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2018 Flower Moon Energy Report

Happy New Moon in Aries!

Spring is in full swing here in the northern hemisphere, at least in some places! The flower moon is a time of blossoming and opening our hearts to receive love in all ways.

2018 Flower moon cycle.jpeg

What are you ready to receive and embrace this cycle? What is your heart afraid to open up to? Spending time in nature will keep your heart open so don't forget to stop and smell the flowers!

Go grab a cup of tea and read more about the Flower cycle ahead.

New Moon in Aries, April 15th 2018

new moon focus.jpeg

We have a refreshing New Moon ahead of us because Mercury goes Direct! Bringing in a new wave of energy, vitality, and a breath of fresh air! The new moon is in Aries once again giving us a redo, if you will! If you feel you couldn't stay on track with your intentions last cycle because of the retrograde now is your chance to make up for it.

Depending on your time zone, you may experience the new moon on Sunday April 15th or early Monday April 16th. We always encourage everyone to have a moon app on their phone with your exact location to be the most accurate for you!

The card pulled for this New Moon is Focus! With the directness and winds of Mercury igniting the fire of Aries, now is the time to hone in on what you truly desire and want for this cycle. Don't let your energy become scattered, but stay sharp and focus on your goals. This would be a great time to do some candle magic! Write your intention on a candle and then light this candle meditating and invoking the energy you wish to create and manifest. Keep your gaze soft on the flame and let it take you to a different Realm. Let the candle burn all the way down, but not unattended. Fire demands devotion, much like your goals. You may be surprised by the messages you'll receive if you try this!

First Quarter Moon in Cancer/Leo, April 22nd 2018

The First Quarter Moon will fall in Cancer or Leo depending on your location and time zone once again. This cusp energy of water and fire is very potent this moon cycle. The combination of water and fire can be very mystical and powerful, but it can also cause adrenal burnout, aggression, and bring unresolved issues to the surface. Tend to your water body AKA your emotions, and tend to your fire body AKA your passions and spirit. First Quarter Moons are a great time to check in with yourself, so make any necessary adjustments you need to find your own unique balance.

new growth.jpeg

The card pulled for this moon phase is the Seed Moon: New Growth. Once again we are being reminded of the seeds and intentions we have planted, but maybe they have not have had enough time or nourishment to have sprouted yet. Now is the opportunity to devote your energy to them when you couldn't during the retrograde. Things are shifting and falling more into alignment this time around, so take the opportunity to make a decisive action towards your goals and desires. What is your next step?

Full Moon in Scorpio April 29th 2018

scorpio full moon.jpeg

A Scorpio Full Moon can be potent with magic and power! You may feel more sensual and in your body, fully embodying your emotions and your passions, since Scorpio is ruled by fiery Mars in traditional astrology. Passions and emotions can be powerful allies working together towards your desires. This would be a perfect time to do some sort of spell work embracing your magic, embracing your desires, and working with your power! You are a powerful being and the Scorpio Full Moon wants you to remember that!

The card pulled for this Full Moon is the Harvest Moon: Gratitude. In the Southern Hemisphere, it is Autumn and this is a time of releasing and letting go and remember what has brought us here to this very moment. No matter what season, gratitude moves us all. Remember when you do spell work, though we are asking the elements, our higher selves, and the Universe to help us move towards our desires, we must remember to do so with respect and humbleness and gratitude. Create an offering from your heart. And offering is an act of love and devotion and balances the energy of giving and receiving. Remember to be grateful for what you have in your life already, and act from this place of thankfulness.

Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius, May 7th 2018

aquarius dream.jpeg

As the moon cycle begins to wane, Aquarius energy can lend us a new perspective as things are shifting and changing and we must learn to adapt to these changes. What did you learn about your desires this moon cycle? What did you learn about your magic and power? Is your heart open? How has gratitude shaped your heart? Reflect and ponder on these questions as the Flower Moon cycle comes to an end.

The card pulled for the Last Quarter is Dream. The Visionary blesses us with dreams of hope and inspiration, and gives us courage to act upon these dreams. Pay close attention to the dreams you have as as moon cycle wanes... What patterns are coming up for you? Where are your dreams guiding you next? Remember to keep an open mind and keep your heart open to new possibilities. For these dreams will be the seeds of the next moon cycle.

Flower moon card.jpeg

We hope this Flower Moon cycle brings you lots of love abundance and draws you closer to your dreams and desires. We are so grateful for you, our Moontribe for always supporting our work here and following the moon and all her phases. They are all beautiful and unique in their own ways!

Go forth and bloom!

