2 of Swords: Tarot Card Meaning

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2 of Swords Keywords


  • Indecision
  • Choices
  • Stalemate
  • Truce
  • Stuck
  • Crossroads
  • Uncertainty
  • Blockage


  • Confusion
  • Information overload
  • Indecision released
  • Paralysis
  • Disharmony
  • Denial
  • Delayed decisions
  • False peace

2 of Swords Essential Meanings Snapshot


In the upright context, the 2 of Swords card communicates a sense of balance, exemplifying equilibrium between emotions and intellect. It represents a moment of pause and indecision, where an individual is faced with a challenging decision or a dilemma. This person may be afraid or resistant to acknowledge the truth or confront a situation. It signifies a period of contemplation, a time for careful evaluation of choices.


When the 2 of Swords card is in its reversed form, it stands for emotions such as confusion, indecisiveness, and information overload. It could mean that a state of denial is transitioning into acceptance, and the character has begun to face the facts or reality of a situation. This transition brings about mental unrest, but also signifies a forthcoming resolution of issues the individual has been avoiding.

2 of Swords Description

The 2 of Swords depicts a blindfolded woman sitting on a bench or a stone seat. She seems to be at the edge of a vast body of water, symbolic of the emotional world.

A blind folded person holding two swords as the 2 of swords tarot card.

In her hands, she holds two swords crossways against her chest in a defensive posture or as a sign of balancing opposing forces. The Swords are evenly balanced, demonstrating a certain equilibrium.

The woman is dressed in a white robe, a color symbolizing purity of thought and actions. The blindfold represents her dilemma or indecision, as she is neither willing nor able to see the truth of the matter she is dealing with.

The seated posture along with a calm and tranquil setting gives an impression of stillness, stagnation, and withheld action as she pauses to ponder upon her decision.

Distant in the background, you may notice the faint outline of mountains bathed in moonlight, adding an element of mystery and distance to the scene.

Beyond the Surface: Symbolic Meanings

  • The Two Swords: The dual weapons indicate conflict, dichotomy, and division. This usually represents internal or external conflict, or a difficult decision that must be made.
  • The Blindfolded Woman: A widely used symbol for ignorance or denial, she represents our internal emotions and the struggle to face truths head-on and to see situations for what they truly are.
  • The Crossed Arms: A defensive and guarded stance, this signifies resistance to change, unwillingness to accept help or advice, and reflects the inherent stubbornness in dealing with life’s realities.
  • The Balanced Scales: Positioning of the swords closely resemble scales, pointing towards the need for balance and equitability in decision-making. This could be an insight to be carefully impartial while resolving any disputes.
  • The Water Body & Land: The seemingly peaceful, yet tumultuous waters and distant land symbolise the subconscious mind and real world respectively. It denotes the constant tug-of-war between feelings and reality.
  • The Moon: Traditionally a symbol of intuition, the moon suggests the solution to this conflict lies in trusting one’s own instincts and intuition. The moon also hints at the existence of unseen factors in the situation.

Dual Perspectives: Upright & Reversed

When interpreting tarot cards, it’s important to consider both the upright and reversed position of the card. This difference in interpretation allows us to gain a nuanced understanding of the energy the card brings.

Upright 2 of Swords

In an upright position, the 2 of Swords signifies the need for balance and decision-making. It denotes a time of difficult choices, when one must remove emotions and focus on logic. It is a card of contemplation, indicating an impasse or stalemate, but also a call for patience and introspection. It signifies that it’s crucial to gain more information before making a decision.

Reversed 2 of Swords

The reversed 2 of Swords, on the other hand, is an indication of confusion, information overload and indecision, suggesting that you may be avoiding a decision due to fear of outcome or from being emotionally overrun. This position can also imply that a decision made previously was not well-thought out. Hence, the reversed position signifies the need to revisit, reevaluate and likely alter the course. It talks about a release and movement after a period of stagnation.

Considering these perspectives offers multiple layers of understanding the energy, hurdles, and opportunities associated with the 2 of Swords. This double interpretation not only provides context but also offers guidance on how to navigate the situation at hand.

2 of Swords in Life Scenarios

When used in context, the 2 of Swords represents balance, difficult decisions, and emotional blindness. It usually manifests itself in areas such as self-discovery, career paths, relationships, and pivotal life decisions.

Growth & Self-Discovery

In the spiritual journey, the 2 of Swords often symbolizes a crossroad. It signifies a deep-seated inner conflict or a decision-making process that people are usually blind to or ignore. The imagery reminds individuals to open their eyes to reality, to see the whole picture, and integrate all aspects of their being, both positive and negative. This evaluation is not always comfortable but it is necessary for personal growth and self-discovery.

Career and Creativity

In the realm of career and creativity, the 2 of Swords indicates a critical choice that needs to be made. This circumstance might trigger fear and worry about the potential consequences, often leading to stagnation or indecision. As a blockage in moving forward, the 2 of Swords urges individuals to muster the courage to make a decision, even if the path is uncertain. It is a signal to cut through the fog of indecisiveness in order to pave the way forward in your career or creative endeavors.

Relationships & Bonds

When it comes to relationships, the 2 of Swords embodies emotional distance or a stalemate situation between partners. It may signal a period where each individual is refusing to address an underlying issue or make a necessary compromise. Lethargy in communication can be symbolized here. The card invites individuals to have meaningful dialogue or take action to break the emotional barrier, and not ignore crucial conversations for the sake of maintaining a superficial peace.

