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Corn Moon Ceremony: Dream Grid Activation

Happy Full Corn Moon!

We are approaching a beautiful and interesting Full Moon! The moon is actually on the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces! Depending on your time zone some people will experience an Aquarius Full Moon and others will be experiencing a Pisces Full Moon! Either way this is a Full Moon filled with romantic notions and high ideals, and how we can do our part for humanity to create and actualize the new dreams we are needing for this planet. There is a paradigm shift happening and humanity and the planet is experiencing a lot of chaos in the midst of this change. The Corn Moon energy is that of abundance and magnetizing nourishment and prosperity. 

Corn Moon - Spirit de la Lune

On top of this, it is an almost lunar eclipse! The Earth's shadow actually does not cross over the Full Moon, but it does come really close this cycle! This means the Sun, Moon and Earth are almost precisely aligned with each other. Each of us is on a precipice, or a cusp of actualization, but we need more clarity.

With the Leo Sun and the Pisces/Aquarius-almost-Lunar-Eclipse, we are all in a powerful position to alter our communities in a powerful and magical way. By making your realm a more beautiful place the Leo within you will be mighty proud of that!

With this beautiful portal beckoning us to be our best selves - to embody our highest selves for the highest good of all, how do we know what to do? Many of us will feel the edge of the cliff and freeze. Maybe the ego will tell you to play it safe, or stay small as not to cause ripples. To hell with that!

Let's make waves into this cosmic ocean we are all swimming in!

Reach into the web of the collective conscious and ask the universe for a dream to guide you. We will do this by creating a crystal dream grid. So gather your crystals and activate your dreams! This ceremony below will tap into the vast clarity of Aquarius and the intuitive dreams of Pisces so we can all find our purpose for the new world paradigms we are beginning to attract and move into.

Dream Grid - Spirit de la Lune

Create a crystal grid using Amethyst, Clear Quartz points, and Rose Quartz. Amethyst activates dreams and the Third-eye, Clear quartz records and magnifies intentions, and Rose Quartz keeps you connected to love. These 3 crystals are easy to come by, but if you have a lot more crystals, tap into your intuition and use the crystals who speak to you! I also added Larimar for the High Heart Chakra (between the Throat and Heart Chakras) to help tap into the cosmic collective. 

We love to include our cards in our crystal grids to invoke the energy of the Moondalas. So I put both Aquarius and Pisces in the grid to represent the cusp and honor their energies. I connected them with crystals to the center Full moon card so their energies can work together. Putting the grid together is half the fun and is a mediation in itself. Spend time playing with the crystals and asking them where they want to be placed.

crystal grid - spirit de la lune

If you do not have a lot to crystals to work with that is okay! Use what you have and play with different variations until you feel that the crystal grid is ready. Your crystals will let you know!

When you finish your grid, lay them out under the moonlight for at least 2 hours. It is better to have them set out on a tray so you can move them back into the house. While they are charging, sit out under the moonlight and whisper your dreams to Lady Luna... think about your community and on a global scale.

What dreams do you want to moonifest for humanity?

Before you bring your grid back in, it is now time to activate it under the moonlight! Using a wand, crystal point, or even your dominant index finger begin to connect all the crystals together starting with the center of your grid. Think of it like connect-the-dots! Move around the grid in a clockwise motion, always bringing the energy back to the center stone. Do this a couple of times (I like to go around in 3's) to find the easiest flow for the energy to move through. 

Begin to imagine a beautiful silver thread of moonlight moving through your crown chakra down to your heart, and flowing into your hand directing the energy into the crystals. See this web of light weaving through all the crystals as you keep moving around the grid.

When you feel in tuned with the energy and focused enough begin to say these words or something similar, while weaving the crystal grid:

Weaver of Dreams, hear my call

Share our visions for the highest good of all

As I weave this web to hold the dreams from above

As I sleep, let me swim in the cosmic sea of love.

Water Bearer Moon,

I bask in your glow,

Pour the dust of the Moon & Stars

Into my heart and mind,

So my new visions can grow!

As I dream tonight,

Lady Moon, with your light, show me the purpose

For my soul to take flight!

