Book a Reading with Spirit de la Lune

We are now offering readings with our Spirit de la Lune oracle deck! Our oracle deck embodies the moon phases and can help you embrace your natural ebb and flow, connecting and aligning you to the moon, your body, and with the Cosmos.

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Choose Your Reader

Both Marissa and Rachael are seasoned tarot and oracle readers. Each of them bring different spreads and insights to your readings. Follow your intuition and choose the reader you are drawn to.

Marissa Moondaughter

Marissa is an intuitive Priestess, Crystal healer, and Crystal Reiki Master. She combines her love for the Moon and Earth through her readings, always giving crystal suggestions to really help you align and embody the energy you need to obtain your desires. For an extra fee she can send you Crystal Reiki energy through your reading and crystals for a truly healing and transformative experience.

Rachael Caringella

Rachael is an experienced psychic reader & certified reiki healer & metaphysical practitioner. She is professional reader of Tarot & Oracle cards for 8+ years. Being an artist & the illustrator of 2 decks, she has deep understanding of the cards and their meanings. She offers a variety of readings as well as crystal reiki and custom mandalas. Her readings focus on cartomancy, astrology, lunar magick & universal laws.