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New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon

Happy New Moon!

This New Moon in Leo is also a Black SuperMoon!

New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon

A black moon is similar to a blue moon… and like the blue moon, the definitions can get a little confusing. A black moon is typically seen as the fourth new moon in a season, (normally there are three) or when there are two new moons in one month, like what is happening this month!

This New Moon is also a Super Moon! This means that the moon is closer to the Earth than normal and the lunar effects on the water, tides and our emotions are amplified. Just because we can’t see her, doesn’t mean we won’t be feeling the effects of the supermoon.

Depending on your location and timezone, this New Moon could fall on August 1st for you, but it still holds the same energy of a Black New Moon, so don’t feel like you missed it.

Two New Moons in one month happens roughly every 3 years or so. They help us shift and breath through barriers that were holding us back. They offer us ability to use our new perspective to move forward. Almost like acting as a second chance for us to get up and claim our new path after such an intense month…

we will all be feeling a breath of fresh air after this New Moon!

This New Moon marks the end of the Summer Eclipse season, helping us to integrate the major karmic lessons of the month prior. This last month presented us with many opportunities to find lessons through the chaos, but thankfully much of that intense energy will settle as Mercury goes direct shortly after the New Moon.

We are also celebrating the Sabbat of Lammas around this time! This is the celebration of the first harvest and marks the another turn in the Wheel of the year.

In the second half of this month, Mars, Venus, the Sun and Mercury all enter Virgo. This will help us see things a bit more clearly in many areas of our lives.The shifts this month will help clear up some of that chaotic and dark energy that was stirred up in July. We will be able to move forward and claim our true power with clear intent.

In many ways, this New Moon will be helpling the dust settle around us so that we can step forward and fully integrate the lessons that came up during this Eclipse season. The cycle ahead looks to be a bit smoother than last months, but still holds potential to deliver the unexpected! One a month, using our planners and our decks, we look to the stars and moon phases to put together the Moonthly energy report!

New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon

Grab a cup of iced coffee and read on to see what this New Black Moon has in store for you!

New Moon in Leo

New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon

A New Moon is typically a time for reflection and introspection. Your heightened intuition is showing you the way towards starting something new.

This New Moon on the 31st of July is asking you to listen to your inner voice so you can begin to express it physically.

Grab your Tune to the Moon planner and try out the Leo spread for direction on where to focus your intention and energy right now if you are wondering where to turn.

New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon

The fiery sign of Leo’s influence during this New Moon is helping us find our authentic self and voice so that we can rise to our full potential. If you’ve had your power taken from you recently, you are beginning to step into it more and more. Leo wants to help.

Leo is the Hero of the deck, and is a reminder that often times, the only one who truly knows what you want and need is you. The New Moon in Leo helps us recognize that we need to be our own hero right now. You are the hero of your story and it’s okay to ask yourself what kind of things you desire and need.

It is also important to affirm yourself and work to develop leadership skills, like self-confidence, and innovation right now. You might be asked to step up and lead others this week. Don’t shy away from the light.

New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon

This New Moon can help us integrate many of the changes that were made during the last month so we can step into our true power.

The ruling planet of Leo is the Sun. RIght now we are being are asked to be bold, bright and to shine this week. You might even feel encouraged to take greater risks when the moon is in Leo depending on your birth chart.

This New Moon asks you to take leadership and be confident in yourself and your abilities when creating your intentions moving forward this month. A new path is working to unfold in ways that you can’t even imagine! Open yourself up to the possibilities and allow yourself to ask for what you want.

New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon

The 1st of August is also Lammas or Lughnassadh the sabbat celebrating the first harvest. The word 'Lammas' is derived from 'loaf mass' showing us the importance of the harvest, honoring cycles, and the turn of the wheel. It is also this time that the veil between realms begins to thin.

Last year we had a ritual making corn dollies. This year the sabbat falls closer to the New Moon where we focus on intentions and divination.

It’s still a good idea to celebrate this sabbat! Head over to last years blog to read about making your own corn dolly! Or make some homemade bread topped with herbs from your garden. Setting up a set up an altar welcoming in the last months of summer is also a great way to honor this sabbat!

Mercury goes direct on the 2nd of August which will really help us all feel like a breath of fresh air is pouring in. This last retrograde caused some big lessons to show up in some loud ways. It’s important to integrate them during this time. Allow the past to fully be released. Journal back on the lessons you learned and the situations that came up and challenge yourself to move forward.

If people or things are surprisingly cut from or introduced into your life during this time, trust that it serves its own purpose!

Mercury has a way of showing us what isn’t working so that we can either fix it or end it… now that it is going direct, we will be able to see this from a higher perspective so we can make the changes that are needed. Keep this in mind as you write your intentions for this cycle ahead!

New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon

The card pulled for this week is Waxing Gibbous, Manifest. You are close to the peak of your manifestation cycle and your goals are almost to completion. This card is a reminder that you already have everything within you in order to reach your goals and desires. You have the ability and resources within and around you to manifest your dreams right now.. What is truly stopping you from realizing this? What emotions are getting in the way right now? Belief in your magick and gifts is so vital right now. In order to manifest, you need to know that you are worthy of your desires. Know what it is you want and then feel worthy to have it.

The Crystal Companion this week is Clear Quartz. Clear Quartz magnifies all the energy of other stones as well as your emotions. It is the universal healing stone. Perfect for use in grids. Point the stones outward to rid of negativity and releasing. Point the stones inward towards the center to activate and absorb the nourishing healing effects of Quartz. Expands intuition and helps strengthen intuition and your connection to the divine.

First Quarter Moon in Scorpio

The First Quarter Moon takes place on August 7th in the sign of Scorpio. When the moon is waxing, we tend to feel our own energy begin to increase. We tend to feel ready for action and motivated to complete our tasks. Scorpio might be asking you to slow down and listen to your intuition, and to double check everything before you begin this week.

