6 of Wands: Tarot Card Meaning

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6 of Wands Keywords


  • Success
  • Victory
  • Achievements
  • Public Recognition
  • Self-Confidence
  • Progress
  • Leadership


  • Private Achievement
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Fall from Grace
  • Overconfidence
  • Egoism
  • Delays
  • Expectations not met

6 of Wands Essential Meanings Snapshot


The 6 of Wands upright typically signifies victory, achievements, and success. It might relate to personal or professional accomplishments, signifying a win after toil and struggle. This card often celebrates triumph following difficulties, suggesting acknowledgment and recognition from peers and loved ones for the hard-earned success.


In its reversed position, the 6 of Wands might indicate a lack of recognition, a delay in victory, or self-doubt that potentially undermines success. It could be hinting at internal and external setbacks or lack of confidence that hinders achievement. While the 6 of Wands reversed isn’t necessarily a negative card, it underscores the need to re-evaluate one’s approach towards success and accomplishment.

6 of Wands Description

The 6 of Wands shows a man, possibly a knight, mounted on a white horse, steadily striding forward.

Surrounding the horseman are individuals who seem to be in celebration or are paying homage to him. The prominent figure holds a wand with a laurel wreath, these signs traditionally symbolizing victory and success.

6 of wands tarrot card showing a man on a horse with 6 wands

The horseman seems to be parading through a crowd, asserting his authority and basking in adulation and respect. The white horse he rides, often a symbol of purity, adds to the positive ambiance of the card, underscoring the themes of glory and triumph.

The people around him don’t only seem to be spectators but participants in the celebration as well, their joy visceral and infectious. The overall mood of the card is uplifting and positive, offering visual cues about victory, recognition, and accomplishment. The rich tapestry of warm, glowing colors adds to the emanating vibes of success.

Beyond the Surface: Symbolic Meanings

In the realm of tarot, every card holds a deeper, symbolic meaning that extends beyond what is visible at first glance. In the case of the 6 of Wands, we delve beneath the surface to uncover its profound symbolic connotations.

  • Victorious Rider: Embodying achievement and success, the victorious rider returning home signifies the culmination of a struggle or challenge. This figure is a clear symbol of triumph over adversity.
  • Laurel Wreath: Worn on the horse and held by the rider, the laurel wreath symbolises victory, honour, and accomplishment. Its presence indicates recognition and public acknowledgement of one’s achievements.
  • Wand held aloft: The rider’s raised wand signifies a light that leads the way, reflecting clarity, guidance, and direction in life’s journey.
  • Crowd of Admirers: Representing community support and admiration, the crowd often symbolizes the public recognition one receives for their successes and victories.
  • The Horse: Renowned as a symbol of strength, speed, and endurance, the horse signifies the momentum and energy that propels one towards achievement and honour.

Each symbol within the 6 of Wands card weaves a rich tapestry of meaning, offering insights into triumph, recognition, and the communal celebration of success.

Dual Perspectives: Upright & Reversed

When interpreting tarot cards, understanding the perspective or position of the card – whether it’s upright or reversed – is vital. The 6 of Wands, in particular, holds different meanings in its upright versus its reversed position, inviting us to explore these contrasting energies.

Upright 6 of Wands

In its upright position, the 6 of Wands signifies triumph, victory, and accomplishment. Steeped in positive energy, it’s the light at the end of the tunnel, the validation of your efforts, and the tangible results of your endeavors. This card celebrates success and promises recognition, honor, and public acclaim.

Reversed 6 of Wands

Flip the 6 of Wands to a reversed position, and the picture shapeshifts. The victory becomes uncertain territory, with potential setbacks, delays, or failures. This doesn’t necessarily imply loss or profound defeat. Instead, it suggests obstacles that need overcoming, a call to regroup or reassess strategies. Reversal might indicate internal recognition rather than public acclaim. This card reminds us that the road to success is rarely a straight line, and encourages resilience in the face of difficulties.

Both perspectives illuminate important aspects of the human journey, reminding us that success is not always a steady upward climb, and detours can be rich in lessons and growth.

6 of Wands in Life Scenarios

The 6 of Wands card finds relevance in various life scenarios, shedding light on personal triumphs and challenges. Understanding its implications can be crucial in interpreting tarot card readings.

Growth & Self-Discovery

In the sphere of personal growth and self-discovery, the 6 of Wands signifies a successful culmination of an inner journey. It represents the achievement of a significant personal milestone, indicating a phase of self-realization and enlightenment. This could be related to overcoming personal limitations, breaking free from detrimental patterns, or simply gaining a deeper understanding of self. The card celebrates the victorious transformation that comes after a rigorous self-exploration.

Career and Creativity

The 6 of Wands bears excellent news for career-related scenarios. It signifies successes and accomplishments within the professional domain. This might include a promotion, completing an important project, gaining recognition from peers, or achieving goals that you have been striving for. In terms of creativity, this card brings optimism, suggesting a surge of inspiring ideas or successful execution of creative ventures.

Relationships & Bonds

In the realm of relationships, the 6 of Wands is an embodiment of victory, signaling a harmonious phase. This card suggests strengthening of bonds and overcoming of relationship hurdles.

If you’re single, it shows promising encounters that might lead to significant relationships. For those in existing partnerships, it assures a period where love and understanding flourish.

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Choices & Life Decisions

For choices and life decisions, the 6 of Wands is an encouraging card. It signifies that the path you’ve chosen or are about to select is the right one, leading you towards personal and professional success.

