Stop & Smell the Flowers | New Moon in Taurus Moonthly Energy Report

Happy New Moon in Taurus!

The month of May began with the celebration of Beltane with the New Moon following close behind. This New Moon in Taurus is all about cultivating and seeing tangible growth from your past efforts. This New Moon holds potential for progress and growth that you can actually see and enjoy with all of your senses, not just the physical!

In fact, this entire month ahead holds so much opportunity for both productivity and celebration! We have the ability to see our progress and growth as well as take the time to revel in it.

As the New Moon waxes towards full, our own energy grows and amplifies as well. We are able to focus on our goals and bring our dreams into the physical realm. This month ahead also holds a Blue Moon; a unique opportunity for renewal and growth. Soon after, the moon wanes back to last quarter and then back into the shadows once again turning towards new.

The moon controls the tides and water on this planet… being made mostly of water ourselves, the moon phases hold significant power over our moods and emotions. She represents the goddess and her ever changing and fluid nature.

When you are in tune with the moon, you will find that you too feel similar ebbs and flows! You can use this to your advantage by following along with the moon phases and taking notice of how you feel. (Check out our Tune to the Moon planners! They are currently on sale!)

Each new moon, together with our planner & Spirit de la Lune decks, using the four main phases of the moon as our guide, we put together our Moonthly Energy Report. For each main turning/week, we pull a card from the deck to further help us navigate the waves ahead!

Please keep in mind… we are considering this a Blue Moon cycle though some people may relate to this cycle as the Flower Moon or Honey Moon. Call it whatever resonates with you the most!

New Moon in Taurus | Honey Moon Cycle Energy Report

Grab a cup of iced coffee, your Spirit de la Lune planner & deck and read on to see what this Moonthly Energy Reading holds.

New Moon in Taurus

We are kicking off the month of May with the New Moon in Taurus. Taurus is all about tangible pleasures and growth we can see and feel with all of our senses. This New Moon takes place just after Beltane and the energy of merriment and abundance is still palpable!

New Moon in Taurus | Honey Moon Cycle Energy Report

A New Moon is when the moon is no longer visible in the sky. The moon has ebbed in the sky and has reached her beginning point once again. While she might be hidden in the shadows, her energy can surely be felt!

A New Moon can heighten your sensitivity and intuition. It’s a great time for planning the month ahead and making way for the changes you want to see happen.

While this month is amping up to be a busy and productive time, Taurus reminds us to slow down and smell the flowers every once in a while. The earthy sign of Taurus is all about embodiment and diligence. This might mean you are asked to take things slow. Instead of forcing things, try to trust in the inevitable growth ahead.

The New Moon in Taurus also asks us to do some digging and weeding in the garden of our intentions right now. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and dig beneath the surface in order to find out what is could be blocking your growth.

Mercury also enters Taurus on the 6th of May just the day after the moon turns new.

How you communicate in your relationships might come up during this time. It’s important to make sure you are communicating from your heart center. Taurus reminds us to not be stubborn and bullheaded right now. Taurus is known as the Lover in the Spirit de la Lune deck because of the gentle and loving energy that is needed for real authentic growth and healing to take place. Taurus is also ruled by Venus, the Goddess of love! You can’t stomp on the earth and demand a flower to grow. Only loving tender nourishing can provide the opportunity for true growth.

Be sure you are operating from your heart center this week!

New Moon in Taurus | Honey Moon Cycle Energy Report

The card pulled for this phase is Waxing Crescent: Refine. This week we are being asked to dig deep and to look within and see what needs refining. The earthy sign of Taurus from the New Moon is asking us to get our hands dirty and do the weeding process we might have been avoiding. Dig deep to see what is beneath the surface that needs to go, in order to make room for potential growth. We are always on the path towards self progress and refinement. While this week offers us the opportunity for a new chapter, it’s important we close the pages of the old one before we can begin to write anything new.

First Quarter Moon in Leo

New Moon in Taurus | Honey Moon Cycle Energy Report

The First Quarter moon takes place in the fiery sign of Leo on the 11th of May. As the moon begins to grow in the sky, we too feel our inner fire stir and grow! This week will be a productive and busy one for sure… and it’s only leading up to more productivity ahead.

With the First Quarter moon in Leo, you will feel unstoppable and ready for action. The moon in Leo increases our motivation and our desire to shine… whatever this might mean for you! It’s a good time to perform, create, play, or do anything that allows you to express yourself.

Mars enters Cancer on May 15th, bringing in the need for clear communication within our homes and partnerships. Mars asks us to say what we feel and not beat around the bush. With Venus also entering Taurus on the 15th, it will be important to once again be sure we are operating from our heart space rather than the ego.

Venus, the Goddess of love and relationships in Taurus will highlight our need to feel secure and safe in our relationships. Speak up about your feelings. Mars in Cancer brings up the need for clear communication so that we can create the safe spaces within our homes and partnerships.