New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon

Scorpio energy can present us with an emotionally difficult time if we aren’t careful or prepared. Our intuition is heightened, and emotions tend to be a little more powerful during a Scorpio moon, so it can be hard to read your intuition… but don’t let this stand in your way of accomplishing your goals this week!

Your spirits will begin to lift this week as the Sun trines Jupiter in Sagittarius. This will infuse your life with positivity and optimism. It feels like anything is possible or will at least have a positive outcome, so set your sights high.

Jupiter, the planet of abundance was retrograde since April 10th. It’s placement in Sagittarius shines a light of optimism into your life, especially your work or career path. This is also helping you see where you need to improve your understanding of others as well as the need to broaden your horizons when it comes to the emotions and history of others.. This is all about connecting you to your higher education and deepening your sense of spirituality.

Venus trine Jupiter will also help ensure good vibes coming your way. A positive and even lucky aspect, this is the week to try something that you’ve never done before.

Now direct Mercury enters Leo on the 11th of August which will help you express yourself in the way you may have been meaning to all along. Leo helps us find our voice and Mercury the planet of communication is helping us discover not only what we want to say, but how we want to say it. You may have been searching for the words or the way to express your heart for some time now, Mercury in Leo will help you make the connections so you can finally let it out.

Mercury in Leo reminds you how important it is to express your heart and your needs. Too often we ignore our own needs for the needs of others. Leo is here to remind you to focus on you! You don’t need to hold any aspect of yourself back as the universe is encouraging you to be authentic and honest with yourself and others. If you aren’t honest about what you want, how can the universe deliver?

On August 12th, Uranus goes retrograde until January 1st 2020. Uranus shows us the importance of financial security and freedom. This retrograde shows us the need to strive for financial freedom and self sufficiency. Uranus will be retrograde for the rest of the year, a slower planet has a more subtle effect on us, but you will still feel a call towards preparation and action. Listen to your intuition!

New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon

The First Quarter Moon week will have you feeling good and ready for some movement. We have a lot of movement in the sky again this week, but luckily the movements and retrogrades are optimistic and key towards planning our futures. Visualize the best that can happen for you and you will soon see it realize!

New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon

The card pulled for this week is Waning Gibbous, Guidance. If you’ve been searching for answers to your questions, the answers lie within. Reminder that the more you tune to the inward currents of your soul, the unnecessary fusses, trivial complains and vain societal beliefs will start to disappear from your path. The guidance you need is no longer driven by your ego now. If you are seeking guidance, ask your higher self and spirit guides to show you the way. The will reveal messages in the way your soul will understand. This might mean your will meet new teachers, or you may have more visual or memorable dreams. Look for the symbols in your dreams and everyday life. There are divine messages from your guides in the day-to-day life you keep looking for them. Remember, you might also be playing the guiding role in someone else’s life right now. Be sure to be leading from the higher self. Ask for help when you need it. Connect to your spirit guides… ask that you are puth into alignment with those you can learn from and those who can learn from you.

The crystal companion for this week is Rutilated Quartz. Rutilated quartz is very high energy! This stone connects you to your primal and spiritual intuition, merging the two so your instincts become sharp for any situation. Rutile is an amplifying stone along with Clear Quartz so they pack a powerhouse of energy and support to the wearer.

Full Corn Moon in Aquarius

New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon

The warmth of the summer sun is shining down on the first harvest. Your bounty is at hand.

The seeds you have sowed and tended since the Seed Moon are now maturing. The Corn Moon invites you to receive the abundance you have been devoted to for so long.

Happy Full Corn Moon!

Abundance is yours if you are only open to receiving it and truly knowing you are worthy of it! There is a humbleness and a gratitude in the receiving of it. Spend time out in nature and you will witness the harvest and bounty all around you. This is the cycle of Gaia and the Moon.

New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon

This Full Corn Moon in Aquarius takes place on the 15th of August. This is the moment of fruition, but it will not last forever. The cycle will wane again, so now is your chance to receive your abundance and relax into gratitude.

The Corn Moon and Lammas mark the turn of the Wheel of the Year when the veil between the worlds begins to thin… but there is still Summer abundance out there for you to enjoy before the cold months return.

Spend time outside this week enjoying the warm summer sun while it still shines. This Full Moon reminds us that the summer months will not last. Soak in the abundance available to you and make the most of it. This is the time of the first harvest, meaning a time when we are both productive and able to see the fruit of our hard work.

If you are focusing on lack in your life you will not be able to notice or appreciate the abundance around you. You will not be able to manifest your desires until you can shift your perspective. It’s easy to get stuck in a place of lack when that’s all you see, especially if you you are busy taking care of the needs of others, but this week, your concern is not what makes others happy, but what makes you happy! Watch your thoughts, follow your emotions, and remember that words are spells. Only speak out what you want to manifest.

The Full Moon can act as a trigger point to help you break into new territory here. You are able to tear down the walls that block you from your abundance with the new perspective this Full Moon offers.

Don’t forget to check back here for the Full Moon ritual with this in mind!

New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon
New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon

This Full Moon and the days around it might be packed with surprises.There is a need to expect the unexpected and go with the flow this week!

On the 18th of August, Mars enters Virgo which can really help us get our plans and goals into action. Mars in Virgo can help you create a system or a routine to help you knock off tasks on your to-do list. If you’ve had a hard time coming up with a plan, Virgo will help you focus on the details and make sense out of things that may have been confusing before.

On the 21st of August, Venus enters Virgo as well which will help us see things in a more practical way. This also helps you to become more in tune with the specific needs or your partner as well as yourself. This might shift some of the focus from yourself to the needs of others this week, but don’t overstep any boundaries you drew the week before! We will be given a shift in perspective during this time that can help you see your partners needs from a new approach.