This card instills confidence and reassures that your decisions will bear positive outcomes. Whether it’s a financial investment, a significant move, a career change or clearing an exam, the 6 of Wands leads you towards victory and acclaim.

In all these aspects, the 6 of Wands points towards optimism, success, accomplishment and recognition. Always remember to consider its context in your reading, and how it interacts with the surrounding cards to fully understand its implications.

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6 of Wands from Past to Present

The 6 of Wands, an iconic and visually impactful tarot card, has evolved significantly in its depiction and symbolism over time. Historically, this card is rooted in the tradition of the Rider-Waite deck, where it first appeared as a rider astride a white horse, proudly carrying a laurel wreath, symbolic of victory and success. Over time, the image has adapted and changed, reflecting different societal values and perspectives.

In the Golden Dawn deck, the card’s design deviated from traditional depictions, showing rather six geometric wands unfolding in a flowering design. This imagery served as a metaphor for expanding influence and success spreading in different directions.

More modern decks, such as the Wild Unknown, have further abstracted the card’s visuals, portraying six wands crossing each other—one glowing brightly, to symbolize the ability to stand out and succeed amidst challenges. This evolution reflects society’s evolving concept of success, from physical conquest to winning in the face of personal or internal challenges.

Historically, tarot card meanings are deeply rooted in the prevailing cultural and societal framework, and the 6 of Wands is no exception. Its journey from the past to the present mirrors our understanding of victory—switching from a concrete focus on tangible triumph to emphasizing personal achievement and inner strength.

Synergistic Card Combinations

In a tarot reading, cards not only hold their individual meanings but also interact with each other, providing an enriched narrative of the querent’s circumstances, challenges, and potential. The 6 of Wands, a card symbolizing victory and success, can manifest varied interpretations when coupled with different cards.

6 of Wands and The Sun

When the 6 of Wands combines with The Sun card, it amplifies the triumphant energy that 6 of Wands embodies. The Sun, as a symbol of vitality and illumination, strengthens the victory’s impact on the querent. It indicates not just an attainment of success, but an overwhelming sensation of joy, contentment, and vitality. It’s an omen of optimism where a personal or professional breakthrough leads to heightened self-esteem and contentment.

6 of Wands and The Moon

In contrast, when the 6 of Wands pairs with The Moon – an emblem of illusion and ambiguity – it suggests a victory that may not be as straightforward as it initially seems. The Moon card’s influence can imply that the triumphant scenario represented by 6 of Wands may hold hidden layers or complexities. It could denote an achieved goal that requires adjustment or adaptation, or a victory that brings unforeseen challenges.

6 of Wands and The Lovers

When combined with The Lovers, the 6 of Wands takes on a heartfelt significance, pointing towards victorious experiences in love and relationships. The Lovers card brings in elements of partnership, union, and decision-making, so its combination with 6 of Wands may indicate overcoming obstacles in relationships, triumph in making important relationship decisions, or simply enjoying a harmonious phase of the romantic life.

6 of Wands and The Tower

The combination of the 6 of Wands with The Tower card, a symbol of sudden change and upheaval, can indicate an unexpected turn of events following a victory. The outcome may trigger a momentous shift, indicating recovery from a dramatic change or successfully navigating through sudden disruptions.

6 of Wands and Death

Paired with Death, a card that denotes endings and transformation, the 6 of Wands can suggest a successful transition or positive change. This combination suggests overcoming a significant life stage or emerging victoriously from a transformative experience.

6 of Wands and The Wheel of Fortune

Finally, when the 6 of Wands is combined with The Wheel of Fortune, a sign of cycles and change, it showcases success achieved through embracing life’s unpredictable turns. The Wheel of Fortune’s presence indicates that victory in this context is a result of adaptability, acceptance of the cyclic nature of life and keen understanding of opportune moments.

Introspection & Meditation

The 6 of Wands invites you to dive deep into quietly introspective meditative practices. It encourages you to tune into inner victory, success, and accomplishment after overcoming challenges.

Meditative Practices

Cultivating a quiet, reflective meditation space around the 6 of Wands can enrich your spiritual journey. Sit in a calm, peaceful space, holding the card or visualising its image. Focus on its symbols – the laurel wreath, the triumphant rider, the wands. Immerse yourself in these representations of accomplishment, honour, and public recognition. Use these symbols as a thought anchor during meditation, allowing them to guide introspective reflections on personal victories and achieved goals.

Personal Reflections

The 6 of Wands, with its victorious undertones, presents opportunities to reflect on your victories, both significant and minor, that often go overlooked. Ask yourself, “What triumphs have I recently achieved?” or “How have I overcome adversity?” Introspective acknowledgement of self-made achievements fosters inner peace and self-gratitude.

You are also encouraged to ponder on the concept of triumph. “What does victory really mean to me?” This card prompts you to redefine the meaning of victory in your life, further nurturing personal growth through introspection and meditation. It assists in celebrating yourself, honouring achievements with grace and gratitude.

Invest time to meditate on the 6 of Wands, inviting peaceful introspection and personal reflection to deepen your connection with this empowering tarot archetype.


The 6 of Wands is a rich tarot card symbolizing victory and achievement. It signifies personal and professional success following challenges, and its symbolic elements paint a tapestry of triumph, recognition, and communal celebration.

The card’s interpretations differ in its upright and reversed positions, the former reflecting success and recognition, and the latter signaling potential setbacks, delays, or re-evaluation of strategies.

The 6 of Wands holds relevance in various life scenarios, from growth, self-discovery, career, creativity, relationships, to decisions. This card invites introspection and meditation, encouraging personal reflection on victories and the concept of triumph.

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