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Full Cold Moon in Gemini | A Vision Board Ritual

Happy Full Moon!

Happy Full Moon in Gemini!

And Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate! Tonight is the Full Cold Moon, and those of us in the northern hemisphere are likely going to feel a turn in the weather from here on out as the Full November Moon often marks colder temperatures on the way.

The Full Moon in Gemini is the perfect time for planning ahead and envisioning your future. Typically New Moon’s hold great energy for setting intention, but the Cold Moon represents an ebb in energy, and that couldn’t be more perfect as Mercury is in Retrograde until the 6th of December. Take this time to look at your intentions and goals. Rework what needs to be reworked! Refine your intention.

Spirit de la lune Mercury Retrograde

It might be hard to see what steps to take right now to attain your vision, so take a step back and enjoy the visualization part. Your imagination is a powerful tool!

Mercury Retrograde makes for the perfect time to refine your work, and make plans.

This is the perfect time to shop around and compare rather than make big or spontaneous purchases. Be careful no to sign important contracts, or make life altering decisions right now. You might be prone to changing your mind when Mercury goes direct!

Remember there is no need to hide away during this time. Go with the flow, but expect some delays. Be understanding of yourself and others, and use this time to prepare and plan.

The Moon is in the house of Gemini, an intellectual air sign that loves to ponder and expand ideas. We are using this lunar energy and Mercury Retrograde to create vision boards for our future. A vision board is a tool that helps us clarify and amplify our goals and intentions.

Creating a Full Moon Vision Board

Cold Moon Spirit de la Lune Full Moon Vision Board Ritual

Put simply, a vision board is a place where you put images or words that match your goals and desires so you can see them daily and reaffirm your intention.

There have been numerous studies done on visualization and success rates. Check out this cool study from forbes magazine!

Creating a Vision Board on the night of the Full Moon can be very impactful. Especially if you are combining it with crystals and other elements of magick!

Cold Moon Spirit de la Lune Full Moon Vision Board Ritual

What you will need:

  • intention or goal

  • images and words from magazine clippings, or websites

  • poster board or cardboard, you can do this in your journal, art journal, the back of a notebook etc.

  • mod-podge, glue, or tape

  • paintbrush

  • crystals that match your intention

  • altar

It’s important to begin this ritual with a clear intention. Vision boards can be focused on long term or short term goals. Go back to your new moon intention if you need to! If you aren’t sure where to start, begin by journaling or meditating. Ask yourself where you would like to be in a year, or 5 years.

Spirit de la Lune Full Cold Moon Vision Board Magic Ritual
  1. Meditate on your intention and visualize what it is you are wanting to create in your life. As you do this, check in with your emotions. What would it feel like to attain this vision? What emotions does this vision evoke?

  2. Once you have your intention, Go through old magazines, websites or books and look for images and words that feel in alignment with your vision and the emotion you evoked during step one. The images you choose don’t have to look e

    The images you choose don’t have to look exactly like what you are wanting. You are just wanting a visual that evokes the emotion you felt during the process. You can find great magazine for vision boards at thrift stores or online here. Pick words or short phrases that feel in alignment with your vision as well. A good mixture of both will help both hemispheres of your brain, and your subconscious and conscious get to work!

Spirit de la Lune Full Cold Moon Vision Board Magic Ritual

3. Once you have gathered your words and images, arrange them on your poster board in a way that looks good to you!

collage hints:

  • Try several arrangements. Take pictures and compare. You will want to like the way it looks!

  • Glue in layers. Use big pieces for the background.

  • Put the words and smaller images on last.

  • Apply the mod-podge directly to the posterboard. Applying it to magazine . paper will make it weak and curl.

  • Take a picture of your arrangement before you begin gluing. It’s easy to forget how you wanted it once you start gluing!

  • You don’t need much glue with magazine paper. It tends to bubble up, so use thin layers and gently press the bubbles out with your fingertip.

4. Once the glue is dry, it’s time to charge and dedicate your board!

You can use crystals or other meaningful objects to charge your board.