This is a great week to focus on budgets, organization and productivity as Mars rules action and Venus rules the things that you value most.

New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon

The card pulled for this week is Waxing Crescent, Awareness. This Full Moon is causing the energy to pick up right now. You might be receiving more messages, or you might see many different options ahead of you right now. Things are shifting right now. It’s important to remain flexible at this time and open your awareness. You can begin by accepting what you can and cannot control control. Acceptance is the first step, then your awareness will branch out and show you the paths and options ahead. Become aware of your personal energy flow and follow your intuition when it comes to making a decision. Be sure it supports your visions and desires. You won’t make fear based decisions if you can be in tune with your true desires.

The Crystal Companion for this week is Pyrite. Pyrite is often called “fool’s gold” but don’t let this fool you! Pyrite is a very powerful ally. It will help boost your confidence and increase your sense of abundance. Pyrite aligns your actions with success, so you can manifest the best outcomes and align yourself with success and prosperity.

Last Quarter Moon in Virgo

New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon

On the 23rd of August, the Moon joins Mars and Venus in the sign of Virgo, the Healer.

After last week’s Full Moon, this next lunar week might begin to feel a little intense! The Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus are now in Virgo with Mercury joining them there at the end of the week.

Virgo isn’t an emotionally intense sign by any means, but there is a tendency to find fault or be overly critical. You might find this to be the case in several areas of your life right now! This can cause us to feel restless, impatient or even critical of ourselves and others.

Channel any anxiousness or restlessness into constructing routine that will help you organize your life and clear your mind this week.

Give your body high vibrational foods straight from Gaia. Eating the healthy bounty from mother earth will help shift the energy in your body and expand your mind and spirit.

Virgo is known as the Healer of the deck, it is of the Earth element, and reminds us to listen to our physical body! When the moon is in Virgo, our bodies are more susceptible to lower grade foods, drugs and alcohol. It is easier to overdose when the moon is in Virgo, so it is especially important to listen to your body’s needs this week.

On the 23rd of August, the Sun moves into the Sign of Virgo as well which will help you feel even more productive. This will help you focus on the details of your life, shining light into areas of your life that need the most attention. Remember to not be critical over yourself if you discover areas in need of improvement!

On the 29th of August, Mercury joins the others in Virgo. This improves your critical thinking skills, and helps you deliver them in a natural and easy way. It’s still important to be aware of how you come across to others this week. Virgo wants us to micromanage and help make all the little details work, but self sabotage via the inner critic could be a temptation this month. Go easy on yourself and others. Remember, they have an inner critic too!

It’s a great month to focus on yourself and the things in your life that need healing. This is a good month to get organized and to do the detail work you might have been avoiding. Set clear intention this week for a higher quality of living, healthy routine and better focus on organization and you will soon be feeling on top of the world.

New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon
New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon

The card pulled for this week is Waning Gibbous, Surrender. The Moon holds sway over the currents of all the waters on earth. We are the same percentage of water as the earth is, meaning she also guides the currents of waters within our bodies. Together they weave the emotional pathways within. When you are in an emotionally stable place, the pathways are clear. Not every pathway will always run clear and smooth. In those times you must relax and surrender, trusting that the current will carry you through. There is a deep peace in surrender. The moon reminds us that everyone and everything ebbs and flows. All phases will run their course and the cycle of life will continue. Find peace and a deep inner knowing that the tides will shift in your favor again.

The Crystal Companion for this week is Green Jade. Jade is a powerful healing heart stone. Green jade open the heart chakra and emotional body to more joy and helps you truly embrace the present moment as a gift. Jade has long been known as a dream stone, bringing in love and nourishment while you sleep. It is also a wonderful abundance stone. The more your heart is open, the more you will be able to receive.

New Black Moon in Leo Moonthly Energy Reading | Corn Moon

This New Moon cycle holds so much optimism and opportunity. The New Moon in Leo wants to help you regain your voice and express your ideas in a healthy and even profitable way, while the Full Corn Moon wants you to step into your abundance fully by helping you break past any barriers that are holding you back. The planets shifting into Virgo towards the end of the month will help you shift your own perspective so you can focus on organizing your life and making the perfect routine that will help you realize your goals.


Don’t forget to set an intention for tonight’s New Moon. It’s also the perfect night for clearing and cleansing your crystals and decks under the window or with your herbal cleansing wand from last month’s ritual!

Preparing the Soil : New Moon in Aquarius Energy Reading

Happy New Moon!

This New Moon cycle holds so much potential for new growth! The new moon on the 4th of February takes place in the sign of Aquarius.

Aquarius is an optimistic and open minded sign that is sure to bring a breath of fresh air into our lives. This might be the change you’ve been looking for.

The Sun, Moon and Mercury are sextile Jupiter which brings in an even greater sense of optimism and positive thinking, making this month feel like a lucky one! There is potential for you to find the solutions to the problems you’ve been looking for if you remain open minded and focused throughout the month.

This is a great time to prepare the metaphorical soil for the things you want to create! The planetary aspects this month lend us both clear and creative visionary thinking. You might even start seeing some tangible results.

Each month we use the the 4 turnings of the moon, astrology and our Spirit de la Lune deck to create the New Moon Energy Reading! So grab a cup of coffee and keep scrolling to see what this New Moon Cycle has in store for you!

Spirit de la Lune New Moon in Aquarius Energy Report

New Moon in Aquarius

Spirit de la Lune New Moon in Aquarius Energy Report

This New Moon holds what feels like an optimistic breath of fresh air compared to some of the heavier cycles we have had in recent past! This is an optimistic and hopeful New Moon- not only are we feeling the burst of energy that comes with the rebirth of the moon but we are feeling good about where things are heading.

This could be considered a lucky month!

