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The Three of Cups in Tarot, symbolizing celebration, community, and emotional joy, delves into the realm of social and emotional connections. Whether appearing upright or reversed, this card reflects on the nature of our relationships and the emotional fulfillment they bring, along with the potential challenges in balancing social pleasures with deeper emotional needs.

Upright, the Three of Cups represents a time of joyous celebration and the strengthening of emotional bonds through shared experiences. It embodies the happiness found in friendships, family ties, and romantic relationships, emphasizing the importance of community and emotional support.

Two people holding three cups as the three of cups tarot card.

In its Reversed form, the Three of Cups suggests potential issues in social and emotional dynamics, such as superficiality, overindulgence, or neglect of deeper emotional connections. It highlights the importance of discerning genuine emotional depth in our interactions and cautions against getting caught up in surface-level pleasures.

Upright Three of Cups as Feelings

General Meaning

The Upright Three of Cups in tarot readings symbolizes celebration, friendship, and joyous connections, particularly in the context of emotions and relationships. This card suggests a period of emotional happiness and social harmony, often indicating feelings of camaraderie, shared joy, and mutual support. It represents a time of emotional fulfillment through connections with others, be it in friendships, family relationships, or romantic partnerships. The Three of Cups is about celebrating emotional bonds and enjoying the company of those who bring positivity and joy.

How They Feel About You

When the Upright Three of Cups appears in relation to someone’s feelings towards you, it indicates that they feel a strong sense of happiness and emotional enrichment in your presence. Their feelings are likely characterized by a sense of joy, celebration, and a deep appreciation for the connection shared. This person may view the relationship as a source of emotional support and joy, and they likely value the positive energy and happiness that it brings into their life.

For Singles and New Relationships

For singles, the Upright Three of Cups suggests entering a phase where your social life and emotional connections bring great joy and satisfaction. It indicates a time where new romantic interests might arise from social settings or friendships. In new relationships, this card symbolizes a period of joyous discovery and the celebration of a new emotional connection, where both partners feel uplifted and supported.

For Existing Relationships

In existing relationships, the Upright Three of Cups can signify a harmonious and joyous period. It suggests that the relationship is in a phase of celebration, possibly marking an important milestone or simply enjoying a period of happiness and contentment together.

Old Flame/Ex

Regarding an old flame or an ex, the Upright Three of Cups might represent positive memories of times spent together and the joy that the relationship brought. It can indicate a sense of gratitude for the happy moments shared, regardless of how the relationship ended.

For Those Seeking Love

For those seeking love, the Upright Three of Cups encourages embracing your social life and the connections you make. It suggests that happiness and potential romantic interests could emerge from your circle of friends or through social gatherings, emphasizing the importance of being open to love in various forms.

Reversed Three of Cups as Feelings

General Meaning

The Reversed Three of Cups in tarot readings often suggests overindulgence, social discord, or a lack of emotional depth in relationships. This card reversed can indicate situations where social interactions or relationships become superficial, or where there is a sense of emotional disconnection despite a socially active life. It warns of the potential for gossip, misunderstandings, or the neglect of deeper emotional connections in favor of fleeting pleasures.

How They Feel About You

When the Reversed Three of Cups appears in relation to someone’s feelings towards you, it might suggest that their emotions are not as deep as they might seem on the surface. They may be enjoying the social aspects of the relationship but could be overlooking the need for a deeper emotional connection. This person might be struggling to balance social enjoyment with the development of a meaningful emotional bond.

For Singles and New Relationships

For singles, the Reversed Three of Cups warns against mistaking superficial connections for genuine emotional depth. It advises being mindful of the intentions of others and seeking relationships that offer more than just social enjoyment. In new relationships, this card suggests being cautious of getting caught up in the social aspect of the relationship while neglecting the development of a deeper emotional bond.

For Existing Relationships

In existing relationships, the Reversed Three of Cups can signal a need to reevaluate the emotional depth of the connection. It may point to the importance of focusing on the quality of the relationship beyond social activities and ensuring that emotional needs are being met.

Old Flame/Ex

Reflecting on an old flame or an ex, the Reversed Three of Cups may highlight aspects of the relationship that were more focused on social enjoyment than emotional depth. It suggests learning from past experiences to seek more meaningful connections in the future.

For Those Seeking Love

For those in search of love, the Reversed Three of Cups encourages a focus on forming relationships that are emotionally fulfilling, not just socially enjoyable. It advises looking beyond the surface of social interactions to find connections that offer genuine emotional depth and fulfillment.


The Three of Cups in Tarot, both Upright and Reversed, emphasizes the joy and fulfillment found in our social and emotional lives, as well as the challenges of maintaining meaningful connections. Upright, this card encourages embracing the joys of relationships and the strength found in communal support, celebrating the emotional richness that comes from healthy social bonds.

Reversed, the Three of Cups warns against overemphasis on socializing at the expense of genuine emotional depth. It calls for a balanced approach to relationships, where both the joys of social interaction and the depth of emotional connection are valued and nurtured.

Overall, the Three of Cups serves as a reminder of the joy and fulfillment that come from our relationships, urging us to cherish these connections while being mindful of their quality and depth.

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