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Full Honey Moon Beeswax Candle Making Ritual

Happy Full Honey Moon! 

We know this is a bit early for our usual full moon post, but we wanted to be sure you had time to gather any supplies you may need for this Full Moon Ritual.

This Full Honey Moon takes place in the sunny and optimistic sign of Sagittarius. The Archer archetype helps us reach for our goals and lights the way towards expanded awareness.

The Honey Moon is an active, productive cycle and the last Full Moon of Spring here in the Norther Hemisphere. Bees are buzzing and life is churning all around. This is a time for abundance, production, and collaboration.

The Honey Moon asks us to stop and take notice if we are working too hard, or not enough! Do you need to collaborate with others in order to get what you need done? Or perhaps it's time to slow down and enjoy the sweetness life has to offer. Allow the bees to show you the path to fulfillment. Follow that magnetic pull towards your passions the same way the bees feel drawn to the flowers.

Full Honey Moon Bee | Spirit de la Lune

Now is the time to pollinate and plant the seeds and needs of your soul. For tonight's Full Moon Ceremony we are not only doing some candle magic, we are making candles!

We are working with all four of the elements, patience and time, and Honey Bee medicine as we create this sacred tool.

It's a good idea to set an intention as you go about creating this candle! You can revisit your intention from the last New Moon, or create this candle for a specific intention.

Remember to give thanks to the Honey Bee and all of the life giving gifts they offer us. Aside from their sweet, healthy honey and purifying wax, Honey Bees account for 1/3 of the food here on earth! Bees are currently under threat and need us to take precautions in order to save them. For tonight's ceremony, please try to find beeswax from a local or organic source if possible and always try to find local organic sources! Here are more ways we can help.

Full Moon Beeswax Candle Making Ritual

Spirit de la Lune Beeswax Candle Making Honey Moon Ritual

Beeswax candles are a wonderful substitute for the artificially scented candles that are currently on the market.

Their natural aroma is something you just can't beat or fake. The wax's color is naturally light yellow and turns to a deep honey yellow as it melts.

It's more than just the soothing scent and glow of a flickering beeswax candle that comforts us. These candles emit negative ions that  help boost our mood, increase levels of serotonin and gives us relief from stress.

Burning your candle right before bed can help improve your quality of sleep!

Negative ions also purify the air of mold spores, odors, dust and other particles in the air. They combat the Positive Ions that come from electrical appliances that are often trapped in our house. Read more about the benefits of Beeswax candles and Negative Ions.

Before you begin, take some time to quiet your mind and create sacred space. Open a circle if you wish, or prepare with a clean blessed workspace. Remember we are connecting with the 4 elements deeply for this Full Moon. Listen to your intuition and set a strong intention for your magickal candle before you begin.


Honey Moon Beeswax Candle Making | Spirit de la Lune

What you will need:

(We found a lot of our supplies at thrift shops, Hobby Lobby and Michaels. These craft stores both have a weekly 40% off coupon that can help make things a lot cheaper!)

  • 12 oz beeswax pellets (Or any wax of your choice, just follow their directions)

  • 1/3 cup coconut oil

  • Thick-medium wick

  • 12-16 oz glass jar or containers *

  • Clothespin to prop up the wick

  • Double-sided tape or hot glue to keep the wick in place

  • Double boiler (I used a thrifted pot & thrifted glass measuring pitcher for my double boiler.)

  • Wooden skewer for stirring

  • Ribbon and other decorations. (charms, crystals

*Because we are adding coconut oil to the beeswax, we will have more wax than can fit in a 12 oz jar. You can choose to use a bigger jar, or make a second smaller candle, or follow the bonus tutorial below where I explain how to turn the left over wax into a Honey Moon Healing Balm! *You will need cocoa butter or shea butter and some small containers to put it in.

Honey Moon Beeswax Candle Making | Spirit de la Lune

Step One

Melt the beeswax. Using a double boiler system melt your wax. A double boiler warms the contents of the glass container slowly. You will want to put enough water in your pot so that it covers most of the area where the wax is, and so when it starts to bubble and boil, it will not get into the wax. You don't want to mix the two.

Turn the burner on low and stir it often. 

Melting the wax can take several minutes and the stages it goes through are reminiscent of some very delicious foods, so you could probably grab a quick snack as things melt.