Blessed be Moon Tribe!


2017 Flower Moon Cycle Energy Reading

Happy New Moon in Taurus!

The Flower Moon cycle is in the Beltane season of merging the divine masculine and feminine energies within and creating something entirely new in to being. This new creation is made and infused with your love, desires, life force energy and magick.

The power of the Flower Moon is potent and enchanting!

Grab a cup a tea or a glass of wine and enjoy the reading below!

4/26/17 New Moon in Taurus

With the cycle beginning with the New Moon in Taurus, this is a time to embrace your sensual nature. Invoke all your senses, and find pleasure in each of them... Enjoy the breeze caressing your skin, listen to music that inspires you; indulge your taste buds with yummy foods; wear perfume oil that makes you feel sexy; look at art and images that uplift you. Enjoy the here and now and what it has to offer you.

The card pulled for the New Moon, is Focus. Where you put your energy will determine the course of the Flower Moon cycle. Focus is a powerful ally, especially when we are tending to our desires. Taurus is ruled by Venus, and the Goddess of love wants you to embody your desires and find pleasure in what you do and how you live. It is something to not feel guilty about or shame away from. Our society looks down on seeking pleasure... we usually resist and feel we do no deserve it.

Would you tell a friend she does not deserve to thrive? We didn't think so ;)

Set an intention to focus on pleasure, joy, and love.

5/3/2017 First Quarter Moon in Leo

Leo energy during the waxing moon is magnetic! This First quarter moon is an opportunity to truly shine in your magick and power. And the card pulled for this phase is the Lunar Eclipse card: Sovereignty. At this moment what would it feel like to embody your desires? The First quarter moon ignites desires and propels you to move forward with your intentions you set at the New Moon. Leo is also the King or Queen of the zodiac, so they lend you courage and remind you that you have the right to fully embody your desires, beauty, truth, and magick.

Give yourself permission to bloom

There is an opportunity here for you to be seen and heard and tests you to be the Queen of your realm. Ask Leo for courage and to not shy away because you may look back and regret it later.

5/10/2017 Full Moon in Scorpio

The Full Moon in Scorpio is Lunar Beltane! There is a deep energy of the Divine Masculine (Scorpio is co-ruled by Mars), and the energy of the Goddess Venus is potent in this moon cycle. What is merging in you right now? How can you fully surrender to this surge of love and create something from this merging?

We are not going to lie, sexual desires are at their peak during Lunar Beltane, so surrender to your erotic nature and make love! You can make love to your lover, partner, or to yourself! Be open to receiving pleasure. That is the theme of this moon cycle after all.

Are your boundaries supportive or restrictive?

The card pulled for the Full Moon is boundaries. So be aware of the boundaries that have been set in your life that restrict you and confine you. The Scorpio energy gives you the opportunity to look deeper into these boundaries and help dissolve them if they no longer serve you and your highest good, or fortify them if they are weak. Scorpio energy also helps you establish sexual boundaries if you need them. 

5/18/2017 Last Quarter in Aquarius

The Last quarter moon is always an opportunity to look back and reflect on the cycle. Did you focus on pleasure and embodiment? Did you struggle with receiving love and pleasure? Are your boundaries healthy or restrictive? During this time do not judge yourself, but simply observe.

Depending on your time zone, the Last Quarter will fall on Aquarius or Pisces and the card chosen is Rejuvenate. It is time to relax. It is time to allow stillness to permeate and allow grace and ease into your life... another trait of Taurus. Find peace in simple pleasures, book a massage or facial and allow your mind to retreat. Aquarius energy can be sporadic especially during the waning phase of the moon, and make your mind race and you will want to skip ahead this part and just keep moving forward. It is so important to find stillness and set aside time to relax.

Let ease and rejuvenation into your life

We hope you enjoyed this reading and we hope you bloom and fluorish in this moon cycle ahead!

Don't forget to try the Flower Moon spread in the Spirit de la Lune guidebook and decks are still available to order!


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New Moon Energy Reading: 2016 Flower Moon Cycle

Happy New Moon!

2016: Flower Moon Cycle

5.6.16 thru 6.3.16

New Moon in Taurus - Spirit de la Lune
Flower Moon cycle - Spirit de la Lune

We are now in the flow of the beautiful Taurean energy when the sun entered Taurus on 4/19/16. Venus, her ruling planet entered Taurus on 4/29/16 and will settle in to her home sign until 5/24/16. This is a powerful time to bloom into your sensuality, abundance, health, and radiant joy.

This is what the Flower Moon cycle is all about. 

