By the Moon, For the Spirit

At Spirit de la Lune, we blend modern insights with age-old wisdom, encompassing both lunar cycles and tarot traditions. While we value the cultural and spiritual significance of these practices, our emphasis is on seamlessly merging this timeless understanding with today’s research-backed methods.

By integrating approaches like goal setting, affirmations, meditation, and life reflection – each rooted in both spiritual traditions and scientific evidence – we craft a more holistic perspective.

This dual foundation ensures that whether you’re captivated by the mystical allure of the moon and tarot or the proven advantages of contemporary techniques, our guidance resonates with your journey towards well-being and clarity.

Lunar Guides

Our guides explore the moon’s significance, both in traditional lore and modern understanding.

Discover the energy associated with each phase, grounded rituals, and practical insights, ensuring that whether you seek spiritual enrichment or scientifically-informed clarity, the moon’s influence illuminates your path.

Tarot Guides

Discover tarot with our guides, bridging tradition with modern insights. While honoring tarot’s legacy, we highlight its value for decision-making and cognitive growth.

Master key spreads and appreciate tarot not merely for divination but as a multifaceted tool for self-reflection, problem-solving, and clarity.