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The King of Wands in Tarot, a figure of charisma, leadership, and assertiveness, offers a compelling view of feelings in the context of relationships. This card, depending on its orientation, can either embody the most positive aspects of passion and confidence or caution against the pitfalls of overbearing behavior and impulsiveness.

Upright, the King of Wands represents a dynamic, passionate approach to emotions and relationships. It symbolizes a person who is confident and enthusiastic in their feelings, willing to take the lead in love matters. This card encourages boldness and a proactive stance in pursuing romantic goals, reflecting a vibrant and assertive type of love.

A King sits on a throne holding a wand as the King of Wands tarot card.

Conversely, the Reversed King of Wands highlights the challenges of unchecked ego, aggression, or dominance in emotional expressions. It serves as a caution against relationships driven by control or superficial charm, emphasizing the need for balance between intensity and emotional health.

Upright King of Wands as Feelings

General Meaning

The Upright King of Wands in tarot readings embodies charisma, leadership, and a bold approach to life, especially in the context of emotions and relationships. This card often represents a person who is passionate, driven, and confident in their emotional expressions. It suggests a dynamic and assertive approach to love and relationships, where enthusiasm and a zest for life play a significant role.

How They Feel About You

When the Upright King of Wands appears in relation to someone’s feelings towards you, it indicates a strong, passionate, and confident affection. This person likely views you with great admiration and enthusiasm. Their feelings are characterized by a boldness and a readiness to take the initiative in the relationship. They may be very expressive and open about their emotions, displaying a fiery and intense form of love.

For Singles and New Relationships

For singles, the Upright King of Wands suggests the potential to attract or be attracted to someone who embodies the qualities of passion, confidence, and leadership. It indicates that any new relationship is likely to be marked by a strong, dynamic energy. In the early stages of a relationship, this card encourages embracing enthusiasm and a willingness to take the lead in pursuing what you desire.

For Existing Relationships

In existing relationships, the Upright King of Wands signifies a phase of revitalized passion and energy. It may indicate that one or both partners are feeling more confident and driven, ready to take on challenges together. This card encourages a proactive approach to relationship goals and suggests a time of exciting growth and development within the partnership.

Old Flame/Ex

Regarding an old flame or an ex, the Upright King of Wands might represent the lasting impression of a passionate and dynamic relationship. It can reflect on the intensity and assertiveness that characterized the past connection, possibly igniting a desire to rekindle that fiery energy.

For Those Seeking Love

For those seeking love, the Upright King of Wands encourages taking an assertive and confident approach to dating. It suggests being open to passionate connections and being proactive in your pursuit of love. This card signifies the potential for a thrilling and enthusiastic romance, emphasizing the importance of self-confidence and charisma in attracting a partner.

Reversed King of Wands as Feelings

General Meaning

The Reversed King of Wands in tarot readings often indicates a distortion or imbalance in the qualities associated with the Upright King of Wands. This can manifest as overbearing behavior, impulsiveness, or arrogance in the emotional realm. It may represent feelings that are driven by ego rather than genuine affection, or a tendency to be overly aggressive or domineering in relationships.

How They Feel About You

When the Reversed King of Wands appears in relation to someone’s feelings towards you, it might suggest that their emotions are marred by issues of control or ego. Their affection could come with strings attached or be expressed in a way that feels overpowering or lacks genuine warmth. This person may struggle with expressing their emotions healthily, often swinging between intense passion and a lack of consistency.

For Singles and New Relationships

For singles, the Reversed King of Wands warns against potential partners who may exhibit controlling or overbearing traits. It suggests being cautious of individuals who might seem charismatic and passionate but lack emotional depth or stability. In new relationships, this card advises watching for red flags of domineering behavior and ensuring that the emotional foundation is built on mutual respect and understanding.

For Existing Relationships

In existing relationships, the Reversed King of Wands can indicate a phase where one partner may be exhibiting overly assertive or ego-driven behaviors. It suggests the need for open communication to address issues of control or aggression that may be impacting the relationship’s harmony. This card encourages finding a balance between passion and respect, ensuring that both partners feel valued and heard.

Old Flame/Ex

Reflecting on an old flame or an ex, the Reversed King of Wands may highlight the negative aspects of a past relationship where dominance or ego played a significant role. It can be a reminder of the lessons learned from being with someone who was overly assertive or controlling, underscoring the importance of emotional health and balance in future relationships.

For Those Seeking Love

For those in search of love, the Reversed King of Wands cautions against letting the allure of charisma and confidence overshadow deeper emotional qualities. It advises focusing on finding a partner who offers not just passion and excitement but also emotional stability and respect. This card emphasizes the importance of a balanced approach in the pursuit of romantic connections.


The King of Wands in Tarot, in both its Upright and Reversed forms, offers vital insights into the nature of assertiveness and control in relationships. Upright, this card encourages embracing a passionate, confident approach to love, symbolizing a vibrant and dynamic presence in a relationship. It reminds us of the value of enthusiasm and leadership in pursuing romantic connections.

In contrast, the Reversed King of Wands warns of the potential downsides of excessive dominance or ego in emotional matters. It urges a careful examination of our approaches to love, highlighting the importance of maintaining respect, genuine warmth, and emotional depth in relationships.

Overall, the King of Wands challenges us to find a healthy balance in our emotional expressions, blending passion with respect and assertiveness with emotional intelligence, to foster fulfilling and balanced relationships.

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