Flower Moon ceremony

DIY Moon Board Creation


Happy Full Moon lovelies!

We want to share a fun project with you that you can begin for the next Moon cycle! It is what we call a “Moon Board” similar to a vision board or mood board, but with a Lunar twist of course!

We will show you how to create it and work with it throughout the Moon phases to really amplify, tune in, and manifest your intentions and goals. Get your scissors and glue ready and let’s begin!

Spirit de la Lune DIY Moon board
Spirit de la Lune DIY Moon board

What you need:

  • Black poster board or Cork board (you can use chalk paint to paint it black)

  • Washi tape

  • metallic pens/markers (to show up on the black board)

  • Scissors

  • Modpodge, glue, or tacks/pins

  • scissors

  • Magazines

  • glitter/stickers, anything you want to make it pretty and unique!

  • Your Moon Sign Compass or Moon compass from your Tune to the Moon Planner

Spirit de la Lune DIY Moon board

First divide your board into 4 even sections with the washi tape or metallic pens. The black board is optional, but I highly recommend it because it truly makes everything pop and it looks very Lunar ;)

Each section represents the 4 main turnings of the Moon cycle: the New Moon week, the First Quarter/Waxing Moon week; the Full Moon Week; and the Last Quarter/Waning week. Feel Free to write down each date for the four turnings in each section and what sign they are in. Or you can keep it blank so you can keep reusing this! That is also why I also suggest a cork/bulletin board. Either is great! You can always find the dates for the moon cycle on our New Moon energy reports, or the Tune to the Moon planner! But if you have a moon app that works too!

Spirit de la Lune DIY Moon board

Secondly, put your Moon Compass in the center of the board. We always align our New Moon with the east quadrant and our Moon Compass is the same. So the moon phases on the compass should align with your Moon phase sections on the board.

A Moon Compass helps you track your energy or intentions daily with the moon phases. The more you track your energy the more you can see patterns emerge so you can understand your unique flow of energy better. We have a free Moon Compass you can download here or you can use your Tune to the Moon Planner. Marissa also has a Lunar e-book that teaches you all about Moon charting!

Please note: The Moon Compass will be opposite for the Southern Hemisphere, so create your quadrants according to your Moon Compass so they all align.


Now that you have your Moon Board prepped and ready for the next Moon cycle, read below how to use The Moon Board during each Moon phase!

When the Moon is New…

Spirit de la Lune DIY Moon board

Now that you have placed your Moon Compass… on the actual date of the New Moon for the Moon cycle up ahead you can use this board and write your intentions and begin to track your energy daily by coloring the moon slices!

Before you begin using your Moon board, think about your intentions and goals for this next moon cycle. Grab your journal and answer the following questions:

How do you want to feel?

What do you want to accomplish?

What do you want to set into motion?

What do you want to release?

What lights you up right now?

What is your New Moon intention/goal/desire?

What is your vision for this Moon Cycle?

Begin to scour your magazines and find images and words that align with your vision. Have fun! Put on some music and ignite your creativity!

In the New Moon Quadrant write your intentions and glue your images and words into this section creating your first mini vision board!

Other things you can do too during the New Moon phase/week:

  • Pull a tarot/oracle card for each quadrant… what is the current energy showing you? What does it reveal about your next step?

  • Keep you moon board somewhere you can see everyday and interact with it everyday by coloring in your moon slices and reading your intentions out loud

  • Choose a crystal for this week and program it with your intentions

  • Carry this crystal with you during the day and sleep with it at night

  • Before you go to bed each night this week, smudge your bed/your aura and ask your Higher Self to reveal any messages you need to hear during your dreams

When the Moon is Waxing..

Spirit de la Lune DIY Moon board

The First Quarter Moon phase is all about action, momentum, and ignition… but not just any kind of action. Inspired action is key!

Everyday during this week, do this mini inspired activation meditation using your Moon board and a candle. It doesn’t have to be long, just long enough for you to get tuned in and spark your inspiration.

