About Us

Welcome to Spirit de la Lune, where age-old spiritual wisdom intertwines with modern insights. While we value the cultural and spiritual significance across practices, our emphasis is on seamlessly merging this timeless understanding with today’s research-backed methods.

By integrating approaches like goal setting, affirmations, meditation, and life reflection – each rooted in both spiritual traditions and scientific evidence – we craft a more holistic perspective.

This dual foundation ensures that whether you’re captivated by the mystical allure of the moon and tarot or the proven advantages of contemporary techniques, our guidance resonates with your journey towards well-being and clarity.

We ensure that every insight shared here undergoes rigorous research and is thoughtfully curated. Complementing our reverence for ancient practices, we also acknowledge and incorporate findings from modern science, creating a harmonious blend of the old and the new.

This platform serves as a compass for navigating the vast landscape of spirituality, helping seekers find their way amidst the ever-evolving dynamics of inner growth and self-discovery.

Our Team

Lauren Williams

As the lead author behind Spirit de la Lune, Lauren Williams seamlessly strikes a delicate balance between ancient wisdom and modern insights. She is deeply driven by a passion to assist and guide individuals through diverse spiritual landscapes, offering a fresh take on understanding life’s profound mysteries. With seasoned expertise in areas such as astrology, lunar cycles, numerology, and tarot reading, she presents a holistic perspective that resonates with seekers both young and old. Committed to providing clarity and direction, Lauren stands as a beacon of knowledge and support for those embarking on their spiritual journey.

Lauren has an innate affinity for art, especially valuing the timeless beauty of hand-painted creations. However, her innovative spirit thrives when merging traditional art forms with modern digital techniques. This unique blend allows her to craft visuals that intertwine spirituality with contemporary expression, making each piece resonate deeply with its audience.

A woman holding a crystal ball in her hands.

Outside of her digital endeavors, Lauren is a firm believer in the rejuvenating powers of nature. She frequently ventures into hiking trails, embracing the serenity they offer and allowing them to recharge her spirit. Yoga and meditation are also pillars in her daily routine, serving as tools to ensure her inner balance and well-being.