After you finish watching your wax turn from melting dippin' dots to mashed potatoes and gravy, and then finally gravy with no lumps what so ever the wax is finally ready.


Step 1.5

While the wax is melting and in between stirring sessions, secure the wick to the bottom of your jar. 

You can use hot glue, e6000, or double-sided tape. I happened to have some double sided wall mounts that did the trick.

Using a skewer or a wooden tooth pick push down around the edges to make sure it's good and stuck. 

Beeswax is hard to clean up, so it’s a good idea to put some newspaper or paper bags down around your workspace at this time. 

Step Two

Remove your wax from the heat and add in your coconut oil. Stir and mix thoroughly so everything is the same temperature.

Beeswax burns very hot, so adding coconut oil will bring down the melting point of the candle, making for a longer smoother burn. This process will keep your candle from “tunneling” and burning down only around the wick. So be sure to not skip this step! 

(Beeswax candles and essential oils don’t go well because of that heat ratio... so it’s best to not add any scent to the candle. Beeswax already has a wonderful scent, so there is no need to mess around with it. You can save your essential oils for the bonus tutorial!) 

Step Three

Once everything is mixed together, take your inner pitcher out of the water and wipe the bottom with a towel so you don’t splash boiling water on yourself or your work surface.

Pour in about 1 inch of wax into the jar and put the pitcher back into the hot water and keep on a low heat to keep from hardening. 

Using a clothespin, or something else big enough for your jar or container, prop the wick up so it stands straight. Allow the candle and the 1 inch wax to set for about 20 minutes.

I kept turning my burner on and off during this time while stirring the left over wax pretty often to keep the wax from setting.

Step Four

Honey Moon Beeswax Candle Making | Spirit de la Lune

Once the bottom layer is set, slowly pour the remaining wax into your jar until you get to the height you want.

Let it set for a bit and add more wax if a pit begins to form around the wick. 

Using the clothespin, prop or hold the wick in place while you allow the candle to rest and sit somewhere warm.

Beeswax can crack if it cools and hardens too quickly, 

Honey Moon Beeswax Candle Making | Spirit de la Lune

Place the candle someplace warm to let it set. You can place the candle in your oven while it cools after baking something or put it in a sunny place while it sets. My house doesn’t have AC and it was already about 88 degrees inside, so I just sat it on my stove while I made dinner and used the oven. I didn't have any problems with it cracking or curing. 

It’s best to let the candle rest over night before trimming the wick or burning the candle.

*Bonus Tutorial*

If you have extra wax and chose to not make a second smaller candle, you can add a bit more coconut oil and some shea butter or cocoa butter to your wax to create a healing salve!

Just return the beeswax to the double boiler pot and add equal parts shea or cocoa butter and coconut oil to your mixture. The final mixture will be 1/3 beeswax (left over wax), 1/3 Shea or cocoa butter and 1/3 coconut oil.

You may need to "shave" or cut your shea/cocoa butter in order for it to melt properly. Add everything to the wax and stir it all together until everything is the same consistency and temperature again. Remove from heat and add in a few drops of essential oils if you want.

Pour into smaller containers and allow to cool before using as a lip balm, lotion or general healing balm infused with Full Honey Moon energy!


Step Five

When you candle is finally set and cool, trim the wax to about a half inch above the wax line. It's time to decorate!

Using ribbon, beads, charms or crystals, decorate your new candle!

Pick a charm that matches the intention you’ve chosen on the New Moon, or pick something new just for this candle.


Step Six

Spirit de la Lune Beeswax Candle Making Honey Moon Ritual

On the night of the Full Moon, burn the candle on your altar as you charge your cards and crystals. 

Beeswax candles burn for a long time, so you can relight the candle often!

Use this candle to burn intentions, light your sage or incense. Re-light it on the New Moon, or whenever you may need a boost! 

Remember, to never burn your candle unsupervised.

When the candle is done burning, you can either reuse the candle jar to make a new one, or wear the charm as a necklace or keep it on your altar as a reminder! 

We would love to see your candles! If you follow along and make a candle with us, please share your photos with us here or by tagging #Spiritdelalune on instagram!


Don't forget to charge your crystals and deck under the full moon and light your candle!

Full Honey Moon - Connecting to Animal Medicine - The Honey Bee

Honey Moon | Spirit de la Lune

Happy Honey Moon! 

