6 of Pentacles: Tarot Card Meaning

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6 of Pentacles Keywords


  • Generosity
  • Sharing wealth
  • Giving and receiving
  • Prosperity
  • Charity
  • Abundance


  • Greed
  • Selfishness
  • Debts
  • Financial troubles
  • Inequality
  • Stinginess

6 of Pentacles Essential Meanings Snapshot

The 6 of Pentacles represents sharing resources and the flow of wealth. It relays messages of generosity, charity, giving, and receiving, both materially and spiritually. It resonates with the themes of equality, balance, and karma. This card asks us to contemplate on our attitudes towards money and abundance, considering whether we are givers, receivers, or both.


In its upright position, the 6 of Pentacles is a symbol of philanthropy, material gain, sharing, and charity. It can indicate a time when you may receive a gift or donation, or it might signify your own readiness to help others.


Reversed, this card often signals an imbalance in giving and receiving, reminding us to avoid being exclusively takers or givers. It could signify financial troubles, such as debts or loans, or it could represent inequality and unfair treatment. It is a prompt to reassess our resource allocation, warning us not to overextend ourselves, and highlighting the need for self-care and sustainability.

6 of Pentacles Description

The 6 of Pentacles is a strikingly detailed card that features a wealthy man, nobly adorning a luxurious red cloak studded with the intricate design of pentacles. The man holds a balanced scale in his left hand, signifying equilibrium and justice, while his right hand is distributing golden coins to two impoverished individuals kneeling at his feet.

The 6 of pentacles tarot card showing a man giving to those less fortunate.

These beggars show the contrasting socio-economic status – one is a middle-aged man with an air of sadness and defeat, representing the hard reality of life’s hardships. The other is a younger one, open and hopeful, a representation of the potential for growth and progress. The scene takes place in a bustling market square, establishing a societal context.

Notably, the wealthy man is standing, suggesting a position of power and control, while the beggars are kneeling, indicative of their disadvantaged status. The snowy mountain in the backdrop presents a stark sense of coldness and isolation, which might denote the tough circumstances these beggars are enduring.

Overall, the 6 of Pentacles card is a vivid display of wealth distribution and highlights the dynamics of giving and receiving in the material world.

Beyond the Surface: Symbolic Meanings

  • The Six Coins: Traditionally, the number six symbolises harmony and balance. In this Tarot card, six coins are presented, each one referring to the exchange of resources, reciprocality, and, fundamentally, to the spiritual principle of giving and receiving.
  • Scales: A prominent feature in the 6 of Pentacles card is the scales held by the main figure, serving as a reminder of fairness, justice and balance. In a broader context, these scales also signify the universal law of ’cause and effect’, ensuring every action has a consequence.
  • Two Figures: The two figures receiving alms in the card symbolize those in need, and the act of giving depicted implies an understanding of our responsibilities towards the less fortunate. It prompts compassion and charity.
  • The Rich Man: The main figure dressed in purple represents affluence and power, his lavish attire suggesting much material wealth. In extending his generosity, he underscores the ethical obligations associated with wealth, pointing to nobility of character.
  • Colors: The prominent use of green and gold colors in the card signify prosperity, while the purple hints at spirituality. These colors express the intersection point between material wealth and spiritual fulfillment.

Dual Perspectives: Upright & Reversed

Upright 6 of Pentacles

When the 6 of Pentacles shows up in an upright position, it symbolizes charity, generosity, and a great sense of sharing and giving. It points towards a phase of life where you’re in a position to give others, either materially or in terms of knowledge, time, or love. This altruistic phase isn’t just about financial wealth; it could also signify imparting wisdom, sharing experiences, or giving emotional support.

Reversed 6 of Pentacles

Contrarily, the reversed 6 of Pentacles carries the warning sign of being overly generous or, conversely, too stingy. It implies a lack of balance; you may either be in a position where you’re giving away more than you can afford, or you’re on the receiving end, becoming too dependent on others’ generosity. This imbalance could also express itself in terms of energy or time – you may find yourself drained from investing too much into someone else’s needs or squandering resources without mindful awareness.

6 of Pentacles in Life Scenarios

Growth & Self-Discovery

The appearance of 6 of Pentacles in your reading can indicate a time of self-discovery and personal growth. This card usually represents the flow of abundance, sharing, and reciprocity. If you’ve been practicing generosity and cultivation of inner wealth, expect a positive return on your investments.

It’s also a reminder to balance your spiritual and material planes, ensuring that your generous deeds are driven by genuine compassion rather than expectation of return.

Career and Creativity

In a career setting, pulling the 6 of Pentacles can indicate job stability, with advancement or promotions potentially on the horizon. If you’re in a position of power, it suggests that generosity towards your staff will yield positive results.

For those seeking employment or new opportunities, it may signify coming into an situation where fairness and generosity are highly valued. It can also denote creative careers where your output enriches others, such as teaching, mentoring, or philanthropic works.