Bring the grid back into your home and preferably put it under your bed or near your bed. Keep a dream journal near by you and as you lay down to sleep ask for a vision of clarity so your new path can be revealed. You can keep asking for this new vision through the end of this moon cycle and pay close attention to your dreams for the next two weeks.

If you want further insight into your dreams you can use the Spirit de la Lune cards and spreads in the guidebook! We hope you enjoy this Full Moon dream grid and let us know what dreams you have! Tag us with#spiritdelalune or #tunetothemoon with your full moon readings and your crystal grid you create!

What are the dreams you are moonifesting?

Flower Moon: Blooming Ceremony

Happy Full Flower Moon beauties!

It is time to witness and experience the luminous shining energy that is the Full Moon once again! Lady Luna is blooming and we have the opportunity to do the same!

Bloom Ceremony - Spirit de la lune

It is time to step into your fullness and embody your bloom.

And by bloom, we mean the beauty and magic that is unique to you. When you embody your bloom completely, like the flower, you magnetically draw in what is yours.

Flower Moondala - Spirit de la lune

Surround yourself with flowers to learn from the deep wisdom of the flora blossoming all around you. Spend time in your garden, water your flowers and plants with moon water, and listen to their unique messages. If you do not have a garden, walk around your neighborhood or park and explore the flora around you. Of course you can always buy flowers and put them in vases all around your home or altar. Make sure you gather some flowers for your ceremony later tonight! 

Blooming Ceremony

What you need: 

  • Flower petals: all colors, shapes, and sizes - whatever you are drawn to!

  • Clear crystal or silver bowl

  • Spring water

  • Your Spirit de la Lune deck and specifically the Flower Moondala

  • A marker (to write on the petals)

  • Your journal and pen

Begin by sitting at your altar and journal about what is blooming in your life. Write your list of blessings and blooming; allow your heart to open and flow in this current of gratitude. From the current write about what you would like to bloom in your life and really describe it with all your senses... Make this a sensory experience: if you allowed these certain things to blossom and bloom what would it look like, feel like, smell like, taste like, sound like? This may seem silly but you will be inviting your whole body and all your cells into this experience and you will begin to shift your energy to receive and draw in this energy you desire. 

Now that you have your lists of what is blooming and what you want to bloom, begin to take off the petals of each flower you chose and write down your keywords and lists on the petals... Try to narrow it down to one word on each petal. It's okay if you don't have enough words for all the petals! 

Flower Moondala - Spirit de la Lune

Now the fun begins! Go outside under the moonlight and assemble a beautiful flower mandala out of the petals. Let your intuition and creativity guide you. You can put the Flower Moondala card in the center too. Let this creative process bring you into a meditative state... Take your time and enjoy this process.

You are actively creating and attracting your desires by doing so!  

Once your Flower Moon Mandala is created take your bowl of spring water and put it at the center of the mandala on top of the Flower Moondala card. You can even add petals to the water (be sure they are safe petals because you will be drinking some of this moon water! Rose petals are always a good choice!). You can add crystals to the Moondala too, whatever you want to charge under the moonlight! 

Be sure to try the Flower Moon Spread in the Spirit de la lune guidebook for further insight into your bloom, desires, and your ceremony! Be sure to tag #SpiritdelaLune on instagram so we can see and feature your deck! We absolutely love seeing these cards in action! We are also still moving through the #Tunetothemoon challenge on Instagram there is still time to join in!

Leave these all out to charge under the moonlight and enjoy the rest of your evening. When the sun rises go outside to gather the petals and collect the moon water. If the wind scattered some petals, do not fret! Your desires are being moved through the wind! Drink some of the Flower Moon water to take it into your cells and body. You can save the rest to water your garden, use in baths, drink, or even put a drop or two into your fave ore perfumes and skincare products to keep absorbing this magick and beauty!

You can keep the rest of your petals and store them in a dry dark place to let them dry for the next lunation. You can then use the dried petals as loose incense on the next Full Moon to complete this blooming magick. If you do not want to save them you can scatter these petals in your garden or out in nature and let the wind and Gaia do the rest. Listen to your intuition and do what feels best!