New Moon Energy Report: 2016 Harvest Moon Cycle

September is going to be a month of rapid change and deep transition

New Moon In Virgo Energy Report with Spirit de la Lune
Solar Eclipse | Spirit de la lune

It may feel a bit like a roller coaster ride, with twists and turns and ups and downs around every corner. The bumps may shake you to your core, while the twists and turns will ask you to shift your perspective into something new.

This wild ride is preparing you for some huge changes up ahead! Greater self awareness is there for you to step into.

New chapters are beginning, but first old chapters must come to a close.

Virgo New Moon Eclipse Reading With Spirit de la Lune

Many of the planetary shifts this month take place in the constellation of Virgo, The Healer.

Virgo gives us a soft place to land, while really asking us to redefine our priorities. It's time to find order, and make way for the waves of changes up ahead.

In the month of September, we will experience the North Node, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, The Sun, and The Moon in Virgo!

You can count on changes to occur on a spiritual, mental and even physical level with such a strong and powerful earth sign guiding us through the month.

Try to keep your feet on the ground and your head out of the clouds this month. While it's easy to retreat to our daydreams, it is very important to stay grounded and aware of your current realities and the shifts that are taking place at this time.

Ignorance can't be bliss this month. Old patterns and habits are coming to the surface to be analyzed, treated and healed. This is the month to get it right.

So grab your coffee..

and lets' Tune to The moon as we navigate through the intense energies of this New Moon Eclipse in Virgo

New Moon Energy Reading With Spirit de la Lune

September kicks off with a pretty intense New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo on the first of September, while Mercury went retrograde on the 30th of August.

Solar Eclipses are gateways and thresholds for us to cross. They hold exciting yet intense energies and opportunities. What is on the other side of this threshold for you? Who or what is it that you are wanting to become?

Radical changes are coming our way, and this Eclipse will ignite it! You are likely going to feel pulled in many directions, knowing that there are exciting things on the horizon. Remember, you must be patient in starting anything new while we are experiencing Mercury Retrograde.

Spirit de la lune behind the scenes

When Mercury is Retrograde we tend to experience some set backs, obstacles, and challenges. Mercury rules communication, travel, and commerce.

Electronics, computers and other gadgets are often affected during this time.

It's important to hold off on making big decisions, purchases or signing contracts. Keep in mind that conflicts and miscommunications may arise, so practice patience and compassion!

Instead of fighting the energy of Mercury in Retrograde, just try to ride the current!

You can use Mercury Retrograde energy to your advantage!

• Instead of starting a new project or venture, take some time to rethink and refine your work! New information may come to light for you. It's important to listen for the messages that reveal themselves to you during this time.
•Now is a great time for self introspection. Take out your journal, reflect on the past, dream about the future. Set some intentions.
•Set your meditation routine in stone. Connect to your higher self. Make time to clear the pathways of your own personal communication to source.

The card pulled for this phase is the Waning Crescent: Transform.

Even though this New Moon energy may seem out of control right now, you are still a powerful creator. Utilize this energy for your personal growth and transformation.

The New Moon eclipse energy has us feeling in a pupa stage. You maybe feeling on the brink of transformation and ready to spread your wings, but don't miss this vital step!

Transformation takes place in darkness. In the womb, a cocoon, or buried in the earth. If you are experiencing a period of darkness right now, remember that you too are in transition. Honor this time and be gentle with yourself.

First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

September 2016 Energy Astrology reading with Spirit de la lune

The Firs Quarter Moon occurs on September 9th in Sagittarius. The energy is beginning to rise once again and you may be feeling anxious for direction and action while the moon is in the fiery sign of Sagittarius.

Big plans may be on your mind, and your goals may be feeling a bit more tangible at this time. But it's still not the best time to initiate anything too extreme right now. Instead, take a look at what you can do within your means.

Maybe there is a detail you've missed, or the need to go back over your initial plans. Don't be afraid to go back to the drawing board. There may be something you are overlooking.

