New Moon in Gemini 2019 Honey Moon Energy report

Happy New Moon in Gemini!

Opportunities and possibilities abound this month beginning with this New Moon in the curious and creative sign of Gemini.

New Moon in Gemini 2019 Honey Moon Energy report

A New Moon is a time of new beginnings and starting a brand new chapter for the month ahead. This is a great time for setting intentions, and the curious and expansive sign of Gemini can help you think of just how to convey your intention and get your message across or fully commit to a new routine.

New Moon energy is also the perfect time for clearing or cleansing your home, crystals, decks and even yourself of any old habits or energy that might be blocking you from reaching your goals! Use this time to call in what you are wanting to create in the future.

This New Moon in Gemini opens the gateway to the Honey Moon cycle; a time of both productivity & sweetness.

New Moon in Gemini 2019 Honey Moon Energy report

Spring is in full swing here in the Northern Hemisphere. Birds are chirping and flowers bloom while the bees are buzzing all around, collecting pollen for their honey. We are beginning to notice the growth blooming around us and how it is all connected.

Connection seems to be an important subject this month. The New Moon wants us to socialize and connect with others like us, and the Honey Moon reminds us of the Hive and to help others and be open to receiving help ourselves.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help this month, and allow others to open the door for you or give you the tools and resources you might need to achieve your goals!

Spirit de la lune Tune to the Moon planner and deck

Each month, with our planners and our decks, we look ahead at the astrology coming up for the New Moon Cycle to create the Moonthly Energy Reading!

Grab a cup of iced coffee or tea & scroll down to see what this New Moon Cycle has in store for you!

New Moon in Gemini

New Moon in Gemini 2019 Honey Moon Energy report

The New Moon in Gemini this week is going to open so many possibilities for us! The sign of Gemini is so versatile and curious… it’s a great time for starting anything new, especially something that that involves studies, research or anything else that gets your mind buzzing. it’s important to not start TOO many things right now!

But, expect communication to freely flow this week.

Mercury enters Cancer on the 4th shortly after the New Moon. This will improve your memory and enhance your craving for intellectual connections… emotions may predominate your choices this week so be sure to check in with your intuition and body before acting.

Avoid taking on too much or over committing yourself to too many projects this week. Gemini/Mercury loves to connect and be of help others so be careful to not self sacrifice and overwhelm yourself with the problems of others. It’s important to find the balance between helping others and being helped this week.

Your connection with others will be very important this week

Be open minded when it comes to setting your intentions for this month… You might not be able to do this alone. It’s perfectly okay to rely on others in order to get the things you need sometimes.

Ask your higher self and your guides to help put you in connection with the right people and places that will help you see the opportunities you need! Connections even from our past can open the right doors to future opportunities.

Venus enters Gemini on June 8th just before the First Quarter Moon which could cause us to face difficult or important decisions. Choice might be a big thing that comes up, so good communication within partnerships or anyone involved will be helpful during this time!

New Moon in Gemini 2019 Honey Moon Energy report

The card pulled for this week is Waxing Gibbous: Connect. With so much on the blog already about connecting with others, it truly feels like an important topic this week to see it pulled for the weekly card! This New Moon is a great time to set some strong intentions and brainstorm all the different ways you can achieve your goals, but don’t forget how important asking for help can be! Set intentions to be connected to the right people, or share your ideas with others and get input from those you trust. Ask for help if you need it and make sure there is mutual energy exchange. Connect with your friends and family this week… There just might be someone out there who is longing to hear from you!

First Quarter in Virgo

New Moon in Gemini 2019 Honey Moon Energy report

The First Quarter moon takes place in the sign of Virgo on June 9th. Virgo is the sign of the healer and motivates us towards cleansing and organizing both our mental and physical spaces so we can grow and heal properly.

When the Waxing Moon is in Virgo we feel motivated towards building routine and paying extra attention to the small details. The Waxing Moon energy in of itself motives us to want to plan and look ahead. Use this Virgo energy to make a detailed steps to take later this week.

Feelings of restlessness could be high this when Venus moves into the sign of Gemini. This will have you wanting to infuse intellectual stimulation into your interests, daily pursuits and even love life. The Sun opposes Jupiter this week which can cloud your judgement. The temptation to overindulge is high this week, so be careful with what you are saying “yes” to.

For those that usually restrict themselves from having fun or inviting in pleasure into their lives, this week is a good one to allow yourself to indulge! Stay in and do your favorite activities at home… or go out and enjoy your time with your friends if you feel called to it! Set the intention to invite in more pleasure and abundance and then take a step towards achieving it.

New Moon in Gemini 2019 Honey Moon Energy report

The card pulled for this phase is Waxing Gibbous: Focus. Where is your focus this week? Where has your mind naturally been drawn to? Remember,”where focus goes, energy flows.” The Waxing Moon motivates us and stokes our inner fire… but that fire needs to be tended and watched or it might smother itself out… or worse run wild and cause destruction! This week, while the moon is waxing towards Full, try to harness your focus! If you are having trouble finding an area of focus, sit back and observe yourself. Watch where you naturally focus your energy is this week and see how this invites in either chaos or growth.

Full Honey Moon in Capricorn


Intuition and inspiration are available to you daily but only if you know how to listen and be open to it.