We are on the last legs of Spring, and getting ready to welcome in the even warmer months of Summer up here in the northern hemisphere. 

The earth is buzzing with life once again as this Full Moon is ushering in the sweetness and serenity that comes with summer.

This Full Honey Moon is also known as the Strawberry Moon and Rose Moon in various cultures, but all the names have one thing in common.. Sweetness. 

Now, this moon might have you digging real deep to find that sweetness within you, because this Full Moon has potential to be an intense storm of emotions.

The Full Moon is in Sagittarius, and the Sun is in Gemini. This could make for a very emotional and loud few days especially with Jupiter going direct on the same day.

Sagittarius is the truth teller and story teller of the zodiac.. So expect others to be a bit louder than normal. You may feel your own emotions heightened during this time, and it may be hard to keep your own harsh words contained!

Full Honey Moon | Spirit de la Lune

It's important to ground your energy and stay centered during this Full Moon!

But sometimes just remembering to stay calm isn't enough..

This Honey Moon card was designed with an image of a Honey Bee in the center. 

 Each of our Major Arcana cards carry Archetypes and symbols for the moons that they represent. 

Archetypes awaken stored sacred knowledge deep within our souls.


For this card, we chose the Archetype of the Honey Bee.

Spirit speaks to us through many facets! It manifests  in a variety of forms and with a variety of messages! Spirit can be found in the flowers, crystals, animals and even people.

Since the earliest recorded history, various cultures have seen animals as harbingers, messengers and even carriers of personality traits we wish to adopt.

Native American beliefs on Animal Totems are often the first thing that come to mind on this subject, but these practices have been found throughout many cultures of the ancient and modern world.

By focusing on traits and attributes of our totem, we internalize their traits and begin to shift and take on the characteristics we need from our totem.

You may feel drawn to one particular animal guide your entire life, but there are many short term guides out there that have messages and lessons for us on a day to day basis.

For tonight's Full Moon Ceremony,   we are connecting to the totem of the Honey Bee.

Honey Bee Animal Spirit Ceremony

The Honey Bee does not have to be your main animal guide to still be of help to you. Adopt the nature of this peace loving ally this week. Rely on the totem of the Honey Bee to ground you during this Full Moon. 

This ceremony will help you connect to the energy of the Honey Bee, to serve as a strong reminder and totem to help you during this Full Moon.

All that's needed for tonight is a small offering for the Honey Bees and an open heart.

Adopting the nature and traits of the Honey Bee.

The Honey Bee is a creature of sweetness, though many people fear them! It's been said that bees can smell or pick up on people's fears! Perhaps they lack fear of their own, and feel drawn to investigate ours as it is such an opposing emotion to their natural nature.

Often times the Honey Bee pushes our fears right up to our awareness when we are confronted with them! They are small but loud reminders to us to not be afraid of what we don't understand. Once you shed your fear around the bee, they buzz sweetly near you, sharing space and minding their own beeswax.

The Honey Bee teaches us to do the impossible and believe in miracles! Early scientific research stated that Honey Bees shouldn't be able to fly. They defy our known laws of physics and show us that miracles can happen. (Some further studies have been done on this, and scientists are beginning to understand the Bee, but there is still much that isn't known about these little guys.)

Honey Bees are also an excellent totem for productivity, and manifesting abundance. They teach us to work together, to rely on our hive/tribe. They represent the collective conscious, and remind us that everything is connected.

They are fiercely protective of their own, and would die defending their home and family. They are driven by the passion to find the sweetest nectars.

Invoking and connecting to the Honey Bee, especially around such emotional times can help you create harmonic balance within yourself. 

connecting to the honey bee and honoring animal guides. 

Tree Talker Art | Honey Bee

Because animals are pure consciousness, they often can't communicate with us properly if our own energy is muddy. 

Take some white sage, smudge and cleanse yourself and your space if you feel called.

Take a moment to clear your mind.

Breath in and out through your nose, knowing that each breath is cleansing your energy, opening you up to Spirit's message.

Mindful breathing can help take you into a trance like state on the astral realm, where your guides and messengers await. 

Next state your intention to connect to the Honey Bee. You can say whatever you'd like, or follow this prayer below. The point is to make a purposeful intention to connect.

After you state your intention, sit in mindfulness for a few moments and let go and release your intention while in that mindful trance like state. 

