Harvest Moon

4 Life Changing Ways to Cultivate Gratitude Using the Moon's Energy

Happy Full Harvest Moon! 

Full Harvest Moon | Spirit de la Lune

Summer's relentless heat is finally beginning to ease up on us as the winds of Autumn begin teasing us with her cool breeze.

The weekend's Full Moon marks the beginning of the Harvest Season for many cultures. According to astronomy author Guy Ottewell, the idea of the Harvest Moon originated in Europe, where the Harvest Moon rises 10 to 20 minutes later each night. A helpful occurrence as the days begin to get shorter as we prepare for Autumn. The Harvest Moon arrives to extend the hours of light so harvest can be done. (Source)

We may not use the light of the moon for farming and harvesting to that degree anymore, but the lunar energy can light the way within, helping us discover and cultivate our own desires.

The Autumn season tends to pull us towards an attitude of gratitude, but cultivating and living in gratitude on a daily basis has many benefits.

Gratitude is both a practice and an attitude. Taking just 5 minutes out of a bad day to focus on gratitude can help shift your mood very quickly... but it also has many long term benefits if done on a consistent basis!

Consistent gratitude is shown to boost overall happiness levels, but it's more than just that... On a physical level, gratitude helps strengthen your immune system, improves sleep function and increases energy levels. Socially, you can connect deeper with others, and empathy, understanding and appreciation in relationships increases. Long term practice of gratitude causes one to feel more productive and feel overall stable and more secure. (Source)

Practicing daily gratitude helps create a positive feedback loop in your brain, which then helps create a positive feedback loop to manifest in your outerworld as well. Consistent gratitude helps us algin to our highest potential.

It is important to continue your daily gratitude practice. Change can take time, and consistency is needed when it comes to creating new habits and adopting attitudes. So, daily practice is important! Because of that, we felt more than one ritual for this moon wasn't as helpful as focusing on creating a cycle of gratitude.

Using the Moon's 4 turnings, we have come up with 4 simple but life-changing daily rituals or practices you can do to cultivate gratitude and step into your most abundant self.

Not only does each moon phase hold its own special energy, but Lady Luna is also a helpful reminder for us! The Moon has been used as a calendar for thousands of years thanks to her visible cyclic turnings.

4 ways to cultivate and live in gratitude using the Moon's Energy


1. New Moon

Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal | Spirit de la Lune Cultivating Gratitude

The New Moon energy is always a great time to check in with ourselves and our intentions and the act of keeping a journal is an extremely powerful way to give ourselves that mindful moment. It is important that we are aware if we are steering ourselves in the right direction or not.

Try dedicating a specific journal just for gratitude. While it is important to vent and process our feelings, a special journal just for gratitude could become one of your best friends.

Use the New Moon energy to check in with yourself and your gratitude journal. You could write in your journal during the New Moon/Waning Moon phases as a way to check in with yourself, or you could choose to write in your journal daily, and use the journal to come up with your New Moon intentions. Charge and store your gratitude journal with your crystals or on your altar, or carry it in your purse for when you need a quick mood boost while on the go!

Taking just 5 minutes at the beginning of each day to jot down a list of what makes you feel appreciation and gratitude can radically shift your entire day's direction and help you stay clear minded and positive, while also helping you build new positive thought habits on a long term basis.

2. 1st Quarter

Gratitude Candle


The First Quarter and Waxing Crescent Moon phases hold the energy of the fire realm. Fire is an element that takes both caution and intention when used, making it a powerful element for manifestation and gratitude.

Keep a gratitude candle on your daily altar and light the candle with the intention of gratitude and appreciation. Never allow the candle to go unsupervised by keeping it on your main altar and in a place you can watch it often, remembering it's intention and listing something you are grateful for each time you see it. 

During the First Quarter phases, or whenever you are unable to leave the candle at home lit for long periods, sit and meditate with your candle. Staring at a candle flame is a wonderful "anchor" for meditation use. Meditating on gratitude, while watching the calming flame and listening beautiful music or nature sounds can help put you in the attitude of gratitude leaving you feeling positive and energized for the day.

Want to create your own candle? Try out our candle making tutorial for the Honey Moon!


3. Full Moon

Full Moon Blessing Bowl

Full Moon Blessing Bowl | Spirit de la Lune

A Full Moon Blessing Bowl is a beautiful practice you can cultivate from Full Moon to Full Moon! This is also a wonderful ritual to share with your little ones and family to encourage and nurture gratitude and keep the blessings flowing in your home!

