoying the sweetness of life. Take some time from your busy schedule and do something sweet for yourself.

The Honey Moon is a card of community and tribe. Seek our the company of your tribe at this time. Swap some ideas, brain storm and give yourself the change to grow and expand.

The stone Blue Topaz is a powerful stone for this lunation cycle. Known as the "writer's stone" this is a stone to help you communicate better and express yourself in a more powerful way in both speaking and writing. This stone also aids in decision making and gives clarity of mind to those who use it. This stone connects the third eye, crown and throat chakra together for clear communication and expression.

Waxing Moon: 6/12/16

First Quarter Moon Energy Report | Spirit de la Lune

First Quarter in Virgo: Sharpen Your Instincts

The First Quarter in Virgo may have you feeling particularly busy and overwhelmed during such a productive moon cycle! The First Quarter moon occurs on the 12th of June, and you may be feeling it's time to organize and plan for the days ahead. Don't allow the pressures in front of you don't turn into stress! The First quarter moon revs up the energy levels, so watch your emotional response to your to-do list. 

Neptune goes retrograde on the 13th of June until the 20th of November. Neptune represents illusions, the unseen reality and the barriers that protect us against the unknown. With Neptune going retrograde, expect a lot of those barriers and walls to crumble.

We've seen realities begin to shift, and veils lifted over these past few months on the news and on our facebook feeds. Barriers are already being destroyed and veils are lifted as Earth is shifting into a new stage of evolution! 

Because of this retrograde, your world may feel flipped upside down at times. Rely on your intuition and your instincts. In the Neptune retrograde, your intuition will have  louder voice, and will usually be right. 

The card pulled for this cycle is the Wolf Moon card, with the message sharpen your instincts. A perfect message for the coming retrograde! Fine tune and refine your intuitive voice and listen to what your higher self has to say. Surround yourself with your pack, and put your trust in like minded individuals.

Sharpen Your Instincts

The psychic stone Fluorite can help assist you during these times. This stone acts as a psychic vacuum and can help suck up any negative or heavy energy that may be holding you down. This stone can  quiet one's mind and reduce mental chatter, allowing you to recognize your own intuitive voice. Fluorite also acts as a psychic shield that can protect you against energy vampires or chaotic vibrations. Fluorite can also help "boost" the power of other stones. 

Full Moon: 6/20/16

Full Moon In Capricorn Energy Report | Spirit de la Lune

Full Moon in Capricorn: Dream

The Full Honey Moon in Capricorn will have you feeling very clear and on top of things. This is a good time for planning ahead, making goals and finding where structure is most needed in your life.  Capricorn has your mind full of new ideas and with the Full Moon's help you will that extra push to get things created and manifested in no time.

Depending on your time zone and location, this full moon is also in the adventurous sign of Sagittarius. (Full Moon energy is felt 3 days before, and 3 days after, so there is a bit of room to play here. ) Tap into the energy that you feel and see what flows for you.

This Full Moon in June is known as the Honey Moon. Check back here on the day of the Full Moon for a special Honey Moon Ritual to help you connect to the moon and use it's energy to find more sweetness in life.

The card pulled for this Full Moon is the Dream card. The full moon is a powerful time for dreams. With Neptune retrograde, your dreams may be more vivid. What messages are coming to you through your dreams at this time? Now is the time to integrate the different realms of your mind together. Dive deeper into your subconscious where the symbols and archetypes for you await. 

The dream realm is the portal to the subconscious.

Honey Calcite is a very gentle stone that amplifies and directs energy. This stone assists us during times of transition and change, by stripping away the perception of the "challenge" we face. Honey Calcite brings extra motivation and will power to our creative long term projects. This stone also works with the lower chakras, and can help bring healing to where it is needed most. Honey Calcite amplifies and renews our zest for life.


Waning Moon: 5/27/16

Last Quarter Moon Energy Report | Spirit de la Lune


Last Quarter in Aries: Create

The Last Quarter Moon has entered the dynamic sign of Aries. The last quarter moon in aires will have you feeling like you are on the last legs of a race. This is an energetic and motivated sign, but as we wind back to the New Moon, remember to take some time to breathe. The moon will soon be waning calling your energy back to earth, so take advantage of this extra push!

The card pulled for this phase is Create. Let your inspiration guide you, and take some time to create! Utilize the dynamic energy of Aries and harness it into your creative projects. How do you connect to your muse? Through art or music? Spend some time day dreaming in nature and allow your imagination to help your creativity. With your imagination, you can create powerful images and visualizations to bring more clarity to your path. 

Create from the heart, and see where it takes you! 

Agate is an excellent stone for this phase and works at rebalancing and harmonizing the body, mind and spirit. It cleanses and balances the aura and energetic body, transforming negative energy and transmuting it to something beneficial. Agate enhances mental functions, improves concentration and enhances analytical thinking. This is a soothing and healing stone that works at the inner source to create a sense of peace, safety and security. 


Crystal Companions for productivity 

Crystal Companions Spirit de la Lune

Here are the crystal companions mentioned above, as well as a few more to work with through the Honey Moon Cycle. These stones are to enhance your productivity, communication and connections.

  • Amber: Gives a soothing yet uplifting energy. This stone draws out negativity and purifies the physical and energetic body.

  • Citrine: Enhances will power and increases motivation. This stone brings good luck and is an excellent mood booster.

  • Topaz: The "writers stone" enhances communication and clarity of mind to help you express your most authentic self.

  • Fluorite: A psychic vacuum stone that can suck up negative, heavy energy. Clears the mind and reduces mental chatter.

  • Calcite: Honey Calcite brings extra motivation and will power to our creative long term projects. This sweet stone has the power to enhance and amplify energy.

  • Agate: Rebalances and harmonizes the body, mind and spirit, cleanses the aura and brings comfort to the mind.

Crystal Companions for Spirit de la Lune

If you have the deck, don't forget to charge it (and your crystal companions) under this powerful New Moon tonight and try the Honey Moon spread in the guidebook! We would love to see your readings, so please share any of your pictures with the hashtag: #spiritdelalune

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