The Full Moon on the 17th of June in Sagittarius and Capricorn will help you swing that door wide open to help you expand into new territories within yourself.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius has us feeling optimistic and open minded… we love to discuss and explore new ideas with like minded friends at this time. This energy is all about expansion. You might be feeling adventurous and ready to try new things… while planning is fun and essential while in Sagittarius, you might find it hard to get these plans in motion right now!

The Sun is opposing Sagittarius right now which might bring up even more conflict when it comes to getting these plans into action. Instead, enjoy the fun part of the planning process and worry about the details later.

The Moon spends about a day and a half in each sign and lunar energy can be felt for up to 3 days depending on your location, so many of you will feel some of this Full Honey Moon in Capricorn too. Capricorn is all about discipline and getting those plans into action. So be sure to enjoy and relish in that planning stage because the Moon in Capricorn is going to help you find the clarity and discipline you need to get things done.

New Moon in Gemini 2019 Honey Moon Energy report

The Full Honey Moon reminds us to connect to our tribe/hive. A honey bee is nothing without it’s Hive. This Full Moon with the Summer Solstice so near is the perfect time for gathering with your friends and family. The Full Moon is a time of illumination, but it is also a time of fulfillment and celebration.

Summer Solstice on June 21st!

The Sun enters Cancer on June 21st beginning the Season of Summer here on the Northern Hemisphere and Winter for the Southern Hemisphere.

As the Sun moves into Cancer, we feel a greater need to get in touch with ourselves. A need to focus on the home and feel safe and secure might become dominant for many. This a great time to tend to your garden and water your plants to ensure future growth. You might feel called towards staying home and focusing on yourself. Answer that call!

This week might not feel like the best for physical travel, but opportunity to travel within and expand yourself into new realms of possibility are opening up. On June 21st, Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces which can really cause us to go within to the dream world.

New Moon in Gemini 2019 Honey Moon Energy report

Allow yourself to get lost in your daydreams! This is important place when it comes to creativity and manifesting your desires.

Tune in to your planner and color in the Full Moon Moondala with intention to help you harness your emotions and subconscious energy this Full Honey Moon!

A month like this has potential to fly by… so be sure to stop and smell the flowers and taste some of the sweet honey life has to offer! Celebrate where you are at and just how far you have come and don’t forget to check back with us during the week of the full moon for our Full Moon Ritual post!

New Moon in Gemini 2019 Honey Moon Energy report

The card pulled for this phase is Waxing Crescent: Expansion. This Full Moon and Neptune retrograde happening this week can help expand us in many ways.The Full Moon illuminates the night sky this week and as she does, she also shines a light into our inner selves. Neptune’s influence on us causes us to feel flighty and somewhat lost in our daydreams. Allow yourself that time to imagine and daydream! Pay attention to your sleeping and waking dreams this week. This week holds many lessons and opportunities towards expansion, but many of these will be found within!

Last Quarter Moon in Aries

New Moon in Gemini 2019 Honey Moon Energy report

The Last Quarter takes place on the 25th of June in the fiery sign of Aries. Aries will help motivate you towards finishing up any last minute plans you might have this week.

A Waning Moon can often scatter our energy or motivation, but the Last Quarter Moon in Aries can inspire you to find that inner strength and will power to finish that action plan from the First Quarter Moon.

Be sure it’s detailed enough to follow!

It might seem hard to concentrate as the week continues… Neptune went retrograde on the 21st which can make life feel a little off… you might feel a bit out of touch with reality this week.

Those who are extra sensitive might find themselves mentally drifting and empaths will need to reinforce their protection shields or clear their energy often.

On June 27th, Mercury enters Leo which can cause some fiery communication… The need to express oneself and learn how to convey an idea to others will feel important. Leo can help you promote your ideas so you can share with them others around you, you might need to think outside the box but the creative answers will come to you!

This week, as Venus squares Neptune, you might find it difficult to trust the intentions of others. Focus on yourself this week and what you can creatively express. Avoid getting distracted by people who are not on the same wavelength as you.

Your creativity might really be highlighted this week… so don’t be afraid to unleash it and look for the messages that your higher self wants to reveal to you.

New Moon in Gemini 2019 Honey Moon Energy report

The card pulled for this week is Waning Gibbous: Guidance. There are messages from Spirit all around you. Your guides will always communicate and deliver lessons in a way that you are able to understand. As the Moon wanes in the sky this week you will begin to feel drawn inward as your intuition begins to speak to you. Look for the lessons your higher self may have for you. Be open to how you share and receive guidance this week… Remember that it’s okay to ask for help from others. Reach out to those in your circle, you yourself might be an unknowing teacher to others this week.

New Moon in Gemini 2019 Honey Moon Energy report

Spring is all around for us. This Honey Moon promises to be a productive one where we can expand out connection with ourselves and with others.

Our connection with others is always important, so don’t forget to reach out to your hive. The Earth’s ecosystem relies on each other in order to bloom and grow. We too must rely on others to ensure our healthy growth.

The days are getting longer and warmer as we head towards the Summer Solstice. We have more energy than ever to pursue our dreams and goals this month.

Connecting with others and making a detailed action plan is the way to go as we head into this Honey Moon Cycle!


Don’t forget to set your intentions tonight and cleanse your decks under this New Moon. Check back on the Full Moon for our Full Honey Moon Ritual!