The new moon sextile Jupiter is what adds to that sense of hope and happiness. The Aquarius new moon helps us visualize what we want in a clear way, and because Mercury is also sextile Jupiter, we are able to communicate our desires and ideas in a clear way. This positive thinking helps our decision making skills, and when we are looking for opportunities, we will find them and make the right decisions.

This all really helps us bring our focus into building something new!

The card pulled for this week is Rest. What do you need to put to rest in order to bring in the growth you are wanting? While we might be feeling a sense of new energy with this new moon, rest is an important aspect when it comes to growth. Be sure that you yourself are getting the rest that you need. Take time to “unplug” before bed. Reducing the amount of screen time or “blue light” before bed for an hour or more can help your natural circadian rhythms get back to normal and give you restful sleep with insightful dreams. Try candles beside your bed instead of a bright lamp to see how it affects your quality of rest.

First Quarter Moon in Taurus

Spirit de la Lune New Moon in Aquarius Energy Report

The First Quarter Moon takes place in Taurus on the 12th of February. During the waxing phase, the moon grows brighter in the sky each night. The waxing phase holds the element of fire, and like the moon our own energy and passion burn brighter and brighter with each day.

Now is the time to put your New Moon intentions and goals into action! Create your to-do list and then be ready to tackle it. This week looks like it will be productive!

Spirit de la Lune New Moon in Aquarius Energy Report

Being an earth sign, the Moon in Taurus puts a spotlight on your physical surroundings and the desire to see tangible results.

In order for a seed to grow, the soil must be prepared properly.

It’s an important time to maintain or create the physical atmosphere that supports the growth and change you are wanting to plant.

This is a great time to complete things around the house, water your houseplants, or begin a garden. We might even feel a pull to complete those physical or laborious tasks we’ve been putting off.

The card pulled for this phase is Manifest, a sure sign that your results are on their way! Take a look at what you are manifesting right now. Remember that your thoughts are things, and they are often the first part of any manifestation. Be aware and in control of your own thoughts and emotions this week if you are having trouble seeing the manifestations you are looking for!

SuperMoon in Virgo

The Seed Moon

Spirit de la Lune New Moon in Aquarius Energy Report
Spirit de la Lune New Moon in Aquarius Energy Report

The Full Moon in Virgo on the 19th of February is a Supermoon! This means the Moon is larger in the sky, and the emotional and intuitive effects are heightened!

Virgo is the healer and paired with this Full Supermoon brings our awareness to our physical bodies.

It’s important to remember that our bodies are extra sensitive when the moon is in Virgo. It might be wise to stay away from tons of junk food or other low-grade foods and vegetables during this lunar transit.

But, this makes for a great time to begin new routines, work out habits, diets or other life style changes you’ve been meaning to begin!

The Moon in Virgo also amplifies our attention to detail. You might feel prone to criticism or cynicism... Try to not get caught up in this and instead focus on listing your blessings!

Switching your mindset to gratitude will help you plant the seeds you for the future!

This full moon also a great time to organize and really clear out any of the old negative energy that remains. Now is the time to begin to create those new habits that you’ve always been meaning to! The moon supports you!

Spirit de la Lune New Moon in Aquarius Energy Report

The card pulled for this phase is Surrender. What do you need to surrender in order to create change in your life? If you aren’t seeing the results you are wanting to… reflect on the parts of your life you want to leave in the past. What are you holding onto? What do you need to weed out in order to support your new growth? Alternatively, it might be time for you to release and put to rest something you’ve been mentally struggling with. Sometimes “letting go” and surrendering IS the next step. Only then will you be able to see clearly. When we accept the present moment we are able to see clearly again free from resistance and anxiety. It is then that we can see the next steps forward.

Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

Spirit de la Lune New Moon in Aquarius Energy Report
Spirit de la Lune New Moon in Aquarius Energy Report

The Last Quarter Moon takes place in Sagittarius on the 26th of February ending this cycle in another optimistic and positive sign.

As the moon wanes in the sky, our own energy is called back in for reflection and rejuvenation. This a week for tying up loose ends and finishing up the things you started during the last New Moon.

This is a great time for making plans and goals that you don’t need to act on quite yet. Take this time to plan ahead and make some long term plans.

There may not be much you can physically do about it at this time, but keeping yourself focused on long term goals and pouring your positive energy and optimism into those plans can be more powerful than you know!

The card pulled for this phase is Guidance. Trust in the process right now and most importantly, trust in yourself. Take time out for meditation this week and tune in to your higher self. You have an inner guidance system that knows and understands more than you realize, and you are sharpening your intuition and remembering more each day that you tune into your inner guru. Trust that the teachers you need will find you when you are ready, and understand that some of your answers already lie within.

Spirit de la Lune 2019 Planner

Don’t forget to utilize your Tune to the Moon Planner this month! We are SO excited that all of the planners have been shipped and all orders are caught up.

Shipping dates are now 2-5 days for planners too. These planners are PACKED full of magick & ritual, and because of that, they are pretty heavy. This means they may take a few extra days to get to you! Please be patient!

We are doing the best we can as a two woman team juggling full time jobs, self employment and motherhood… we really appreciate and need your understanding and love when things get rough.

We created Spirit de la Lune in the spirit of sisterhood and empathy since those traits are so badly needed in this day and age, sometimes we too need that spirit of understanding and compassion shown to us.

Blessed New Moon and Imbolc!

Don’t forget to set your intentions and cleanse your deck and crystals under this New Moon!

Be sure to check back here during the Full Moon for the Full Moon Ritual honoring the Seed Moon!


New Moon In Sagittarius- Moonthly Energy Report

Happy New Moon, beauties!

New Moon in Sagittarius Moonthly Energy Reading Spirit de la Lune

We have a beautiful moon cycle ahead of us! As we walk deeper into the darkness of Winter, it is important to remember what is most important to us and embody our lightness like the pale snow covering the ground. 