Pleace your vision board on a flat surface, preferable where the Full Moon can shine onto it, and arrange your crystals around and over your vision board.

You can use any crystals that are in alignment with your vision! I used quartz points and rose quartz for mine because quartz can be programmed with your intention and is a great amplifier.

Keep your board charged under the moonlight for the duration of the Full Moon

Spirit de la Lune Full Cold Moon Vision Board Magic Ritual
Spirit de la Lune Full Cold Moon Vision Board Magic Ritual

5. After the Full Moon, place your board on your altar for the remainder of the lunar cycle or for however long you’d like it to keep it up.

It’s recommended to keep your vision board somewhere where you will see it often.

You can add new things to your vision board as you feel! There are no official rules. Make it your very own!

Full Moon energy can best be felt three days before and three days after the actual Full Moon, so you will have plenty of time to gather your magazines if you don’t have any around your house!

Happy Full Moon!

Spirit de la Lune Blessings Marissa Rachael

Don’t forget to charge your decks with your vision boards under the Full Moon!


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Full Cold Moon Ceremony | Creating a Witches Yule Bauble

Happy Super Moon in Gemini!

The Winter season is upon us in the Northern Hemisphere as our Full Cold Moon transitions into the trickster sign of Gemini. This Full Moon is the harbinger of transformation and change for us as the Winter season creeps it's way into our lands and our lives.

The Winter season can cause us to face our own darkness in a way that is both helpful and transformative to us if we allow it.  

This Full Moon is also a Super Moon!

Super Moon's take place when a full moon coincides with the moon's pedigree... this is a rare event that causes the moon to be 14-15% larger during this cycle, which makes this lunar energy even more potent!

The Gemini influence from both the Full moon and Mercury are going to make that trickster energy feel even more prevalent in our lives, so try to practice some patience with others and yourself.

Super Moon Spirit de la Lune

The card that we pulled for this phase last month was even the Super Moon card, and our reminder was to be prepared for anything during this time...

"The emotionally charged Full Moon is in the airy sign of Gemini and goes opposite the Sun in Sagittarius on the 3rd, while on the 1st, Venus entered Sagittarius.. igniting many aspects of communication within our relationships and how we express ourselves to others..."

Mercury is going retrograde today in the sign of Sagittarius; the Explorer, so try to look at things in a new way during this time. Answers can be revealed to you when you look outside the box and realize that anything is possible, and Sagittarius is certainly one of the most creative and open-minded of the zodiac.

There is nothing to be afraid of during a Mercury Retrograde. Keep an open mind. Allow this time to show you what is no longer working in your life, and begin to rebuild in the most innovative way you can find! 

Witches Bauble Ornament for Yule Full Cold Moon | Spirit de la Lune

The skies are offering us very potent energy.. we are working with the explosive energy of Air and Fire right now.. so it's important to set some solid intentions for the season ahead!

In tonight's Full Moon Ceremony, we are getting in touch with our inner kitchen and creating Witches Baubles for the Yule Season!


But before we get into our Witches Baubles... 



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Witches Yule Bauble 

Tonight we are honoring both the Full Cold Moon and Mercury Retrograde by capturing and encapsulating our intentions for the season ahead. 

These are similar to Witches Bottles, but can be hung on your Yule Tree! Our first idea was to create an herb bundle that could be either buried in a bottle or burned in a fire, but the idea of hanging it on a yule tree seemed extra magickal for the season.

You can choose to do whatever you'd like with your witches bauble/bottle. However you choose to set your intention is up to you. Whatever you choose to do, we would love to see it on instagram! Be sure to tag us so we can see it!

Sometimes putting our goal where we can see it daily can help remind us of our intentions. This Full Moon ceremony is a perfect way to solidify and set your intention while putting it somewhere where you can look at it at each passing. 

A Yule tree carries great symbolism and in a way is an altar in of itself, what we hang and put on our tree is very important to our personal beliefs. So amp up your yule time altar by placing a beautiful and herbal-charged ornament onto your yule tree!

We are using herbs that are both in season for the holidays, supportive of the mercury retrograde, can be found at your local grocery store, and have plenty of magical uses!