The Card Pulled for this phase is the Waxing Crescent: Create

We are constant creators of our own reality. Everything that we do in the present, becomes a part of our future. What is that you are currently creating for your future?

There are many steps to this creative process! Be aware of the thoughts you are thinking, and the emotions you are feeling. If you are unsure what you want to create next, make a vision board, set up a new altar, let your inspiration guide you.

Try scribbling in your journal, or even free-writing. Open up those creative channels!


Full Harvest Moon And

Lunar Eclipse In Pisces

Full Moon Energy Reading with Spirit de la Lune

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs on the 16th of September in Pisces and a bit of Aries.

Lunar Eclipses amp up the energy, and present us the lessons that we need for the next evolutionary steps in our consciousness. This is a powerful time for revelations, awakenings, and inspiration.

The energy may really get intense during this time of the month. There is a great shift taking place on the Mother Earth right now. Not only are the seasons changing, but many vibrational shifts are taking place as well.

This Full Moon is likely to cause some erratic or even confusing behavior from others. The Eclipse energy will have people wanting clarity and closure, while we are still dealing with the miscommunications that Mercury's Retrograde can bring.

Try to be adaptable and fluid during this Full Moon. Take a page out of the Pisces book and be flexible and versatile.

This Full Moon is also known as the Harvest Moon; a turning point in the wheel of the year. The days begin to get shorter, and the nights grow cold shortly after this Full Moon.

This full moon marks the time of the Harvest.

Spirit de la Lune Full Moon Reading

As the seasons change, so do we.

The seasons are turning to a more serious note. School is back in session, and the Earth and all her creatures are preparing for the fall. September has brought us back to earth in a very real way.

Before we prepare for the harshness of winter, it is time to celebrate the summer season on the Harvest Moon.

Check back on the 15th of September for this month's Lunar Ceremony in celebration of the Harvest Moon.

Be sure to pull the Harvest Moon Spread from the guidebook, and charge your deck in the moonlight.

Full moon energy reading | Spirit de la Lune

The card pulled for this phase is The Rebirth card.

The Full Moon Eclipse really will prove to be a form of rebirth for all of us.

The Blood Moon reminds us to accept the darkness around us as part of our inner growth and transformation.

Surrender to what is right now. Reflect on past lessons at this time. Journal and reflect on all that has taken place since the New Moon.

Be open to new opportunities, and say yes to change. Step into the unknown, embrace the darkness, and step into your rebirth.

Last quarter moon in Cancer

Energy Report 20016 September with Spirit de la Lune

The Last Quarter Moon Occurs on the 23 of September in both Cancer and Gemini.

Many of the adjustments and changes you've been through will begin to make sense to you, especially as Mercury goes direct on the 22nd of September.

This is also the Fall equinox, and the Sun's entrance into Libra. Symbolized by the scales of balance, we are sure to experience a few moments of peace and rejuvenation towards the end of September.

While the days are still growing shorter, the energy is going to begin to feel lighter, and more uplifting as we enter the months of Fall.

This energy gives you a chance to get back on track and find your footing once again. You will feel a bit of a "green light" energy towards the end of the month. Feeling like all those projects and ideas you've been waiting on are now a go!

The card pulled for this phase is the Waxing Crescent:  Envision

As the moon begins to wane back to the New Moon, your third eye will be more open. You are more in tune with your intuition. Utilize this energy, to bring your visions and intentions into physical manifestation.

Visualize your dreams unfolding. You've likely been holding this vision for quite some time and it's finally time to begin to takes the steps to manifest it.

Trust in yourself and the universe that the next steps will unfold perfectly.


Happy New Moon!

Remember to cleanse your deck & set your intentions.


How do you want this next cycle to unfold? Share your New Moon intentions with us in the comments!

We are hopeful for positive change and graceful transition this month! We have submitted our final designs to our new printer, and have seen the proofs of our second edition!

It feels like it's been such a long wait, and we appreciate your patience and support! We are hoping to have a release date for the deck very soon! 

Lunar Blessings