Full Blue Moon Meditation & Shower Ritual for Renewal

Happy Full Blue Moon!

This full moon takes place in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio depending on your location. It’s can be a time of both amplified emotions and increased sensitivity. A time to go within and shed the layers of your past self. Self care is important this month as healing can be a tiring process. Step into this

Full Blue Moon Meditation and Shower Ritual for Renewal

This Full Moon is a Blue Moon!

A blue moon isn’t actually blue in color during this time, but the term
”Once in a Blue Moon” does hold it’s merit! It is a pretty unique Full Moon!

There are usually three full moon between each seasonal shift. Some years, there are four full moon in a season. When this happens, the third full moon is called a Blue moon! The second definition is when 2 Full Moons happen in one month.

This full blue moon offers us the unique opportunity for inner and outer renewal and healing with the energy of taurus & scorpio as our guide.

Blue Moon Meditation

The blue moon always offers us the unique opportunity to step into renewal and rebirth if we are willing to go within. Renewal means a new you and a new chapter. In order to see physical changes, you must first make changes within.

Tonight, to honor and utilize this renewing Blue Moon energy we created a Blue Moon Meditation. Enter the Blue Moon lagoon and bathe in the waters of deep renewal. After this meditation take a shower with a blue moon herb bouquet. Using both the water element of Scorpio and herbs and crystals from the earthy sign of Taurus you can use this ritual to help access and harness the lunar energy tonight.

Music in the meditation:
White Lotus" by Kevin MacLeod

Herb Bundles & Bath Bouquets

Full Blue Moon Meditation and Shower Ritual for Renewal

When you hang a bouquet of herbs from the shower head, the warm water and steam naturally awaken the fragrance inside the plants, and fill the shower with the sweet aroma of your favorite cleansing plant allies! 

This creates a magical and cleansing atmosphere to help you restore and revitalize yourself from the inside out.

If for any reason you cannot access fresh herbs, you can always use the essential oils of the herbs and put the drops by your feet and the warm shower will create a beautiful rejuvenating steam!

Full Blue Moon Meditation and Shower Ritual for Renewal


  • Gather together your favorite fragrant herbs and flowers from the garden or a grocery store.

(Lavender, roses, marigolds, sage, rosemary, eucalyptus, basil, verbena, thyme, peppermint, lemon balm, hyssop, mugwort, juniper are all great options!)

  • Bundle your herbs together tightly in 1-2 inches in diameter and secure with a rubber band or tie firmly with yarn.

  • Tie string or ribbon around the end of the bundle and tie it around the shower head. Be sure the bundle is grouped together tightly. (A grated drain guard can help keep the herbs from clogging the drain in case they do fall.)

Full Blue Moon Meditation and Shower Ritual for Renewal

This herbal bundle can be for longer than just this Full Moon ritual! As you take your next shower (or bath,) the warm water will re-awaken the aroma of the plants, while the cleansing water cleans both your body and your aura. Replace and refresh your bouquet as often as you desire.

(Replace the herbs needed. Some herbs will last longer than others.)

Full Blue Moon Meditation and Shower Ritual for Renewal

Happy Blue Moon!

Bathe in the Waters for Deep Renewal

Full Blue Moon Meditation and Shower Ritual for Renewal

Don’t forget to cleanse and charge your crystals and decks tonight under the Blue Moon!

It’s a great time to also check in with your Tune to the Moon planners too! Pairing your new Moon intention with the Full Moon Mandala and Blessing page can be a powerful way to further align your energy with the Moon’s! Happy Full Moon!

Full Blue Moon Meditation and Shower Ritual for Renewal

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