You will need to choose a bowl, jar, or basket, to place on your Moon altar (or if you are sharing this with your family, place in a communal area or on your family altar). Label this “Full Moon Blessing Bowl” and feel free to decorate it and make it pretty!

Now that you have your bowl or basket, now it is time to put it to use! In this Full Moon container, you will begin to put notes about anything that you are happy for, proud of, excited for, or something that you are grateful for throughout your day. Do this at the end of each night after you moon gaze and journal. You can even put pictures or items that remind you of something special that day. It could be a ticket to a movie or show, or a feather you found on your walk. Anything that moves you. You can do this activity with your family before bedtime too, or have your little ones create a bowl to keep in their bedroom. Soon your bowl will be filled with gratitude’s and blessings!

To begin the blessings, place a rose quartz stone as your first item in the basket. This stone will represent the love and heart-opening devotion you have committed to yourself. Hold the stone at heart center and say a prayer about what you wish to cultivate through this practice. Kiss the stone and put it in your bowl. Now go charge it under the moonlight!

Do this practice from Full Moon to Full Moon. Each Full Moon place the bowl under the moonlight. You can even transfer your blessings from the last moon cycle into another jar or box. You can go through this box once a year, or once a season, and it will literally feel like a treasure chest! At the end of the year or season, you can burn the notes in your cauldron and the other items you can donate or leave as offerings to the land. This releases the blessings back out into the universe and thus the cycle continues.

Excerpt from Marissa's Lunar Flow E-book http://moondaughter.com/lunar-shop

4. Last Quarter

Service and Embodiment

Acts of Service | Spirit de la Lune | Cultivating Gratitude

As mentioned previously, gratitude creates a positive feedback loop in our brains, and then eventually manifests in our physical lives as well. One way to continue this effect in your own life is by spreading it to others. 

Gratitude naturally makes us less self-centered. Love is the core emotion behind gratitude, and when you spend a lot of time practicing the attitude of gratitude, you will naturally want to spread it to others. Become someone's reason to feel grateful! 

The Last Quarter Moon and Waning Crescent phases are a good time to check in with others and see how we can best support those in our tribe. The Earth element can be felt during this time, and it's important to remember that we are always planting seeds.

Random acts of kindness or small acts of love will not only improve someone else's life, they will help you stay mindful and grateful. It's  surprising what a simple "thank you" to someone can do! 

Cultivating Gratitude | Acts of Service | Spirit de la Lune

There is a lot of truth in the quote "A person who feels appreciated will always do more than expected." 

We aren't saying to be grateful for selfish reasons, but that the attitude of gratitude is contagious.

When people feel appreciated, they show up more. In fact that's how a lot of things tend to work. The more you appreciate something, the more it begins to show up in your physical world. This is the beginning of the positive loop that gratitude can create in your life!

What are some of your favorite gratitude rituals and practices? Have you noticed any of the benefits? 

Happy Full Moon!

Lunar Blessings

Don't forget to charge your decks and crystals under this Full Moon, and begin creating your blessing bowl! 


Spirit de la Lune Cultivating Gratitude Daily Rituals

Harvest Moon Elemental Balance Ceremony

Happy Harvest Moon!

harvest picnic.jpg

Today marks the closest Full Moon to the Autumn Equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere) and is known as the Harvest Moon. This is a time to honor the fading bloom of Summer, and keep gratitude in our hearts as we move into the darker months ahead.

In this ceremony we will be honoring the elements of creation; air, fire, water, and earth, and create a reading with your Spirit de la Lune deck for elemental balance preparing for the Equinox ahead. We will also connect to the magick and wisdom of the apple! 

Elemental Reading

First, separate the moon phase cards into their respective elements... you will be able to tell by the colored galaxy on each card.

Air is the New Moon and Waxing crescent cards with the Air signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. The galaxy color is indigo/purple.

Fire is the First Quarter Moon and the Waxing Gibbous cards, along with the Fire signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. The galaxy color is red/orange.

Water is the Full Moon and Waning Gibbous cards with the Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. The galaxy color is shades of blue.

Earth is the the Last Quarter moon and the Waning Crescent along with the Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. The galaxy colors is shades of green.