Sit in front of your Moon board, light your candle and have your journal ready. Invite your Higher self, your guides, the Universe to sit with you. When you are ready, ask yourself any of these questions:


What is my Soul calling me to do today?

How can I be of service today?

What is the message I need to share today?

What am I inspired to do today?

Notice, the questions are focusing on TODAY. Stay in the present moment during this phase. You have already focused on the bigger picture during the New Moon week, now it is time to trust your intuition and begin where you are at. The time is NOW.

Sit with these questions and gaze into the flame. Write any messages you receive and when you feel ready, read your journal entry and choose something you feel called to do.

Write one inspired action on your Moon board and put your focus and energy into this one next step.

As you keep flowing with this exercise you may want to add more than one step a day, but just start with one inspired action for now, so you don’t get overwhelmed.

If you do this everyday during the First Quarter week, you should have about 6-8 inspired actions steps you actually took this week! That is amazing! You are amazing!

Other things you can do during the First Quarter phase/week:

  • Feel free to draw a card for each day to gain more clarity for each inspired action

  • Is there a crystal that can help you stay motivated and inspired this week?

  • Does each inspired action have a crystal to work with?

  • Feel free to pin/tape you other to-do lists in this section, this is a time to get sh** done!

  • Also feel free to add anymore images and words/affirmation to this section

  • Keep moon charting daily!

When the Moon is Full…

Spirit de la Lune DIY Moon board

The Full Moon illuminates everything in your life. She illuminates the good, the bad, and everything in between. Now is the time to cultivate gratitude in your life and focus on the blessings. Open your heart to compassion, forgiveness, grace, and love.

Surrender to the flow.

This week with your Moon board, create a new kind of list. I gratitude and blessings list. Have a glass of water and your journal handy and answer these questions each day:

What am I grateful for today?

What I accomplishing?

What blessings have I received this day?

What is opening my heart?

What is my intuition guiding me to do?

What am I loving about myself right now?

Answer those questions and write a couple of the most meaningful ones in the Full Moon quadrant. When it is the Full Moon, take your glass of water and charge it with all the things you wrote on your Moon Board. Hold your glass heart level and repeat aloud what you wrote. Let the water charge under the Full Moon and drink this beautiful Moon-charged elixir the next morning!

Other things you can do during the Full Moon phase/week:

  • Try one of the Spirit de la Lune spreads created for that exact Full Moon (you can find it in the guidebook)

  • Place a rose quartz of clear quartz in your water to amplify the energy!

  • You can also take you charged moonwater and put it in your bath instead

  • Color in the Full Moon Moondala in the Tune to the Moon planner!

  • Also feel free to add anymore images and words/affirmation to this section

  • Keep moon charting daily!

When the Moon is Waning

Spirit de la Lune DIY Moon board

The Moon cycle is winding down and all the energy you have built up and created during the Moon cycle is now coming back down to earth. This means you could begin seeing your goals and intentions coming to fruition and completion, or it is time to release them and let them go and learn from them.

This week get your journal out again, and choose a dark or black stone to help you release and let go of this Moon Cycle. Answer the questions below:

What did you complete this Moon cycle?

Did you complete your intention?

Did this Moon cycle progressed as you envisioned it would?

Did your intention change or shift?

What did you learn?

What are you letting go of?

What are you looking forward to?

Write at least one thing you are letting go of each day on your Moon board is the Last Quarter quadrant. Take your dark stone and ask it to help you release whatever you wrote down. Lay it out under the moonlight on the earth each night this week. IT is import to place it on the earth because Mother Earth will be absorbing this energy and transmuting it for you. Place the stone on the Moon Board during the day.

Other things you can do during the Waning phase/week:

  • Practice grounding meditations sitting on the earth under the moonlight

  • Make a list of everything you are letting go of and in it to the board, later you can burn it in a fireproof container

  • Get to bed earlier and focus on rest

  • Prep your next Moon Board!

  • Keep moon charting daily! PLEASE NOTE: The Moon compass may miss the last 2-3 days of the Moon cycle… this is the Dark Moon phase and a time to rest and just be.

We hope you enjoyed this DIY and we hope you make your own! Please share pictures with us!


