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2018 Blood Moon Cycle Energy Reading

Happy New Moon in Virgo!

new moon in virgo

We are already in September and a new season is upon us all no matter what hemisphere you live in.

Change is in the air and we are approaching the equinoxes seasons, Autumn or Spring. We are transitioning from the Fire season of Summer to the watery energy of Autumn, and the earthy energy of winter, to the airy season of spring. Fire to Water, Earth to Air... The elements activate different energies within us!


Water teaches us to flow and surrender to the currents.. Air brings us freshness, new perspectives, and lightness. Both Equinox seasons purify, renew, and clarify our spirits.

Venus has entered the shadow period on September 2nd, and will be in retrograde towards the end of this moon cycle Oct 5th. This Blood Moon cycle will challenge our relationships, our values, and what we deem worthy of our time and energy. As we navigate this cycle it is important to practice compassion, patience, and kindness to ourselves and others. But you will gain more clarity and insight if you allow yourself space to do your Shadow work, especially now that Saturn has gone direct on September 6th!

So cozy on up with a cup of tea or a nice glass of wine, learn what other insights this moon cycle has in store for us!

New Moon in Virgo: September 9th 2018



We are being asked to tune into our bodies and really listen to what they need right now. You may have been overworking yourself, find you are on the brink of burnout, or feeling a lot of overwhelm this New Moon. Virgo energy can make us feel extra critical of ourselves or others and can bring out our perfectionistic tendencies... But we do not have to engage with them. Give yourself permission to rest your mind, body, and spirit... however this will look and feel to you. This will help you ease into the next season with more grace and fluidity.



First Quarter in Sagittarius: September 16th 2018

Balance and Harmony


First Quarter Moon's are always a great time to check-in with yourself... and with the Libra card being pulled, it is a reminder of the Venus retrograde coming up (Venus rules Libra), and so you may feel some tensions rise in your relationships at this time. It is important to speak your truth, and notice if you are giving or receiving more. Do you feel like you are giving and giving to others, but the energy is not being reciprocated? Or have you been taking too much energy from others and that is causing tension? Check-in, take responsibility for your actions, and do the necessary steps to find your balance once again. Apologize, or forgive yourself, and move on.

Full Moon in Pisces/Aries: September 24th/25th 2018

Focus on Love


Some people will be experiencing the Full Moon in Pisces on Sept. 24th, and some Sept. 25th in the sign of Aries. Again, another cusp between the elements, water and fire. Both elements are emotional and passionate. By now, we have entered the sign of Libra and the new season. I pulled another card ruled by Venus, Taurus: the Lover. Again, a reminder of Venus retrograde... You may be confronted with obstacles that keep you from focusing on what you love to do. Let Taurus be a reminder to focus on love this Full Moon. Let yourself be immersed in love, self-care, focus on healing family trauma (look out for an amazing tarot/oracle spread to connect with your ancestors for our Full Moon post!)... get clear about what is worthy of your time and energy... love is always a worthy endeavor. Whether it's the love you have for your family and friends, yourself, or a project near and dear to your heart, or all of the above. Focus on love.

Last Quarter in Cancer: October 2nd 2018

Bloom Where You are Rooted


A couple of days before the Venus Retrograde, we find ourselves on the Last Quarter Moon in Cancer... the Nurturer. Energy is turning inward and it is time for reflection. What needs nurturing right now? What have you been neglecting? The card pulled is the Flower Moon: Bloom. This is a powerful card paired with Cancer. Cancer is the Mother of the zodiac, so this is a wonderful time to nurture yourself, others, and your space. Take time to make a great home cooked meal and savor it. Decorate your space for the changing seasons and allow the magick of the season to enchant you. Bloom where you are rooted. Do not focus on what you can't have... focus on what is blooming right before your eyes. You will move into Venus Retrograde with grace, beauty, and a full heart.


We hope you have enjoyed this reading and watch out for the fun ritual we have is store for you on the Full Moon! We are still working hard on the 2019 Tune to the Moon Planners, pre-orders should begin in October!

We hope you have an amazing Equinox season! Be sure to try our Blood Moon spread from our Spirit de la Lune guidebook!


New Moon in Virgo 2017 Energy Report for the Blood Moon Cycle

Happy New Moon! 

New Moon in Virgo | Spirit de la Lune Energy Report 2017

Happy New Moon in Virgo!