Relationships & Bonds

In terms of relationships, the 6 of Pentacles indicates a balanced, harmonious connection, with equal give and take. It could also suggest a scenario where one party is more financially stable and provides assistance to the other. The perspective of charity is not only financial. You can provide emotional support, time, or services – as long as there is a balance and a sense of appreciation and respect.

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Choices & Life Decisions

The 6 of Pentacles in context of life choices invites us to consider our actions and how they impact others. This card urges us to be mindful of our giving and receiving, prompting considerate, compassionate decisions. It’s about acknowledging the cyclicity of life, and understanding the impact and value of generosity and gratitude. Whether you’re at the giving or receiving end, the 6 of Pentacles teaches us the importance of balance, equality, and fairness in our life choices.

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6 of Pentacles from Past to Present

Historically, the 6 of Pentacles hails from the Minor Arcana of the Tarot, embodying the element of Earth and associated with the planet Saturn. Transitions from medieval to modern interpretations didn’t change its spiritual significance. It continues to symbolize generosity, charity and sharing wealth or knowledge. Older decks like the Visconti-Sforza and TdM (Tarot de Marseille) carried similar themes.

The card has remained a beacon for humanitarian values over the ages, encouraging us to give without expecting in return, and to accept help when needed. Understanding the journey of the 6 of Pentacles helps readers relate its messages of altruism and fairness to their lives distinctly. Its history echoes that our actions towards others, whether generosity or greed, shape our lives across era and cultures.

Synergistic Card Combinations

The 6 of Pentacles harmonizes and interacts in unique ways with other cards in the Tarot deck. This symbiotic relationship can enhance, shift, or add depth to the original message of the card. Let’s delve into some common combinations and see what new insights they uncover.

6 of Pentacles with The Fool

When combined with The Fool, the 6 of Pentacles can symbolize a fresh start in terms of generosity or charity. It may indicate an individual who is spreading their wings in the world, generously giving their time or resources to others. Alternatively, it can denote someone who is naively spending or distributing resources without careful consideration.

6 of Pentacles and The High Priestess

The High Priestess linking with the 6 of Pentacles suggest a deeper, hidden aspect of generosity. There may be a secret benefactor or discreet acts of kindness at play. It signals the inner intuition guiding one’s actions of giving or receiving.

6 of Pentacles and The Wheel of Fortune

The combination of the Wheel of Fortune and the 6 of Pentacles shows a shift in fortunes. Situations involving financial aspects or generosity may take a turn, moving from plentiful giving to receiving or vice versa. It underscores the cyclic nature of life and personal fortunes.

6 of Pentacles and The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man brings a layer of pause and reflection to the 6 of Pentacles. It suggests a time to reconsider your current patterns of giving or taking. Perhaps you’re being too generous at the expense of your own needs or not giving enough in areas where you could make a difference.

6 of Pentacles and The Devil

When combined with The Devil, the 6 of Pentacles could denote a negative cycle of dependency or false generosity. It warns of potential manipulations or exploitation in the guise of giving or receiving.

6 of Pentacles and the Death Card

The powerful Death card alongside the 6 of Pentacles suggests transformative changes related to generosity, giving, or receiving. It may symbolize the end of old habits and the start of a new phase of balanced give-and-take.

Introspection & Meditation

The 6 of Pentacles, symbolizing generosity, charity, and the balance of giving and receiving, provides a rich fodder for introspection and meditation. This card prompts you to evaluate not just your material possessions, but also your knowledge, time, and kindness you share with others.

Self-Reflective Meditations

Start a personal reflections exercise by meditating on the idea of true giving, which encapsulates selflessness, generosity, and empathy.

Ponder upon your resultant feelings when you give or receive. Are they of joy, gratitude, guilt or insufficiency?

This meditative practice can reveal insecurities or fears around material possessions, illuminating areas for personal growth.

Generosity and Balance Meditation

Imagine the scales on the card, visualizing their careful balance. Emphasize the equilibrium between giving and receiving in your life. Where do you fall on the spectrum?

This type of meditation fosters an understanding of how maintaining balance enhances your overall well-being, nurturing equitable relationships and personal satisfaction.

Charity & Compassion in Meditation

Lastly, allow the 6 of Pentacles to inspire a meditation around charity and compassion. Reflect upon your past acts of giving and your motivation behind them. Nurture feelings of benevolence and altruism, strengthening your bond with the essence of this card.

By imbuing these reflections into your daily meditative practices, the lessons from the 6 of Pentacles become a spiritual guide, promoting balance, generosity, and authentic acts of compassion.


The 6 of Pentacles tarot card symbolizes the duality of generosity and balance, emphasizing the flow of wealth, both materially and spiritually.

When drawn upright, it portrays acts of giving, charity, and a harmonious give-and-take relationship. Conversely, in its reversed form, it cautions against imbalances, potential selfishness, and financial troubles.

The card’s rich symbolism, from the scales representing fairness to the figures indicating societal disparity, paints a vivid picture of wealth distribution and the underlying principles of altruism and reciprocity.

Whether in life scenarios like career, relationships, or personal growth, the 6 of Pentacles serves as a guide to understanding the true value of sharing and equilibrium.

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