Quarter Moon + Astro Transit Update!

Deep, Dark, & Brooding- Moon's Move through Scorpio!

We start our bi weekly lunar report with the moon currently in the sign of Scorpio. Here she is brooding, feeling dark, and probing for information and to understand the depths of all that is around her. Relationships, life purpose, work and ways to give back to society, sex and intimacy, as well as self-reflection and growth are all areas that I see bubbling to the surface!

The lunar pull make emotions intense and the need to dive deep is strong and something we can't ignore or suppress.

For some, this is a welcomed feeling- especially if you are using this energy to connect deeply with others or your own healing. For others, you can feel downright exhausted, sensitive, or guarded because you are not open or willing to walk across coals and fire this hot.

Both feelings are okay and I recommend that each of us take every day one step at a time, reminding ourselves that every transit- both good or bad- is never permanent and always changing things for the better!

Energy Lifts- Sagittarius Vibes!

Next, in the first week of August the vibe will lighten as the moon moves into the sign of light and airy Sagittarius!

We feel the energy of expansion & exploration all because we were forced to examine our relationships and selves when the moon was moving through Scorpio!
What was revealed to us during that time now enlightens us and lifts us as we move forward!

You want to think outside of the box, have fun, think BIG, and plan idealistically towards your future... especially as we're moving into eclipse season this month!
Your vision now will help you to build the foundation of what you can create and manifest for the future! For this, we welcome with open arms these transits happening globally!

Dare to Be Different- Uranus goes Retrograde!


On the 2nd of August, Uranus will go retrograde until early next year (yes, 2018!). This planet rules innovation and surprise so with this our whole way of doing things can change in a flash! Our belief systems may be tested, our normal routines are forced to change, our relationship dynamics switch! It all depends where Uranus falls within your chart but either way you'll be nudged to be open minded and flexible as routine pieces of life you've grown to expect are stripped or blown away. Again, stay flexible and open and you have nothing to worry about!

Total Eclipse in Aquarius!

On the 7th, we have a huge eclipse in the sign of Aquarius... who just happens to be ruled by Uranus! This full moon is supported well by Jupiter (the planet of blessings and gifts!) and Mars (the action planet!) so this is another moon to welcome with arms wide open!

This moon brings change, transformation, and works to further reveal any areas that need to be refreshed or switched up! Also, I see so many focusing less on themselves and more on the external world and their role and connection to the "One" and consciousness. The feeling of "we are all connected" comes to mind with this full moon!

The Chance to Return... Mercury Retrograde

Don't worry or stress too heavily about changes or shake-ups that happen during this time! Remember, there are no such thing as mistakes and if you ever feel the need to "redo" or go back to something that you wish you would have done differently or had a second chance at you will have the opportunity to when Mercury goes retrograde the 12th until September 5th. This gives us all a chance to go back to square one and revisit any areas that need additional attention, time, or focus! I always say that Mercury retrograde's reputation is worse than its bite and there is opportunity in all phases of the moon and each transit no matter how much social media wants to make them seem much scarier than they actually are!  If you work with the energy of the planets they will in turn work for you!

About Jessica

Jessica is a healer, herbalist, and intuitive reader based in Philadelphia, PA. She has 15 years experience in reading and teaching tarot as well as 9 years experience in the study of astrology. She is best known for her insightful and powerful readings while delivering channeled messages in an honest and uplifting way as well as creating magical monthly lunar blends for her clients every new and full moon cycles charged with love, light, and specific intent for her shop and apothecary BehatiLife. Her mission is to be in service to others and the Divine and to spread love, healing, and light to all.

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