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2018 Flower Moon Ceremony: Create Your Own Flower Moondala

Lunar Beltane blessings and Happy Flower Moon!

flower mandala 2.jpg

The Full Moon in Scorpio ignites the beautiful energy of the pagan holiday Beltane, typically celebrated on May 1st... also known as May Day! The season is in full bloom and it is a time to ignite your passions, your love for life, and celebrate! The merging and union of the Sacred Masculine and Feminine can be seen within and without and can bring in healing, new love, and creative energy is high!

 The Full Moon in Scorpio also happens to land on April 29th or April 30th depending on time zone!

For this Full Moon ceremony we are showing you two ways to celebrate the beauty in your life! You can create a Flower Moondala out in nature or a Flower Moondala in the comfort of your home!

Flower Moondala Ceremony

Gather flowers from your garden, or buy a beautiful bouquet or two, to bring with you out to nature. It could be your favorite piece of land, a park you have been wanting to explore, or a hike you have been looking forward to. Feel free to bring a picnic and your friends or lover!

 When you find the place to create your Moondala, ground yourself into the land. Take off your shoes and feel the energy of the Earth move up through your feet and ignite each chakra. 

From this grounded place begin to create your Moondala. Focus on the center and work your way outward. Allow your intuition and creativity to flow and take your time with this process. Work with the flowers you brought and the nature around you.  

If you are close to the ocean, feel free to create a mandala with the shells and seaweed washed upon the shore. Or if you are experiencing the Autumn season gather the fallen leaves, branches, and other bits of nature that is shedding on to the ground. Commune with the land you live on and honor her with her unique beauty!

These images were found on Pinterest... if you know the source let us know!

Elemental Blessing

After you create your beautiful Flower Moondala you can make an optional offering for the Elements. What you will need is:

  • Air: Sage or incense or just your breath

  • Fire: Your favorite perfume/anointing oil

  • Water: Moon water or wine in your chalice

  • Earth: A little bowl of sea salt or pink himilayan salt

While honoring each element, offer prayers to the land and intentions for the rest of your season.

Honor the Air element but saying yourself and your group and the Moondala in a clockwise motion. You can also gently blow your breath or prana/life force energy over the Moondala.

Honor Fire with the anointing oil and anoint each chakra on your body. Add a few drops to the center of the Moondala. 

Honor Water by drinking wine or moonwater from your chalice. Pour some libations on to the land and around the outside of the Moondala. 

Honor Earth by taking the bowl of salt and taking a few morsels on your tongue taking the Earth into your body. Sprinkle the rest of the salt around the Moondala creating a ring. 

Now enjoy the rest of your time here! Have a picnic, dance and sing, make love, play music... Celebrate your life!

Flower Moon.jpg

If you cannot go out into nature, bring nature to you. You could create a Flower Moondala on your altar or outside on your patio or backyard. Follow the steps above!

Happy Full Flower Moon.jpg

Also  download the free colorable Flower Moondala found in our Tune to the Moon Planner and take your time to color it in and infuse it with your love, intentions, and desires. After you finish coloring it you can use it as a charging plate to charge your decks, Moon water, or crystals under the full moon.  Don't forget to try the flower Moon reading from the spirit de Lune Guidebook!

We hope you have enjoyed this ceremony and please share your Flower Moondalas with us on Instagram! Tag @spiritdelalune and use the hashtags: #tunetothemoon #spiritdelalune

More Ways to Tune to the Moon!


Flower Moon Bathing Ritual for Self Love

Happy Full Flower Moon!

We are approaching the peak of the Flower Moon cycle, and we will soon be in the currents of the watery sensuality of the Full Moon in Scorpio on 5/10/17! 

The Flower Moon in Scorpio is the full blooming energy of the Flower Moon cycle and in astrology is considered Lunar Beltane - with the Sun in Taurus (Venus ruled) and the Moon in Scorpio (Mars ruled).. merging the Feminine and Masculine energies together as one.

