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Celebrate the Moon in all her phases

Spirit de la Lune is a one of a kind oracle deck devoted to the Cycles of the Moon. Created by writer and Moon Priestess, Marissa Rankin of Moondaughter and artist, oracle and mystic, Rachael Caringella of Tree Talker.

Our Moon is a celestial filter for the cosmic energy swirling around the planet at all times. As she dances through the sky, she reflects various energies and lessons to us. This oracle set allows you to tap in to your own personal cycles and patterns on any given day.

Tune to the Moon

with Spirit de la Lune


Spirit de la Lune includes beautiful silver stamping on the guidebook, the back of the deck, and the keepsake box included in your purchase.

There are 56 cards of Lunar guidance, including Full Moondalas, Zodiac Moondalas, and Moon Phase cards to help you connect with the energies of the Luna!

The cards are broken into 4 suits, similar to Tarot, to help you understand and read the elements and energies behind each archetype. 

The guidebook is 200 pages full of Lunar wisdom, a guide on how to read the cards, interpretations for each card, and over 15 unique spreads

The deck and guidebook fit comfortably in their beautifully crafted custom keepsake box that comes with each deck.