What is most important to you? How can you keep it glowing in your heart? 

Keep these questions in mind while you flow through this Wolf Moon cycle.

New Moon in Sagittarius Moonthly Energy Reading Spirit de la Lune
New Moon in Sagittarius Moonthly Energy Reading Spirit de la Lune

Now cozy up with a warm blanket, light the fire, and with a hot cocoa in your hand keep reading our moonthly energy report!

New Moon in Sagittarius

December 7th

New Moon in Sagittarius Moonthly Energy Reading Spirit de la Lune

The New Moon in Sagittarius, (sign of the Archer) keeps spirits bright and reminds you to focus on the joy and happiness in your life.  

You can also finally sigh with relief that Mercury goes direct this day! And with Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius actually being in the constellation of Sagittarius, everyone gets a confidence boost moving forward. It is no wonder the card pulled for this New Moon is courage. 

 Let this be a reminder to make your courageous moves now. Do not hesitate or doubt yourself anymore. While writing your New Moon intentions dream BIG and have courage to shoot your arrows high to the stars!

What are your dreams for 2019 and beyond? 

First Quarter in Aries

December 15th

New Moon in Sagittarius Moonthly Energy Reading Spirit de la Lune

Aries energy keeps the momentum high and energy is building up. The card pulled for this phase is Movement. Make sure you do not lose your patience or waste your precious energy. 

Now is the time to focus and channel your energy into your big plans and let this energy move through your body in a healthy way. Burn any excess energy off by moving your body and tap into your strength. You are stronger than you think! 

Do not procrastinate or let the energy settle and stagnate in your body... You will most likely get sick that way! 

Full Moon in Cancer

December 22nd

New Moon in Sagittarius Moonthly Energy Reading Spirit de la Lune

The Full Moon in Cancer is the day after the Winter Solstice, or Yule, on December 21st. The Full Moon illuminates the darkest day of the year and is a special day to tap into to your unique light and how it illuminates in the world. Stay tuned for our Full Moon blog post where we will share a light ceremony in honor of this auspicious day.

New Moon in Sagittarius Moonthly Energy Reading Spirit de la Lune

The Cancer energy of the Wolf Moon will most likely have you seeking the solace of your home and staying close to your loved ones. Reach out to that person who is on your mind and let them know you care... Most likely they need to hear from you right now. 

The card pulled for the Full Moon, is the Sage Moon card: Purify. If you are having guests over for the holidays, this would be a great time to focus on your home and cleanse it and align it with the seasonal energies. Make your home extra cozy, with candles, blankets, decorations... And don't forget to trim the tree! These actions will keep the warm embers of your heart aglow and you will feel more peaceful with a cozy and clean environment.

Last Quarter in Libra

December 29th

New Moon in Sagittarius Moonthly Energy Reading Spirit de la Lune

The last days of 2018 are at the end of this moon cycle, meaning a good reflection is in order to properly close and honor this year and prepare for the next.

Libra's energy will keep you focused on what needs balance in your life as you move into the new year.  

 What was harmonious in 2018 for you?

What threw you off balance in 2018? 

What energy do you want to invoke and embody in 2019? 

New Moon in Sagittarius Moonthly Energy Reading Spirit de la Lune

The card pulled for this phase is Envision. Really open your third-eye and visualize your life and how you want it to Flow in 2019. You can moonifest it! Embody your light and magick and everything else will flow.

Have faith in yourself! 

We hope your solstice and holiday season is merry and bright!

Don’t forget to cleanse your decks and crystals under the new moon tonight, and be sure to set an intention for the moonth ahead.

Lunar Blessings Rachael Marissa


Our 2019 Tune to the Moon Planner is currently in production!!

We are just as excited to get our hands on it as you are! If you have purchased it already, your confirmation email is the PayPal confirmation you received. We will let everyone know as soon as we receive the planners and begin shipping! We still do not have a set date, but we are hoping to get them in your hands before the next moon cycle begins! 

New Moon in Scorpio | Moonthly Energy Report

Happy New Moon in Scorpio!

This New Moon in Scorpio is a very intense and emotional one. Many of us have been feeling the depths of this New Moon for several days now. Not only is it election time… but both the Moon and the Sun are in Scorpio right now. This means our inner world and outer world are both feeling that intensity and rawness that Scorpio can bring.

Venus is just now getting out of Scorpio, but you may still be feeling her, as Venus is still in her “Shadow Period.” Venus, the planet of love, has been retrograde in Scorpio the house of darkness and transformation since October, and won’t go direct until the 16th of November.

This will take a lot of pressure off of our relationships, as we are able to see things a bit clearer with the balancing help of Libra. Just as Venus goes direct, Mercury goes retrograde in the fiery sign of Sagittarius on the 17th of November.

New Moon in Scorpio Energy Reading | Spirit de la Lune

Mercury Retrograde is nothing to worry about, it can be a great time for reflection and planning for this month.

This month looks like it can bring a lot of major breakthroughs and provide the ending of old cycles if seen with awareness!

So, brew a cup of warm coffee or tea and read on to see what this New Moon Cycle has instore for you!

Each New Moon, we take a look at the Lunar Cycle ahead and pull a card from the Spirit de la lune deck to create our Moonthly Energy Report.

New Moon in Scorpio Energy Reading | Spirit de la Lune

New Moon in Scorpio

This New Moon is a time of powerful and intense emotions!

New Moons are about new beginnings and starting fresh. Where do you need a fresh start in your life? You have the answers within you, but it’s your emotions that will show you the answers the right now.

It’s very important to feel your emotions and try to understand what they are trying to teach you. Which can be hard, because everything just feels so intense right now.

Being election time and with such high stakes, it’s very important for us to remember that we are empaths. And as empaths we are most likely feeling into the hearts and emotions of others, and especially our fellow empaths.