Carve out some time to relax and create a beautiful bathing ceremony while the moon is full and in bloom. Down below we have some ideas and recipes you can try! Try them all or the ones you are drawn to... follow your intuition!

Remember to prep your Rose water and rose quartz stones in advanced, by sitting them out under the Waxing moon until the Full Moon on 5/10! Do this for at least 1-2 days in advanced!

Items needed:

Full Flower moon in May
  • Bath tub (if you do not have a bathtub use a bucket or bowl for a foot soak!)

  • Organic flowers (or dried flowers)

  • Sea salt or Epsom salt

  • Rose water (place out under the Waxing moon leading up to the Full Moon)

  • Half an avocado

  • 1/4 of a large cucumber

  • Your favorite perfume oil

  • Body oil or lotion

  • Tumbled rose quartz stones (place in rose water, or out under the waxing moon!)

  • Candles, incense, enchanting music (create a beautiful atmosphere!)

  • Your favorite lingerie or nightie!

  • Chocolate and wine of course!


Take some time to gather your items and reflect on the Moon cycle thus far:

What is blooming in your life right now?

What needs more nourishment?

Where are you sending your love and devotion?

Are you receptive to the love and abundance in your life?

Flower Moon Petal Soak:

Flower Moon Bath Salt.jpg
  • 2 cups epsom salt (or 1 cup each of epsom and sea salt)

  • Dried flowers or fresh edible flowers

  • 1/4 cup rosewater

  • 10 - 15 drops of your favorite essential oil or oil perfume!

  • Adding tumbled rose quartz is optional!

While stirring the salt with the flowers, slowly pour in the rose water and blend together evenly. Imagine pouring all your love into this mixture! Don't forget to add your favorite drops of oil and stir well! We love Ylang Ylang!

Soothing Avocado Mask:

  • 1/2 of an Avocado

  • 1/4 of cucumber (make sure to cut some slices for your eyes!)

  • 2 tbs of rose water

Blend all these items up in a blender until smooth. Add more Avocado for a creamier texture. You could also add more Rose Water if it is too thick, mine was a whipped texture. Feel free to peel the cucumber to have a smother finish, but it is not necessary.






Directions for use: Apply to your clean face, neck, and decolletage for 15-20 mins.  You could add it to your hair as well if you have extra. It will be very cooling at first, and your face will glow afterward! Feel free to adorn your face with cucumber slices, rose quartz, and edible flowers :) 


Apply the mask during your Flower Moon ceremony below...

Now that you have all your items prepped, on the day of the Full Moon, carve some time out your schedule to relax and pamper yourself. During anytime of this ceremony, feel free to invite a partner or lover to join you ;)

You can also do this ceremony with your Mother and make it a Spa day for Mother's Day this coming Sunday! Instead of a bath, you can make it a foot soak and have pedicures after!

Make all your recipes, and create an altar around your bath and bathroom, ready your nightie, light your candles and let your music invoke your body and desires to stir within. Do not draw your bath quite yet, as it may be cold by the time you get into it!

Once you are ready, go out under the Full Moon and stand below her and bask in her beauty. Offer her some of your flowers, and imagine her Moonlight shining down into your heart chakra and spreading through the whole ocean of your body. Where is the energy settling in your body? Breathe in and out this lunar energy, this tidal breath. 

Write in your journal about the prompts above and write a list of everything that invokes your sultry desires.

What stirs your soul?

If you are having a hard time figuring this out, ask Luna to help you clarify this during your ceremonial bath. 

Under the moonlight, take your perfume and anoint your Heart chakra, say out loud your intention to the Moon and leave Her a few drops of the oil as well.

When you are ready, apply your mask (I used a makeup brush for a smoother application) and if you can, lay out under the moonlight while your mask is soaking into your skin! If that doesn't work for you, you can draw your bath now and lay in your bath with the mask on.

The Moon lives in the lining of your skin.

When you are ready, wash your face off and draw your bath. Add any drops of oil to your bath and pour in your bath salts. Bring in your wine and chocolate, and soak in these soothing waters and allow every muscle to relax. Drift away in your fantasies and allow any messages from Luna to come through. Take your time.

