8 of Swords: Yes or No

By Lauren Williams
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The 8 of Swords in Tarot symbolizes a situation of restriction, limitation, and feeling trapped, often by one’s own thoughts or circumstances. This card reflects a state of being bound by real or perceived barriers, leading to a sense of powerlessness or indecision.

A person tied up and blindfolded to 8 swords, as the 8 of swords tarot card.

In ‘yes or no’ readings, the 8 of Swords typically leans towards a ‘no,’ suggesting that the querent may feel too constrained or uncertain to move forward effectively.

Upright 8 of Swords in a Yes or No Context

When the 8 of Swords appears upright, it conveys a message of entrapment, either by external circumstances or through self-imposed limitations. It calls attention to the need for a new perspective to break free from these constraints.

In a yes or no reading:

  • General Interpretation: The upright 8 of Swords generally suggests a ‘no,’ indicating that the current situation may be hampered by restrictions or a lack of clear perspective.
  • Energy and Symbolism: This card often depicts a figure blindfolded and bound, surrounded by swords, symbolizing a state of being emotionally or mentally confined. It represents feelings of restriction, helplessness, and being trapped in a situation.
  • Recognizing Limitations: Drawing this card is a call to recognize the constraints you are facing, whether they are internal or external. It’s an encouragement to reassess your situation and seek new ways of thinking to overcome these challenges.
  • Seeking Freedom: The 8 of Swords also urges you to look for paths to free yourself from the binds that hold you back, suggesting the need for a shift in perspective or approach.

Reversed 8 of Swords in a Yes or No Context

In a reversed position, the 8 of Swords can indicate a gradual awakening and realization, the beginning of finding a way out of a restrictive situation, potentially leading to a ‘yes’ in certain contexts.

When you draw this card in a yes or no reading:

  • General Interpretation: The reversed 8 of Swords might suggest a ‘yes,’ indicating that you are beginning to see ways to break free from the limitations and barriers that have been holding you back.
  • Energy and Symbolism: Reversed, this card can represent an emerging awareness of one’s own power to change circumstances, or the diminishing of external factors that have been restrictive.
  • Path to Liberation: This position may signal the start of a journey towards liberation, where you are finding the strength and clarity to overcome obstacles.
  • Overcoming Fear: It encourages facing fears and doubts that have been limiting you, highlighting the importance of inner strength and self-belief in breaking free from constraints.

Examples of Yes or No Questions

The 8 of Swords can offer insights into various scenarios:

  • Career and Work:
    • Question: “Should I stay in my current job despite feeling unfulfilled?”
    • Upright: No, it may be time to seek opportunities that don’t limit your growth.
    • Reversed: Yes, but start looking for ways to grow and break free from current limitations.
  • Personal Relationships:
    • Question: “Is this relationship restricting my personal growth?”
    • Upright: Yes, consider whether this relationship is hindering your freedom and self-development.
    • Reversed: Reflect on how you can assert your independence within the relationship.

Factors Influencing the Yes or No Interpretation

  • Surrounding Cards: The cards surrounding the 8 of Swords in a spread provide crucial context, helping to clarify the nature and impact of the perceived limitations.
  • Question Context: The specifics of the question, particularly those involving feelings of being trapped or restricted, will resonate with the 8 of Swords.
  • Personal Intuition: Your intuitive response to the card is significant. The 8 of Swords may evoke feelings or thoughts that can guide your interpretation of the situation.
  • Card Position in the Spread: The position of the 8 of Swords in the spread can influence its meaning, highlighting whether feelings of restriction are a current challenge, an emerging issue, or a warning to consider.


In ‘yes or no’ readings, the 8 of Swords symbolizes the challenges of feeling trapped, restricted, or powerless. Upright, it typically suggests a ‘no,’ indicating that the querent may be too constrained by their current situation or mindset to make positive progress. Reversed, it can offer a cautious ‘yes,’ hinting at the beginnings of self-awareness and the potential for overcoming these limitations.

The 8 of Swords emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and addressing feelings of entrapment, encouraging a shift in perspective and the search for personal empowerment and freedom.

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