Next, leave an offering out for the bees this Full Moon!

Save the Bees | Plant flowers | Spirit de la Lune Honey Moon Ceremony

Our Bee population is suffering immensely right now and could really use us as their ally. Leave out a bowl of water for them. Do not pick their flowers! Instead  plant new bee supporting flowers and pollinators in your garden!

You can even leave out a small crystal like honey calcite as an offering to let the bees know their messages and energy is welcome.

Have patience and observe your world for the next few days. You called in the Honey Bee, and released your intention to the universe, now all you have to do is look around. 

 Be open to how the Bee will show up in your life! You might see one physically buzz around you, or you may see a photo or an advertisement or billboard with a Bee on it.  Be aware of the emotional state you are in when you encounter this guide, as that is often where their lessons lie. 

Be aware of what you were doing, going or thinking while you encounter this guide. 

Honey Bee Spirit Ally | Spirit de la lune

Once you connect and feel the energy of this Honey Bee, you can call in it's essence and spiritual presence whenever you feel the need. 

The above method for connecting to the Honey Bee could be used to connect with any of your Animal Guides! You can even use this little ritual to discover who your personal Animal Guide could be if you don't already know. 


Lunar Blessings

Don't forget to leave a little offering to your new ally, and charge your decks and crystals tonight under the Full Moon!




Full Honey Moon and Solstice Ritual | Crafting a Honey Jar for sweetness

Honey Moon | Savor the Sweetness | Spirit de la Lune

Happy Full Moon & Summer Solstice! 

The sweetness of Summer is setting in today, and life us buzzing all over. It's a productive and busy time of the year. The Sun is at a standstill and the moon is bright overhead.

Today is the longest day of the year and the shortest night of the year. But that doesn't stop Lady Luna's power from shining brightly. She is a reflection of the sun's light and power, so her own brilliance is extra powerful and potent during this time. 

Summer Solstice Full Moon Ritual | Spirit de la Lune

Today is a rare full moon on the Summer Solstice!

This moon is a perfect reminder to slow down and enjoy the sweetness that is around you. 

The seeds have been planted, the garden weeded, and new life is sprouting everywhere!

Stop and smell the flowers, it's time to add some sweetness into your life!

We are in the energy of the Honey Moon!

This moon is also known as the Strawberry and Rose moon. The names of the full moon's vary from Native American tribes and cultures, but there is one thing these moon's all have in common, the focus on sweetness.  

Take a moment to examine where your life could use some extra sweetness. 

Try pulling the Honey Moon Spread from the guidebook to reveal some hidden answers from within.

Our main ingredient for today's ritual is honey. Honey has been a long standing magical ingredient for many years. It was a common offering in the ancient world, used to both sweeten and bind in spell and ritual work.  

What areas in your life could use some sweetness? Does your relationship need some extra romance? Are you having a hard time with someone at work? Do you need some extra sweetness and self care? 

Inquire within and take note or journal what areas in your life could use some extra sweetener for today's Full Moon Ritual, a Honey Jar.

A Honey Jar is a very gentle way to add a touch of sweetness to your life. The magic infused honey seeps in, adding sweetness where it is needed most. 

Honey Jar Spell & Ritual

Honey Jars, also called Sweetening Jars, are a type of Folk Magic that is most often used in Hoodoo and Native American Magick. There are many ways to make and use a Honey Jar, some like to follow specific rules, and others like to use their intuition. 

*In traditional Hoodoo Spells do not use scissors when cutting your paper. (Scissors represent cutting something from your life, and today we are adding!)

*It is recommended to only use an odd amount of ingredients in this spell.

Gathering supplies for the Honey Jar | Spirit de la Lune

You will need: 

Small glass jar with metal lid

Sweetener: Honey (preferred) sugar, syrup, karo, etc

Candle (You can use any color, but it's best to use one that matches your intention)

Prayers or intention (Remember to tear your paper instead of cutting it!)

Offerings (herbs, crystals, flowers, charms, pictures,) 

Step One:

Gather Ingredients

You can use any herbs, crystals or charms that are match your personal intention. The offerings will get covered in honey and placed on your altar, so small pieces of crystals or unused charms work very well. 

Below are some crystals and herbs that are commonly used in love and sweetening spells. These are just some ideas to get your started! 

