New Moon Energy Reading: 2016 Blessing Moon Cycle

New Moon Blessings!

new moon in cancer - spirit de la lune

Summer is in full swing in the northern hemisphere and this is a time for play, recreation, adventures, and enjoying the sunlight! Remember to enjoy the goodness and blessings you have created in your life. 

When you feel good, blessings will keep flowing in!

2016 Blessing Moon Reading: 7/4 thru 8/1

2016 blessing moon reading - spirit de la lune

This cycle begins with the New Moon in Cancer moving into Libra for the First Quarter, following with the Full Moon in Capricorn, and waning into Aries for the Last Quarter. While reading this, remember that the four lunar turnings: New, First Quarter, Full, and Last Quarter, are thresholds for the energies moving though. They mark specific energy shifts in the Lunar cycle as she moves around Gaia. They also represent the four elements: Air, Fire, Water, and Earth, and how they want to be expressed in this particular moon cycle. 

The Archetypes present in this cycle are the Nurturer (or you can even say Mother), the Peacemaker, the Achiever, and the Inspirer. Each of the four turnings has a different element present through the zodiac signs, meaning we can achieve a beautiful balance this cycle! There is a sense of wanting more structure, stability, and harmony with the mind/body connection. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so this New Moon is potent with emotions. The Full Moon in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, is wonderful for money magick, or manifesting stability. The Quarter moons are expressed with yin and yang connections of Venus (ruler of Libra) and Mars (ruler of Aries). Balancing this energy within you is important this cycle.

So grab a cup a tea and simmer in these lunar insights for the 2016 Blessing Moon cycle!

Tune to the Moon:

new moon in cancer - spirit de la lune

7/4/16: New Moon in Cancer


The New Moon in Cancer is a moon of deep emotions that tend to flood through making rational thought thrown out the window. This is not the time to be rational, and your ego will hold on tightly to what it is you "should" be feeling. Let the should's go and just be. Sentimentality, or nostalgia may hit you like a wave, or everything may feel more moving and bring you to tears. Whatever emotions rise to the surface for you, allow them to be felt. Cancerean tears are soothing and cleansing and you will feel much lighter afterward. Ask the nurturing waters of this moon submerge your spirit so you can float in this current.

The card chosen for this moon phase is Rejuvenate. If you have a hard time connecting to your emotions, or you feel like you are drowning in this ocean, the best thing you can do is take a salt bath. In the bath, your body will be more connected and break the barrier of the logical mind. Rejuvenate in this sacred New Moon bath. Add three cups of sea salt to create this yummy ocean for your crab to renew in and if you can bathe with Aquamarine or Ocean jasper, to connect more to your heart chakra and inner tides. 

2016 blessing moon reading - spirit de la lune

7/11/16: First Quarter in Libra


The First Quarter is the threshold for the element of Fire as the moon waxes and energy is ignited. With Libra marking this shift, we are shifting our focus towards what is surrounding us in our physical space and if it supports and nourishes our spirit at this time. If it doesn't the fire energy will motivate you to clean and create the space you need to thrive and the blessings to move through. Create harmony in your mind by filtering what you say to yourself. Focus on loving affirmations and even flirt with yourself ;) Venus has no qualms with self-love! Rose Quartz can help you soften into self-love!

The card chosen for the First quarter is Movement. Move toward balance, move towards harmony. Ask yourself what is out of balance in your mind and body? How can you find a bridge to fill this gap and restore energy flow? Begin more rigorous activity and exercise to align your physical body with the rising energy moving though. Chakra balancing and focusing on whole foods to nourish your body and energy flow are so important right now. The waxing moon is when plants and our bodies absorb more nutrients! Carnelian is the perfect stone to connect with the Venus/feminine/yin energy within, while sustaining your energy and igniting your vitality!

Full Moon capricorn - spirit de la lune

7/19/16: Full Moon in Capricorn


The Full Blessing Moon settles into Capricorn, the Achiever. This threshold expresses the water element and how it wants to be worked with this moon cycle. Capricorn is an Earth sign known for it's dependability, structure, and manifesting energies. Capricorn can help you channel your emotions into any projects and goals you truly desire to complete, making this a wonderful Full Moon for 'moonifesting' and attracting what you need to meet your goals and receive the blessings being poured on you! A crystal grid for attracting money using pyrite, green jade, citrine, clear quartz, and green aventurine would be perfect! Leave it out under the Full Moon to supercharge it!

The card pulled is Listen. The Full Moon is so potent to connect with your intuition so listen to your inner tides to guide you. What is it you truly desire? How can you work with Capricorn to manifest your desires? Your intuition will know and show you the way. Now is not the time to let self-doubt creep in. Capricorn does not have time to be stuck in the mud! Capricorn wants to set you back on your path of success so more blessings can be received!

2016 blessing moon reading - spirit de la lune

7/26/16: Last Quarter in Aries


The Last Quarter threshold welcomes in the earth energies as the energy comes back down to Gaia after the peak of the Full Moon. Aries is this gatekeeper. When Fire and Earth come together transformation can take place if you can walk through the fire. What need to be released so you can receive? What need to be released so you can be re-inspired again? What needs to be released so you can follow your passions? Aries is the Mars warrior energy, the yang energy within. Activate the warrior within you and become your own champion for thriving. Carrying Tiger's Eye will give your courage to remove your obstacles so thriving can settle in.

The card pulled for this moon phase is Focus. Aries carries such a beautiful expansive, powerful energy, but if not tempered and tame can lead to a wild fire causing destruction in its path. Bring temperance to your flame. When focused this energy can be sustained and carve out what needs to be released. Candle magick is a wonderful ally right now to build your relationship with fire and to learn about the fire within you. Is your fire snuffed out? Is your fire blazing? How does your fire need to be tended? Only you know this. 

Crystal Companions for Blessings!

2016 blessing moon - spirit de la lune

Carrying these crystals with you this cycle will open you to the joy, abundance, and blessings you have in your life. Be open to receiving and accept your blessings with a thank you! You are worth it. So so much.

Citrine: This is such a happy, positive crystal! It connects you to your solar chakra and the light within you, so you can truly shine and be a beacon for joy, blessings, and abundance!

Fuchsite: Is a stone of health and well-being. This shimmering stone opens your heart so abundance and restoration can settle in. It also relieves stress from the daily grind so you can relax and enjoy yourself!

Lapis Lazuli: The stone of royalty, this connects you to the King or Queen within you. It helps you embody your truth and wisdom and opens your voice to speak authentically and rule your realm!

Larimar: A beautiful healing stone, connecting you to the cosmic ocean of love and the mystic heart chakra. This stone will open your heart to receiving gracefully and with ease.

Peacock Ore: The joy stone! Peacock ore's brilliant jewel tones ignite the higher chakras and connect you to the imaginative realms so you can visualize with more clarity what truly gives you joy!

Opalite: This colorful stone connects all the chakras and connects you the inner child within. It can show you how sacred play can help you manifest your dreams and desires!

Sunstone: Connects you to the energies of the life giving sun and the warm vitality within you. It can open you to the generosity of others and helps you give without expectation to spread more love and light!

Blessing Moon Spread - spirit de la lune

If you have the deck, don't forget to charge it (and your crystal companions) under this powerful New Moon tonight and try the Blessing Moon spread in the guidebook! We would love to see your readings, so please share any of your pictures with the hashtag: #spiritdelalune