New Moon in Taurus | Honey Moon Cycle Energy Report

The card pulled for this week is Waning Gibbous; Dream. The Moon is waxing in the sky; each day she grows bigger and brighter, giving light to help you realize your dreams and goals. The coming Full Blue Moon holds opportunity for success and potential for progress. What can you do right now to make sure you are in alignment with your dreams? Be sure you are pouring pure positive energy into your dreams and goals right now. If you feel you can’t do much physical action towards achieving your goals quite yet, there is no harm in dreaming! Every goal and intention first begins in the dream/imaginative realm.

Full Blue Moon in Scorpio

The moon turns to full on May 18th in both Scorpio and Sagittarius depending on your location and time. We are a few days from the first day of Summer here in the Northern Hemisphere.

New Moon in Taurus | Honey Moon Cycle Energy Report

The flowers are in full bloom and the bees are buzzing collecting their pollen. This is a very productive time for all1

This Full Moon holds opportunity for fulfillment on both emotional and physical levels. You truly have the power to realize your goals at this time!

Scorpio brings us opportunity for emotional closure from the past while Sagittarius reminds us to think large-scale and make long term plans with a sense of optimism and openness.

This is a great time to pursue anything creative that inspires your interests. It’s a great time for long term planning or taking action towards your large scale projects. You can worry about the attention to details later… Allow this Sagittarius energy to inspire you towards taking the needed steps towards realizing your goals!

If you are having a hard time knowing where to start, take the advice from the bees and “follow the flowers!” What inspires joy and clarity of mind for you? What would you do every day if you absolutely could? Follow the things that bring your heart joy and bliss. You will feel a magnetic pull towards the “flowers “in your life.

New Moon in Taurus | Honey Moon Cycle Energy Report

The Blue Moon brings in renewal!

A blue moon was originally when we have 4 full moons in one season… though with the modern Gregorian Calendar that we follow now, most traditionally know the Blue Moon to be 2 full moons in one month. (We choose to follow both of these beliefs.)

Whatever you choose to follow, a Blue moon is a reminder. Remember your fullness and remember your magnetic power!

There might be chaos around you, or heightened emotions surrounding your situation, but know that this amplified energy will pass. The storm is passing, and as the moon wanes, she is renewing your heart for a new path. Allow this reminder to bring you a renewed sense of hope as you reconnect with your vitality.

Both Mercury and the sun enter Gemini on May 21 a few days after the full moon. The sun in Gemini favors warm and sociable times with friends and family, while Mercury in Gemini enhances our need for communication with like minded individuals. This is a great time to pull together a Full Moon ceremony or a get-together with your friends!

New Moon in Taurus | Honey Moon Cycle Energy Report

The card pulled for this phase is Waning Crescent; Support. With the Blue moon happening this week, it’s no wonder Support was pulled! The hive as a whole cannot exist without the support and help of the entire colony. This full moon is reminding you to reach out to your support system right now. Reach out to those in your own hive and tribe. In moments of both bleakness and celebration, you will find support. Remember to also connect to Gaia. Call upon your crystal companions and there stable structure and long lasting support for grounding and rooting your energy right now.

Now is also a great time to check out the Blue Moon Spread from the Guidebook and color in the Coloring Mandala for the month! Doing these kinds of activities on or around the time of the Full Moon can help direct and focus your intentions in an amplified way!

Remember to take time for yourself during such productive and busy time! Check in with yourself and be sure you are taking time to ground your energy. Don’t forget to enjoy the little things and smell the roses during such a busy and productive time of the month!

Last Quarter Moon in Pisces

New Moon in Taurus | Honey Moon Cycle Energy Report

The moon turns to Last Quarter in Pisces on the 26th of May. This brings an increase of emotions for ourselves and others. You might feel more empathetic and sensitive during this time.

This week your emotions might predominate over anything else, so it’s best to allow yourself the space to feel any of these emotions fully. Repressing your emotions will only ensure they come up again later! It’s important to allow yourself to fully feel an emotion in order to heal it!

The moon in Pisces can also make your body more sensitive and vulnerable to low quality foods, drugs and alcohol. This Last Quarter moon is really asking you to pay attention to your body and not escape any emotions you might be running from.

New Moon in Taurus | Honey Moon Cycle Energy Report

The card pulled for this week is Waxing Gibbous; Focus. You might be feeling your energy or motivation ebb right now as the moon also ebbs in the sky as she prepares to turn to New once again. Focus pulled for this week shows a need to turn your focus inward. You might feel lack of physical motivation, but you can always harness and focus your emotional and intuitive energy. With the Waning Moon in Pisces this week, your intuition and sensitivity is enhanced. Use this time to focus your energy and emotions towards any intentions you may have through the power of visualization and meditation. If you are having a hard time focusing your energy, light a candle on your altar to help remind you of your current goals.

Happy New Moon!


This Blue Moon Cycle holds so much potential for renewal, growth, and celebration. A productive month is ahead of us for sure… so be sure to take deep breaths and not get too caught up in the busyness of this month! Take some time to enjoy where you are at and how far you’ve come.

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New Moon in Taurus | Honey Moon Cycle Energy Report