Practice repeating “Not mine!” in your head if you feel an intense or unknown emotion come up and you can’t tell if it’s yours. If the emotion is yours, it will stick around for you to heal and process. If not, recognizing that it’s not yours shines a light on it and “casts it out” for you. If you still aren’t sure, burn some sage, or spend time meditating.

The card pulled for this week is Waxing Crescent: Awareness. There is an important lesson for us each to learn this month. Let your emotions teach you something. Listen to them, journal them, observe them.

It’s very important to not run from your feelings. Practice listening to your emotions, and see if you can find the lesson you are needing to learn. Trace your emotion back to its root, and ask yourself how you can heal it from your new perspective. Create a New Moon intention around what you find.

New Moon in Scorpio Energy Reading | Spirit de la Lune

First Quarter Moon in Aquarius

The First Quarter Moon takes place in the sign of Aquarius on the 15th of November. Aquarius is the sign of the water-bearer. Because of this, it is often confused to be a water sign, but in ancient times, she was known as the knowledge-bearer.

When the First Quarter Moon is in Aquarius we ourselves feel a greater thirst for knowledge and answer seeking. As the moon grows in the sky you might feel your desire for learning or reading increase. The card pulled for this week is Waxing Crescent: Transform. What greater way to transform yourself than by learning something new.

Use this First Quarter Moon in Aquarius to do just that. Spirit answers in mysterious ways. Answers or truths you’ve been needing may be tucked away in the passage of a book, or in an online article you accidentally stumble on. Listen to a TED talk, or find a new youtube channel that peaks your interest. Follow your curiosity and allow it to transform you!

New Moon in Scorpio Spirit de la lune Mercury Retrograde

Mercury goes retrograde on the 17th.

Mercury is the planet of communication, and intellect. When it goes retrograde, it it ends up spending extra time in a certain sign.

Mercury is wanting us to take our extra time too. Mercury always emphasizes something in our life when it goes retrograde. So be aware.

This time the retrograde takes place in Sagittarius. Fire signs typically have to do with our creative ventures, projects and our passions. So instead of being overly eager to mark anything as “done” double check your work first. There may be something you are missing.

New Moon in Scorpio| Spirit de la lune New Moon Energy Reading

Full Moon in Taurus

The Full Moon in Taurus takes place on the 22nd of November, just as the colder weather begins to set in for much of the Northern Hemisphere.

Storms and winds are more likely a few days before and after the New and Full Moons, so this Full Moon will bring colder winds to many of us in experiencing the autumn season.

Full Moons are also a time of completion and fulfillment. Sometimes they mark a harvest, or a reason to celebrate and gather with friends. But sometimes they can mark the completion of a personal cycle, or a lesson learned that is all our own. Insights will be available at this time that can help you overcome your obstacles.

This Full Moon is in the Loving sign of Taurus and the card pulled for this phase is Waxing Gibbous: Surrender. We are being asked to surrender to the lessons we’ve learned and finally let go. Use this Full Moon to truly let go of what’s been holding you back. Don’t forget to check back for the Full Moon for our Full Moon Ritaul!

The last quarter moon is in the sign of Leo on the 29th of November.

Last Quarter Moon in Virgo

The Last Quarter Moon takes place in the signs of both Leo and Virgo (depending on location and time) on the 29th of November.

The Last Quarter Moon marks the turning point in the month where we feel our own energy wind back down a bit as we prepare for the New Moon once again. This is a time for release and in many ways self care is needed for that to happen.

Take this week to reflect and ground your energy. A lot has been going on this month. The Waning Cycle and Virgo are both Earth elements, asking us to take a break from all of these intense emotions we have been going through. The card pulled for this phase is the Crone Moon: Deep Wisdom, reminding us that the veil is still thin and our ancestors and Spirit are near. Ground, meditate and prepare.

New Moon in Scorpio Energy Reading | Spirit de la Lune

November is a harbinger of transformation. By the end of it, you truly might feel like bundling up and hibernating for a bit.

Give yourself the time and space to nurture your body and soul as we embark into the darker colder months. Enjoy the season of transformation.

Happy New Moon! Don’t forget to charge your decks and crystals tonight under the New Moon. Make an intention and set it on your altar under this Powerful night!

Lunar Blessings!

New Moon Energy Reading: Planting Moon

New Moon In Aries | Spirit de la Lune

Happy New Moon!

2016: Planting Moon Cycle


Spirit de la lune reading

This New Moon brings in the cycle of the Planting Moon! Like watching spring unfold around us, our own seeds are beginning to bloom! We begin to see the tangible results of our planted seeds and intentions. 

The fire has been ignited!

The Planting Moon cycle mixed with the Aries New Moon energy brings us a time of production, preparation, change, and creative energy.

How do you want this new cycle to unfold? What steps will you take to help cultivate and nurture these newly sprouted seeds? Allow your actions and intentions to take off with this exciting energy. 

The seed has sprouted and new life is beginning to flow.

We start this lunar cycle with a New Moon in Aries, a powerful time to make intentions for further growth. Towards the middle of the month we will experience the First Quarter moon in her home of Cancer, followed by The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 22nd. Last Quarter moon in Aquarius will finish this cycle leaving us feeling regrouped and refreshed after the cycle's exciting start.

So grab a cup of tea and see what is in store for this new Lunar Cycle!

New Moon: 4/7/16

This New Moon is a powerful time for setting intentions and recognizing our infinite potential. Use the energy of Aries to help your seeds gain momentum.

The energy is expanding and you may be feeling scattered and overwhelmed at this time. The Fire element of Aries asks us to focus our time and our energy, to keep our eyes on the prize of what we want to create in our future. Use this lunar energy to fuel your intentions. You can expect new and exciting energy and opportunities to meet you at this time! 