You may even already have some in your cupboards... 

Ornaments and Baubles for a Witches Bauble | spirit de le la Lune

You will need:

Clear plastic or glass ornaments with removable tops. (We found ours at the dollar store!) 

Dried herbs of choice

Small crystals of choice

Intention or goal

Herbs and Offerings for the Yule and Winter Season | Creating a witches bottle | Spirit de la Lune

For this bauble we used Aster, Pine, Lavender, Apple, Gypsum Baby's Breath, Cinnamon, Bay, and Garnet. 

Creating a Witches Yule Bauble | spirit de la Lune

Aster- Patience, love, elegance, daintiness, 

Pine- Strength, rebirth, purification

Lavender- Peace, relaxation, protection

Apple- Love, romance, luck

Gypsum- Eternal Love, innocence, pureness

Cinnamon- Clairvoyance, communication, passion

Bay- Psychic abilities, wisdom, vision

Garnet- Inspiration, passion, connection

Our favorite recourses for herbs: A-Z Herb Use, Herbal Riot

Instructions are rather self explanatory... ;) We are placing the herbs of our choice and our intention into a clear holiday ornament. Remember to do everything with intention to invoke the magick of the season. (The Full Moon energy is best felt three days before and three days after the Full Moon, so no need to rush this Ceremony!)

Creating a witches Bauble Bottle Ornament for Christas | spirit de la Lune


1. Begin with an intention for the cycle ahead. You can use last year's "Word of the Year Ritual" for inspiration, or come up with your own solid goal. Write this on either a (small) bay leaf, or a small piece of paper.

2, Place some smaller dried herbs and small crystals into the bottom of the ornament.

3. Put the intention into the ornament.

4. Put your dried herbs and flowers into the ornament.

5. Put ornament cap back on.

Spirit de la Lune | Witches bauble DIY yule ornament

Charge your Witches Bauble under tonight's Full Moon while hanging on your Yule Tree, or put it outside under the Full Moon with your deck and a crystal grid, then hang on your tree for the Winter Season. 

As you pass your ornament each day, remember your goal and intention. Send yourself love and energy as you strive to accomplishment your goals each day. Remember it's the small daily steps that lead to miracles ahead.

Happy Full Cold Moon!

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Again, we would love to see your bauble/ornament! Tag us on facebook or instagram so we can see and feature your photos! 

Have a wonderful holiday season! Don't forget to check back in for the New Moon Reading on the 17th, and for the Moon Sistarhood Circle Opening on the 18th! 

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Lunar Blessings Marissa and Rachael

Full Cold Moon Word of The Year Ritual

Happy Full Cold Moon!

This Full Moon in Gemini is a quiet time of inner reflection and hibernation. Our instincts are sharpening, and our inner knowing may feel louder than ever. The Full Cold Moon is the perfect to ponder and envision our seeds and intentions for the year to come.

The Winter season is well on it's way for us in the Northern Hemisphere. A blanket of snow keeps the earth still, protecting the new life that will soon grow. Now is not the season of growth, but the season of death, reflection and ebb.

Like the moon, the Earth has her ebbs and flows. Our minds and bodies want to honor these cycles. We sometimes find ourselves experiencing discomfort and stress when we don't take time to honor these cycles.

Full Cold Moon

This Full Moon signifies that we are soon approaching Yule, another turning point in the Wheel of the Year. In fact, the word Yule means Wheel. 

We are at the beginning of the wheel once again. This Winter season aids us in our own natural process of rebirth by giving us the opportunity to reflect, and nourish the new seeds and intentions for the coming year.

It's always been very popular to make resolutions and choose goals to help us improve in the coming New Year.

A new and current tradition we love has been choosing a "Word of the Year." 


A word of the year allows you to choose something that is a guide or inspiration, a reminder rather than a rigid goal. A Word of the Year acts as an anchor that can bring you back to your center and core goals. 


After struggling for a bit to come up with a word of our own, we thought it would be perfect to use this Full Moon in Gemini as well as our intuition and divination tools to help us come up with one.

