New Moon Energy Report: 2016 Corn Moon Cycle

Happy New Moon and Lughnasadh!

This is a time of the first harvest, showing you how fruitful and how far you have come!  You can now reap what you have  sown. If you have been working towards your goals and desires you should be starting to feel the flow of abundance moving through your life! Abundance comes in many forms so keep an open heart and cultivate gratitude!

Tune to the Moon!

This cycle begins with the New Moon in Leo moving into Scorpio for the First Quarter, following with the Full Moon in Pisces, and waning into Taurus for the Last Quarter. While reading this, remember that the four lunar turnings: New, First Quarter, Full, and Last Quarter, are thresholds for the energies moving through. They mark specific energy shifts in the Lunar cycle as she moves around Gaia. They also represent the four elements: Air, Fire, Water, and Earth, and how they want to be expressed in this particular moon cycle. 

As the Moon waxes to fullness the element of water is dominant as the Moon makes her way through intense Scorpio and peaks with the dreamy Pisces fish. Tidal waves of emotion may move through you so just go with your current and do not suppress your emotions. The energy will level out with the earthy Taurus energy while the Moon wanes.

Grab a cup a tea and enjoy this energy reading!

8/2/16: New Moon in Leo


Shine on bright one! The Leo New Moon brings in an expansive, creative, empowering energy that will radiate through this whole cycle, so it is no surprise the Flower Moon: Bloom card was pulled. The lion within you wants you to fully express and embody the light within you! Set an intention this New Moon to embody this magick and energy within you and like the flower bloom forth. You will keep attracting this warmth and your light will inspire others. 

Mars also enters Sagittarius so the fire within is ignited! There is so much fiery energy circulating right now, take action and harness this fire within you to manifest your passions into the world. The Corn Moon teaches us how we give and receive abundance and what we do with our harvest. With Leo being the king/queen of the zodiac stay generous and give love freely. How can you make an impact in your own realm right now? Let Leo show you. We need more of this light in the world right now. The stone Carnelian will help you keep your energy, fire, and creativity flowing. Carry it with you through the whole cycle!

8/10/16: First Quarter in Scorpio

Sharpen Instincts

We begin to move from so much Fire energy to so much Water energy as the Moon moves into Scorpio on the First Quarter. Scorpio can keep the passions within us flowing or drown them with insecurities, possessiveness, and secrecy. Maybe there is a part of yourself that wants to keep hidden and doesn't like the spotlight like Leo. Is this coming from fear or your intuition? The card pulled for this phase the the Wolf Moon: Sharpen Instincts. By listening to your body and the primal instincts within, you will know how to move forward.

If you are having trouble moving forward, connect with your tribe. The wolf is a pack animal, and the lion has their pride, and connections with their tribes are strong and enduring. Listen to the advice, encouragement, and support from your tribe right now. These kindred souls will feel the same stirrings you are feeling. They will help you discern fear and intuition. Take some time this cycle to have a gathering with them. Create, talk, celebrate, and by bonding with your tribe, you will reconnect with yourself.  Keep the stone Prehnite close by to keep your heart open and rejuvenated through these watery currents.

8/18/16: Full Moon in Pisces


The Full Moon leads us into the dreamy watery realm of Pisces. We have moved through the dark waters of Scorpio and now have found a grotto of dreams, romance, and fantasy. The Full Moon loves to be in the realm of the fish and the pull of the tides is strong within each of us during this time. Do no be afraid of drifting into your daydreams and deepest fantasies at this time. If you allow yourself to dive deep, the Pisces fish will lead you to wisdom within them.

The card pulled is the Waning Gibbous: Guidance, so allow your dreams and imagination guide you right now. Do not underestimate the power of the imagination. This is the realm Pisces knows so well, and it is a portal to the psychic realms within. What would happen if you gave in to your daydreams and see what unfolded? Where would they guide you? What symbols or themes would keep popping up? Your daydreams and imagination hold the essence of your desires and will reveal the keys to unlocking them. Under the Full Moon pull cards to activate your psychic abilities (try the Corn Moon spread in the guidebook!) and keep Moonstone close to balance your emotions and open your third-eye!

8/24/16: Last Quarter in Taurus


This has been an intense Moon cycle and it begins to wind down with the grounding, dependable energy of Taurus in the Last Quarter phase. It is time to Rest on all levels. Relax and ease the tensions in your body. Rest in knowing you are an abundant and loving soul. Rest knowing you are loved and supported. Rest and know your emotions will always ebb and flow just the like the Moon. 

Focus on the everyday things around you. Pisces showed you how deep your dreams can take you, now let the bull show you how magickal the mundane can be. Recognize and cherish the mundane rituals you do everyday that support you and your family. Savor the yummy meals you cook. Embrace the textures you put on your skin. Feel the love of your family seep through all your cells. You will realize how abundant you truly are! Carry Green Calcite to keep your energy grounded and your heart filled with love until the next moon cycle begins!

Crystal Companions for Abundance!

Carnelian: Keeps your energy up and your creative energy flowing to keep your passions ignited!

Green Calcite: A grounding and heart opening stone to keep you open to the abundance all around you.

Jade: Attracts abundance and beauty into your life!

Pyrite: Protects you from negativity and misfortune so you can keep your eye on the prize!

If you have the deck, don't forget to charge it (and your crystal companions) under this powerful New Moon tonight and try the Corn Moon spread in the guidebook! We would love to see your readings, so please share any of your pictures with the hashtag: #spiritdelalune

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