During this fiery energy, you may notice that communications may be challenging. Anger, aggression and miscommunication may come to the surface for many of our relationships. It may be best to hold your tongue until after this new moon phase. Allow any relationships or habits that no longer serve you to fade away.This New Moon is the perfect time to release, detach and prepare for what lies ahead.

The card pulled for this phase is the Waxing Gibbous phase of Movement. This is another fire aspect we are dealing with that is teaching you about your own unique expression of spirit. The universe loves action and movement. Get up and move your body to further your intention to Spirit. Embody your power and your passion. The rhythm of your soul dance is uniquely yours, surrender to your own flow.

Crystal Allies: Smokey Quartz is a root chakra stone that enhances survival instincts. This stone can help one reach their personal goals, by grounding into their true essence. This stones brings abundance, luck and prosperity. Red Jasper, a stone of balance and fairness. This stone can help you regulate the fiery energy at hand and use it to your advantage.Garnet is a stone of rejuvenation and revitalization. This stone can help you tap into your true power and boost your energy levels.


First Quarter In Cancer

Waxing Moon: 4/13/16

First Quarter in Cancer: Nurture

The moon returns to her natural home of Cancer during the Waxing Moon phase this month. Lady Luna is most at home in this watery emotional sign, you might find yourself wanting to stay home yourself! You may notice increased emotions and vulnerability during this time. Under a cancer moon, we tend to experience mood swings or heightened emotions.

You might find yourself wanting more time for yourself, so listen and treat yourself to a bubble bath and a night in! Now is the perfect time for self care and self nurturing. Take the time to nest and cleanse your home as well. It's the perfect time to retreat, reflect and refill the will. 

The card pulled for this phase is the Waning Gibbous: Dream. The dream realm is the portal to the subconscious. Notice any shifts in your dreams around this time. As the moon grows in the sky, our connection to our subconscious will also experience changes. What is your inner soul trying to tell you through your dreams and visions at this time?

Crystal allies: Moonstone enhances and balances the feminine energy in each of us. Moonstone can help us in times of chaos see the truth behind any illusions. This stone has a peaceful and calming energy that can help you navigate through these watery times with grace. Ocean Jasper reminds you to breath and reconnect. This watery stone reminds us of our interconnectivity with nature and all life on mother earth. This stone is very peaceful and brings with it a calming acceptance. 

Full Moon: 4/22/16

Full Moon Reading

Full Moon in Scorpio:The Shaman.

This full moon lies just 2º in Scorpio. The full moon is a time of heightened emotion and increased lunar energy. Combined with the deep dark sign of Scorpio, this Full Moon will be hard to ignore! 

With many planets retrograde during this time, the energy may feel very dark and heavy. This is the second moon ruled by Mars this cycle, and with Mars being retrograde this Full Moon can feel very much like a battleground. 

Now is the time to strengthen your inner psychic warrior. The Scorpio influence will have you focusing on your inner shaman. Allow yourself to have a deeper understanding of the Life-Death-Life cycle that is presented to you each month.. it is especially relevant at this time!  Something of importance may be brought to the surface, allow your innate deep wisdom to guide you in the decision between death and rebirth.

The card drawn for this phase is Waxing Gibbous: Strength.  You are growing stronger in your actions, so keep your eyes on the prize. If you are moving through trials or obstacles, know that this test will strengthen your will and fortitude.Strength demands discipline of the mind, body and spirit. Now is the time to focus on what you want to build. Be consistent and disciplined in all areas of your life.

Crystal allies: Labradorite known as the magician's stone will help you wake up your inner magician. This is the stone of transformation and magic. Labradorite will bring you clarity in times of chaos. Moonstone is a stone of peace and love. This stone can help you feel calm during times of stress and anxiety. This stone connects you with the divine feminine, where deep knowledge of wisdom and magic are stored. 


Last Quarter


Waning Moon: 4/29/16

Last Quarter in Aquarius: Envision

The moon's light is beginning to shrink in the night sky and we may find ourselves turning inward during this last quarter moon in Aquarius. We may be having a hard time focusing on the now, with the moon half light and half dark, our minds may be stuck in both the past and the present. 

Use this Aquarius energy to check in with yourself and your tribe. Under this moon's energy we feel the need to be seen by those who know us most. This is a good time for socializing and being with our people. 

While the moon is waning back to new, this is still a powerful time for envisioning and planning for the lunar month ahead. Gather together what inspires your vision and hold the dream in your heart. Begin to make preparations for new seeds, and what you want to grow in the future.

The card pulled for this phase is the Waxing Crescent: Play Childlike and creative play is one of the best things we can do for our goals. Invoke your inner child and allow her to have a say in this envisioning process. When we honor our inner child, the world will feel less heavy. You will naturally be pulled to follow your bliss, and envision your soul's highest desires.

Crystal allies: Amethyst is a meditative and calming stone that works with our crown and third eye chakra. Use this stone to meditate and envision your soul's desire. Amethyst is a wonderful "all-purpose" stone that enhances and increases intuition. Turquoise is a powerful stone of connection. This stone was sacred to the Native Americans as it represents bridging the sky energy to earth. Turquoise is known as a master healer, and can assist in speeding up the process of healing and transformation. 


If you have the Spirit de La Lune deck, don't forget to try the Planting Moon spread in the guidebook!  Be sure to use the hashtag#spiritdelalune so we can see your readings!

Leave out you deck to charge under the tonight's powerful New Moon, and be sure to check back this Full Moon for a Planting Moon Ritual!

We have some exciting news. . 

Planting Moon

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New Moon Energy Reading: Seed Moon

Happy New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse!

You can now order the Spirit de la Lune deck!

2016 Seed Moon Energy Cycle

This New Moon calls in the Seed Moon cycle.... new growth, expansion, and a reawakening takes place on the land and in our bodies. We are open to a new season, a new chapter, a new path. In the Northern hemisphere, the Seed cycle is also when the Sun moves into Aries, the initiator of Spring and the fire and the warmth that moves through Gaia during this time.