After your luxurious bath, massage your body with your favorite lotion or oil, and get into your sexy nightie. Go back outside and thank Lady Luna for her love and clarity. Leave out some wine for the Faeries and the land. And for the rest of your night, stay receptive to any messages, yearnings, or desires that come from deep within. Go back to your list of things that invoke your desires and see how you can incorporate those into your daily life.

We hope you enjoyed this ceremony and find it deepens you into the enchanting magick of the Flower Moon and your sultry body.

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Flower Moon: Blooming Ceremony

Happy Full Flower Moon beauties!

It is time to witness and experience the luminous shining energy that is the Full Moon once again! Lady Luna is blooming and we have the opportunity to do the same!

Bloom Ceremony - Spirit de la lune

It is time to step into your fullness and embody your bloom.

And by bloom, we mean the beauty and magic that is unique to you. When you embody your bloom completely, like the flower, you magnetically draw in what is yours.

Flower Moondala - Spirit de la lune

Surround yourself with flowers to learn from the deep wisdom of the flora blossoming all around you. Spend time in your garden, water your flowers and plants with moon water, and listen to their unique messages. If you do not have a garden, walk around your neighborhood or park and explore the flora around you. Of course you can always buy flowers and put them in vases all around your home or altar. Make sure you gather some flowers for your ceremony later tonight! 

Blooming Ceremony

What you need: 

  • Flower petals: all colors, shapes, and sizes - whatever you are drawn to!

  • Clear crystal or silver bowl

  • Spring water

  • Your Spirit de la Lune deck and specifically the Flower Moondala

  • A marker (to write on the petals)

  • Your journal and pen

Begin by sitting at your altar and journal about what is blooming in your life. Write your list of blessings and blooming; allow your heart to open and flow in this current of gratitude. From the current write about what you would like to bloom in your life and really describe it with all your senses... Make this a sensory experience: if you allowed these certain things to blossom and bloom what would it look like, feel like, smell like, taste like, sound like? This may seem silly but you will be inviting your whole body and all your cells into this experience and you will begin to shift your energy to receive and draw in this energy you desire. 

Now that you have your lists of what is blooming and what you want to bloom, begin to take off the petals of each flower you chose and write down your keywords and lists on the petals... Try to narrow it down to one word on each petal. It's okay if you don't have enough words for all the petals! 

Flower Moondala - Spirit de la Lune

Now the fun begins! Go outside under the moonlight and assemble a beautiful flower mandala out of the petals. Let your intuition and creativity guide you. You can put the Flower Moondala card in the center too. Let this creative process bring you into a meditative state... Take your time and enjoy this process.

You are actively creating and attracting your desires by doing so!  

Once your Flower Moon Mandala is created take your bowl of spring water and put it at the center of the mandala on top of the Flower Moondala card. You can even add petals to the water (be sure they are safe petals because you will be drinking some of this moon water! Rose petals are always a good choice!). You can add crystals to the Moondala too, whatever you want to charge under the moonlight! 

Be sure to try the Flower Moon Spread in the Spirit de la lune guidebook for further insight into your bloom, desires, and your ceremony! Be sure to tag #SpiritdelaLune on instagram so we can see and feature your deck! We absolutely love seeing these cards in action! We are also still moving through the #Tunetothemoon challenge on Instagram there is still time to join in!

Leave these all out to charge under the moonlight and enjoy the rest of your evening. When the sun rises go outside to gather the petals and collect the moon water. If the wind scattered some petals, do not fret! Your desires are being moved through the wind! Drink some of the Flower Moon water to take it into your cells and body. You can save the rest to water your garden, use in baths, drink, or even put a drop or two into your fave ore perfumes and skincare products to keep absorbing this magick and beauty!

You can keep the rest of your petals and store them in a dry dark place to let them dry for the next lunation. You can then use the dried petals as loose incense on the next Full Moon to complete this blooming magick. If you do not want to save them you can scatter these petals in your garden or out in nature and let the wind and Gaia do the rest. Listen to your intuition and do what feels best!