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Choices & Life Decisions

In regard to choices and life decisions, the 2 of Swords prompts you to realize that you cannot remain in the state of indecision forever. Even the decision not to decide becomes a decision of its own, usually with equally impactful consequences. It urges individuals to take off the blindfold, face the reality, and make the necessary decisions – even if they are uncomfortable or challenging. The 2 of Swords serves as a reminder that all actions have after-effects which we must be prepared to face and navigate through.

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2 of Swords from Past to Present

The evolution of the 2 of Swords card throughout history is a fascinating journey, infused with symbolic elements drawn from various spiritual and cultural contexts. For centuries, Tarot readers have used this card as a symbol of balance, decision-making and intellectual indecisiveness.

Visual Evolution

Originally, the 2 of Swords was depicted as two sword-bearing knights in battle. Their crossed swords were symbolic of a conflict of interest or ideas. With the advent of the Rider-Waite tarot deck in the late 19th century, the depiction changed markedly. Instead of battling knights, a blindfolded woman sits before a calm sea, swords held in balance. This contemporary illustration magnifies the internal struggle and indecision that characterizes this card. It emphasizes the idea of peace, stillness, and taking time to make thoughtful decisions.

Historical Significance

Historically, the 2 of Swords carries the theme of duality and the delicate equilibrium of opposing forces. This card was often associated with justice in Medieval and Renaissance periods. As a reflection of the intellectual world, it resonated with decisions to be made and dilemmas to ponder. The blindfold, present in modern interpretations, connects with the ancient idea of Justice who is blindfolded, hinting at impartial judgement. In past readings, the 2 of Swords often hinted at forthcoming treaties, stalemates, or turning points in a situation.

The 2 of Swords tarot card has remained a perennial symbol of the human conundrum, evoking the amplitude of possibilities that influences daily decisions and dictates our paths.

Synergistic Card Combinations

2 of Swords with The Moon

When the 2 of Swords card is drawn with The Moon, it signifies that you may be avoiding facing hard truths or dilemmas, possibly because these issues are causing emotional disturbance. The Moon symbolizes unconscious fears and anxieties, and when in combination with the 2 of Swords, it implies that there might be unacknowledged or repressed emotions that are hindering decision-making processes, leaving you in a state of indecision. It urges you to face your worries and fears, and make the necessary decisions no matter how tough they may be.

2 of Swords with The Chariot

The Chariot is a powerful tarot card that can clarify the meaning of the 2 of Swords when drawn together. The Chariot indicates moving forward with confidence and control. It suggests overcoming obstacles and achieving victory through determination and self-discipline. If drawn with the 2 of Swords, it can imply a pivotal decision or a critical crossroads. Despite the uncertainty and confusion, the Chariot confidently urges the seeker to cut through the fog of indecision, assert control, and forge the path forward with determination and willpower.

2 of Swords with Death

If paired with the Death card, the 2 of Swords suggests a major transformation or an ending. Death represents the end of a phase, the need to let go, and the beginning of something new. The 2 of Swords, referring to indecision and stalemate, together with Death, would suggest that it might be time to let go of the uncertainty and make tough decisions. It indicates the necessity of change for the betterment of growth and progress.

2 of Swords with The Lovers

The Lovers card signifies a harmonious relationship, unity, and decisions made out of love and personal values. If drawn in combination with the 2 of Swords, it points to the need for open communication and trust in relationships. It suggests that the seeker is torn between heart and mind when facing a decision that affects a loving relationship. It urges striking a balance between emotions and logic in decision-making to maintain harmony and heal conflicts.

Introspection & Meditation

Engaging in meditation and introspection is a significant and transformative way of exploring the energy of the 2 of Swords tarot card. At its core, this practice involves creating a deep, personal connection with the card’s energy and symbolic representation.

2 of Swords Meditative Practice

For a meditative practice with the 2 of Swords, find a quiet and comfortable space, hold or gaze upon the card and take several deep breaths. Envision the image on the card coming to life and interacting with you. Let this image guide your meditation, allowing any insights or feelings connected to the card’s energy to come forward freely. Remember, this card symbolizes internal conflict and indecision, so meditating with it can bring clarity and balance to situations where these issues dominate.

2 of Swords Personal Reflection

Following your meditation, it can be profoundly beneficial to engage in personal reflection. This process might involve writing about any insights or experiences that arose during your meditation in a journal or simply sitting quietly to reflect on your emotions and thoughts. By doing so, the energy of the 2 of Swords can offer solutions to inner conflicts and clarity in making decisions, ultimately aiding in your personal growth and spiritual development. Consider this practice an essential step towards finding balance and peace amidst life’s many decisions and conflicts.


The 2 of Swords Tarot card symbolizes balance, difficult decisions, and emotional blindness. Its details like the balanced swords, blindfolded figure, and tranquil setting underline the struggle of decision-making and the need for balanced judgment.

Through various life scenarios like self-discovery, career, relationships and decisions, it highlights the necessary confrontation with reality and decisive actions.

The card’s interpretation changes from its upright position – representing a time of contemplation, to its reversed form, indicating confusion and the need for re-evaluation.

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