New possibilities are abound!

This is the Moon energy reading for this new cycle. Starting to the right, in the East, and moving clockwise along the elemental wheel: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces; First Quarter in Gemini; Full Moon Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse in Virgo; Last Quarter in Capricorn.

There is potent energies of Earth and Water in this cycle as they align with the eclipses. Eclipses happen during the equinox seasons, while everything is aligning and coming into balance. If something is not aligning with your big dreams and visions of new growth and expansion, allow them to fall away. The Earth element asks us to come into alignment with what feels stable to us and the structures within our lives. There is new territory for you to explore! What outdated beliefs of stability do you need to let go of? Water is the realm of the emotions and the connections we weave through our lives. Do you relationship support you? Do you feel emotionally supported at this time?

When you are ready, grab a cup of tea and dive into the beautiful moon wisdom below...

Tune to the Moon

New Moon: 3/8/16

Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces: Support

This New Moon is a big energy portal. Not only is it a Total Solar Eclipse, but also a Super Moon! A threshold is waiting to be crossed deep in your subconscious. Pisces is the fish that can swim in the deep ocean of your subconscious to unlock your dreams and desires. Dive into this vortex. Carve out time in your day to daydream, take a sacred pause, and allow Pisces to move through you. Pisces is empathetic to a fault so your emotional body will be expanded exponentially. If emotions rise like high tides, breathe into them and ask yourself if they are truly yours or from others around you. If they are not yours, send them back to the earth. Imagine an amazing waterfall of turquoise light cascading down on you and cleansing the energies that are attached to you. Let them soak into the earth. With the Super Moon the waters in your body will be stirring - so drink plenty of water, take mineral baths, and stay hydrated. 

The card pulled for this phase is the Waning Crescent: Support. The Super moon charges this already amplified New Moon, so your intentions will have deeper impact on your life than you can fully imagine right now. Pisces wants you to dream BIG! Do not allow helplessness to overcome you and keep you small minded. Stay grounded in your truth and in your body to fully support your visions. Seek support from your tribe of kindred spirits - together you can fully support each other and allow abundance and love to flow through your whole community. Neptune rules Pisces and the realm of the Mystic Heart and universal love. The intentions you create now can affect your community and ripple through the world. Allow love to guide you, stay grounded to Gaia, and swan dive into deeper dimensions of your heart! 

Crystal allies: Lapis Lazuli to connect deeply to your intuition and your Higher Self; Lemurian Crystal Seed to manifest your vast visions and support your light body; Moonstone to embrace these new beginnings and to flow with your emotions.

Waxing Moon: 3/15/16

First Quarter in Gemini: Dream

The twins come out to dance under the Waxing Moon. The First Quarter Moon is the initiator of fire in the moon cycle... Ignite your dreams and move forward with passion. Gemini can help you discern the dreams and desires of your ego and your higher self. The ego will always be here to help us navigate the daily in's and out's of life, but we can also call upon the ego to help support the dreams of our souls. Ask the twins within you, "What is the motivation behind my desires?" The New Moon has asked you to ficus on the love of the world, your community and how you can spread your dreams far and wild. If your ego is trying to contain this out of self-preservation let your mind open to bigger possibilities. Dream BIG and respond to the calling.

Full Moon: 3/23/16

Lunar Eclipse in Virgo: Devotion

Lunar Eclipses always happen during the Full Moon phase. A Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse is partial, but nonetheless the shadow of Gaia caresses the terrain of the Moon. Divine Feminine energy is potent and embodied during these times. Embody your magick. Embody your sacred creative power. The Full Moon is in the earth priestess sign of Virgo. She is a practical mystic and knows how to create a sound structure for which spirit can thrive. Your body is a vessel for the Divine Feminine energy to flow through you. Nourish your body with Gaia's abundance, befriend plant allies and learn from their wisdom. Eat the rainbow. Holistic healing filters through all levels.

The card drawn for this phase is Waning Gibbous: Devotion. Stay devoted to your spirit. Allow Virgo to guide you to create nourishing daily rituals for your body, mind, and spirit. Virgo is ruled by Mercury and logically oriented, so put your mind to good use! During the Full Moon write out what your spirit needs and what stable structures can help you feed your soul.

Crystal allies: Fluorite to unite your Heart and Mind into one; Goddess Stone to honor the Divine Feminine moving through you; Lapis Lazuli to connect you the the Queen within you as you define your realm; Malachite to clear your heart and body of negative attachments. 

Waning Moon: 3/31/16

Last Quarter in Capricorn: Expansion

This cycle has taken us on a journey, but it is not over yet. As the Moon wanes the Last Quarter Moon falls into the earthy Capricorn sign. Saturn rules this sign with order, traditions, and stability. A big theme in this cycle, yeah? What outdated fears and perceptions of traditions and order need to be released? Are you accountable for your words and actions - do you walk your talk? Saturn can straighten you out! Expansion is yours if you can remain grounded but curious, and not rigid in your thought patterns. Be aware of tunnel-vision and you if you need to rest, listen to your body and relax. Open spaces are waiting for you to step into new growth.

Crystal Companions for New Growth

Here are other crystal companions to work with through the Seed Moon Cycle to enhance energy, abundance, and spark new growth within:

  • Bloodstone: Clears and detoxes the body of impurities.

  • Citrine: Opens you to abundance and positivity.

  • Clear Quartz: Magnifies intentions and manifestation.

  • Green Aventurine: Sparks adventure and new possibilities.

  • Sunstone: Enhances motivation and energy.

If you have the deck, charge it under this powerful New Moon tonight and try the Seed Moon reading in the guidebook! Please share any of your pictures with the hashtag: #spiritdelalune

If you do not have the deck yet, be sure to check it out!