Even if you've already chosen a word for this year, This Moon Ceremony can help sharpen your intuition and assist in opening and activating the hand charkas.

When drawing a card, you may feel very drawn to the word on the card that you chose, or you may find that particular card inspires another word for you. It's important to be in tune with your intuition!

Full Moon Ceremony:

Choosing a Word of the Year


This simple but powerful ceremony combines the moon's reflective energies with our own innate intuitive powers. We each have"bud" chakras on the palms of our hands. These chakras can be opened and closed at will to aid in divination, healing, and directing energy. The colors of this chakra vary from white to silver, to goldish white. 

For This Ritual You Will Need:


Candles (You can match the candle color to your general intention, or choose white.)

Spirit de la Lune Deck (Or any Tarot or Oracle deck) 

Peppermint oil, Ceder wood oil, bay, or any oil blend used for activation and awakening.


Begin by washing your hands with water. Natural water always works best, but it's alright to use tap water. As you wash your hands visualize golden light pouring and cleansing your hands. Gather water into the palms of your hands, scrub your hands in small circles,  paying your palms special attention.

When your hands are clean dry, light your candles in a clockwise direction and prepare yourself as you would for a reading. Dim some lights and turn on your favorite music.

Prepare your cards the way you would for a reading. You can shuffle the cards any way you'd like, do what feels natural to you. While you shuffle try to put some intention into the new year. 

How do you want this year to unfold? What do you want to bring into manifestation?

Lay all of the cards out in front of you so you can see every card. You can choose to have the cards facing you, or you can keep them face down.

1allthecards (1).jpg

Next take your oil and add a drop or two to your hand charkas. Be careful to not use too much, as it could damage cards. 

Take some big deep breaths and rub the oil into your hands quickly to generate heat and activate the chakras. As your palms warm up, image a golden white flower in the palms of your hands open and bloom.

After generating some heat in your hands, envision an energy ball form between your palms. Allow it to grow bigger and smaller with your hands. Shape it, stretch it, and feel it.

If needed you can rub your palms together again to create more heat. Soon you should be able to have a sense that these chakras are active. Some say when active, their palms feel itchy, warm, or tingly.

With practice you may begin to feel these chakras open more on their own. Everyone experiences the sensation differently.

One you feel your hand chakras are open, place your dominant hand over the cards, palm facing down as if feeling a warm fire. What sensation does your hand have as you move your hand over the cards?

It may be pulled or pushed. Are some cards warmer than others? Guide your hand  over the cards and see what energy readings your hands give you. 

Choosing A card

You may feel warmth, or a pull downward on a card that wants to be looked at. You may be drawn to several cards. Narrow it down further it you'd like.

You can keep the cards face up if you'd like, or try it out with the backs of the cards. This is how many readers choose cards, and often how we choose the Moonday Oracle for Instagram.

Choosing A Card Spirit de la Lune
Choosing A Word Of The Year


Narrow it down to as many cards as you'd like, and then make your final decision. You could even choose to focus on more than one word!

This final card doesn't have to be the  word that you choose. It can instead inspire you, or spark something within you to come up with another word.

Winter Altar | Spirit de la Lune

Check out the guidebook, read up on the card that you drew for yourself. See if anything sparks or inspires you! 

You can place your card, (or get an art print made with your Word of the Year) on your Winter Altar to reflect upon during this season. 

Add some quartz crystals and other clear and white stones to help bring clarity and power to your intention.

While your hand chakras are open and active, pour some golden light onto your altar before blowing our your candles.

To close your hand chakras, simply wash your hands and allow the water to pour and cleanse over your chakras, visualizing a flower in each palm closing up.

Happy Full Moon! Don't forget to charge your deck and crystals under tonight's Full Moon!


Spirit de la Lune Order Deadline 2016

We can't believe we are already half way through December! We can no longer guarantee holiday delivery for international orders!

Our cut off for US orders is this Friday December 16th in order to make it in time for the holiday season. 

We hope you have a Happy Full Moon and a wonderful holiday season! We would love to see your Word of the Year! Please tag us in any images so that we can see and share your ceremony as well!