After you separate them into their own piles, focus on the the elements and remain open to receiving messages from each. It is the same question for each element:


What do I need to do or embody to bring balance to this elemental realm within me?

Place the Harvest Moon card in the center to represent the Full Moon and the energy of this moon cycle.

  1. Air placement & message

  2. Fire placement & message

  3. Water placement & message

  4. Earth placement & message


elemental reading.jpg

Take your time with the reading a journal about each message you receive. Write down ways you can actively bring this energy into your life. Which element do you really connect with? Which element intimidates you?

In my personal reading my Air realm, or third-eye, wants me to keep creating; the fire within me wants me to explore and follow my curiosities (it is also my sun sign Sagittarius); Water wants me to listen to my intuition more; and Earth wants me to bring more support into my realm... everyday rituals that support my thriving, and also I need to support Gaia more.

What do the elements have in store for you?

Before you continue forward with the ceremony, create an affirmation, statement, or  vow to yourself and each element. These are important for your Elemental offerings.

Elemental Offerings

Offering is at the heart of ceremony and ritual. It represents the cycle of giving and receiving and that all energy is borrowed. A heartfelt offering, filled with gratitude, is a deep surrender and devotion to the Divine and to Gaia. 

Now that we know what we must do for the elemental realms, and have consciously crafted our intentions and vows for each element, we offer our devotion and invoke the realms around us. 

For these offerings you need:

  • 4 apple slices - showing the pentacle

  • Air offering: incense and your intention or vow

  • Fire offering: oil and your intnetion or vow

  • Water offering: spray (or a chalice filled with moonwater or wine) and your intention

  • Earth offering: crystal and your intention or vow

  • 3 whole apples (used later)


The Apple is a sacred fruit to the elements. When we cut an apple from the middle, the seeds reveal their magick - the five pointed star, also known as a pentacle or pentagram. Each point represents an element: Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit. 

Cut each slice so the seeds show their star. When you are ready call on each element starting with Air....

Light the incense and waft it around your apples, altar and your body. Stick it in the apple slice and call on Air and state your vow or intention aloud. Let the smoke carry your prayers upwards.

Take your oil and anoint each chakra point on your body. Call in Fire and state you vow and prayers to Fire aloud. Place 5 drops of oil on you apple slice and light a candle if safety permits.

Call in the element of Water with your intentions and vows... spray your apple slice and yourself with the water spritz, or alternatively drop the slice into your wine or moonwater and pour and offering out to the land and then take a sip yourself.

Hold your crystal in your hands at heart level and call in Earth with your prayers and intentions out loud. When you feel ready, place the stone on your apple slice.

The Three Apples



The Fruits of Your Labor

The Lessons You Have Learned

Your Blessings and Gratitudes


Apples are one of the sacred fruits of Autumn along with the Pomegranate. The Apple's wisdom of Elemental Magick, along with her potent energy of the Great Mystery and cycles of Gaia, make her the perfect fruit to use in this ceremony.

After you create your Elemental offerings, take the remaining 3 apples and the offerings and place them out on the land somewhere. This is how they become an offering... it must be someplace other than your backyard or altar space. Offer up the elemental offerings first.

You should now have your three apples left.

  1. The first apple represents the Fruits of Your labor. Meditate on your harvest this year so far. What have you accomplished? What are you proud of? What new projects are you excited about? Infuse all of this into your apple and offer it out to the land to your higher self and Spirit.

  2. The second apple represents all the lessons you have learned thus far. What lessons and obstacles helped you make it this far? Infuse this apple with your sacred lessons and this time, eat it! Eat it,, and integrate these lessons into your cells.

  3. The third apple represents your blessings and gratitudes. What are you thankful for? What makes you pinch yourself with awe and amazement? Who are you grateful for in your life? What makes your life better? What and who do you love? Infuse this apple with this beautiful energy and take it with you. Keep it on your altar as a daily reminder of your blessings. When it is ready top be disposed of... bury it in the earth.

gratitude harvest.jpg

Feel free to split this ceremony up into parts... you could even do the elemental offerings on the actual day of the equinox, September 22nd, and the Three Apples on the Full Moon. Follow your intuition and remember to offer with a grateful and joyful heart!

This is a wonderful time to create moon water and charge your crystals and cards out under the Full Moon!

Please share your elemental readings and ceremony with us by tagging @spiritdelalune in your photos! We would love to see your magick!


We hope you have a beautiful Harvest Moon filled with joy and blessings!