Herbs & Plants for Sweetness & Love:

Ambergris, Anise, Apple, Basil, Bergamot, Caraway, Cardamom, Carnation, Cherry, Cinnamon, Clove, Clover, Coriander, Crocus, Cypress, Daisy, Dill, Dragon's Blood, Freesia, Gardenia, Ginger, Hibiscus, Iris, Jasmine, Juniper, Lavender, Lilac, Lily, Lotus, Mullein, Orange Blossom, Peppermint, Primrose, Raspberry, Rose, Rosemary, Rue,Spearmint, Strawberry, Valerian,Vanilla, Vervain, Violet, Willow, Ylang-ylang, Zinnia

Crystals to enhance sweetness and love:

Agate, Alexandrite, Amber, Amazonite, Beryl, Celestite,Citrine, Emerald, Jade, Jasper, Lapis lazuli, Malachite, Moonstone, Rhodochrosite, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Topaz, Tourmaline, Turquoise, Zircon,


Remember to use only an odd amount of ingredients. Honey *does* count as one. 

Crystal Offerings

For Offerings: 

If you are focusing this ritual on self love, then you need only provide a charm in representation of yourself. 

If you are trying to sweeten a relationship, or add sweetness to your job or workplace you will need an offering that represents your work, or the other person/party.

You can use pictures, writing, or a simple crystal or symbol that holds representation to you. 



Step Two: 

Writing your intentions

Write Your Name and Intention

Write your name on your piece of paper 3 times. If you are using this spell to enhance a relationship write their name on top of your name either in a grid like pattern, or right over the top. 

Next write out your intention or prayer so that it surrounds your name(s), binding the name within the intention. 

It's important to keep your intention in the present tense. Example: "I love and accept myself exactly how I am. I honor my authentic nature and am a reflection of Divine Love."

Roll your intention up and place it inside your jar. 


Step Three:

Add Herbs and Offerings

Sprinkle small crystals, flower petals, herbs and trinkets into your jar. You can repeat your intention out loud to add Spoken Word to this.

This is an offering for yourself and the universe. 

If you are doing this Honey Jar to sweeten a relationship, now is the time to add any offerings representing the other person. 


Step Four:

Pour On The Honey

Pouring in the honey | Honey Jar

Pour your honey or sweetener of choice over your offering. As you pour the sweet liquid into your intentions, allow your heart to be filled with comfort and peace.

The honey is seeping into the corners and crevices of your offering, as well as into the areas it is needed in your life. 

You can repeat your intention and prayer again at this time, ending with a "so mote it be, and so it is, etc" or a simple "thank you."

Be sure to not over fill your jar as you don't want any honey seeping out. You can seal your jar for good with wax or glue. 

You can also decorate the outside of your jar to represent your intention.


Step Five:

Burn Your Candle 

Using hot glue or candle wax, attach your candle to the top of your jar. Place your Honey Jar on your altar, making sure it is in a safe place for burning and wax melt.

Light it tonight under the full moon.

Honey Jar Candle Ritual | Spirit de la Lune

Allow the fire to heat the honey and activate the magic.

Fire is a wonderful way to honor the Summer Solstice as we are now entering into the fire season of summer. This is a very potent full moon as it's not often the full moon is on the same day of the solstice! 

Either let the candle burn itself out, or snuff it out when you are finished. (do not blow it out) 

Your Honey Jar can be kept and used over and over again and it's magic will last several years. Your honey jar can be kept on your altar as an energy conductor and sacred reminder of your intention.  

You can simply replace and light a new candle when your current one goes out. 

If there ever is a time when you feel your spell is complete and you are ready to dispose of your Honey Jar, either bury it in your yard facing east or near a river. Be sure to thank the Earth for taking your offering.

Your favorite moondala or moon phase art print makes a fantastic altar piece!  Shop now!

Your favorite moondala or moon phase art print makes a fantastic altar piece! Shop now!

Solstice Blessings

& Happy Full Moon!

Don't forget to charge your deck and crystals under tonights Full Honey Moon! 

Lunar Blessings | Marissa and Rachael | Spirit de la Lune

Did you make a Honey Jar tonight? What areas of your life did you find you needed the most sweetness? 

We would LOVE to see your Honey Jar and Full Moon Ritual on Instagram or Facebook! Tag us with #tunetothemoon so we can see them!