The seasons are changing, and we are preparing for fall and winter here on the Northern Hemisphere. As the seasons change, we too may be feeling drawn inward towards our own personal shifts and transformation.

This New Moon in Virgo supports both introspection and healing that can take place on many levels and be felt throughout the entire month. You are taking a healing journey to become the best version of yourself.  

Healing seems to be a major theme right now and should be a top priority as this Moon Cycle progresses. We begin this cycle in the earthy sign of Virgo, the Healer, and wind it back down during the Last Quarter moon taking place in the watery sign of Cancer, the Nurturer.

Grab a cup of warm tea and read on to see what this New Moon Cycle holds for you!

New Moon Energy Reading September: Cold Moon |Spirit de la Lune

The New Moon takes place in Virgo on September 19th

Like mentioned above, this New Moon is very supportive of healing. There may be something that has been bothering you for quite some time now, and the answers you are seeking in regards to healing will soon be shown to you, but you must first quiet the mind to be open to these answers. 

One influence of Virgo is the need to find order and detail. When the moon is in Virgo we tend to analyze our surroundings or situation; which can be very helpful for our healing and growth, but this New moon you may need to slow down and sit in silence first in order for these answers to be shown to you.

The Healer within is waiting to speak to you, but you must first stop over-thinking your situation and be open to its message. Listen to what your body may be telling you. If you have had a physical ailment that has been on your mind, begin to look for whatever emotional connection could be related to it.

New Moon Energy Reading September: Cold Moon |Spirit de la Lune

Give your body nourishing food at this time. When the Moon is in Virgo, your body may become more sensitive to low-grade, processed food or harmful substances.

The card pulled for this phase is the Support card. Ask yourself what it is that you really need right now to support your healing journey.

Remember that you are supported in your healing by those around you, but ultimately you must be supportive of yourself right now.

You have shown up for yourself more times than anyone else has. Show yourself some love and gratitude this week. It is important to treat yourself with love during this time.

New Moon Energy Reading September: Cold Moon | Spirit de la Lune

The First quarter Moon takes place in Sagittarius and Capricorn on September 27th.

This first quarter moon takes place in Capricorn just as the seasons change.

You may be feeling the need to put things in order or prepare for the changes.

There is no need to feel rushed or stressed during this time, even though you may feel presented with that energy from others or circumstances in your life.  

Stay focused on your current goals and remember to act with grace under any pressure that you are experiencing. It will not last, and with patience you will be able to achieve everything that you are needing.

The card pulled for this cycle is the Surrender Card. Try to relax and go with the flow during this time. Do what you can do, but relax about whatever it is that feels is out of your control right now. If you are feeling stuck or in a place where you can't act, allow yourself to just be still. Sometimes we truly win, when we surrender for the moment.


Full Blood Moon

New Moon Energy Reading September: Cold Moon | Spirit de la Lune

This Full Moon takes place on October 5th, and is known as the Blood Moon, marking the darker months ahead. This Full Moon takes place in the fiery sign of Aries.

The Full Moon brings heightened emotions and deeper feelings, while the influence of Aries likes action and spontaneity. The Moon is opposite of Mercury during this time, making this a bit of a challenging time, as conflicts could arise with others if we are not watchful.

New Moon Energy Reading September: Cold Moon | Spirit de la Lune

There may be a sense of restlessness in the air, as we have so much energy going on, and no where to put it. There is something that needs to be expressed and energy needs to get flowing. Be careful it doesn't explode out of you.

The card pulled for this cycles is the Play card, which is very fitting for the astrological dynamics right now! You may have be feeling quite expressive, with a good eye for detail during this time, making this a great time for anything artistic. So open up and play a little bit to express this energy in a physical way.

Check back October 5th for our Full Moon Ceremony! We will be creating our very own Moondalas together on the blog for this Full Moon in Aries.

New Moon Energy Reading September: Cold Moon | Spirit de la Lune

New Moon Energy Reading September: Cold Moon | Spirit de la Lune

The Last Quarter Moon in Cancer takes place on October 12th. 

The Last Quarter Moon takes place in Cancer and it feels almost like coming full circle with the journey that the Virgo Moon has brought us on. 

As the moon winds back down to New, we are called in once again towards our healing process, this time supported by the nurturing sign of Cancer. 

Indulge in your self care once again, and look back on the lessons you have learned this past month. 

You may be feeling vulnerable during this time or notice increased emotions due to the Cancer influence. So tend to yourself and your needs right now. Focus on your home and family and nurture that which needs to be nurtured. 