Flower Moon reading - Spirit de la Lune

All that you have prepared for is beginning to blossom and bloom.

The Cosmos really support this blossoming because throughout the whole month of May there are several Grand Earth Trines... when all these different planets come together in harmonious aspects in all the earth signs... Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. In this reading we drew 3 earth cards! This is Spirit de la Lune's way of representing this!

Look out for May 11th, May 28th, and May 30th! Embrace this amazing earth energy by honoring Gaia, gardening, attracting abundance, and nourishing your physical body!

So grab a cup of tea and see what is in store for this new Lunar Cycle!

Tune to the Moon

New Moon in Taurus - Spirit de la Lune

New Moon: 5/6/16

New Moon in Taurus: Rejuvenate

Taurus is all about embodiment. To truly thrive, embody your whole being, the present moment, and your life. The New Moon in Taurus gives you a choice to say yes or no to thriving. The card pulled is Rejuvenate which focuses on your body. This would be a wonderful time to say yes to your body, yes to your nourishment, yes to your health yes to your beauty! Set an intention to add more self-love to your life. How would that look and feel like to you on this new path of embodiment?

Embody your body!

The stone red jasper is a beautiful grounding stone to embrace your body with love, nourishment, respect, and presence. Saying yes to thriving will create a new lifestyle and path that honors you, your desires, and your energy.

First Quarter in Leo - Spirit de la Lune

Waxing Moon: 5/13/16

First Quarter in Leo: The Shaman

The First Quarter in Leo pulls you into the limelight. You are meant to shine for the world to see! Do not shy away from this position of power. Now is the time to step-up! The card pulled for this phase is Scorpio: The Shaman. The Shaman navigates the different worlds with ease and there is a pull to keep yourself hidden. Scorpio is an intense sign of emotions, magic, and passion. The ruling planet Pluto is in retrograde right now until September, so this is a potent time to transform your ideas of power and magick. What or who do you still give power to? How do you diminish your magick?

Embody your magick!

The stone of magick is Labradorite. This stone can help you through this transformational time and direct your magick and gifts to help support your new path of an embodied powerful being in your community.

Full Moon in Sagittarius - Spirit de la Lune

Full Moon: 5/21/16

Full Moon in Sagittarius: Rest

The Full Moon expands with the archer, Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a potent sign of embodiment. The horse body represents, the animal instinctual world within, the human torso is the world in which we exist on this plane, and the arrow represents the cosmic world of the heavens and different dimensions. Sagittarius can embody all these worlds with ease, luck, and optimism. Pulling the Rest card, find ease in your body.  Allow the energy drainers in your life to dissipate. Jupiter, the Archer's ruling planet goes direct 5/9/16, so this will bring a huge expansive energy into whatever you have been working on. Rest in the flowing current. There is abundance waiting for you to receive it!

Embody your abundance!

Amethyst is a stone to help you find rest, but also open your channels to your inner wisdom and intuition. Whatever messages you receive now from your body, your guides, your intuition, listen and take note! A Sagittarius Full Moon can be full of inspiration and surprises!

Last Quarter in Pisces - Spirit de la Lune

Waning Moon: 5/29/16

Last Quarter in Pisces: Transformation

The Last Quarter Moon is dancing with the dream fish, Pisces. During the waning phase, Pisces can get easily lost in their emotions or daydreams and that is okay. Allow yourself to feel all the feels! With all these amazing changes taking place this cycle, create space for this alchemic process. The card pulled is Transformation. There is a recalibration that needs to take place. Allow the Pisces water energy and the earth energy of this cycle to guide you to your sanctuary.

Embody you Alchemy!

A wonderful stone to work with through these changes is Turquoise. This stone is a powerful healer. With its strong protective energies, this stone opens the Throat chakra so you can speak your needs to others and yourself. There will be clarity and peace working with this stone.

Flower Moondala - Spirit de la Lune

Crystal Companions for Blooming

Here are other crystal companions to work with through the Flower Moon Cycle to enhance your vitality, sensuality, and bloom:

  • Amber: Opens you to your sensual nature.

  • Carnelian: Clears the womb for your Divine Feminine essence to shine.

  • Emerald: Opens the heart to healthy boundaries.

  • Malachite: Major abundance activation and attraction!

  • Moonstone: Honors emotions, intuirion, and feminine receptivity.

If you have the deck, charge it under this powerful New Moon tonight and try the Flower Moon reading in the guidebook! Please share any of your pictures with the hashtag: #spiritdelalune

We are hosting a #tunetothemoon challenge on Instagram! Be sure to check it out!