7 of Wands: Tarot Card Meaning

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7 of Wands Keywords


  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Determination
  • Defending your beliefs
  • Assertiveness
  • Standing your ground
  • Challenge
  • Persistence
  • Resisting opposition


  • Overwhelm
  • Giving up
  • Indeedquacy
  • Self-doubt
  • Avoiding conflict
  • Exhaustion from battling
  • Unexpected setback
  • Being overwhelmed by responsibilities

7 of Wands Essential Meanings Snapshot


In its upright position, the 7 of Wands embodies the concepts of perseverance, defiance, and maintaining control, even amidst adverse circumstances. This draws attention to one’s assertiveness and determination, the embodiment of inner resilience and unwavering conviction in staying the course, no matter the complications and obstacles that may arise.


Conversely, when the 7 of Wands appears reversed, it ushers in feelings of overwhelm and exhaustion. It signifies a struggle to stay afloat amidst a sea of daunting challenges; it suggests self-doubt, feeling outmatched, and the potential for capitulation. Defending one’s territory becomes distressing and burdensome, suggesting the presence of internal and external conflicts impeding progress.

7 of Wands Description

When looking at the 7 of Wands Tarot card, you are greeted by the image of a defiant man who is, quite visibly, standing his ground. He is seen standing on a small hill, signifying an elevated position of authority, symbolically a notch above his adversaries.

Clad in green and brown, the man appears firmly connected to the earth— a symbol for grounded resolve and steadfast determination.

7 of wands tarot card with a man holding a wand looking to fight

His gaze is fixed fiercely ahead, indicating unwavering resolve. In his hands, he clutches a sturdy wand, while six additional wands, wielded by unseen figures, emerge from below— a visual embodiment of opposing forces or challenges that he’s up against. Despite the adversary, the man stands tall and prepared to defend what’s his.

In the distance, a clear sky stretches out, suggesting immense potential for overcoming challenges and achieving long-term goals given the determination.

Beyond the Surface: Symbolic Meanings

When exploring the symbolism of the 7 of Wands, each element holds significance:

  • Wands: The wands represent our passion, creativity, and spiritual strength. Here they signify the fight we put up when our values or beliefs are challenged.
  • Mountain: The mountain he stands on symbolizes the high stakes and severity of the challenge faced, but it also represents the figurative ground we stand on when confronted.
  • Green Tunic: Green is a color often associated with growth, life, and renewal, indicative of the character’s resolve and readiness to defend his values.
  • Blue Skies: Blue skies are generally symbolic of tranquility and peace, subtly emphasizing the calmness and focus needed to deal with adversities.
  • Higher Position: The character stands at a higher position than his unseen attackers hinting at the moral high ground often needed in defense.
  • Seven Wands: The number seven in Tarot often represents introspection and inner wisdom. Here, it emphasizes the importance of inner conviction in overcoming challenges.

Understanding the symbolism behind each of these elements can enrich our comprehension of the card and provide deeper perspectives into its implications.

Dual Perspectives: Upright & Reversed

Upright 7 of Wands

In the upright position, the 7 of Wands implies standing your ground amid challenges. It symbolizes resilience and defiance, evoking imagery of a fearless individual ready for any battle. This position suggests personal contests, triggering the warrior inside. A person drawn to this card may be about to face opposition but will essentially triumph due to their firm stance and powerful resolve.

Reversed 7 of Wands

Contrarily, the reversed position of 7 of Wands can signify feeling overwhelmed or consumed by ongoing struggles. This state sometimes hints towards an exhausting battle leading to self-doubt and crumbling determination. Reversed 7 of Wands could depict second-guessing oneself or a fear of losing the battle. Surrender may seem appealing under these circumstances.

This dual perspective of the 7 of Wands acknowledges that everyone confronts struggles differently. While some adopt an upright stance, ready to fight, others may find their spirit reversed, indicating surrender before relentless opposition. Such contrasting perspectives highlight the nuances of life’s complex journeys.

7 of Wands in Life Scenarios

Let’s explore how the 7 of Wands can manifest in various real-life situations, spanning self-growth, career and creativity, relationships, and choices and life decisions.

Growth & Self-Discovery

In the context of personal growth and self-discovery, the presence of the 7 of Wands can suggest a period of emotional or spiritual struggle. It highlights your resiliency and commitment to your personal development, even when facing numerous challenges. You assert yourself and stay true to your authentic self, which may involve fending off external influences that try to sway you from your intuitive path. The struggles you endure prompt significant growth and evolution.

Career and Creativity

When it comes to your career or creative pursuits, the 7 of Wands implies a competitive circumstance. You might find yourself defending your position, ideas, or creative work in an environment with heightened competition. Stand your ground confidently, as this card alludes to the capability of succeeding despite the ongoing pressure. This period of time could be demanding yet incredibly rewarding as your tenacity pays off.

Relationships & Bonds

Within relational contexts, the 7 of Wands can mean standing your ground amid interpersonal conflicts. You may be required to maintain your stance, demonstrate assertiveness, or make a stand for what you believe in, within the dynamics of a relationship. It could also imply that you’re persisting in a relationship in spite of obstacles, signifying a resilient bond.