The card pulled for this phase is the Focus Card. Be aware of where you are putting your energy and focus right now. Prepare for this coming new moon by being mindful of where you put your attention and adjust accordingly. There is something that needs to be nurtured, pour your focus inward to find what it is that needs your attention.

New Moon Energy Reading September: Cold Moon | Spirit de la Lune

Tonight is the perfect time to set some intentions towards your healing journey as well as cleanse your crystals and your decks.

Don't forget to check back here for the 1st and last quarter moon updates for a more in depth astrological report! 



Lunar Blessings

New Moon in Libra Energy Report | October Blood Moon Cycle

October is a month of preparedness, as Earth begins to shift into a new season

Beautiful Fall Scene | Spirit de la Lune


We are now in the beautiful energy of Fall. 

On our side of the globe, Mother Nature is preparing for the coming snow and winter's deep sleep. 

The squirrels are gathering their food, the birds are preparing for their migration, and the rabbits are changing colors right along with the leaves.

Each day the sun sets just a little bit sooner, and the nights grow longer and colder.

As the earth shifts into fall and winter, our own instincts for preparedness are kicked in. What is it that you are preparing for this winter? What internal changes are you wanting to make?

October is going to be a month of establishing balance, and moving forward with the plans that you have been wanting to set into motion.

It will feel like a breath of fresh air compared to last month's heavy energy. Though stay sharp and aware, things may get a bit bumpy half way through October. 

Grab a cup of tea, and see what October has in store for you!


New Moon in Libra | Spirit de la lune

This New Moon in  Libra asks you to reconnect & restore balance in your life.


The Moon turns New on September 30th for those in the Western Hemisphere, and October 1st for those in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Depending on where you are at in the world, this New Moon could be considered a "Black Moon." A Black Moon occurs when there are 2 new moons in a month. 

With both the New Moon and the Sun in Libra, the energy right now is all about establishing balance. Relationships we have with others and ourselves will be highlighted around this New Moon.

This energy wants to show you the alliances and support that you have, which may make conflicts a bit more obvious to you.

There is a big need to strike a balance and peace within yourselves and others at this time.

You may find it difficult to come to decisions because you are able to see many sides of the situation. Take a step back, and remain objective if you can.

This October New Moon has positive influences from Jupiter and Saturn, along with some minor aspects from Venus and Neptune; making this a beautiful time to shift our energies towards spiritual growth. Helping us enhance and establish peace and balance within romantic partnerships.

New Moon In Libra | Spirit de la Lune

This New Moon will be asking you to mend friendships, secure relationships and share ideas with like minded souls. This is a very sociable new Moon, with a strong focus on relationships and partnerships. 

Now is the time to build bridges not burn them.

The card pulled for this phase is Listen.

Do you listen to understand, or are you just listening to reply or relate? Practice being a good listener during this partnership focused New Moon by listening with the intent to understand one another.

Use your empathic skills to hold space and try to truly understand.

We often feel it's helpful if we share a similar or related story or experience, but we are only forcing a limited perspective on other's, while discounting their personal experiences and feelings.

Don't just jump in with a reply or a reaction. Listen quietly with the intent to understand, and watch your relationships flourish with enhanced security.

First Quarter Moon in Capricorn

First Quarter Moon | Spirit de la Lune

The First Quarter Moon occurs in Capricorn on the 8th of October.

Now is the time stretch into your goals.

The moon is growing in the sky and moving into the element of Fire. You may feel a spark of energy, and a push to complete your goals.

Make the solid plans that you need, and stay organized. Focus on repairing and building the underlying structure right now, and the basics of your needs. 

Be sure to focus on yourself this week, make your to-do list and stick with your plan. Be careful to not push others at this time, or allow others to push you. There may be some emotional conflicts and misunderstandings at this time, so it's better to just focus on your goals.

Others may ask more from you than you are able to give. Be firm and stand in your power. Only say yes to the projects and opportunities that bring you joy, and do not give in to false obligation from others. 

The card pulled for this phase is Devotion.

Devotion comes from a place of deep self love. This week stay devoted to yourself and the goals that you've set into motion. It is time for you to be more resolute and committed.

Be aware of the unhealthy habits or thoughts that you are devoted to, are you accidentally devoted to self sabotage? Or perhaps you are still devoted to the the ideas and perspectives of others.

Reaffirm your devotion to yourself. Have faith in yourself, and reconnect to yourself.

Be aware of where you devote your time and energy right now. Use the energy of Capricorn to help you stay organized and focused on your intentions.

Full Blood Moon in Aries

Full Blood Moon in Aries Energy Reading | Spirit de la Lune

The Full Blood Moon takes place in Aries on the 15th of October.

There is a lot of energy swirling around right now within the active Fire sign of Aries.

Super Moon Spirit de la Lune

This is also a Super Moon, which brings in some wild chaotic energy and is a harbinger of change.

 While we aren't always able to control what change brings, we can choose our reaction to it.

 Stay focused on the goals that you put into motion, and honor your inner fire by staying adaptable to change.

Remain calm and act only after observing. 

Set your goals when you feel inspired and secure, be sure not go after your ambitions blindly. 

Look out for new opportunities and embrace the Aries' trait of courage to pursue them. 

Avoid arguments and conflicts with others. This Full Moon may have others itching for some action and drama.

Bood Moon Full moon | moon Quote

 This Full Moon is also the Blood Moon.

The veil between the worlds grows thinner this Full Moon, and thinner still as the Sun moves into Scorpio in the next week. 

Those on the other side of the veil are closer, and we may feel more introspective at this time. 

There is support and love surrounding us from the other side. If you could tap into it, would you?

Check back this Full Moon for the Blood Moon Ancestral Altar Ceremony. 

The Card pulled for this phase is Connect.

This card brings us back to the energy we experienced towards the beginning of the month. Relationships and partnerships may be on the forefront of your mind as you wade through the chaos & conflict that may be present during this Full Moon.

Be in touch with your needs and intentions before reaching out to others.

Who is it that you need to connect with right now? It may be your inner self and your own personal needs. Or perhaps there is a connection out there that needs mending. If you are holding onto anger or resentment, now is the time to let it go.

Practice forgiveness, and allow the embers of anger to dissolve. Anger, fear, and resentment are major blockages in your connection with the Divine. 

Connect and reach out to your loved ones at this time. Practice and allow forgiveness and open your heart up to connection.

Full Moon Energy Report | spirit de la Lune

Last Quarter in Cancer & Leo

Last Quarter Moon in Cancer and Leo | Spirit de la Lune

The Last Quarter moon takes place in both Cancer and Leo on the 22nd of October.

As the moon wanes in the sky, the energy begins to wind back down. The Sun has entered into the introspective and dark sign of Scorpio, and we are now experiencing the darker days leading towards Winter.

 There may be a sense of uncertainty in the air. Many people may be feeling apprehension and uneasiness. Steer clear from engaging in any arguments this week.  

Agree to disagree and move forward in confidence. Seek out your tribe.

The Last Quarter Moon in Cancer is the perfect time for nurturing relationships and establishing emotional connections. While the Leo Influence may increase confidence, and have others feeling self centered and overly important. 

Pick your battles, and practice compassion, warmth and sensitivity. Be certain and sure in yourself and go forward without engaging in any arguments. Choose to simply move on. 

You may be more focused on your home and loved ones during this time as well. The waning moon in cancer is the perfect time to shift our energy inwards and focus on self care. Nurture yourself and take care of your loved ones at this time.  


The Card pulled for this phase is

Blue Moon: Renewal

As the moon wanes back to new, you may find yourself drawn inward and in need of more rest. Like the moon in Cancer suggests, now is the perfect time for self care and renewal for your mind, body and spirit.

Take extra good care of yourself at this time and make space for rejuvenation and renewal. A purifying salt bath, or some time to yourself to read, with a good cup of tea could be just what you need to recharge your soul.

Go within and journal what it is that may be keeping you from your rebirth. Forgive yourself and others, release the past, and give second chances to yourself and others. 

Blood Moon Energy Reading


Connection, forgiveness, and compassion seem to be a common theme in this month's reading. Beginning the month in Libra, we are faced with our relationships and bridging connections. Moving towards the Full Moon, we may experience some intense energies that bring out the need to forgive others and practice compassion. 

Overall the energy is a lot lighter this month than last month's stifling energy. We feel a greater sense of ease and clarity as we move forward with our goals. 

Knowing the energy up ahead, this New Moon is the perfect time to set some intentions, and charge your deck and crystals. What plans were on the back burner that need to be revisited? What boundaries do you need to make to strike balance within yourself or your relationships?

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Happy New Moon!

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