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Choices & Life Decisions

In respect to choices and life decisions, the appearance of the 7 of Wands suggests a need for a strong, assertive stance. If you are dealing with a tough decision – whether it entails moving to a new city, switching careers, or ending a relationship -the 7 of Wands encourages you to do what feels right for you, even when facing challenging circumstances or differing opinions. This tarot card symbolizes rigorous conviction in the realm of decision-making.

In conclusion, the 7 of Wands is a symbol of resilience and assertion across various life scenarios. It suggests confronting and overcoming challenges in personal growth, professional pursuits, relationships, and pivotal life decisions. Keep in mind though, the essence of this card could differ slightly based on the context or other cards appearing in a reading.

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7 of Wands from Past to Present

The visual representation and historical significance of the 7 of Wands card have evolved significantly over time. In traditional tarot decks, this card is depicted as a man standing on top of a hill, fighting off six wands held by unseen adversaries. Represented as an illustration of courage and persistence, it indicates taking a stand against adversity.

Initially, the card emerged during the Italian Renaissance, primarily used for card games before finding its spiritual significance. Early decks show the image as symbolic of quarrels or state-of-errancy, an indication of being cornered which was an unusual but impactful sign in olden times.

In the Rider-Waite deck, this card maintained its essence while adding more detail to the imagery. Further, it embraced the symbolic representation of maintaining one’s ground. The concept of ‘alone against many’ became deeply associated with the 7 of Wands, symbolizing the struggle of life, perseverance, and defense.

In modern decks, the card’s depiction varies but retains the essence of symbolic resistance. Today, the 7 of Wands stands as a well-appreciated symbol of fighting spirit, inner strength, bravery, and assertiveness, making it a universally celebrated element of tarot decks across diverse cultures and tarot schools.

The evolution of the 7 of Wands card conveys the adaptability, versatility, and applicability that tarot readings offer to their seekers.

Synergistic Card Combinations

Tarot cards do not operate in isolation. They interact with each other, and their meanings can change or deepen depending on their associations. The 7 of Wands is no exception. Its relationship with each card can reveal unique interpretations.

7 of Wands and The Fool

When paired with The Fool, the 7 of Wands typically suggests a time of new beginnings and brave ventures. Here, the persistent defending and standing your ground of 7 of Wands translates into foolishly daring decisions. This combination is indicative of taking risks in the face of obstacles and challenges.

7 of Wands and The High Priestess

If the 7 of Wands shows up with The High Priestess, one might be encouraged to stand up for secrecy or trust their intuition in the face of opposition. This could imply that wisdom and intuition are needed to overcome challenges.

7 of Wands and The Lovers

The 7 of Wands combined with The Lovers suggests that choices made in love or relationship might be met with opposition, judgement, or competition. You may need to defend your decisions or the person you love against external forces.

7 of Wands and The Chariot

The Chariot’s assertive energy combined with the defensive strength of the 7 of Wands indicates fighting for success or winning at all costs. It suggests courage, willpower and determination to overcome obstacles are the keys to victory.

7 of Wands and Wheel of Fortune

When paired with the Wheel of Fortune, the 7 of Wands implies that despite the uncertainties and the cyclical ups and downs, you must maintain your stand and persist with your efforts.

7 of Wands and The Hermit

The Hermit and the 7 of Wands together indicate fighting solitude or standing up for one’s right to peace and introspection. This implies that introspective solitude may be challenged and the need to guard it becomes essential.

7 of Wands and The Hanged Man

If combined with The Hanged Man, the 7 of Wands might be an indication to maintain your perspective in the face of opposition. This pair suggests that one may need to defend their unique viewpoint or creative approach to solve a problem.

Throughout these interpretations, the core essence of the 7 of Wands shines: defense, standing your ground, and taking a stand. The accompanying cards provide a contextual hue and shade to these themes, enriching the overall narrative of a tarot reading.

Introspection & Meditation

In this context, introspection and meditation work together to encourage self-awareness and growth. These spiritual practices, when applied to interpretation of the 7 of Wands card, can aid in personal development.

Meditative Practices with 7 of Wands

Engaging in meditation with the 7 of Wands involves focusing your mind on the card. Visualise its imagery and symbols – the figure standing strong against a challenge, the aura of bravery and resilience. As you inhale and exhale, let these virtues seep into your consciousness. These qualities remind you to stand your ground, to stake a claim to your personal space, and to advocate for your perspectives.

Personal Reflections Centered Around 7 of Wands

Personal reflection with the 7 of Wands involves acknowledging how these themes play out in your daily life. Consider instances where you defended your boundaries, your beliefs, or your ambitions. Recognize the bravery that fuels your actions, and how that mirrors the spirit of the 7 of Wands. Also, acknowledge areas where you may need to exert more steadfastness, to assert your space, or to protect your energy.

Through these practices of introspection and meditation, the lessons of the 7 of Wands become more than interpretations on a card – they become guides in your personal and spiritual journey.


The 7 of Wands Tarot card embodies perseverance and an assertive nature. When upright, it represents resilience and conviction amidst adversity, while a reversed 7 of Wands indicates overwhelm and struggles.

The card’s various elements, such as wands, mountain, and position, hold significant symbolism. Confrontation is a consistent theme across different scenarios – personal growth, professional pursuits, relationships, and life decisions. It is suggested to consider this when interpreting tarot cards, as synergistic combinations provide unique insights. Employing introspection, meditation, and personal reflection with the card can contribute to self-awareness and growth.

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